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San Jose
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PhD, offering maths, programming lessons (Algorithms) in Bay Area with 5 years experience

I have a passion in teaching, and I really enjoy it. I try to teach each subject as simple as possible. Usually I use many examples to explain different topics. Plus, I think, having students to work on homework, will help as well.

Los Angeles
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Experienced tutor expert in Data Science, Analytics, Machine learning, Programming languages, High School subjects

Free introductory 30-min. session to discuss goals/objectives, set realistic expectations, identify and assess areas of weakness, strategize on coming up with a game plan, and match schedules for future sessions. Extremely patient, invested in your success, and understand your needs and help you out with a guide to achieving your goals.

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I believe the knowledge we accumulate as researchers and practitioners is only valuable if shared with others.

My approach to teaching is to incorporate both a solid theoretical foundation, with hands-on experience in leading students into thinking about the problem before engaging in their solution. The proper teaching of Software Engineering cannot be limited to the presentation of techniques and notations.

Great Neck
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MIT Graduate with 20+ years of programming experience! Well reviewed on Chegg.

I teach online via chat. Students should have a computer and the relevant programming language installed and come prepared with some exercises or questions. I was a TA for Theory of Algorithms at MIT as well, but I prefer not to give lectures and to work out real problems.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn to code in python and do cool stuff with the vast libraries and packages the python language has to offer

I like to teach through examples and illustration so you will get a lot of that. I also advocate for reinforcement learning through projects. So do not be surprise if your entire learning experience is structured as a project.

1st lesson offered free !

Veteran Computer Programmer with18 years of programming experience 4 years of tutoring experience.

Please don't mistake me for your typical computer nerd, I can hold a conversation on just about any topic and my first language is English. I would like to work with a few students (any experience level) closely so that we may build a strong and lasting relationship. I find the best way to learn how to code is with real-world application.

1st lesson offered free !

How to learn any programming topic easily anywhere in the world, regardless of your experience level?

I am an expert programmer with a master's in AI and more than 20 years of extensive corporate, freelancing, tutoring experience. MY METHOD IS CUSTOMISED FOR YOU: I examine the student's background and areas of interest to fine-tune the learning experience and make it accessible. I focus on removing roadblocks and a DEEP UNDERSTANDING OF FUNDAMENTALS.

1st lesson offered free !

Computer science student offering computer languages and IT lessons in Flagstaff with 6 years experience

Hello, my name is Nicholas Finch. I am a Python developer for 2 years. All my lessons start from scratch, or from where you've left off in your environment. I explain everything in detail so that you can understand it easily. Using activities to apply what you have learned. My way of teaching is simple for delivering all the information to you.

1st lesson offered free !

Industrial automation and internet applications expert gives lessons to unlock the internet to students of all ages and backgounds

My teaching method provides an opportunity for students to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-life experiences has proven to be an effective way of both disseminating and integrating knowledge. I incorporate the following methods: LECTURE: an oral presentation of information by the instructor. ... DISCUSSION: involves two-way communication between participants. ...

1st lesson offered free !

CISSP, Net+, Sec+ Cybersecurity expert with over 10 years experience. Led multi-million coding projects. Use my experience to get you hired!

You will learn skills, reinforce them with practical exercises, and become an expert. We will build your confidence so you can achieve your goals.

1st lesson offered free !

Graduate School Educated Computer Scientist with over 14 years experience. Specialized in Cyber Security

My teaching methodology is based on a teacher-centric learning, also often referred to as the traditional educational model, because it is basically what we are all used to associate with teaching and studying. In this model, students are considered to be de-facto “empty vessels”, passive receivers of knowledge and skills.

Ellicott City
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Lead Game Designer and Project Manager with 7 years industry experience tutors from home or at your location

Each student is unique and has a unique way of learning, and I teach with this idea at the heart. In general, I start with the high level concepts, the ideas behind what is being taught, and the history of how it was learned, along with its practical applications.

1st lesson offered free !

EE in Programming and C++ and Python and Pascal Coding and hardware

I first have to see the level of students, To teach software I start with the basics, and start a step by step teaching process I have taught English for many years. I also know computers and I have worked in US /Hong Kong / China teaching many people /students English and many other subjects. I also taught Sunday Schools from 7-12 grades and I work very well with young adults.

(23 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Mines Engineer Telecom (Data scientist) offers courses in computer science (algorithms and languages, Data Science, Data engineering) in Ile de France and via webcam

I am engineer Mines Telecom (Data Scientist) following the preparatory classes at the grandes écoles Maths SUP / maths SPE. I offer tutoring in algorithms, programming languages ​​(Java, C, C-shel, Python, Scala) in Artificial Intelligence and many other IT topics.

São Carlos
(6 reviews)

PhD student, Master degree in Computer Science. Experience in web development, Java and Artificial Intelligence

In my classes I like to interact with the students and make the class a long conversation. I believe that for computer classes many things seem very easy in the first contact and complicated when the student try to implement. Therefore, I like to apply exercises and follow the student's development and thinking.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Master student in Mathematics at EPFL (Bachelor in Physics) gives Mathematics, Physics, Programming (C ++, MATLAB and Python) and French courses in Lausanne and surroundings

My teaching method is based on the understanding of simple examples, giving a conceptual mastery to reach more complex problems without ever feeling lost. I am happy to teach gymnasium and bachelor level students in any faculty or school orientation.

Paris 5e
(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Recently graduated from an artificial intelligence master, gives introductory courses in computer languages, on python in particular.

Graduated recently from a good engineering school, and coming from a scientific background with 2 years of science faculty before, I propose introductory courses on programming.

(5 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

As today world is moving with big data new technology, So I am passionate to teach those skills and even learn. My skills include leading big data technology spark, Scala, Hadoop, Cassandra, Redis and

I teach passionately , Until a Person Will Not UnderStand from Basics I will not leave that person , i need to make sure thathe should get All the concept before moving to other Topic , So it will be helpful for him and me also.

1st lesson offered free !

Undergrad student developer from Delhi with high vigor for teaching and mentoring other students

I think I'm a go-getter, I always find myself working on my subject matter beforehand so that I'm able to deliver a prospective lecture that melts like butter into students' brains and stays there. The techniques or methodologies try to enforce that.

1st lesson offered free !

An IIT Graduate gives classes in Maths & Computer Science to students ranging from High Schools to Colleges ( For Fun :)

Honestly, I don't have any set method for teaching as I am new to this thing. My methodology mostly depends upon my class or individuals. I like to go with examples and derivations. I try to have an balanced focus on both maximizing score as well as understanding.

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

PhD student gives C/C++ programming lessons to undergraduate/masters/doctorate/adult students in Greater London/Surrey.

This lesson focus on the basics of the C/C++ programming including: UNIT I - Overview of C/C++ (4 Hours) Introduction Fundamentals Variables, Data Types, and Arithmetic Expressions UNIT II - Conditional statements & loops (4 Hours) Making Decisions Program Looping UNIT III - Arrays and functions (4 Hours) Working with Arrays Working with Functions ...

(4 reviews)

Machine learning (scikit-learn, tensorflow) and programming (Python, c++) tutoring - ML PhD Candidate at Inria

I am a strong software engineer who turned towards Machine Learning & Data Science. I have been teaching in the past. I gave several lectures, supervised undergraduate students and was a math / physics tutor for high school students. I can teach in English & French. My belief is that the only way to learn programming is by actually programming. My race will be focused on programming.

1st lesson offered free !

Master in Artificial Intelligence offering Computer Science lessons and tutoring Online, based in London

My teaching method is based on relating the subject to practical scenarios so that the student gets a better understanding of the subject matter, and has a scenario in mind to associate it with. I give lessons to students who are either passionate about the subject, or want to learn enough to perform well in the exams, even if they don't feel a passion for the subject.

Le Kremlin-Bicêtre
(4 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Student in Sorbonne University computer science license gives private lessons in computer science for beginners and curious, programming languages that I master: Pascal and Python.

This course is for beginners in computer science who wish to learn the basics in programming and/or the basics of how to use your computers and IT Systems if you need to. My teaching method really depends on the pupil so I try to teach computer theories in a practical way that is to say I let the student work all the time on his computer so that he learns faster and more efficiently.

Ciudad Victoria
Luis alfredo
1st lesson offered free !

Student of systems engineering teaches web programming and desktop applications in Victoria, Tamaulipas

In my classes I will give a short introduction to the topic that we will see and then explain step by step how to do it, I always use comments in the code I write but if you have any questions I will explain the part you do not understand.

Jardim das Industrias
Marco antonio
(12 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Engineer with extensive experience in Programming, Embedded Systems, Robotics and Automation, Signal and Image Processing, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

I am a Biomedical Engineer, currently studying for a Master Degree in Engineering from the Federal University of the State of São Paulo. I have extensive knowledge and experience with Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Physiology, Anatomy, Calculus, Electrical Circuits, Robotics, Signal Processing, Data Science, Programming, English, and Scientific Writing.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Student from IEEE VIT teaching very intuitive and explananatory concepts and coding of Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Has taught in multiple College Workshops and has state of the art knowledge.

The classes are for anyone with interest in learning Machine Learning and Deep Learning concepts, I have made very intuitive slides with clear examples and concept explanations for teaching and prerequisites are just basic knowledge in Calculus and Python programming.

Greater London
(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

PhD student with many years of industrial experience offering programming lessons in London

My teaching method is very simple and it always depends on the skill level of my students. I'd say it's a rather adaptive technique based on the student and the material that he/she wishes to learn.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Learn cool Web technologies involving Python, Javascript, React, Angular, HTML & CSS from an experienced Computer Programmer in Gurgaon

I believe the foundation of any subject is built up on basics. If these basics are clearly articulated and taught in the right manner, a student/child can deliver great results. So my teaching methods are primarily focused on first learning the basics.

1st lesson offered free !

Real time Experienced machine learning,Artificial intelligence and python tutor with real time projects

My teaching methodology includes live class and live practical examples.

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