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Need help with sports? Look no further. Experienced in coaching and playing. Visalia, CA

I base my teaching of sports on the knowledge I learned as a kid being coached by my dad and several other coaches and playing organized sports. Everyone is different, so adapting to each person is important. Please contact me if interested.

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All-State athlete in three sports ready to teach everything I know to help your child

My teaching method is to break actions up into small steps. We will work on each step and then put it all together so your child not only knows the fundamentals, but also understands the importance of fundamental skills. Once they understand the fundamentals, we can really get into the game.

North Brunswick Township
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Collegiate Baseball Player Giving Baseball Lessons in Middlesex County with 16 years of experience

My teaching method is to cater specifically to the player. I want to connect with my players to see what drives them, help them understand how their body moves effectively, and develop a relationship that allows them to trust what I teach.

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Basketball trainer 14yrs of Experience and looking to pass on knowledge to the future professionals lessons from home in LA

My teaching method is trying to find each students strength and weaknesses and then capitalize off that. Each student is different so they each require different services. We will focus on the fundamentals first to create the base. After we create the base we will then move on the key things and tricks to understand how to beat your opponent.

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Varsity football, basketball, and lacrosse player offering one on one help in Minneapolis

game like situations. I find it easier to learn when applying to real life situations instead of "by the books" kind of drills. I apply what I have learned from previous coaches, as well as what I personally found most helpful on my own.

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Experienced coach of many sports at many levels; 4 conference championships, 5 state tournament wins

I believe you get what you give, and strive to push my athletes to become the best they can be. I have coached under 3 state coaches of the year, as well as experience with a very successful college program. Like any solid structure, quality is built from the very basics and working toward the best product possible.

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College Senior Basketball Player looking to help others enjoy the game in Ottawa, KS

I have played basketball for the last 14 years of my life and would love to help other find the love of the game. I can help build good techniques and help players learn the fundamentals of the game. Also I can help hone the skills of more advanced players.

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Active duty marine i have been serving for 5 years! lets learn

my ways to instruct may be a little firm than others because of my military background. i am willing to work with you with what ever i have knowledge on.

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Health and physical educator looking to enhance the body and mind of children for better overall health and wellness in everyday life and toward their futures.

Health and physical educator with a master's in sport management looking aide children with their endeavors in athletics, overall fitness, and well-being. I have the ability to teach children from grades K though 12 and use hands on activity to help them gain the knowledge they need to better their body and mind.

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I have been playing volleyball and basketball for eight years. Coached both for six years, and still continue to coach to this day. I want to help you succeed.

Every athlete starts as a student athlete. being a well rounded kid with a great worth ethic is the biggest key to success. Having discipline, and holding yourself as the athlete accountable is the first lesson I will teach. From there, all skill based training, and understanding the game. The point of competing isn't just to win, but to keep getting better.

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Private Tutor/Basketball Instructor serving North Jersey area with 15 years of experience playing competitively in North Jersey from AAU to Varsity Level for 4 years, Indoor court access in East Ruthe

My teaching method is simple. I always begin by establishing a strong base of knowledge for the student, consisting of the key basics of each subject I am teaching. I go over the basics until they are forever ingrained in the students memory, and then I proceed to cover the more advanced aspects of each subject. It's crazy how far having a strong base will get someone.

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High School Math Teacher and Basketball Coach in Colorado with 26 years of experience.

I do my best teaching when I start with a specific topic, introduce it briefly, then listen carefully to the student in order to give the exact feedback they need to master the subject. I am very positive and very patient.

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Tennis Instruction for Beginners: The Psychology of Keeping your opponent off guard!

I've been playing tennis off and on since the age of about 14, (45 years) and was trained by my Scout Master, which ended up beating two of us left handed!~ Yes, he was that good! I am currently offering beginners lessons to anyone of any age or gender, in the Lancaster, Pa. area.

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PE Teacher and Sport Manager with International Sport Federation professional experience conducting 200+ workshops in more than 30 countries in the Americas, with a Humanities and Arts academic backgr

My teaching methodology is based on engaging students through a pragmatic approach, instilling in them the desire to understand the value that learning has in their lives and how each subject/class/course affects their present and future selves. All this following the basis of an integral development model focused on the individual and their needs.

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Complete basketball player specialist with a passion for teaching and over 22 years of experience; both upper division and collegiate.

My teaching method is repetition and scenario based with an emphasis on preparation for high school, college and above levels of play. My teaching style is ideal for anyone looking to develop as a complete basketball player or prepare themselves for higher competition.

Voorhees Township
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I am a previous Division I basketball player at Stony Brook University currently living in South Jersey and giving basketball lessons.

I teach mainly post moves, shooting, conditioning, and strength training. As a teacher I like to work with the students/players and do the drills with them or be involved. Basketball is about repetition and practicing correct, so I mirror my teaching style in the same way as understanding but working on the little details in order to create a bigger change.

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Former college athlete gives basketball lessons to all age groups in the Phoenix, Arizona area

I played 4 years of collegiate basketball, during which I finished second in the country in three point percentage and first in my schools history in three pointers in a season. I provide lessons in all aspects of the game.

Las Vegas
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Collegiate athlete and lifelong soccer player gives instruction on the mechanics of ball striking and control.

I am Todd, a former collegiate soccer player and lifelong avid outdoor and indoor soccer player. My lessons are designed for players of any age, from beginner to advanced, who are looking to improve their ball striking mechanics for more accurate and powerful shots, better passing control and range, and more confident dribbling and ball control.

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Sports coach and /or music instructor to help people succeed in life

high school diploma, Hudson's bay high school, class of 1977, graduated with honors with graduating class bachelors degree in music/ education, northwest Nazarene university, graduated 1982 accounting diploma, western business college, graduated 1991 looking to help people be all that they can be

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Basketball is fun and Art is Fun for young kids to learn.

My is Christopher and I am 22 years old. I played basketball in Middle School an High school. Im a Art major going to wake tech community college in Raleigh . I have two jobs in Raleigh Nc working with kids. I would like to help those who want help with basketball or art.

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Basketball. Organized or street-ball 10 years as a High school boys basketball

I teach fundamentals based age,maturity and ability. The more advanced I teach team and individual defense and offensive skills.Strength and conditioning,ft.percentage,3-point shooting.EVERYBODY has a role on the team,even the red-shirts.Not only do-teach howto play on the court but life skills too.Taking pride in hard work. Taking responsibility for your actions.How to spot a"rookie".

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Basketball skills coach with years of experience playing the sport and teaching players from ages 10 through 18.

The foundational principle of my teaching philosophy is that every drill I prescribe should have a definite purpose and a clear place in the overall picture of player development. I ensure that players know exactly what they are supposed to do and why they are supposed to do it, so that they can take responsibility for themselves and their progress.

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I can TEACH it just as well as I can COACH it!

When it comes to teaching I love the use of technology to make a lesson engaging. There are many great resources out to make learning fun! My lessons usually start out with a whole group lesson, then small group and then independent work. It depends on the subject sometimes though.

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Mathematics Charlotte, North Caroline I am very happy to be part of

I attended cheyney University of Pennsylvania, major in mathematics graduate with 3.5 grade pointe average. Cheyney University is the first black college and is located in Pennsylvania. I was the best student in my class and I receive amp award.

Costa Mesa
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simple rules and techniques of playing football and safty of the game

I played football all my life in high school i made first team all state mval team i got player of the week for my position which was defensive end i had 18 sacks broke the record for my county and i did it all at 155 you can be as big as you want to be if you dont have fundamental aspic of the game you are hurting your team more then helping

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Former professional and college basketball player now coaching with over 20 years of experience and specializing in developing skills and techniques of current or aspiring basketball players in the

I played high school basketball and earned a full athletic scholarship to college on a basketball scholarship. While in college, we won the NAIA basketball national championship in 1988 and I went on to play overseas in China in 1989. I also played briefly in the WNBA in 2000-01 and started coaching high school basketball in 1999.

Los Angeles
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Basketball coach with over 10 years of experience as a head coach and as a trainer.

I realize that every person skill set is at a different point and I try and put together a plan for each individual student so that they will have the most success. I love basketball and believe that I can help any person become a better player.

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A coach of many sports both youth and at the high school level for going on 10 years now.

I try to reach everyone with the way I teach. It is important to remember that not all students learn the same way. Coming up with different ways to present the information to the students is always optimal for their learning. I believe in inclusion and try to make all my students feel important and build their self confidence. I can follow curriculum given or create my own given enough time.

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Do you Love Fitness, Basketball, Coaching, Football, and Body training. I love staying active and would like to help others stay active.

I am in the process of getting back into high school right now because I Just moved to the area. I plan to graduate and then hopefully can play football for Central Michigan University. I then plan to study in sports medicine for 4 years and then go pro in football. I have done many of sports and would love to be able to help others out.

Clinton Township
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Coach with 5 years experience and 13 years experience as a player.

I base my classes on what the student needs and what will help him/her achieve their goal. Every class will have the child fully engaged in the activity, I will also answer any and all questions and give the student ideas of who to watch for certain parts of the game.

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