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Recent college grad with B.S. in Physics offering superb physics lessons in Kalamazoo.

Depending on the student's goals, I approach each topic as it comes, and work through several examples with the student until they can work on their own, or I create a structured lesson plan with predetermined sub-goals for each session and work toward achieving a certain level of mastery within the student's subject.

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UCF Physics Graduate with 4 years of teaching experience working out of Orlando FL

I taught high school students and I have tutored college level students. I like to use a Socratic approach to teaching. What I mean by that is, I will do my best to ensure that you learn the material and come to appropriate conclusions on your own.

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Physics graduate in Raleigh NC provides tutoring in math and physical sciences

Since solving problems in math and physics is very process focused, I prefer to help students by working through a problem on the board showing each step and explaining if they have any questions. Then, I will challenge them with a new problem using methods and ideas learned earlier to test their skills. If I notice an area that needs improvement, we can focus the session on that issue.

Walnut Creek
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Expert Physics Teacher with 7 years Experience in the Classroom Offering Summer Tutoring

My approach is friendly and personalized, building on student's existing skills and knowledge base to increase their confidence in their own abilities. I encourage students to practice problem solving and to be "hands-on" with the material as much as possible. I utilize direct instruction in small chunks, only as necessary in between practicing the material.

Klamath Falls
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Physics and astronomy graduate student with over 3 years of teaching experience serving the Rogue Valley and Klamath Basin

My idea of teaching is to not only help students learn the material for the exam, but to also help them develop the skills they need to succeed in future math and science courses. Learning the sciences can be frustrating, and I realize that not every student will learn in the same way. I make sure to teach the material in a variety of ways so that all learning types may benefit.

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Philosopher and theoretical physicist and writer teaches planetary development, gravity, thermodynamics and astrophysics in Merced, Ca.

Hi, I'm a highschool graduate who is self educated in philosophy and physics. I developed a theory on gravity from studying planetary development. I extend such knowledge into astrophysics and thermodynamics. My method of teaching is utilizing textbook information to teach physics by designing a planet. Drawings, email, Internet, and textbooks will be used as ways to teach.

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Engineering Student offering physics help including math based to those in Southeastern MA

I like to help students get to answers on their own, more than spoon-feeding them information. I informally test students as I go to help them on the path to success. I am willing to teach children from 2nd grade up to 12th.

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Physics baccalaureate with experience in Astrophysics research in NYC offering math and physics lessons

My teaching method is catered differently to each individual or group. I find the best way for the student to learn and retain information, which include me bringing study materials (extra worksheets, flash cards, review pages, etc.) or creating these study materials with the student. I make sure that the student feels more confident in the subject by the end of tutoring.

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Working Professional with a Bachelors in Math with a passion to teach

My teaching method is very rigorous but effective. I first start by asking students a few questions to really hone in on where exactly they are having problems. I, then, work with the students to determine their strong and weak points. I then come up with a schedule that is flexible to help students learn at their own pace.

Lake Worth
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Multilingual physicist with expertise in general relativity, high school, and college teaching

First of all it is primordial to identify student knowledge and background on the subject, to design a program in which by using challenging questions, student is able to construct it's own way into developing concepts for a better learning.

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Graduated Physics student offering physics and astronomy/astrophysics help in the Orlando area

I base my classes on my experience in the classes I have taken so that students are best prepared for what they will encounter. I prefer to develop a plan that best suits each person individually for the classes they are in.

Los Banos
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New Physics graduate with experience in tutoring calculus and physics at the college level

In order for the student to succeed the teacher/tutor must learn to adapt to the way the student learns. Not all students learn the same way and we as tutors/mentors/teachers must learn to recognize this in order for us to adapt to the needs of each student.

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All Mathematics Levels, AP Physics and College Physics Tutor, Experienced PhD in Astrophysics.

I take the time to understand my student's needs and also to figure out in which areas or operations they are most likely to have difficulties. I try to follow a model of graduated release: initially working most of a homework problem but over time providing more opportunities for the student to work out the problem on their own.

Mountain View
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Student tutor with 3 years of professional experience offers college application prep and ACT tutoring

My teaching method depends on understanding between the tutor and the student. I always ask myself how I would like an idea explained to me if I were learning it for the first time, and I would rather explain topics more slowly and have a student ask me to speed up than go too quickly and risk a lack of understanding.

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Physicist, with 30 years research and teaching experience, offers tutoring in Papillion, Nebraska

I have a PhD in astrophysics and more recently a qualification in garden design. I love learning and will help you find a way to enjoy your maths and/or physics lessons. I am a firm believer that we are all naturally scientists but that sometimes we loose the thread of our subjects.

Paeonian Springs
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Former University Faculty 30 years teaching experience physics, chemistry, mathematics, environmental science

BS University of Chicago Physics and Applied Math MS University of Chicago Biogeochemistry PhD Princeton University Geophysics Have taught classes in physics, mathematics, chemistry, physical chemistry, biology, biochemistry, oceanography, environmental science, geology, geophysics, paleontology, at both the university and high school level.

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Mathematics Tutor, Full-Time student at University of Houston, Proficient in Mathematical courses and skills

I base my teaching method around the socratic methodology. That is, I simply encourage the students to learn for themselves to better understand the subject. I am there to guide them in the right direction and help them learn the material needed to be successful in the course.

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Veteran Computer Engineer, BS, MS & MBA.Credentialed teacher of Physics and Information Technology. Hayward.

I tailor my tutoring sessions to the specific needs of the student. Together we consolidate existing knowledge and proficiencies and build upon them to gain additional academic, technical and life skills. Rather than memorization of facts and formulas, I focus on integrating knowledge and learning to learn.

North Attleborough
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Physicist and Astronomy student in Boston area with four years TA experience.

I am a recent graduate of Wheaton College (MA) with a Bachelor's in Physics and a minor in Astronomy. My teaching style utilizes simple explanations and helpful diagrams, and my disposition is always enthusiastic and patient. No student is unteachable.

Blue Ridge
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Astrophysicist with advanced studies in chemistry & math, helping students really understand math & science subjects

My teaching methodology is driven by comprehensibility and applicability. To comprehend a subject or some part of a subject, the student must first be able to relate to it. He or she should see examples of how it works, and then to see for themselves that it does work and can be used.

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Physics and Math tutoring in Hartford Area from tutor with over 800 hours classroom experience

I tutor students of all abilities, from high schoolers to physics and math majors. I am attentive to the goals and needs of my students and tailor the lesson to what they need. My goal is to have every tutee solving problems on their own so that they feel confident on the material during exams and homework sessions.

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Former Astronomer at the American Museum of Natural History for Tutoring Online or Off.

I teach by example. A short introduction or review of the topic followed by step by step examples of problem solving until the student is comfortable with the appropriate concepts. When were done, the student will know what a problem as asking for and immediately be able to solve it.

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Teacher and physics student offering math and physics lessons in Fort Collins with 3 years experience in classroom and hands on experience with projects outside the classroom.

I will teach any student who needs help with physics, mathematics, chemistry, writing, and literature/reading. I will help any student with physics up to thermodynamics, math up to calculus 2, general chemistry, college-level or below writing, and any literature/reading. I teach through asking questions and providing support where necessary.

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General Education Teacher from Rochester New York gives lessons in Most subjects.

I have a College Degree In History and Education. I utilize various approaches to teaching based on the student and his or her ability to learn and master the subject matter. I always present a diagnostic assessment to check to what level the student is at.

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Physicist with ten years experience in Astrophysics research in Phoenix area, offering assistance in math, physics, and numerical simulation.

I prefer to work with students one-on-one or in small groups. I am flexible in meeting the learning objectives of students. When teaching a subject, I like to start with the foundation for a theoretical model and the empirical evidence that supports it.

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Lively & brainy graduate student specializing in Math, Criminal Justice, Natural Sciences, Arabic, & Travel catering to all ages.

My teaching methodology is catering to the student's needs, once I acquire the way my student is best at receiving information, I'm able to craft the best learning environment for them. I have books from my past classes that I have stored that will serve as assistance to teaching my students.

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MSU physics PhD student looking to tutor math/physics etc. near Howell/Okemos MI

I try to explain the topics (especially conceptual ones) in a way that younger students see the world. I understand that when something seems difficult, people tend to refuse to keep working. I try to help my students see that each task can be simplified enough to not be scary, and that they can solve anything when tackling problems with confidence.

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College Graduate in Physics Tutoring Math and Physics in Seattle and the Eastside

My teaching philosophy is that everyone learns in different ways. The best way is to customize the method the teacher presents information and to work with students on problems instead of leading them through or supervising their progress. Interacting in a friendly manner is also an essential aspect of teaching.

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Junior at The University of Texas at Austin Physics student with research experience in astronomy

I think a great way learn is to gain as much exposure to a subject as possible with plenty of examples so that you can see the patterns that exists within subjects, that way when you see something unexpected you understand the idea of the problem so that you can attempt a solution.

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