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Recent MA Egyptology Graduate Offering Ancient History and Archaeology Lessons in Seattle

I am willing to provide lessons for any level and will tailor them to the individual. I am very flexible and understand that people learn in different ways, so the first thing we will do is develop a lesson plan that benefits you. This is not a classroom, so we have the freedom to learn in the way that makes the most sense to you.

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NJ university professor teaches college art history, philosophy, plus all levels ESL/English composition, ESL and philosophy online or near Westfield NJ.

I have a BA in philosophy and art history from Bryn Mawr College and the Sorbonne, an MA in art history from Yale University, an MFA in fine arts and film production from Boston University and a PhD thesis in art history and anthropology completed at UCLA and to be filed at the University of Oslo, Norway, in 2018-9. I also have an ESL credential and have taught ESL and English in S.

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Graduate student in History gives history, social studies, geography, anthropology, and archaeology lessons to all ages in any location online

I graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a Bachelors degree in Anthropology/Geography. I am currently finishing up a Masters degree in History at the American Public University in Virginia. I have a passion for learning and all things pertaining to history, geography, anthropology, and archaeology. I can provide lessons to all elementary and secondary level students.

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Experienced teacher in writing and anthropology in Tucson, Arizona, demonstrates how to tap into your own writing potential.

College level writing teacher with a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology identifies with student the obstacles and successful methods to his or her writing goals. Emphasizes writing about what the person feels passionately about. Elicits experiences and values that grasp the reader's attention and make writing meaningful.

Federal Way
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Post-graduate major in History gives history and essay-writing lessons to middle school to college school levels near Seattle.

-I have graduated with a Bachelor's in History and a minor in Archaeology. -I bring passion to history, and work to connect the student to the material to keep interest. -I am a published writer that has a good grasp of the English language, and can teach better writing skills.

San Diego
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Greetings! History teacher seeks students from middle school to college to tutor.

I possess a Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts in history from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. My majors were in history. I also recently obtained my Master of Education with social science teaching credential from National University in San Diego California.

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Anthropology graduate offering lessons in writing composition, mathematics and the social sciences

I adjust my method based on provided curriculum, but there is primarily and emphasis on explanation, exercises and review tailored to individual student needs and experiences. I move at the pace of the individual and treat each student with patience and understanding, especially with those who struggle with traditional educational structures.

Huntington Beach
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Former OC Makeup Artist Turned History Instructor! MA and BA in history

My teaching method is to create educational activities that are student-centered. I aim for students to leave my classes as subject matter experts and to know how to effectively market their skills in the workforce. Research, critical analysis, writing, and editing remain the top skills acquired from my history courses.

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Honors Chemistry Teacher and ACT/SAT/AP Test Prep Tutor helping students around the Tampa area succeed in math and science.

My teaching method varies from student to student depending on what they need. I have developed tools and materials that approach each topic from several perspectives, each best suited for a different learning style. I incorporate many of these strategies while teaching so every students' needs are addressed. While tutoring, I work with the student to create a program that works best for them.

New York
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More than Just a Pretty Picture: Art History and How to Talk and Write About Art

Art Historian with masters degree in Art History and doctoral work in 19th and early 20th century European Modernism. Minor fields of study: Italian Gothic and Renaissance; Baroque Art in the Low Countries. Emphasis in theory and criticism.

Mount Airy
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Certified Teacher bringing the past to you through modern technological methods and practice.

I am a 2010 Graduate of Appalachian State University and an certified in North Carolina to teach History from the ninth through twelfth grades. Also holding a certification in science, I know I can offer a unique view on this subject area.

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College Professor Offering History and Archaeology lessons - Middle through High School & Homeschool in Charlotte Metro

Ted Wright, MAA, BA - Offering history and archaeology lessons to middle-high school students, (homeschool), undergraduate, graduate, as well as the general public. The courses focus on the ancient, medieval and modern periods in history, while paying close attention to historiography. The Archaeology section will focus on ancient Greece, the Biblical world and historical archaeology.

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Historian who loves to bring the past alive to those who want to travel back in time!

I break things down by using the things people love as examples. I also think that having humor while going over tough concepts helps relax students and in turn helps them retain the information. History and the humanities are structured enough, so I like to maintain a laid-back atmosphere that encourages friendly dialogue. I love to laugh and have a great sense of humor.

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Public History student with vast knowledge about American history with experience in classroom setting.

My philosophy of teaching is that all children are unique and must have a stimulating educational environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. It is my desire to create this type of atmosphere in person or via webcam, where students can meet their full potential and have fun learning.

Winter Park
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Current college student looking to educate Elementary through High school students everywhere!

I generally begin by getting to know the student's interests. It is easier to explain confusing topics by comparing it to topics of interest. I like to use visual aid and other ways to reconstruct a lesson so that the student may better understand it; for example, I may use a timeline or an outline or a Venn-diagram.

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From Learning the History of the Aeneid to learning about the Avengers

I mainly give lessons to individuals in middle school and in high school. My techniques mainly stem from patience and engaging with the students. I try to incorporate the interests of the students into the curriculum to help them better focus. For instance, some of the students I taught in the past loved Minecraft and I was able to integrate the concept of Minecraft into physics and geometry.

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College graduate with History BA offering history and anthropology lessons in Rochester, NY

My name is Shawn and I give lessons to middle school and high school students. I approach each topic by asking students how familiar they are with it and then find a way to make the topic more relatable to them.

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Experienced, BA in Histiry, Masters in Education, passionate about teaching history and its significance!

When one on one, I like to ask questions that make one think and then dialogue the answer with the student, explaining the actual facts and connecting the dots regarding their significance.

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College student in anthropology gives history and anthropology lessons to all academic levels in Penscola.

I am currently studying biological anthropology and forensic science at a state university. I am equipped to teach multiple topics including anthropology, philosophy, and history. Previously, I worked with middle school aged children aiding them in various subjects. However, I am proficient in higher level courses within my range of study.

Las Cruces
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Creative, engaging tutoring for Middle School through College students in Las Cruces, NM: Geography/Anthropology/Sociology Tutoring!

Why tutoring? I love bridging the gap between people’s learning style and the information they struggle to retain. I tutor folks from middle school through college in subjects I love: Geography (physical, cultural), social sciences, sociology, and anthropology (archaeology, cultural), and more.

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History and Social Studies tutor willing to teach elementary and middle school.

While I am still an upperclassmen high school student, I spend most of my time dedicated to the learning and teaching of children. I have taught both history and language to kids between grades 4th through 8th grade. I typically teach lessons relatable to what the child is learning in school, while making it more applicable to daily life to more easily understand the material.

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A college student with a History BA degree at IUP working on Cultural Anthropology Masters

I approach each topic depending on what time period in History you are struggling with by showing a timeline of events, and going into detail about what caused these events, the initial cause, the cause and effect, outcomes, and solutions.

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MA in Biological Anthropology tutoring Anthropology and Sociology on your schedule - Flexible

I start by teaching critical thinking, which I know to be a vital skill in any successful life. I aim to get students thinking about all angles of an issue, and to understand the complexity of our interconnected society. As so many people learn in different ways, I used visual, auditory, and hands-on techniques to give my students the best opportunities to absorb the information.

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I am a Ph.D. candidate that is interested in tutoring students in Anthropology, social sciences, and writing.

I would be happy to tutor college students of all levels and would be able to apply my expertise in the social sciences. My methods of instruction are to pay attention to the unique student and their unique needs. I think learning is different for everyone and so I would take it by a case by case basis and learn from the student-to best asses their needs.

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Art History and General Studies/Humanities prof with a Doctorate & 20 yrs of teaching experience at the College level

Memorizing without understanding meaning and historical context isn't very useful. Learning the latter makes it easier to remember names/terms for the former. I strive to 'keep it real' when talking about how works operated within society, religious beliefs and aesthetics.

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Recent college graduate in LA providing history lessons (US, World, Ancient) to all ages

I am passionate about ancient history in particular and look to spread a general appreciation as well as awareness for the ancient past. I find geography to be an important aspect to be understood in order to better understand a time period. I introduce key historical figures into the narrative when teaching history because we remember people easier as opposed to more complex events.

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I have taken classes in U.S History from high school and my college. I have also excelled at High School Geography. The other courses I excelled at where Intro to Anthropology and Intro to Archeology.

I have a general idea what these professors look for in exam projects that you have to create a power point of your topic and how to make it engaging. I can pretend to be the professor asking questions about your presentations or help with test prep or quiz prep. I know in Intro to Anthropology as well as Intro to Archeology there were group discusions after reviewing the slide shows.

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A well versed graduate student that specializes offering history lessons to the city of West Palm Beach

My method is to bring to life the events of the past through technological means, also to explore the past and work out how the world of today is effected by the events covered throughout history. With the use of modern technology, the goal is to make learning a fun experience for everyone.

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College student that graduated from a Private Catholic College prep school, St. Patrick's - St. Vincent's, with honors, passionate about the study of history and currently studying U.S. History

I teach in a way that engages the child rather than panders on a subject until it is finished. I understand how frustrating it can be to listen to something that a teacher doesn't even want to teach. having interest in the subject is key, and I do well by educating myself in all points of the subject at hand.

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Experienced American & World History Teacher for College & High School Levels

BA & MA History Texas A&M University Undergraduate Minor in Archaeology Lecture with PowerPoint presentation focusing on how events tie together and individual stories in history I currently teach American History courses, with additional experience in teaching World History and an Archaeology background

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Archeology, in many ways, is a counterpart to history. Whereas history explains events based on causal links, archeology corroborates these happenings through recovery and analysis of material remains. For some people, learning archeology helps them find out more about themselves, while to others it's just a study of the past. Either way, taking archeology lessons is rather helpful, especially for history lovers and enthusiasts. Of course, if a student hasn't understood a topic, private archeology and history lessons will be more than appreciated. Seeking the help of a private teacher is the best option as they provide an individual approach and adjust to each student. This way the student becomes acquainted with the topic and focuses on it. For a more detailed study, there are also civics tutors as well as political sciences teachers. Students can also request a general knowledge tutor to help them overcome any obstacles in their studies. Studying has never been more fun!