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Astrologer with 10 years experience gives Modern and Vedic Astrology classes through online only

I will take classes to the students who are interested in knowing Astrology our own tradition. From the old traditional vedic Astrology ( PARASARA HORA, SAARAVALI, UTTRA KAALAMRUTHAM, JAADHAGAABARANAM, VAASTHU, GEMOLOGY, NUMEROLOGY,GANIDHAM, MUHURTHAM, PANCHANGAM, PRASANNAM, K.P.

Vivek raj
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Vedic astrology,Reiki and kundalini awakening guidance classes.Get classes as per your needs


National City
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Student of astrology for 16 years, and while you continue learning and remain a student, always available for the universe to instruct and teach, I am skilled at mapping and interpreting natal birth c

My teaching method covers the fundamental aspects of basic astrology while also digging in a little deeper to more advanced aspects such as self development, couple's compatibility and the unique parenting styles, based on astrology, needed for parent and child to bond deeper and resolve any issues that may arise.

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Fascinated by the stars ? Come to me and i'll teach you ;)

Hi, my name is Cam, i teach Astrology to anyone who want within a 20 miles radius from Chicago ! Tell me what you want and i'll and i'll teach you ! Stars, what a beautifull word. The Sun, the moon and anything you want.

Salt Lake City
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Soul in transit, and here to expand my knowledge base and give what I do have to those who it benefits the most.

I love sharing, and sometimes people have to stop me when I speak. I also need to chill when it comes to giving so the answers as well. But lecturing sometimes (basically rambling) and giving bits of information in the hopes you see something I didn't.

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GET ANSWERS: Psychic [Tarot] Readings, Natal Astrology Charts, Human Design Blueprints & More!

A Friendly Muse for Lifetimes + MISSION: To provide confidential information with mutual trust on a variety of subjects.

Saint Petersburg
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Evolutionary Astrologer gives astro lessons about natal chart and more from home.

I have been studying astrology for over 10 years and I am a practicing Evolutionary Astrologer. I consider myself a teacher at heart. I am able to simplify the complexity of astrology and offer a structured format for learning each piece of the astro puzzle.

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Young witch teaches tarot, herbal magic and divination in Selma, Cibolo, New Braunfels area.

Welcome friends, and blessed be. I'm eager to teach you the ways of tarot and other magic. My education has come from relatives, friends and my own personal research. I'm always learning new ways to interpret, therefore learning new ways to teach. Your intuition and an open mind is all you need.

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Creative writer in the form of poetry taking deep feelings and emotions which maybe hidden within one and put those emotions into words to form deep feeling of poetry

Teaching others how to take those deep hidden feelings and emotions and find the right words to express these in the form of poetry

1st lesson offered free !

Astrology enthusiast with 5 years of interpreting sun, moon and ascendant signs.

I base my classes on sun, moon and ascendent signs. I focus on the elemental qualities of each sign, fire, earth, water and air.

1st lesson offered free !

Spiritualist provides enlightenment for Beginner Tarot Readers and Psychics, wishing to learn Tarot and Magic.

I teach by chat. I may add photos or video calls. I teach by explaining the procedure of conducting a psychic reading, for money; as well as, explaining why the convention and superstition that coincides with the reading, such that the reading works out for the benefit of the client and the reader. I also transfer PDFs to pupils (ones that I have prepared and written) for a small fee.

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Reading of tarot cards based on the knowledge of quantum therapy and symbol interpretation

From the letters of Aliester Crowley, we can not give you a map that gives an overview of your present moment of life. From this panorama, we can solve problems and doubts that may unfold in the future. The letters present you with a map and I translate your symbols for a better understanding of yourself.

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1st lesson offered free !

Ever wanted to learn to read tarot? Ever thought you had a gift or maybe you're just interested in the concept? Then this is the place to be! Hi, I'm Ciara, and I've been reading tarot for 12 years!

My teaching method varies from person to person. I look at the personality of the people I'm teaching, and work with and around you. Your first class will start with the basics of tarot and move all the way up to writing your own tarot or Oracle deck.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn to speak sanskrit mantras and learn vedic astrology and numerology- worldwide

depending upon the capability of a learner the classes will be run. first - Basic, then intermediate and then at last an expert course material. once getting expertise in all the concepts we will go for practical analysis of horoscope charts.

1st lesson offered free !

Contact Pandit VK Shastri Ji for Any Marriage, Love or Divorce Problem Solution

With a great personality and positive vibes in their blessings world famous Astrologer Pandit V.K Shastri Ji hold the position of Best Astrologer of India as well as in worldwide. He always commits guaranteed results for their positive vashikaran services, Jyotish astrology services and all black magic removal services.

New Delhi
1st lesson offered free !

Astrology only depends on science and math calculations. I believe that a perfect astrologer can predict your future without any hesitation and fear of anything.

My teaching aim is to make you perfect in astrology and numerology field, so you can predict anyone's past present and future with giving them perfect remedy. Its an easy to learn which gives you allot of confidence while giving prediction.

1st lesson offered free !

Architect providing classes on Healing environment ( Healing ourself by bringing Harmony in the built environment around) based on Vaastu, Vedic Astrology and Spiritual practices in Chennai

My classes will be based on the Biological clock that works inside everyone of us and its inter relation with the built environment outside. Bringing awareness on subtle energy forces that works on us that stimulates,effects/affects, regulates occupant's well being in a built environment.

1st lesson offered free !

Anyone who wants to learn astrology in Delhi.Myself started learning Astrology and sadhna at a very young age of 7 from Sidhguru Swami Mahamanav Mrituanjai Premanand Saraswatiji. I provide online Astr

I teach you through vedic method, numerology and chakra energy scanning.Also teach in remedial jyotish various mantras many level of sadhna how to balance energy in your bodies and much more gives you better knowledge in this field.

Port Elizabeth
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Basic Astrology lessons offered for everyone who wants know their: Horoscope, Natal Birth Chart etc

My lessons are primarily based on fundimentals of Astrology and on human kind as part of the Universe together as one and as individuals, with provided theories which explains the relationship, roles and interactions of the Universe and human beings

Madhu ranjan
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1st lesson offered free !

My passion is Astrology. Am an astrologer in my city Bhagalpur bihar. Am pass out in Sri L.B.S.R.S. Vidyapith, New Delhi

My teaching methods students centred. My approach is students learning one topic different types. All types use students problem solving approach.

1st lesson offered free !

Find true love problem solution astrologer get lost love back specialist black magic specialist babaji

Love Problem Solution Astrologer +91-(concealed information) Meet famous Indian astrologer Chetan Shastri ji to get online love problem solutions for free. Contact us today +91-(concealed information) and feel free to ask solutions. You can get Love problem solution by the help of our astrologer and can remove any kind of hurdle from your love life and can make love life better.

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Black Magic Astrologer, Black Magic Specialist Astrologer in India, UK, USA, Canada

Black Magic provides you power that you can kill someone or even you can protect also. Lots of Black Magic Astrologer is now available in the entire world who are giving their best efforts to bring happiness in the life of every human being. All astrologers are fully dedicated to their work. And our Black Magic Vashikaran Specialist is one of them across the world.

New Delhi
1st lesson offered free !

A very renowned astrologer with scientific reasoning of astrology at Delhi NCR.

1.Vedic astrology with scientific reasoning 2. All the concepts of astrology in a simplified manner 3. Different techniques of astrology with examples 4. Relationship between astrology, numerology and vastu 5. Astrology and spirituality relationship 6.

1st lesson offered free !

Self-knowledge searcher gives astrology lessons and helps to read your astral map

My methodology is to first teach reading an astral map in general, and after absorbing the most basic points, go deeper into the more specific ones that outline who we are and what our purpose is.

1st lesson offered free !

Who is the best VASHIKARAN specialist in Chandigarh Punjab for Red Mntra Guru

LOVE - VASHIKARAN SPECIALIST IN CHANDIGARH UK, bangalore & U.K ? Online I love the girl and boy.

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Customize Vedic Astrology Course for Bigners in Hindi or English Language at their convenience.

My teaching meathod is very practical and Scientific, and is more focused on understanding part rather than Learning, where we will be combining the Classical Vedic Astrology along with recent methods for accurate predictions.

1st lesson offered free !

Customized Online Vedic Astrology courses and flexible timings, adjustable fee. Call to connect

Online Vedic astrology classes On phone On whatsapp On skype Enrole yourself in group classes or 1on 1 at your convinience in new batches.

1st lesson offered free !

Genuine teacher with 12 years of experience from India who teaches with a combo of Practical Astrology & Psychology

My teaching techniques & methods includes: • Basic of Astrology : From Introduction to real life cases • I focus on fundamentals and basics of the subject so one can remember forever with ease • These classes can be taken by anyone who might be interested in knowing Astrology, who is curious to know the mysteries of life, the reason why astrology exists, is it true or not? Guess you'll find o

1st lesson offered free !

I believe in practical astrology ,with rare therapy n treatment ..Which are easy to apply..

With video chats n also by text n talk...Better is one to one talk...As possible..

1st lesson offered free !

A dreamer with hope of a better future. I am passionate about educating young people about business studies.

I love teaching students through audio visual aid. I like interacting and learn new things from students. I am an advocate against rote learning.

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Astrology is an interesting language. As a subject, Astrology is made up of several systems of pseudoscientific divination that are based on the belief that a relationship exists between the human world and astronomical phenomena. Learning Astrology can be tricky and confusing sometimes. Astrology lessons have been known to baffle even the greatest minds in history. This is exactly why you do not have to struggle trying to understand the subject without assistance. You need to seek the help of Astrology teachers. These Astrology teachers will give private lessons to you as as a student in order to help you accelerate the speed of learning and expand your understanding of the subject. As an Astrology scholar, there are other topics that you can still study to increase your understanding. These include interior design lessons, knitting, and much more. On our website, you will find all the tutors you are looking for - an interior design teacher, knitting teachers, a Tapestry teacher, and even origami teachers. All the teachers found on our website are highly trained individuals with extensive knowledge in their areas of specialization.