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Learn Sound Design with an industry Veteran of 25 years in Los Angeles

I believe that hands on experience with a expert guiding the student is the most efficient way to learn what I do. I explain workflows in tutorial videos that can be repeated and studied. When we meet online it is more of a masterclass or conversation. I meet every student at their level and we move on from there.

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Music Producer and Composer. Working as a musician for over 15 years. Graduate from Berklee College of Music

I always try and ask student's what music they like and if what style, genres, songs or artists they they are interested in learning. Based on that I try to build a curriculum in a way that I can teach production and composition techniques. This helps the student knowledge and understanding grow, as well as keeps the student engaged and interested.

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Audio engineering and music production classes taught in a real world class recording studio. Based in Oviedo Florida with instructor David Mikeal former A&M Records artist.

My teaching method incorporates bookwork curriculum and hands on tactile learning in a real functional state of the art recording studio. I teach 3 different level audio recording classes. Basic Audio Engineering, Mixing and Ear Training and a Masters Engineering course.

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Ableton Live expert ready to extend knowledge to the next generation of producers

My lessons are appropriate for students of all skill-levels: novice, intermediate, experts. For example, experts in music production may seek sound design lessons. I know Ableton like the back of my hand.

Thousand Oaks
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Recent CSUN graduate offering audio engineering lessons in Ventura and LA county.

Tell me what you what your goals are. Ill show you how to get there. It could range from the fundamental basics of recording, to the expert level of sound design, I've learned how to achieve results by not just showing you how to do something, but explaining why its done that way, in addition to showing you the process itself.

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Audio engineer with 1 yr of experience in GA everyone is welcome

my teaching method is very simple, work at your own pace. this is indeed a vigorous course with alot of dedication behind it but if you have the time and patience you can really pull it off in the long run.

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An Audio Engineer who has produced, mixed and mastered over 500 projects from artists around the world.

I like to teach my students by showing them the process as a whole. After I know they have an understanding of the basic process I will begin to start showing them the specific techniques I use for arrangement, mixing and mastering the music I make.

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Audio Engineering, 40 yrs experience from analog tape to digital audio workstation, Armuchee, Ga.

Teaching method is hands on, show and tell, look in the book, apply practical usage, just work together, let the student ask any questions they would like to ask

San Diego
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Professional Recording and Mix Engineer based in San Diego with over 15 years experience

I provide comprehensive lessons in the art of recording and mixing music, covering everything from basic analog recording techniques to complex editing and mixing with the latest Digital Audio Workstations and plug-ins. I customize lesson plans to fit the needs of each individual student. I can give personal lessons in my state of the art recording studio in San Diego, CA, or remotely via Skype.

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Get from novice to experienced and leap ahead in beat making and digital audio workstation tools. Discover abilities you never knew you had in constructing your strong impactful powerful music!

To get on the same level as my students ensuring that they understand the craft in a language that I can freely interpret to them without stress or hassle.

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Audio Engineer/Union Music Editor with 20+ years of credits in Los Angeles.

I teach all forms of music and audio by starting with the basics of audio, sound, acoustics, electronics, and music theory. I expect my students to have the desire to learn as much as they can and to keep learning through their careers.

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.Want to provide a wide variety of ways to produce music using various types of insturments to incorporate in your recordings.

I base my teaching on playing how you feel not what sounds good to everyone else but what sounds good to you.

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Orlando Audio Engineer with industry experience offering lessons in recording, mixing, and production

I get straight to the point. I basically give a primer to get you up and going to record with essential basics and techniques to utilize in your songs. From basics of getting signal, to mic choice and placements, all the way to Pro Tools -I can teach you how to record and mix like a pro.

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Experienced Audio Engineer with certifications from Berklee College of Music in Music Production and Audio Engineering. From the creation of the song to mastering a project, I do it all!

My teaching method is simple. I base my lessons on what I’ve learned from Berklee College of Music and try to structure my lessons accordingly.

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A Grammy Nominated platinum Producer, Composer Engineer, Guitarist, Vocal, bass keyboard & Uke training.

There are 2 aspects that are separate that I teach #1 is I'm a consultant of the music business & I show you all the things that you need to do to understand the music industry the history and the Business side with Touring & the Studio Recording side as they do it in 2018.

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Musician with Degree in Production & Engineering based in Miami with 5 years of Experience.

My method is simple, since most people interested in making their own music look for knowledge online I'll focus mainly in the art of Electronic music (this is not to say we won't be dealing with real instruments) It's important to define my lessons don't include analog systems, it all takes place in your laptop guys. Now... First of we kick it with some basic Sound and Music theory. I know.

Kings County
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Audio Engineer offering basic and advanced recording lessons in Colombia with 4 years experience!

My method is to give lessons and homework to the students so they can try everything, then I evaluate and give feedback so they can improve. Is very importante to do it several times to improve the hearing and techniques while recording.

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Online Music Producer In Garner, NC (fluent in major DAWs and other software as well as hardware)

I believe in a strong relationship with the student and mentor. Let's face it, it's good to be in love in what you're learning, but it's great to be in love in what you're learning AND being in love with your mentor (not in an intimate sense, pardon me).

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Recording Engineer with 30 Years of Experience, gives online tutoring, lessons or tech support

I will help you understand and learn your software, in a fun and practical way. Working in real projects , so you can spend more time making music and having fun, and less looking at the manual. Real Musician environment . in the confort of your own home.

Los Angeles County
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Detailed electronic music producer, based in LA, is here to teach you at your own pace!

I pride myself on my analytical nature. I have spent countless hours understanding not just the "whats," but also the "hows" and "whys." I want my students to know that I can go at whatever pace they'd like me to. I also make sure to explain things in detail so my students get the full understanding of what it is I am teaching.

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Electronic Dance Music production and Sound Engineering courses online or at home

Tell me about your project and how I can help, I'll adapt my methodology to your level, style, and goals. I can work both at your home, in my studio or remote, you choose what's the best for you. If you want to learn basics of Guitar, Drums, Bass, and Piano, I can help you too.

Los Angeles
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Sony-signed music producer with 15+ years of experience teaching production and composition in LA

I structure classes around teahcing equipment, teaching how to use recording software, music theory, and how to use your ears to arrange and develop a sensibility for music production that will make ideas relevant in the music industry. I have a very scalable teaching style based on the goals set with each student.

(4 reviews)
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Established UK and Worldwide Clientele Producer tutoring students in Recording, Mixing, and Mastering from a Private Home-based Studio

My method is a top-down approach looking at the end product and showing how I've gotten there step by step. During this, we look at individual instruments, groups, buses, and everything within them to give the best insight into how to create industry standard, pristine quality recordings and productions with minimal need to use hardware or outboard gear.

Mira Bhayandar
(2 reviews)
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From Music Producer of Bollywood Hits from like GANDI BAAT, SARI KE FALL SA, MORA PIYA, BARFI etc...

Being a sound engineer from Manchester U.K. my style of teaching is based on fundamentals of sound and sound design providing in-depth knowledge of MIDI programming, Selection of tones, soundscaping, Pre and post fx of Sound, Automation, Voice correction, Vocal Harmony concepts and design, Audio Recording Techniques, Fundamentals of Mixing & Mastering, analogue and digital output formats. CALL...

(3 reviews)
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Professional sound engineer, 15 years of experience, Music Production and Mixing lessons

Three words: SIMPLICITY, METHOD, LISTENING. All concepts should be expressed in a SIMPLE way, no unnecessary technicalities. Did you know that mixing is based more on removing than on adding information? Knowing where to make interventions is the key.

(5 reviews)
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Music Production and Electronic Music Composition lessons in Winnipeg or Via Skype

I like to go the route of listening to whatever projects you've worked on or made in the past. Give you construct criticism on how you can make your tracks better songwriting wise and production wise. Give you any tools that can help that and then also give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may want answered.

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Masters level educated Audio Engineer offering music production lessons in Reading area

I approach each topic in a similar way to the University syllabus as I was taught, first establishing a better understanding of basic audio principles and techniques which inform all areas of audio production, before moving on to more advanced techniques which are perhaps more specific to the students' chosen field.

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Electronic Music Writing/Production/Mixing/DJing Tutor | Manchester | BA Hons. Music - Leeds College of Music | Professional Touring Musician & Published Electronic Music Artist

I base my teaching approach and content of the lessons entirely on the interests and objectives of the student. I can help with A level Music Technology submissions, as well as helping with degree level coursework, show an amateur enthusiast how to get the most out of music production software, or help an aspiring producer/DJ how to mix, master and incorporate their own work into a DJ set.

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International electronic music producer with 10+ years experience offering private and group tuition in Bristol

Being a private tutor I focus on the areas my students specify, being confident in all aspects of electronic music production, Mixing and mastering I believe I can assist most students, from complete novice to already experienced producers.

(2 reviews)
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Audio Engineering Lessons: Learn to Mix and Master Your Own Music, Today!

I like to teach my students by starting off a simple project with them so that they could see how its done live! After I've shown the process in an understandable way I proceed to showing them the basics (EQ, Compression, etc...). I teach them basic mixing and arrangement of music to start off.

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