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San Francisco
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Ballet lessons in San Francisco for children of all levels and adults beginners

I am a 21 year-old and have been studying dance for more than 15 years (ballet, modern and contemporary). I have been a ballet teacher in Switzerland and Santa Barbara and I am currently teaching in the Bay Area. Usually, my ballet classes are given in a studio. They start with a warm up on the floor, which is followed by exercises at the barre, and end with exercices in the center.

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Artist, Former Pro Ballerina, Trainer, w/2 Master's Degrees and Lots of Experience!

Compassion and individually tailored methodology. No one size fits everyone. For each subject there are hundreds of ways of viewing it, and the best way is to consider where the student comes from. A little humor doesn't hurt either--studying should be at least a little fun.

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Dancer/performer/choreographer experienced with 4 years in advanced training in modern, ballet, jazz, and hip hop. I am based in West Covina, CA.

My teaching method prepares the student for collegiate and professional level dance. I range the dancer in skills on the first day and then we build off of their current skills until they are ready for intermediate or advanced level dance.

Lone Tree
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Dancer with 12 years of pre-professional experience beginner classes in both tap and ballet- Denver, CO

I have found that call and response, repetition, and constructive criticism are the main components used for learning in the world of dance. However, there is a point where repetition causes more harm than good. Most exercises work with multiple songs, which can help keep students from feeling "bored" and there are also multiple exercises to practice every step.

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Dancer, with over 12 years of performance and competition experience in over 6 styles of dance

Begin with a warm up and conditioning, teach technique and/or routine, cool down afterwards.

Lago Vista
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Dancer with over two decades of experience more than half a decade of instruction.

I teach ballet according to the Vaganova style; I instruct modern dance based off of Martha Graham’s beloved technique with some inclusion of the Beijing Modern Dance Academy’s style. My methodology is to teach dancers of all ages in an encouraging way while also being honest when providing constructive criticism.

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Dancer/choreographer with 19 years of experience offering lessons (web/in person) in Michigan

My teaching method is fun but hardworking. Dance can have a bad reputation of the lowering self-esteem of students.

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Thirteen Years of Experience Performing in tap, ballet, and contemporary dance (two years teaching)

My teachings are based on your skill and ability. If I feel like you are holding yourself back I will push you to think better of your ability. Also if you are a beginner in dancing I will go at your pace. I am very patient and kind.

Leila parello
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Professional Ballet teacher Santee with own studio gives classes (private, or group)

The School of Ballet Arts offers a complete ballet curriculum for children, teens, and adults. My method is individualized classes with personal attention. I offer a unique opportunity to learn ballet technique, pointe, stretch, jazz/tap, creative dance for Toddlers through Pre-Ballet. Our focus is dance as education, training, and fitness. Private classes welcome.

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Open and friendly professional ballet dancer that gives lessons from Milwaukee, WI or Madison, WI

I love to teach my students extensive knowledge about their own body so that they know and accept what they are working with. I stress the what,why,how,when,and where of each muscle to students so they not only are aware of their body at all times, but have a greater idea of where their real limit is and push beyond that.

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Dance Teacher wanting to teach dance to students in Rexburg Idaho area

Hello my name is Kat Walsh and I am a dance teacher. I am working on earning my degree. I teach Ballet, Jazz, contemporary, modern and Musical theater. I love teaching students of all levels and sharing our passions about dance. One day I hope to own a dance studio and teach from there but currently since I am a broke college student I teach from my dance studio on the BYU-I campus.

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Dancer of 13 years teaching classes for younger starters & intermeddiate levels

I know that sometimes a dance can be challenging, but that is all apart of the fun! With beginners I will usually start out with the basics and go up from there. If I come to you on a weekly basis, I will usually start teaching a small dance and seeing how well you/your child can pick it up. I have no problem teaching beginners from the age of 2 to an adult.

New York
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Master in dance gives dance and mandarine lessons to all ages with all levels in NYC

I graduated from Sarah Lawrence College, received my MFA in dance degree. I teach dance and mandarine. I think the most important point of teaching is to know my student; to comprehend what information is the best suit for them. I am patient and spontaneous, I love to discover each of my students by talking and teaching them, and help them realize their potentials.

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Ballet, tap, jazz, choreography - All levels, Masters degree and Professional experience.

My name is Gil McNaughton, and I offer classes in tap, jazz, and ballet, as well as Dance History to students of all ages and levels. Teaching styles include: Ballet - classical, Jazz - modern/Broadway, Tap - classical tap from the 1930s -'70s (emphasizing the use of arms).

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Dance major from the UofA with 17 years of teaching experience gives dance lessons in Choreography, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Modern, and Broadway.

I am a wife and mother of two teenagers who has had a passion for dance since the age of 3. I have a BA of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Arizona. I taught high school dance for 15 years and now teach adult dance classes as well as Cardio Barre. As a teacher, I am very patient, easy-going and motivating. I love sharing my passion with others and seeing their growth.

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Dancer with 17 years of experience in many styles of dance in Kutztown

My name is Lexi Colon and I teach many styles of dance. I start with the basic positions(first, second, third, etc.) and will teach proper terminology to all dancers. Regardless of what style I am teaching, I will always teach basic ballet because I believe that is the starting ground to all dance styles. I teach mostly those at levels of beginner and intermediate.

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Dance Professional offering expertise in the dance, theatre, and career building for 12 years.

My teaching method is based upon the individual needs of the student or students attending my class. I give lessons to students ages 3 - adult with any level of previous dance experience. My methods on instruction include all ways of learning. I always give my students verbal instruction, demonstration, and a physical copy of the steps/techniques learned the day of the lesson.

Los Angeles
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Offering Professional Ballet Lessons in Los Angeles with 9 years teaching experience

I teach a mix of Cecchetti and Vaganova method and believe that a strong basic foundation of Ballet is necessary for a student to continue improving in Ballet. Each class will be personalized and tailored to your needs, with lots of patience and care from the instructor's end. I provide a healthy, safe environment for students to explore movement passionately.

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Dance Mama with Dance degree offering supplemental beginning modern and ballet lessons in North Carolina.

My teaching method is one in which I assess a student's ability, and then work on areas that need the most improvement. I like to work on a beginning level with ballet technique in order to make students aware of proper body position.

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Former college dancer looking to teach dance lessons to anyone ready to learn!

I'm 22 years old and looking to teach to anyone! I've been dancing since middle school. I was a captain for 2 years at a community college in Mississippi where I worked with 50 other dancers! I love dancing and would love to teach.

East Providence
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Private Dance lessons 2yrs old-adult

I teach dance from 18months to adult. I am available to teach ballet, lyrical, contemporary, modern, acro and tap. Classes are available in a group setting or one on one. Also available to teach via webcam. Can critique dances and teach choreography as well. I believe in proper technique and strength to create injury free dancers.

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College student with 12 years of dance experience gives lessons in Providence, RI

I am a college student in Providence, RI studying business management, however my true love is the art of dance. I have been dancing for the past twelve years and have taught at studios, clinics, and camps. I have studied jazz, ballet, hip hop, gymnastics, tap, modern, and baton twirling.

Kansas City
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Greetings I am Champ Anderson - Professional Dancer (13 years) /Choreographer (8 years) /Gymnastics Instructor (5years)

My teaching method is clear, my first day I observed, analyze the class. Depending on the style of dance I will always start off with a good warm up, which will incorporate some form of the that style. You do this to help them better understand the style as well as warming them up. I believe in feeling the music and expressing what you feel.

New York
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Dance Instructor, Coach, Judge, Choreographer, and Private Lessons

-I Teach Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary, and Musical theater. -Teaching dance to all ages for 9 years. -I absolutely love teaching and seeing my students learn and grow through the art of dance. -I have lived in NYC for two years now perusing my dance career.

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Ready?Okay,I Teach Cheer and Dance Basics & Choreography -Coral Springs & Margate,Florida

What grade am I in? I am in 9th grade going to 10th grade 2017-2018 school year. Where have I trained? I have trained at Blade Academy in Atlanta for 4 years. What are the methods to my talent? I have always been really flexible so that just gave me a boost in cheer and dance.

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Dance instructor with 20 yrs exp. Give Beginner Lessons

I'm a professionally trained dancer. I've trained at Dance Theater of Harlem, Alvin Ailey, and Creative Outlet. I've performed at the Apollo, MetLife Stadium to name a few.

Buena Park
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All ages Dance Instructor from Buena Park California

Professional Dance Instructor for all ages with over 20 years of education and experience in and out of the United States in ballet, jazz, salsa and other latin rythms.

Kings County
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Professional Dancer, BFA graduate and current ISP Ailey School student, passionate about enriching the community with holistic Dance education programs in the subjects of Ballet, Modern, Contemporary,

I am a graduate from Wayne State University's College of Fine, Performing, and Communication Arts, Summa Cum Laude, with a BFA in Dance. I am a professional Dancer, with a passion for teaching and children, currently enrolled at Ailey School.

1st lesson offered free !

Dance major student with 18 years experience teaching San Gabriel Valley and Riverside County or choreography though video chat

I like my classes to be upbeat and fun but still hard work. Depending on the style you are looking for my methods are different. jazz: I have studied bob fosse work along with today's modern jazz. ballet: Balanchine method, Contemporary ballet, classical, and romantic.

1st lesson offered free !

Seasoned contemporary dancer offers personalized private lessons from the MS Gulf Coast

Anytime I do personal lessons, I let my students set their individual goals. "What do you want to achieve?" "What's the end goal?" Something I've found with students is that when they set their own goals, they're most likely to go after them. That's what I want my students to get out of a private session with me.

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Perfect! Ms. Léna is a wonderful teacher! She gives very clear advice and is a kind person. I not only felt like I was getting quality teaching from someone who really knows her technique, but also like I was spending time with a friend I could laugh with....

Gabrielle, student
1 year ago
(3 reviews)

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Ballet is an elegant form of dance that has been around for hundreds of years. This style of dance requires extreme training and is something that takes most ballet dancers years to perfect, and even then there are different aspects of the dance they may want to improve upon. With this in mind though, for anyone who wants to learn the art of ballet or improve upon their current skills, they can enroll in ballet lessons offered by experienced, professional ballet teachers. Many of these teachers have been instructing and practicing themselves for decades. Ballet is not for everyone. For individuals who would like to learn a different physical activity, there are other options. A sports coach can share insightful information on handball and they can even act as a running teacher for people who enjoy running but want to find ways to improve their form, run further and cut down their time. Massage teachers provide assistance in learning how to give different forms of massage therapy.