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Beekeeping is an activity that can be traced way back to about 115,000 years ago with attempts being made to domesticate them in Egypt about 4,500 years ago. Back then, beekeeping was done using very simple hives. It wasn't until the 18th century that Europeans understood bee colonies and their biology which allowed them to create mobile comb hives that make it possible for honey to be harvested without destroying an entire colony. Perhaps beekeeping is an activity you would like to get started on for natural honey which have several health benefits or for the money you could make selling it. What you might not know is where to learn about it. SuperPROF has a private tutor in your area who will talk and walk you through it and get you started. SuperPROF is a US website with a database of 100,000 qualified teachers offering private lessons in a total of 250 subjects. You can get private beekeeping lessons from beekeeping teachers as well as cooking and origami lessons if you would be interested. You can also find a genealogy teacher and make-up teachers if these would be areas of interest as well.