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Paint with A Brush Above and Enjoy a Relaxing Identity Enhancement to Discover your Own Inner Masterpiece as You Paint An Acrylic Work of Art

Enjoy CREATING a MASTERPIECE as we help you discover your own INNER WORK OF ART. We have EXPERIENCE in acrylics and oils to HELP GUIDE you in RELAXATION and INTROSPECITION while you DISCOVER the ENJOYMENT of your own CREATIVITY. WE HELP people see that a missed brush stroke or failure is only apart of the learning and growth process as you become of AWARE of the GREAT ARTIST WITHIN.

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Hello,my name is Monica! I am an experienced&empathetic health/wellness/addiction mentor! I have also went through some of these issues myself in the past. So, I truly know all the ins&outs.I am here

I am very patient/attentive&involved with my clients. I am truly there for that much needed guidance and support! I am readily available & there for my clients at any and all times needed!! I do not put limits on when or how long my client may need assistance either. Each client gets their own, personalized treatment/goal plan. I uniquely design my classes on the per client basis.

Oregon City
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200 hour certification in yoga provides meditation, and basic yoga techniques for relieving stress and pain. I am also a graduate counseling student and hope to help people with empowering people and

I am a graduate student in counseling and have a 200-hour teacher training certification. I am interested in teaching yoga and the basic fundamentals of breathing, movement, and meditation. I hope to help people learn to accept themselves, think more positively and embrace who they are. I teach a beginning level class, therapeutic and restorative.

San Diego
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Over five years of experience in Expressive Arts, Advocacy and Arts Education.

My Expressive Arts Therapy work focuses on contemplative practices through the use of poetic narratives including digital storytelling (e.g., filmmaking). My purpose is to share with you a practical inner-compass that can be a companion in your life. This compass follows the five natural elements including earth, fire, water, air, and ether.

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Nutritionist with the experience related to areas of food, wellness, education, community and medical. Eager to educate on wellness and nutrition.

I hold a degree in Dietetics, I've counseled, and education on the subject of nutrition. I always try to apply the most suitable methods in each lesson. I try to mix it up, so the students experience the unknown, and the lessons are not routine, or boring.

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Art Journaler in Proctorville, Ohio available to help you along the healing path of artistic expression!

I like to provide my students with prompts based on what they are personally looking to get out of the class. I will ask questions about my students and create new assignments based on what journaling activity will help and affirm them the most.

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Change your life: Learn to meditate and become a leader in your life

What you'll get: Support and structure in working toward your goals Avoid burnout by understanding your true motivations and create an action plan that aligns with your core values Learn to work through self-doubt so you can take action that aligns with your highest self Connect to your core desires so you can move past the “shoulds” and be a leader in your own life Get clear on the next s

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Ancient secret for Health life mind body sole effects you on everyday

My education of Ancient world methods of meditating by getting from inheritance. And got a solid results first tested on Myself. In any diverse situation in everyday life this technique works without failure. Ancient secrets are science beyond any science.

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20 year old college student and teacher with experience in math, science, Python programming, singing, emoting/stage acting, English, history, creative writing, art therapy, and computer skills.

I base my classes on begging girls to understand basic concepts and terms associated with a subject to establish a firm foundation. I then delve the student(s) into strategic methods and problem solving skills as well as gaining a deeper understanding of the siubject. We then take all of these skills and put them into practice.

Webster Groves
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Relaxation. Learn the power of relaxation. Techniques, Meditation and all the pros and cons.

I approach my classes as professional and informational style. I teach what relaxation is and teach many techniques to obtain relaxation.

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I am an optimistic educator that is excited to educate brilliant minds!

I present each topic on a steady pace. By doing so it gives my students the opportunity to grasp the information.

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Contemplative Art Therapy: Learn how to use art as a means to relaxing, and expressing emotions in a safe, and supportive environment

I have a Master's degree in Contemplative Education, which involves the concept of mindfulness, awareness, meditation and reflection. I have also guided meditation for small groups for several years, and have taught 1-1 and group meditative art classes. The type of instruction I use is open to all skill levels, as I encourage people who may be fearful of their artistic ability.

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Artist with a lifetime of experience in using art and creativity to cope.

I believe that art lives inside of everyone, rather a person is aware of it or not. Anyone can be trained to draw these skills out of themselves to enhance their state of mind, learn new skills, and be content.

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Bilingual Spanish professor Orlando based with Masters degree that is passionate about helping people RELAX

The Demonstrator and coach style that retains the formal authority role by showing students what they need to know. The demonstrator is a lot like the lecturer, but their lessons include multimedia presentations, activities, and demonstrations. Pros: This style gives teachers opportunities to incorporate a variety of formats including lectures and multimedia presentations.

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Many years of tutoring experience in language arts, science, English comp. And literature, with specialty in essay and long comp writing and comprehensiveness, in all grade levels. Central Mass and

I love to teach at the level that is needed, and see the moment that it "clicks". Versed in English, Art, Literature, Science, and Life Coaching, also History and Geography. My lesson structure is tailored for different students needs, and academic goals are reached in a timely fashion. Learning and absorbing the information being taught is easier with positivity.

Grover Beach
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Art therapy laced with encouragement for all subjects including life outside school.

I am an over comer who survived childhood dramas a child should not have to endure. This atmosphere of success lead me to painting my way through life. I love oils but teach with acrylics, pastels and /or water color etc... I would love the opportunity to be with the student for a hour and a half with a small snack in-between but one hour is do able.

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Nutritionist and Obesity Specialist with 4 years of experience on virtual nutrition counseling

I like to conduct personalized counseling. I enjoy building a therapeutic relationship based on mutual respect, trust and empathy to have a better understanding of my clients needs and come up with creative solutions. I believe this is very important in order to develop healthy lifestyle prescriptions and recommendations.

Ewa Beach
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Meditation, Relaxation and Mindfulness Practice with Buddhist Therapist

I'm a clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist with 20 years of professional experience with a wide range of individuals, but I am also a Buddhist and meditator. h My lessons begin with the basics of relaxation and meditation -- focus on breathing, letting go of intrusive thoughts or sensations, and achieving inner-focused state of calmness and acceptance.

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Alchemist-Transfomer, giving lessons on personal development, and wellness. Learn to transform your life into Gold!

Studied Arts and Humanities in High School, at Bridgeton High Studied Liberal Arts and Music at Cumberland County College ~ Associate Degree Reiki Master Practitioner, learned under Master Teacher Lisa Powers Kundalini Tantra Yoga teacher, studied at Mastery of Yoga and Meditation

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Performing Artist offering Lessons for Weight loss, Dance, and Mental Health Improvement through Circus Arts

I interview with students to see what they would be interested in. Each week we will have lessons by live video instruction covering new concepts each week that build off the prior week. Phone support is also provided by teacher, and student may contact at anytime for concepts that require more instruction. I happily teach all ages and skill levels.

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Retired Art & Technology teacher gives lessons in Photoshop and Digital Photography to teens through senior adults

* Maryland Certified in Art (K-12), Technology Education (6-12), ESOL * 30 plus years experience in Photoshop * 21 yrs.

Locust Valley
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Astrology, Tarot, Spiritual Advice and Methods of Healing your Soul

*Astrology & Teacher of Esoteric Subjects • Astrology • Tarot • Kabbalah • Numerology • Angelology • Sacred Geometry • Color Theory and Aura development • Know Thyself & Thy Subtle Bodies • The After-Life Journey The background of my spiritual knowledge is extensive and based in Ancient Teachings and Hermetic Philosophy.

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Natural Health and Healing for the young mind

My Name is Theresa Snyder, and I have been working with children for over 30 years.. I have my BS in Elementary Education, and a MS/PhD in Natural Health and Healing. When teaching, I like to give my students time to think for themselves, and I like when they work in teams or on a project that takes awhile to complete. I am an excellent teacher and love to inspire young minds..

San Antonio
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Want you to be happy in life and be the healthiest you can be.

I will approach each topic. And will be able to ask questions. Any type they make ask. Want to be able to help out in any way I can. I'm here to benefit them but also benefitting myself and see if I can make a difference in someone else's life.

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Do you have something to let off your shoulders and talk about? I am loving, patient, and always there whatever you might need.

Meticulous, responsible student who can effectively multi-task in challenging situations and meet critical deadlines while staying creative and Positive. Highly organized and loves working with and for people. Is available for tutoring in many different subjects: Sports, Arts, languages, classes, parenting, Health, other life skills. Loves to listen and talk.

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An enthusiastic and passionate Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with experience in a multitude of settings!

My method is an interactive style to education. Most often times, people learn best by applying the knowledge they are gaining to real life situations. I base my educational sessions and classes on building a trusting relationship with my audience and relating to them. I approach each topic with great care and at the very basic level.

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Mindfulness Meditation and Mindful Creativity Coaching, Suffolk Norfolk Cambridgeshire Essex and Online Learning

HOW COULD YOU BE CREATIVE IN A WAY THAT COMES FROM THE DEEPEST PART OF YOU, THAT FEELS THE MOST MEANINGFUL? When we feel blocked, resistant, depressed, anxious, confused, or are straining to be someone else's idea of what we should be, this is reflected in our creative expression and quality of life. We can feel frozen, depressed, anxious, limited, frustrated - in other words, stuck.

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Learn how to practice "Mindfulness Meditation" and the principles of Alexander Technique!

As a classical singer, I focus a lot on healthy breathing, body support and the connection between body and mind. Mindfulness Meditation and Alexander Technique are two great ways to work on these aspects. Alexander Technique: I can teach you the main principles and perform some of the processes on you.

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Individual or group sessions of artistic therapies in Santiago taught by actress

My classes are based on the observation and diagnosis of the needs and objectives of each student. I use the techniques and tools obtained according to what each student wants.

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Give meditation classes, massage, art therapy, music therapy, energy treatment for beginners and advanced

An experience close to death at the age of 24 years and many years of internal work, supported by the meeting with Tibetan, Indian, Japanese and Moroccan masters in particular allowed me to develop and deepen qualities that I put at the service of your needs

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Art is a soothing experience for the soul. There is a pleasing aspect to created art that just is not available in other areas. Whether it is an organic painting of abstract nature or something designed to offer a more realistic imagery to a scene, different kinds of art can impact people in different ways. In order to understand the art, or to at least obtain a better understanding of the art form and why cultures and times in history revolved around certain forms of art, art therapy teachers can provide helpful art therapy lessons to cover these forms of art and to improve upon how someone feels in general. There are many other forms of art someone can learn about. Art history lessons shines a greater light on the historical significance of the art, while improvisational theater is great for actors and others who wish to experiment with the physical art form. An architecture tutor and airbrush teachers have unique insights into beautiful art as well.