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Early Grades and Special Education Student offering history, geography and sociology tutoring.

I approach each topic by giving the keywords to look for before doing a homework assignment or studying for any type of test.

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The joy of Art History and the power of World History await!

I ask you what you want to learn about today and then I build a class for your interests! My method could be described as student-centered. I consider learning from everyone's interests the best way. Student's curiosity is a great way to boost the learning process and enhance the experience of learning something new every day.

Mission Viejo
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College Graduate Tutor Specializing in History to Help With Those Long Research Papers!

My teaching methodology is based on how I was taught through my studies at CSU Long Beach. I will approach the various historical topics on the theories that most influenced my work which I believe makes history more relevant to the students. This theory/approach is what is called cultural and subaltern history.

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Recent MA Egyptology Graduate Offering Ancient History and Archaeology Lessons in Seattle

I am willing to provide lessons for any level and will tailor them to the individual. I am very flexible and understand that people learn in different ways, so the first thing we will do is develop a lesson plan that benefits you. This is not a classroom, so we have the freedom to learn in the way that makes the most sense to you.

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Art history and history degree holder offering art history study strategy assistance

Art history is all about placing a piece of art into its historical context. By doing this, we are able to bring a piece of art to life. It becomes more than a flash card with a date to memorize. These pieces of art are real objects, created by real people in the past.

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Cal State Fullerton History Bachelors graduate instructs lessons to guide students and go more in depth to have a greater understanding on historical concepts in Orange County

My plan is to become a teacher in the near future because I love education and see it as a key to success. My passion for teaching began in a martial arts class. When I received my black belt in karate, I became a instructor. It showed me how much I enjoyed teaching. My focus as a tutor is to help students achieve a passion for education to reach far and beyond their educational goals.

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NJ university professor teaches college art history, philosophy, plus all levels ESL/English composition, ESL and philosophy online or near Westfield NJ.

I have a BA in philosophy and art history from Bryn Mawr College and the Sorbonne, an MA in art history from Yale University, an MFA in fine arts and film production from Boston University and a PhD thesis in art history and anthropology completed at UCLA and to be filed at the University of Oslo, Norway, in 2018-9. I also have an ESL credential and have taught ESL and English in S.

Citrus Heights
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Published Historian (2 Masters degrees) provides online history help of all sorts

History comes alive in my lessons! I teach students from primary school up through college helping them to understand historical events, to fine tune their research, and to edit their papers or study for exams.

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Enthusiastic Historian with a Masters in History from Northwestern and former TA at the University of Louisville available for tutoring!

I approach each and every tutoring session with enthusiasm for the topic and for teaching the topic to you! I try to be as easy to communicate with as possible and I make sure my classroom (virtual or physical) is a place where everyone can feel comfortable to ask as many questions as they need.

Huntington Beach
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Former OC Makeup Artist Turned History Instructor! MA and BA in history

My teaching method is to create educational activities that are student-centered. I aim for students to leave my classes as subject matter experts and to know how to effectively market their skills in the workforce. Research, critical analysis, writing, and editing remain the top skills acquired from my history courses.

Palm Desert
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1st lesson offered free !

Bachelor in Psychology with 5 years of teaching experience to all ages offering lessons in most subjects in Chicago, Illinois.

My teaching method revolves around Constructivism; I relate new information with things that students already know and things that are of interest to students in order to make my lessons as dynamic as possible; my lessons structures include sets of different activities per hour. As a tutor, I try to be as entertaining and motivational as possible.

East Wenatchee
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Future history teacher willing to help anyone who is need of help

I am a graduate from Wenatchee Valley College. I am currently attending central Washington univieristy. I am a history major/education major. I am half way done with my bachelors degree. I can't wait to be a teacher to help students and others.

New York
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More than Just a Pretty Picture: Art History and How to Talk and Write About Art

Art Historian with masters degree in Art History and doctoral work in 19th and early 20th century European Modernism. Minor fields of study: Italian Gothic and Renaissance; Baroque Art in the Low Countries. Emphasis in theory and criticism.

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Historian who loves to bring the past alive to those who want to travel back in time!

I break things down by using the things people love as examples. I also think that having humor while going over tough concepts helps relax students and in turn helps them retain the information. History and the humanities are structured enough, so I like to maintain a laid-back atmosphere that encourages friendly dialogue. I love to laugh and have a great sense of humor.

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Master degreed-level educated instructor teaching art history, film history, film criticism.

i'm offering lessons in art history or film history for students or adults who want to learn more about either subject. I will discuss in detail art history subjects such as the Dada movement, surrealism, and the Impressionists. Film critical history topics will include early America cinema, international cinema prior to WWII, and postmodern cinema. Offering homework help.

Coral Springs
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Experienced tutor offers help with Social Sciences, History, Literature, Spanish and Student Skills

I am a clear communicator, mastering two languages, English and Spanish. I am a strong believer in the capacity of individuals to be successful. I use data and needs assessment to understand the progress of students or trainees, which in turn helps inform the next steps in the learning process.

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A doctoral student offering history/political science, psychology, anthropology lessons in Bloomington, Indiana

I like to tailor my approach to each student as we all learn differently. Once we decide the approach, I am a firm tutor who expects you to work hard and be accountable. I have experience teaching at all levels.

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Yale graduate in Art History and Education with four years of teaching experience based in Northern NJ

My teaching method is rooted in my experiences as an education studies student and museum educator. My lessons are rooted in critical pedagogy with a focus on the development of critical thinking skills through student-driven inquiry-based learning. I have focused my education on the theory of interdisciplinary teaching and learning combined with classroom and museum teaching experience.

Menlo Park
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PhD History, specialist on Catalonia and Spain's history and their relationships with Americas.

I teach with some lectures and video. Feedback with the student through text analysis, and academic material. I want that the students finish this course or seminar with a knowdlege about how understand our present and to know indetify history manipulated.

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History, Art History, Mythology, Cinema History and Current Events in Denton TX, currently in undergrad at UNT

I tend to focus on lecture style methodology with printed notes and word lists so that you can look for things on your own outside of tutoring. Most importantly I want you to come away from the lesson having learned something about the topic at hand and having found your own conclusions about any discussions.

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College student shares love of history to elementary through high school students in Phoenix, Arizona

I am a college student who loves history and teaching. I give fun and engaging lessons for students of any age up to the high school level. I believe history has something for everyone, and tailor my lessons to the interests of the student while still teaching to local standards.

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College Student with experience in Psychology, History and Criminal Justice gives lessons in history and politics to Elem, Middle and High school students

I have experience in 7th grade science education as well as Elem. art. I am able to give lessons to these levels as well as high school English, history, and psychology. Each subject varies in terms of instruction methods. For English it consists of basic word and sentence structures per level, concept and critical thinking skills based on written works and basic essay structure.

Joyce diane
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Retired MA Credential teacher with 30 yrs experience in multiple subjects, Art is included.

I developed the Whole Brain method of learning, that is based on individual and Group directed activities. The method is geared towards your learning style and brain function. Your interests are your strong motivations, and we used diagnostic tests.

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Detroit Based French Tutor - Fluent Proficiency - Educated at University and in Paris

I specialize in teaching student high school age and below. I have a very intuitive approach to teaching. It's different for every student, I mould my teaching style to fit the personality and working style that is most efficient for each individual student. If it's groups of student I try to make it as interactive as possible.

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Hello everyone! I will help anyone in Alabama with History. I will help with any kind.

I'm a senior in high school, but I have learned ways to study history through the years that have helped me that might help other people. I will make flash cards, and make up games using the information. I know history games for all age groups.

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History and Social Studies tutor willing to teach elementary and middle school.

While I am still an upperclassmen high school student, I spend most of my time dedicated to the learning and teaching of children. I have taught both history and language to kids between grades 4th through 8th grade. I typically teach lessons relatable to what the child is learning in school, while making it more applicable to daily life to more easily understand the material.

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MFA 30 years experience designing sets lights and costumes, in straight and musicals. Chattanooga TN

I am a semi retired Scenic Designer,Master of Fine Arts, who last worked for The Ohio State University, Mansfield Campus. Have also designed lighting and Costumes. I have worked large theatres to small intimate ones. I have had to build my own scenery and scenic painting on most of my shows. Besides book Readings, One must watch live productions, Discuss what u do and do not like about it.

Stone Mountain
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History major offering social studies and social science lessons in the surrounding Atlanta area

The two reasons I want to teach is to share my expertise and to continue my education through students’ learning process. As a historian, reading is essential to retain information. Students need to be aware of reading strategies in order to continue learning successfully.

San Francisco
Jose ricardo
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Political Consultant & Art Historian Served 3 Presidential Administrations in San Francisco, California

I base my classes on real-time field experience and training. I also attempt to make sure that the classes are tailored around the concerns of the people involved as well, as a sensitivity to the neighborhoods, cultures, and specific needs of the people involved.

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Art history is an interesting subject that focuses on understanding the evolution of different forms of art over the years. Art has been in existence since the olden days and in its various forms, people can express their emotions and feelings through them. Well not everyone finds it interesting. You may have trouble understanding it because of an attitude or you simply do not get it. At times, you may have exams around the corner the you are not prepared. This is where our duty lies. We have art history teachers who will take you through art history lessons to ensure that you are ready for your exams, or your attitude is changed. The lessons are offered exclusively online and so with a laptop and internet connectivity you can begin their journey of learning and making improvements where it is needed. The art history teachers ensure that they cover all that is required in the art history lessons within a given period. You may also be interested in leather craft and painting lessons we offer at SuperPROF. We also have airbrush tutor and photography teachers who can help in improving your knowledge on the respective fields of study.