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Entry level History Teacher with a particular passion for encouraging creativity and analytical thinking in education.

I am adept and conscientious in preparing lesson plans that are specifically catered towards the abilities of my students in order to both encourage and challenge them during their pursuit of knowledge. While I specialize in History lessons, I also know that writing and test taking skills are crucial to a students success.

East Orange
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History and Anthropology Professor teaches Social Studies and Cultural Appreciation from home

I have taught African Civilization, Cultural Anthropology and Cultures of the World for 14 years at Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, New Jersey, U.S.A. These are Associate Degree students who will eventually transfer to universities and four-year colleges to earn their Bachelor degrees.

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World & American History Instructor/Tutor in Springfield Missouri that makes learning fun

My technique is simple in nature and depth in practice. I want to find out what makes your learning yours due to an individualized approach that benefits the individual and the class when appropriate. I have have heard from previous students that they each got something different than one another.

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Applied historical studies for a contemporary world understanding applicable to interdisciplinary study

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Master of Arts in Public History from American Military University. I have worked over a decade in special government projects. All of this experience has taught me the value of utilizing a variety of methods to teach lessons which are understood and contextualized for the individual student.

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Graduate student in History gives history, social studies, geography, anthropology, and archaeology lessons to all ages in any location online

I graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a Bachelors degree in Anthropology/Geography. I am currently finishing up a Masters degree in History at the American Public University in Virginia. I have a passion for learning and all things pertaining to history, geography, anthropology, and archaeology. I can provide lessons to all elementary and secondary level students.

Port Orange
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I can teach you how to be resourceful and teach yourself for a lifetime of learning

my lesson are developed to be customized to each students individual interests and skill set so that the material l and meaningful.

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Previous College History Professor with 10+ years experience in the subject giving lessons in the Asheville area

I like to use a variety of methods for teaching my students, including power point, documentaries, videos, and primary sources. I am a patient, caring and giving tutor. It is my job to not only help my students learn but to have them enjoy and like the subject as well.

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Honors Chemistry Teacher and ACT/SAT/AP Test Prep Tutor helping students around the Tampa area succeed in math and science.

My teaching method varies from student to student depending on what they need. I have developed tools and materials that approach each topic from several perspectives, each best suited for a different learning style. I incorporate many of these strategies while teaching so every students' needs are addressed. While tutoring, I work with the student to create a program that works best for them.

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Holder of a Bachelor's of Science in Sociology based in North Texas, Also Willing to Tutor via Webcam

Depending on your education level, I will either tutor you by giving a short lecture and some questions or I will work through the questions with you, when you and I speak we can figure out a plan that works best for you.

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Experienced History PhD gives philosophy, journalism, anthropology, archaeology, theory, and history lessons

I am an engaging tutor with over four years experience teaching students at the university level. Utilizing a variety of teaching techniques tailored to the student, my approach is informal, but results driven. I am not only focused on improving marks, but also providing the essential knowledge base that will enable my students to succeed in the future.

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MA in Latin American Studies offers Anthropology lessons in-home (St. Louis, MO) and Online

Hello! I am a college graduate with a Master’s Degree in Latin American Studies from Tulane University and Bachelor’s Degrees in Spanish, Latin American Studies, and Anthropology from Missouri State University. (My primary area of research is ancient and modern Maya language and culture in Guatemala.) I am especially excited about tutoring students in Spanish language and culture. I am a St.

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When hard working persons' efforts of their great determination then success happens

Dear students, I am a passionate lecturer with extensive knowledge in Philosophical studies and Anthropological Sciences. I hold Licentiate and Masters Degrees in Philosophy. My academic dissertation was on the works of John Ralws in view of Social systems of justice and fairness in socio-economic and political spheres. I believe that knowing to do right thing is the highest level of justice.

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B.A. in Anthropology - let me teach you Anthro, Sociology, Feminism & Gender Studies, and Social Studies!

I am a very patient, comprehensive, and well-informed educator. I have ample experience preparing lessons and have a very wide swath of knowledge in the social sciences. I tailor lessons to students' needs, learning styles, and goals. I incorporate various mediums, activities, and sources to help you stay engaged and informed.

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A doctoral student offering history/political science, psychology, anthropology lessons in Bloomington, Indiana

I like to tailor my approach to each student as we all learn differently. Once we decide the approach, I am a firm tutor who expects you to work hard and be accountable. I have experience teaching at all levels.

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History and Psychology Teacher with over 10 year experience offers lessons online and in Southern California

My methodology is based on passion, I want my students to be as excited about the world as I am. We find the exciting stories in history, the fascinating case studies in psychology. We go beyond what the basic text tells us to find a world where intrigue and curiosity drive and motivate to ask more questions, to learn more, to remember more.

Santa Cruz
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Anthropology Adventure Writing insight from King of the Risk Takers & Hall of Fame Adventurer

I use my personal experiences as field-tested results to motivate students and audiences to take action. My world records in extreme athletic adventures with film as a support include the first person to swim from Africa to Europe, kayaking the Nile from Ethiopia to Cairo, trekking the High Atlas Mountains and Sahara solo.

1st lesson offered free !

Anthropologist with M.A. & teaching experience offers tutoring in anthropology and related subjects; also available for writing assistance

I enjoy all opportunities to share knowledge and the pleasure of learning. When teaching larger groups I use lecturing, discussion, and visual aids to communicate concepts to individuals. I encourage conversation and questions throughout all my teaching. When tutoring and mentoring individually, I work collaboratively with the student to understand their own goals and how best to accomplish them.

Menlo Park
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PhD History, specialist on Catalonia and Spain's history and their relationships with Americas.

I teach with some lectures and video. Feedback with the student through text analysis, and academic material. I want that the students finish this course or seminar with a knowdlege about how understand our present and to know indetify history manipulated.

Winter Park
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Current college student looking to educate Elementary through High school students everywhere!

I generally begin by getting to know the student's interests. It is easier to explain confusing topics by comparing it to topics of interest. I like to use visual aid and other ways to reconstruct a lesson so that the student may better understand it; for example, I may use a timeline or an outline or a Venn-diagram.

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Social Studies tutor Birmingham/Hoover, help with History, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, etc., current teacher, M.Ed

M.Ed Secondary Social Science from the University of Florida B.A. Anthropology from the University of South Florida I am well versed in various methods of diversified teaching techniques that apply to all styles of learning. I have taught A.P.

Rancho Cordova
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Don't be doomed to repeat history! Get the help to prevent it!

High school history instructor with two master degrees and a background in Anthropology/Archaeology, Geography, Geography, Government, and Economics. Can help with all levels of history students from just basic questions, to study tips, to advance degree learners who need someone to look over papers.

1st lesson offered free !

From Learning the History of the Aeneid to learning about the Avengers

I mainly give lessons to individuals in middle school and in high school. My techniques mainly stem from patience and engaging with the students. I try to incorporate the interests of the students into the curriculum to help them better focus. For instance, some of the students I taught in the past loved Minecraft and I was able to integrate the concept of Minecraft into physics and geometry.

1st lesson offered free !

College graduate with History BA offering history and anthropology lessons in Rochester, NY

My name is Shawn and I give lessons to middle school and high school students. I approach each topic by asking students how familiar they are with it and then find a way to make the topic more relatable to them.

Los Angeles
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PhD in evolutionary anthropology, skilled in biology, math, computer science, and statistics, located in Sherman Oaks

My teaching style is casual and informal. I'd rather talk to my students like it was a regular conversation than be called "Doctor" or "Professor". I use a lot of examples and stories from my experiences and observations around the world, and do my best to talk about how schoolwork topics apply to real life situations.

San Antonio
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College student majoring in Anthropology who loves to teach from her hometown.

My teaching method is based on some professors I myself had in college who believed in an open classroom setting, that was discussion based and allowed for each student to learn in a fun and friendly manner. Most of what I teach is from learned experience and based on my first semester of college.

New York
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Harvard student teaching history, philosophy, and literature in the West Village, NYC

My teaching method is energetic and lively. I bring enthusiasm to my lessons, and tailor my approach to ensure whoever I am working with is engaged. I use visual material to drive my lessons, and take information from a lot of different sources to make it so that my student comes away with a greater sense of how my lesson fits into the world at large.

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Extensive history of knowing a wide range detail over lots of subjects.

I base learning upon practical application as well as taking existing knowledge skills and combining them with an infusion of learning the new skills. I believe in mixing repetitive learning drills with fun and new, combining new applications with old fashioned learning.

1st lesson offered free !

Graduate student giving biological or cultural anthropology lessons to any interested learner

I have a BS from Baylor University and an MA from Wichita State University. I enjoy teaching and helping others and believe that a variety of instruction methods leads to retention. I strive to make my lessons interesting and applicable to everyday life.

1st lesson offered free !

College student in anthropology gives history and anthropology lessons to all academic levels in Penscola.

I am currently studying biological anthropology and forensic science at a state university. I am equipped to teach multiple topics including anthropology, philosophy, and history. Previously, I worked with middle school aged children aiding them in various subjects. However, I am proficient in higher level courses within my range of study.

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