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Deerfield Beach
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7 years of experience, 600 hours certified instructor from south Florida USA

My aspiration is to transmit to people the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of practicing Yoga. I will show how muscle strength and flexibility can be gained through different Yogic poses by engaging muscles that are not typically engaged doing other types of exercise. Also, I will guide you through and experience of expanded awareness while focusing on the breath and sensations in the body.

1st lesson offered free !

Marci winters yoga- austin- certified in meditation, chi quong- 20 years of experience, nurturing, supportive

I approach each individual according to his/her unique needs, including fitness level and overall health. I am extremely nurturing and supportive, also allowing for a healthy challenge. I use modalities that are appropriate for the beginner to advanced student.

Los Angeles
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Come learn and have Fun with Bhakti Yoga Instructor... influenced by Ashtanga, Basic Reiki, and Mindfulness , Kirtan (call and response Chanting) , Spiritual Music personal Development

Daily Practitioner. I usually participate in the class as well as offer adjustments to align postures and for destress, relaxation and healing. Often times I introduce various musical selections as well as incense and essential oils. I am also very flexible to accommodate to each student. Thank you for the consideration.

March Air Reserve Base
1st lesson offered free !

Yoga with Minney Ji will change your mind and body. Learn Yoga in Santa Maria, Lompoc and on Vandenberg AFB

Yoga has a lot of benefits, and to get those benefits, we should do our yoga with correct alignment. Every single asana(posture) has purpose and it cannot be achieved if we don't do the asana correct. My students would experience all those benefits with my yoga classes.

Copacabana (Rio de Janeiro)
Ana beatriz
(21 reviews)

Private Lessons from Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher (E-RYT 200) - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Professor of Vinyasa Flow, also formed in Integral Yoga by ANYI (National Association of Integral Yoga), and Ashtanga Yoga practitioner. He made trips to study in India, the United States and Brazil. Believes in yoga as a way of working the body-mind and as a path to self-knowledge and spirituality.

(28 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

I offer Private and group yoga lessons, Pilates and Thai Massage Therapy

I am a Yoga instructor certified by the Yoga Alliance in India (200h RYT); Thai Massage therapist certified by the Thai Healing Alliance International in Chiang Mai, Thailand; Pilates teacher and certified by FEDA (Spanish Federation Directed and Fitness Activities). I offer classes at home, also group classes in Sala Polivalent D ARTS, located in 17 Monlau Sagrera street in Barcelona.

(9 reviews)
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Yoga classes at home, adult couples; children and the whole family. Thai Massage Therapy.

Yoga teacher; Thai Massage Therapist (300h RYT), USA; ballerina, child educator and sociocultural operator. It comes from a long work of research and interdisciplinary training body. Priscilla the last decade has been studying various disciplines of bodywork, in countries like India, United States, Spain and Venezuela.

(11 reviews)
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A complete class of Yoga and Meditation with Pranayama in Melbourne by certified Yoga Instructor from India

Our aim will be to focus on your whole body including your organs and mind. The class with meditation is for 1.5 hrs (recommended). The class includes Asanas for top to toe focusing on postures. Special days for Power Yoga, Animal Yoga, Stretching, Soham Kriya, Mediation. If you want to be regular, the schedule can be discussed.

Paris 8e
(6 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (diploma) - group or individual classes at your home - beginner to intermediate level

After a little discussion on why you want to practice yoga (better stress management, muscle building, release tension, develop self-confidence, improve flexibility, find a better sleep, pratice some sports ...) we customize your sessions according to your requests and desires.

(11 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Comprehensive Yoga classes for everyone. In individual or group classes on the air and in harmony with nature, we will connect yoga postures, meditation and breathing technique. Not only physically

I rely on an integral yoga, where I integrate meditation, asanas (yoga postures) and breathing techniques with a holistic benefit, connecting the body, mind and spirit. I believe in the power of love as the only tool to heal. During the sessions I will teach you to fill your practice of consciousness and this will be your strong transformer.

(9 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Yoga Hatha and Vinyasa instructor, focusing on the physical work of the body alone the mindfulness of yoga practice

In my classes I’m combining spirit practice beside physical work, it is very important for me that each student will build confident and will feel welcome to practice in its personal rethem . Yoga Nidra , meditation and pranayama practice is something that I love giving to my students when the trast is build between us.

Caldes d'Estrac
(5 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

YOGA GROUP or individual in the center of Barcelona: a mix of Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar and Therapeutic yoga

I like to teach dynamic classes, to put in shape the body without forcing or hurting, with a particular interest in meditation, relaxation, correct posture and well-being that we can achieve through Yoga. I like to accompany the classes with good music (I am also a professional musician!). I have a working group in the center of Barcelona on Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m.

(6 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Professional with 30 years experience teaches use of posture, movement, and breathing for body and mind health and longevity

My teaching methodology is based on sound theoretical knowledge of human anatomy and physiology paired with understanding of energy and information flow within and outside the human body. I join Western and Eastern knowledge and wisdom to design and deliver unique classes and sessions.

1st lesson offered free !

Let's do yoga and meditation for keeping our body and mind healthy..

My teaching is generally based on traditional yoga, going deeper through yog asanas and finding yourself.I help people in understanding their body type and have confidence of accepting the way they are. Also it's very important to treat your body as temple and worship it through these beautiful practices called yoga, pranayam and meditation.

(4 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Yoga Alliance qualified teacher offering lessons in both English and Spanish language

I base my teaching on giving the student what they want with a friendly and relaxed approach so that they can really enjoy this time learning with me. I believe in a steady but well paced and organised way of learning which can be adapted to individual needs.

(6 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Dynamic Yoga for Companies, with emphasis on body-mind centering practices for the reduction of work stress and the improvement of the corporate greeting

My classes are a dynamic fusion of traditional yoga and the most current techniques of body-mind centering, hiit yoga fusion, meditation and mindfulness, where I combine physical training adapted to the level of the practitioner with a rigorous follow-up. My way of understanding and teaching yoga is a transformational system that invites you to discover the different layers of yourself.

(3 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Certified and experienced yoga teacher - South of Manche and North of Ille-et-Vilaine

We will practice various movements, poses, while focusing on your breath. Beyond physical practice, yoga is a philosophy of life that I love to share. Breathing is for me the key to a beautiful yogic practice. My teaching will be adapted to your level of practice and your profile.

Lo Barnechea
1st lesson offered free !

Yoga classes or at home: comuna las condes, or barnechea or vitacura

In our space we offer classes of yoga, tai chi and therapy .(concealed information) We work with accredited professionals, promoting personal health. We also offer a nutritionist service, since we believe in health in an integral way. Enter our page to know us.

(5 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Hatha (Tantric) Yoga instructor for individually catered sequences in Perth or online. No prior knowledge necessary. Just a willingness to stick to it and also to let go. :)

My method is: meet people where they are. Lessons will be based on your individual level, needs, goals, and intentions; I am merely but a guide. You are your own guru. I will show you the foundations everyone needs to begin/ advance a practice, and you can take these lessons with you wherever you go (into any class, or even stay in your own home). After all, wherever you go...

Glenelg South
(4 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Dutch/British 200hr Yogi teaches Hatha, Vinyasa & Ashtanga yoga in Adelaide. Can cater to personal preferences/injuries/specific goals :)

My teaching method is adaptable to you. In my personal practice, I enjoy starting off with a more cardio-orientated Vinyasa flow and then shifting towards a more power-/stretch-orientated Hatha style. I can cater to any kind of personal intentions, injuries, capabilities and goals though.

(3 reviews)

Custom yoga classes, or in a group. District of Lisbon, Oeiras, Sintra

Private lessons are a way to get personalized attention, classes fully adapted to you and your goals and enhance their discipline! Classes can be in HOME, OFFICE, etc ..

1st lesson offered free !

Learn Yoga and Mindfulness from scratch to create a positive change in your personality and life

I meet with the student and understand their needs of what they need to work on the most and then prepare a schedule with them. I do basic asanas, pranayamas and mindfulness techniques. My focus in on making the student more aware.

Dr anurag
1st lesson offered free !

Conducting 1 yr diploma course in yog/naturopathy since 1980 kapil institute of naturopathy & yogic sciences

kinys conducting 1 yr diploma course since 1980 our students working throughout india many of them spreading out the knowledge through workshops and shivirs all over country.

(7 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Yoga Teacher (Hatha / Ashtanga / Vinyasa / Mindfulness / Meditation / Relaxation) certified by Yoga Alliance, India. Private / Group / Corporate / Schools / Universities / Senior / Kids classes avail

The classes I give are Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Mindfulness and Deep Relaxation (Yoga Nidra) and are intended for all levels and for those who want to live longer and better.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced Ashtanga Teacher available for private and group yoga classes in Sydney

My teaching methods are working with the client. This means being flexible and accomodating to each individuals interests and personal circumstances. There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to yoga so by using a yoga therapy approach, I can help support the clients needs.

North Wollongong
(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

I offer the tools of yoga to students wishing to expand their physical, mental and spiritual understanding of themselves. Within a friendly and relaxed atmosphere :)

I offer private or group yoga lessons with a fun and relaxed vibe, primarily vinyasa and Ashtanga based flow classes, with meditation incorporated. Classes can be adjusted to suit the individual student, any levels of experience welcome. My teaching methods are based on honouring the process of the eight limbs of yoga, loving oneself and holding compassion for our bodies.

San Andrés del Rabanedo
1st lesson offered free !

Fascia Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga and Yoga for pregnant women in León. Studies completed in India.

Fascia Yoga uses asanas (yoga postures) that stimulate and help eliminate blockages in the myofascial meridians. This creates a balance in the internal organs and systems of the body. On the other hand, aromatherapy consists of the use of essential oils of medicinal plants to heal ailments whether physical or emotional.

South Yarra
1st lesson offered free !

Hatha yoga teacher providing lessons to students of all levels in Melbourne

My teaching method is always set on the foundation of mindfulness and compassion towards ourselves. My classes are nurturing mixed with strength building postures. My goal is to help each student connect their body, mind and spirit through a mindful practice.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn Yoga with Fabio. Wether you want to flow, relax, strengthen or stretch, I have it all! (All levels are welcome).

I believe that each and every one of us is on its own personal and unique journey. And that's exactly how I structure my classes. I tailor each single class to my students, based on their goals and needs, giving adjustments and modifications for the specific case. I teach to honor our body and mind, practicing kindness and honesty.

St Kilda
1st lesson offered free !

Yoga class to calm your mind, strengthen your body and learn how to connect the breath with the movement.

You can choose to learn Ashtanga Yoga, traditional Hatha yoga or just combined yoga flow to connect your breath with the movements. Depending on your level I will design individualized yoga sequence for you to get the most out of your practice.

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