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Honors Nuclear Engineering junior college student giving engineering lessons to all level students through online sessions or in the Orangeburg, SC area

I am a college student currently working towards a Bachelor's of Science degree in Nuclear Engineering. I have taken math classes up to Calculus II, a Physics course, an introductory engineering course, and a class on Nuclear Energy, and have gotten a 4.0 in these classes. I have also taken a class for Circuit Analysis (Electrical Engineering), and received a 3.

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Engineering Professional with a New Career Path in Physical Therapy in Flagstaff

I approach problems by giving as many examples as possible. I have a learn-by-doing philosophy and I like to be able to provide problems that engage students while teaching them the methodology of problem-solving. Making mistakes is the best way to learn, so I encourage mistakes, as long as a student is willing to learn from them.

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In applied physics engineer gives during electronic / mechanical / programming on the basin Annecien

Hello, physical engineer applied to Epagny and former student of preparatory classes for schools physical Specialty / Engineering Sciences, I give science lessons for 7 years. From a jovial and "how-to" natural, my motto is the students' understanding of scientific fields with examples and cultures and historical points.

José fr/en/nl/sp/it/pt
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Electrical and electronics Industrial Engineer with 25 years experience

I am an electrical engineer and industrial electronics with 25 years experience. I work as a teacher for the morning. I can teach in the evenings and weekends.

Jardim das Industrias
Marco antonio
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Engineer with extensive experience in electronic circuits, embedded systems, control and automation.

I am a Biomedical Engineer, currently studying for a Master Degree in Engineering from the Federal University of the State of São Paulo. I have extensive knowledge and experience with Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Physiology, Anatomy, Calculus, Electrical Circuits, Control and Automation, Robotics, Programming, English, and Scientific Writing.

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Electronic engineer with specialization, dictates electronics classes in general, microcontrollers, C / C ++

Management STEAM methodologies (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics), methodology of training by projects, methodology of training by competences, and methodology of logical framework for research. My methodology applies learning techniques for the reinforcement by spaced repetition and the Lerner method.

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Master in Electrical Engineering gives classes for engineering students in specific disciplines

Classes prepared in accordance with the students level, ranging from the basic mathematics of elementary school until Physics and Calculus for Engineering. The classes are organized and theory and exercises, always using playful and practical examples, showing the importance of skills provided.

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Civil engineering and Electronics engineering online classes for all students, lets start

My teaching method is depends on students knowledge catching capacity. My opinion is to provide the basic concepts of any subject related topics to the students, through teaching techniques it is possible to deliver the sound knowledge to the students for their better future and career.

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Masters in Mechatronics Engineering, specialising in Automation and Robotics, especially microcontroller programming and PLC programming

I approach a topic, start from the very basic level. A clear base will set the foundation/platform for me to build up on it and move to more complex theories and related information with the topic.

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I will provide help related to your engineering projects . I can teach anything related to engineering (mechanical , electrical , computer )

I will teach according to best of my knowledge.surely as i have experience i will able to teach engineering in a best way.my lessons will be mixture of theoretical and practical examples.

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Assistant professor in sr group of institutions wants to teach students in mechanical subjects and maths, physics, chemistry for the students of class 6-12

My teaching method is to make every student to develop the basic fundamentals about the subject. The main structure of my class is to develop the concepts and when those concepts are being developed by the students i shall rather go for advanced learning. Proper learning with assignments makes a effortive approach for studying.

West Melbourne
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Aerospace Engineering Graduate gives Engineering classes to High School and University students in Melbourne

I approach a topic by teaching the basic fundamentals and build on it as we go on. My lessons would be geared towards STEM students. Ideally my teaching method would involve writing on a whiteboard or book and give explanations through videos or animation.

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Get Practical oriented guidance for Electrical Design Engineering studies, from the best in class with having industrial job experience of 8-10 Years.

WHAT YOU WILL GAIN: * Introduction to Electrical Design Engineering * Power Distribution Concept * Wiring and Cabling * Lighting Design * Earthing Design * Earthing Calculations for Switch-yards & Power Plants * Internal Electrification Design * Project Management This Teaching is guided by renowned professionals with unprecedented knowledge of Electrical Design Engineering.

Eng mohamed
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Ph.D. student at University one of Canadian universities in Onario gives Power electronics and electric machines in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Based on my experience of teaching as TA at McMaster University and Cairo University in Egypt, I used different methods like using power points and some experimental setup. I taught a lot of courses like power electronics, ac drives, DC drives, Matlab and ac/dc machines.

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Help for project work using 8051/AVR core microcontrollers,Express pcb software,Components,C programming,application development

I discuss the logic for application development and how to prepare block diagram for the application. Demo of applications with video is shown. You can ask a doubt regarding your circuit,c program,components used in your circuit and equivalents ,in case the specific component is not available. How to draw circuit diagram and design the PCB for your project.

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Graduate from NIIT IN ECE, gives tuition in Electronics and related studies

Most of the teaching will be based on practical understanding which relates to the theoretical concepts and gives a wide base for understanding the concepts and the subject and its applications in one shot.It will cover both theoretical and practical knowledge.

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It's easier to keep up than catch up. Let's keep up your grades together. Let's learn together and grow together.

my teaching method mainly includes learning the concepts from basic to advance methods. I prefer to give notes and explaining the concepts by relating them to real-world phenomena which will help a student to learn better . my classes are mainly for the student who wants to peruse engineering and also for the student who is pursuing it.

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Robotics, Image processing and Multimedia computing coaching for engineering students of electronics and computer engineering

Practice oriented and problem solving approach is used. One to one interactions via in person or skype are used.

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Open to teach students physics , maths and mechanical engg from 10th class to engineering college students

My methodology is simple first throughly overview of topic then making every topic clear to students with the help of day to day life examples and builiding their concepts and then after clearing doubts proceed with numerical problems.

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Designing a Project with Industrial Automation Engineering & Commissioning of Distributed Control Systems

A real time explanation with my current project. Presentation will be submitted through some real time video links, explanations and real time video calls from the current ongoing project. For the students from schools and collages or from other professionals, this real time video conference explanation will be a must need lesson for them.

Raju a
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Industrial Professional and can give you class on Engineering students on Practical Oriented

My teaching methodology is not topic by topic. I will teach on point by point and simulates with perfect examples till the point toe to head covered. Teaching is not just teaching, it makes your brain to imagine, Simulate and execute to create it.

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M.E. Electrical and 16+ years of industrial & academic experience. Worked with R&D department of various companies and currently working as free-lance energy auditor.

Focus on fundamentals and practical approach rather giving only theoretical explanation. Explaining importance of mathematical expressions instead of mugging up them. Emphasis more on industrial needs rather than examination only approach. Share my experience with examples as and when required.

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When you understand, you love the subject;..when you love, you master it.

I believe in creating strong concepts so that the subject is understood and appreciated. A strong foundation in the subject will make higher studies easy and enjoyable. Once concepts are clear, subject is understood and student enjoys learning, it would never be forgotten by him.

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Research Scholar @NITK teaches mechanical Engineering subjects and first year engineering subjects at Mangalore

I understand the students ability to grasp the things, explain them in manner that they are able to understand , explaining concepts with live examples, live models, give freedom to students to think on the topics, interact more on the topics, so that student get confident of the subject

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Student in engineering gives tuition in electronics and instrumentation subjects in HYDERABAD

My teaching method is comprises the principles and methods used by teachers to enable student learning. My strategies are determined partly on subject matter to be taught and partly by the nature of the learner. MY teaching method to be appropriate and efficient it has to be in relation with the characteristic of the learner.

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Electricity basics and Advanced courses in Electrical Estimation and costing and Repairs

My methodology is Very interesting Theory Classes with supported by Demonstrations and Practicals If provided by an Electrical Laboratory. To connect theory to practicals for better understanding of the concepts tought.My Students very much like my teaching styles.

Sasi kumar
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Agriculture Automation and Communication using Renewable Energy and Recent trends in India

My methodology - face to face lecture delivery, Video Conference, Live Class Room, ICT Based Teaching, Online Demonstration, Continuous Learning Approach, face to face lecture delivery, Video Conference, Live Class Room, ICT Based Teaching, Online Demonstration, Continuous Learning Approach, Application Oriented

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I can teach mathematics, electronics, communication, matlab, HFSS,machine learning, Neural networks, antennas..

I teach practically so that you can learn forever and score well. My teaching method is easy and It works perfectly for actual learning process and exam point of view.

Col. raj
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37 years of experience in Industry and Teaching. Teaches the way to success.

You need a mentor, not a teacher in today's world which is full of cutthroat competition. No matter if you studying or in a job already, I shall try and guide you towards success. I will give suggestions to achieve the highest possible levels in your respective areas.

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