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Los Angeles
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Experienced Armenian native teacher gives Armenian lessons via Skype to all the levels.

I was born in Armenia, graduated with a Master’s Degree in Linguistics and Philology from Saint Petersburg State University, in Russia as well as Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Linguistics and Pedagogy from Yerevan State Linguistic University in Armenia. My language lessons are focused at developing such language skills as grammar, reading, oral and written speech, and phonetics.

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Online lessons for mathematics even with zero knowledge, I graduated from Yerevan State University

My ultimate goal is to help children discover the joy of learning, develop confidence in their own abilities and realise their full potential to excel. I have a professional Work experience '34 years.

Myrtle Beach
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You want to learn proper English within a short period of tme?? call me!!!

I have a wide experience of teaching different students with different background. I can teach both school children and students at colleges and universities. I am a hardworking, detail-oriented, motivated and responsible person with a high degree of integrity, who works well as a part of a team and who is able to meet deadlines and can work under pressure.

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English / Armenian languages North Hollywood, CA Qualified teacher with more than 25 years

I am a highly qualified expert English language teacher. I’ve graduated from the English Language department of the State Linguistic University and I’ve got a University Diploma with the qualification of an English language teacher. The focus of my study was the English language learner. So I have studied intensely to determine the best way to help the learners to achieve their goals.

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If you want to be fluent in Armenian let's learn with experienced teacher

I have my personal program and, I approach each student as an individual because I think everyone in the world is unique. I am the creator of a popular Facebook group dedicated to the study of the Armenian language, called “Let’s Learn Armenian” ((concealed information) I work with Italki and Languagelifeschool and you can read reviews about my teaching skills there.

Santa Clarita
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I’m currently teaching armenian at armenian church. I give the lessons via Skype. Let’s discover the beauty and the richness of the Armenian language together.

I believe in teaching my students with dignity, and in providing a fun, studentcentered learning environment. I make sure that the student knows that he/she is worthy, by listening to and caring for their needs.

Sarah a.
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ESL Adjunct Professor, Houston, TX. MA Applied Linguistic/Graduate Studies TESOL. Teaches and translate

Statement of Teaching As a 2004 graduate of MA/Applied Linguistic/TESOL graduate program from Montclair state university in NJ. I have over 12 years ESL teaching experience and translating.

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Armenian and Russian language lessons via Skype to all the levels and ages

My teaching method is individual for every student. My lessons link grammar and standard language with real life. The topics are interesting and connected with history and culture of Armenia and Russia correspondingly. All classes are taught for your specific needs and your level.

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Armenian classes for children or beginners from an Armenian school graduate and native speaker

Lessons will help the student learn the alphabet, how to write and read, and how to pronounce words correctly.

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English tutoring from Year 1 - 6 (Bachelor of Primary Education qualification)

My teaching method is to target the child's weakness. I will do this by viewing their current work and getting to know the child better. I also believe that it is vital to understand the child's method of learning , which I will then base my lessons around.

Côte Saint-Luc
Jean (shahriar)
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My language of Armenian like as a native language 13 years experiences

I studied in Armenia about 13 years by the Armenian I can teach the Armenian Language who can speak English And Farsi.

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New Delhi
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Come into full bloom with tutoring. Count to three and learn to read.

I will focus on each and every topic. And you will get the knowledge about the degree course(eng) or also for the school level subjects.

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English in Poitiers, contractual teacher high schools, (Russian and Armenian necessary). You are welcome!

English teacher (contractual) in high school Chatellerault, LPO Branly colleges and high schools Training Program over 5 Tray (Master 2) English research university Montaigne Bordeaux Pessac / Bordeaux. I prefer the playful side of education with short films also.

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Russian native speakers, bilingual English, a degree in foreign languages ​​and pedagogy, offering translation service of various texts, lessons and repetitions for all bands of age '. More 't

I am a teacher of English, Italian and Russian. I find that teaching is my vocation as I succeed in teaching both children and adults, and all my students master the language in a short period of time.

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Doctor of linguistics graduate of the Yerevan State University provides modern Armenian tutoring for children and adults of all levels and classical Armenian adult in Paris

Doctor of linguistics graduate of the Yerevan State University provides modern Armenian tutoring for children and adults of all levels and Armenian classical adult in Paris and the Paris region. Mobile: (concealed information).

Saint Austell
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Native Armenian Tutor for Language, writing and reading based in Cornwall UK

I work in a very person centred manner and make my clients feel at ease, I have a wide experience

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A good english speaking course for all those student who wants to be a good english speaker...

I teach my students with doing hardwork&enjoy & short and sweet by my experience Any student can learn every topic simply

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Armenian gives special lessons of the Armenian language for those who wish it.

My name is Grace, I live in Pau. I have a Master's degree in Philology (translation science). I am passionate about languages. My current profession is a translator and interpreter. I speak Armenian, Russian, English and French and I teach English in a private school for children from 3 to 12 years old. My teaching methods are Montessori and Freinet.

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Native speaker of Armenian & Russian languages. Over 6 years teaching experience. Residing in Mumbai. Ready to share my knowledge. Know English, Hindi, Armenian, Russian

Student oriented teaching with understanding of capacity of each student. Comparison of native language grammar with learning language.

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Russian, English, Armenian, Frenche. Easy to learn with me!

In a way easy and accessible I offer language courses in Armenian, English, Russian and French. Feel free to contact me.

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Armenian (all levels and all ages).

Teacher of languages. Currently I work at Pleiades SA Institute for Modern School in Geneva as a teacher. Experience: 34 years in Russia, Armenia, USA, France.

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Armenian Student in engineering school teaches Armenian language, grammar, litterature and history

I am an Armenian student from Lebanon and lived in France for two years. My courses are rather Armenians wishing to improve their Armenian language, but also to enthusiasts who are interested in learning a new language. I dominate the Armenian language, grammar, literature and history. I like to transmit all my knowledge in an interesting way.

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Do you want to master the basics of the Armenian language or develop your speaking skills ? You are in the right place at the right time! I am a native speaker with teacher training qualifications. I

Language learning shouldn’t be very grammar and drill based , that is why I prefer to focus on the communicative approach to the teaching of foreign languages: An emphasis on learning to communicate through interaction in the target language. . The introduction of authentic texts into the learning situation. .

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It is a knowledge that makes difference. So, change the world with education.

My teaching method is flexible, it should always match the interests and the abilities of a person. Each person is unique, so the method is.

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I offer French language courses (+ DELF / DALF), Russian and Armenian

You want to learn another language and dicover another culture? You want to improve your knowledge of French, Russian or Armenian? Want to study in France and you need to pass the DELF and DALF? Then you are at the right address. I can help you achieve your personal and / or professional goals. I offer French , Russian and Armenian courses at all levels and tailored to your goals and your rhythms.

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Whether it is for school or out of interest, learning a language is a great way to expand the mind. There are two standard forms of Armenian; there is Eastern which is mainly spoken in Armenia, the self-proclaimed Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh, Georgia and Iran. Then there is the Western form which is spoken by Armenians living in other countries. The two forms of the language are more or less both intelligible. Grasping the history of the language is not difficult. The alphabet, the direction of writing from left to right in horizontal lines and the numerical values which most letters have can be a challenge. It is a challenge that is easily overcome with private lessons. Taking Armenian lessons from qualified, experienced Armenian teachers can make it much easier to learn the language. Students who need help with learning the language are matched with an Armenian tutor online through SuperPROF. SuperPROF is a directory that matches students and tutors in US. It connects students with 100,000 tutors offering private lessons in 250 areas. Apart from lessons in Armenian, students can also take Turkish lessons, find a Dutch tutor, Swedish teachers or learn French, all at their own pace and at times that are convenient for them.