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Las Vegas
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Arabic tutor lives in Las Vegas "gives Arabic and French Languages for begginers

I have a bachelor's degree of Modern Languages In French from my country "Jordan" In plus I have my GED too .. That's all the certificates that i have to be shown right here.. Talk in more details later if there's a need.

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Arabic teacher, has over 20 years of experience teaching languages to students of all ages in both a classroom and one-on-one setting. She is a skilled, patient and creative teacher, who loves introdu

Fluent in Arabic and French, Hiam Altali Francis studied French Literature, Arabic, and History and has over 20 years of experience teaching languages. Taught reading, writing, speaking, listening, and Arabic culture For beginners, intermediate, and advance classes. As a Levantine Arabic Course Developer, worked remotely to write an entire Levantine Arabic language course.

New Haven
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I am here to help anyone who needs lessons in Arabic, I live in CT and teaching is my joy

I am Kheira,with bachelor degree in English. I know it is hard to spell the KH in Arabic so it will be a pleasure for me to teach all people and specially children who want to learn Arabic either for fun or for educational purposes. I like to use concrete examples and funny games to teach Arabic specially the phonetic and how to spell words correctly.

Miami Beach
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Arabic is Easy! lets learn together! we will watch movies listen to songs practice together. it will be FUN

I was majoring in computer science and minoring in business administration from the American University in Cairo. on the other hand I have been doing some on time translating jobs and also giving Arabic lessons to foreign friends and other students.

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Arabic Language Tutor in Evanston, IL and the surrounding areas near Chicago

Arabic is my native language. I am an architect by profession and have also taught architecture and urban design to college level students. I enjoy tutoring Arabic to beginners as well as those who are learning to advance their Arabic.

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US nat with years of Arabic speaking experience US & abroad - academic and practical expertise

Hello! My name is Denise, and I am available to give Arabic language instruction (speaking, reading, writing) to students of all levels. I work in small groups (max 4 people) to meet at minimum 1x per week. The crux of my methodology is 100% immersion. We will never EVER use English together.

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Linguist, Writer, Translator, Interpreter, and a mentor of languages with a professional background in Arabic interpretation and English writing.

I am a Jordanian linguist with a passion for teaching and writing. I am able to relate to student from different part of the academic spectrum. I use Alkitaab textbook for a teaching protocol and provide supplements through reading relevant news articles and works of literature and reviewing songs. I appreciate a comfortable relationship with the pupil.

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Experienced Arabic teacher in Mason giving lessons to all levels and ages

Having spent 14 years in Saudi Arabia Arabic is second nature to me.I have been speaking it all my life and teaching it for the better half of 20 years.I have a Bachelors degree in Arabic from Bayeto University in kano,Nigeria.

Los Angeles
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Learn Arabic & English with a native Arabic speaker/multilingual writer in LA.

I am a Master's graduate in English Literature with a huge and elaborate passion for languages. My mother tongue is Arabic, I am fluent in English and French and have years of experience in the tutoring and copy-writing fields. My classes are for all levels of learners (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and I believe in customized approaches based on the student's specific needs and purpose.

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Double native English & Arabic speaker ready to help you with your language learning goals today.

My name is Eman. I'm a student currently obtaining a B.S in Psychology @ MTSU. I am also bilingual, and grew up in both the US and Arab speaking countries. So, I'm fluent at a native level in both the language of instruction and the language to be taught. Lessons will be structured depending uniquely on the student and what they want.

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Arabic - Tennessee - Experienced university language instructor - All levels of language and culture

Master of Arts - Arabic Studies - The Ohio State University 2008 Advanced Levantine Arabic Course 2013 Middle Eastern Regional Studies Research 2011-2016 Advanced Egyptian Arabic Course 2009 Advanced Modern Standard Arabic Course 2007 Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic Course 2003 Basic Modern Standard Arabic Course 1997

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Yes i can help you . get back to me . start learning today.

i love to learn new languages i speak Arabic, English, French and Russian and that gives me a unique way of teaching you. get back to me. just join my group tutoring or if you choose one on one .

1st lesson offered free !

Welcome to the world of Arabic: let's learn and have fun studying

I'm an Arabic native speaker and I work as an interpreter. I'm a Spanish linguistics major. Teaching is my passion before it's a profession and my lessons structure is always based on the learner's needs and personnality. My goal always is that my students absorb the most of the info given.

Peachtree City
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1st lesson offered free !

It's your chance to learn an excellent standard Arabic language, A native Arabic speaker with 4 years of extensive experience in giving private lessons to children and adults. Peachtree city,GA.

♡ My name is Doha Dhayni, I am a native Arabic speaker. ♡ 4 years of experience in teaching Arabic language to children and adults. ♡ Bachelor's degree in Law (IUL university, Lebanon 2012), followed by 2 years of experience as an assistant lawyer and I am currently doing my second degree in Psychology (Lebanese University, faculty of Letters and Human Science).

1st lesson offered free !

Native English speaker teaches Arabic from beginner to intermediate level in the Greater Tulsa area. As a former student of Arabic, I understand the challenges that come with learning this difficult l

I am a former U.S. Marine who studied Modern Standard Arabic at the Defense Language Institute at Monterey, CA. I've spent one to four months in four different Middle Eastern countries in the last five years. I give Arabic lessons to anyone from no proficiency to limited working proficiency. My philosophy for language acquisition is to master grammar first, while memorizing easy vocabulary.

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With the Egyptian dialect, be the change you desire to see in the universe.

Computer Information Systems, Sales, and Marketing Studies Front Range Community College, Fort Collins, CO Business Administration and Hospitably Management Program Graduated: May 14th, 2011 Waukesha County Technical College, Pewaukee, WI, USA Hospitality Program courses in Restaurant, Hotel Management Bachelors of Arts and Education Graduated: 2005 Al-Azhar University, ...

1st lesson offered free !

A PhD in Cultural anthropology focused on the Arab region and people with great experience teaching Arabic language and dialects to all levels.

A doctorate degree (University of Florida) in anthropology researching the colonial ancounter in Algeria. A Masters degree comparing language change among Algerian emigrants in France and the USA. A license de biologie (Algeria) to teach high school science (in Arabic) and a bachelor degree in anthropology (USA). My philosophy in teaching is to keep the excitement on both sides.

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Knowledgeable and friendly Arabic tutor in Madison, WI. Online lessons are offered as well.

I have a bachelor of Education, specialized in English as a second language, and a TESOL diploma from Edinburgh University, UK. Besides, I attended many training sessions and mastered the most current teaching approaches and methods. While teaching in real classes, I encourage my students to be global citizens and have empathy to other human beings.

Farmington Hills
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I am a self-taught Arabic speaker (MSA and Levantine dialects) - you can be too!

As a native English speaker who learned Arabic through several methods (college level courses, conversation partners, Rosetta Stone, and so many online resources), my instructional focus is to teach you how to teach yourself.

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Arabic Teacher - Cobb County (Marietta/ Kennesaw) - Modern Standard Arabic or Lebanese Dialect Arabic

A detail-oriented, highly organized, enthusiastic, and charismatic attorney, linguist, and artist with a demonstrated commitment to excellence and perfectionism. An effective negotiator with strong public speaking expertise who is uent in English, Arabic, and French. A thoughtful, adaptive, and effective educator and interpreter.

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Arabic made easy in the Philadelphia area for all levels and backgrounds

I have a BA in Islamic Jurisprudence, which was taught solely in Arabic. I have full command of the Arabic language. I taught lessons to natives and speakers of other languages. I love the hands-on approach to teaching. Over the years, I've seen many of my new students learn to read within 2 weeks taking 2-3 lessons per week.

1st lesson offered free !

Arabic/English Tutor- Air Force Veteran Cryptologic Linguist-Trained by Natives-Native Amercan English Speaker

-Arabic teacher and continual student (hope to learn from students) -Reached level 3 on DLPT listening in MSA -Lessons to Arabic and English speakers -Patient, forgiving, flexible teaching style -Audiovisual techniques, fun ways to learn (ex., through song, news articles, movies/shows).

1st lesson offered free !

I am teaching Arabic as it my first language, and I an living at Indiana I have a bachelor of science degree in biology and also teaching Arabic and Quran in my area. If you have any questions feel fr

First language is Arabic, and my degree is Bachelor in biology. As I am Muslim so I can teach Arabic and Quran in the correct direction and make it easier to them to learn fast. My goal to make them like this language.

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English Arabic Tutor, interpreter, and translator all levels. Offer private lessons to all students and hobbyists.

I have a BS in computer science from University of Iowa. I grew up in Iraq and obtained an advanced level in Arabic literature. I can teach the Arabic language as an entry level up to very advance level. Ready to teach asap.

Los Altos
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Native Arabic Speaker Engineer teaches Arabic Language for all ages in all levels in San Fransisco Bay Area

I am Safa, I am native Arabic speaker from Palestine, I have bachelor degree in Computer Science, I would like to invest my time and teach the most beautiful language; Arabic. I am willing to give lessons to kids (level k-12), university students and professional adults. It could be online, at the library or any place could work for both of us.

1st lesson offered free !

Arabic is my native language. I can help all levels at any time! feel free to reach out to me.

I took two years of college in Iraq but I had to leave it because I moved to the US. When I arrived here, I took general classes at some college for another two years. Currently taking a break from school to make some money. My goal is to be interior designer.

1st lesson offered free !

Political science student and a photographer in Nashville , originally from syria .arabic native .

political science major . and medical interpreter at Vanderbilt . my lesson structure and methodology will be based on what is you wanna learn , what is your purpose for learning the language? what your level ? and the type of person you are in how you are as a fast leaner and how you can memorize the most .

St. Louis
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Arabic instructor located in St.Louis (Native Arabic speaker and fluent in English)

I have a bachelor degree in computer science from Garyounis University in Benghazi Libya, and I used to work as a computer programmer, I also have certifications from Oracle company as I attended pl/sql, dba , forms and a couple of other courses.

1st lesson offered free !

Arabic language specialist , hang outs and phone calls language practice !

Very friendly Arabic tutor , We can take it to the pro level , But you can also consider me your friend and we will spend times speaking Arabic , phone calls in arabic are totally free . Am 33 years old , very excited to teach you my language ???? .

1st lesson offered free !

Ready to help with you Arabic, Morgantown in person. Any other location available via webcam

Graduate of Communications from BGSU, and high school from Kuwait. I can help teach the vocabulary of basic Arabic up to intermediate. I'm patient and understand the challenges of learning a new language. If you are not in Morgantown, WV we can schedule a webcam lesson.

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Arabic is such a beautiful language. You just have to hear it to believe that. This subject can be taught by our range of tutors including professionals, amateurs, school teachers, etc. Students who have a fascination to learn a foreign language must surely learn Arabic. The Quran, which is the holy book of Muslims, was revealed in Arabic and it is entirely in Arabic. Apart from Arabic, students can also take Danish lessons and lessons in various other languages. Our Arabic teachers are a class apart. A Spanish tutor can guide you to learn Spanish. Isn't it so much fun to learn different languages? It is especially helpful when you are traveling the world. We even have Khmer teachers to teach you about Khmer culture and Khmer language. Planning a trip to Indonesia? You should definitely learn a bit of Indonesian from our Indonesian tutor. What could be more exciting? As you learn new languages and explore new cultures, you grow more and more. Life is so exciting when you take private lessons from teachers on our website.

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Farhan, found their arabic tutor

Assalam sister, I am looking for knowledgeable Islamic teacher for my daughter who can effectively teach my daughter Alisha and take her from basic to advanced level including memorizing quran. Plan is to teach for 1 hr everyday during...

1 week ago

Umnia, found their arabic tutor

Hi Soumaya! I have been looking to increase my language skills and trying to find the most natural way to start to learn arabic in Chicago. My family has lived in the middle east for a few decades, but I unfortunately did not learn the language,...

1 week ago


Danielle, found their arabic tutor

Hello Hiba, I'm Danielle and I have tried to learn Arabic in the past but I have a learning disability so the traditional classroom style wasn't working for me. I'm hoping I can learn this way? Anywho, I'm currently in Norman, but will be...

2 months ago