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Scientific Powerhouse offering lessons in Biology in Chicago with 5+ years experience

My approach to teaching is simple "I do, we do, you do". I demonstrate a skill or ability, explaining my reasoning and thought process. Then the student and I begin a guided example together. Finally I turn the student loose to tackle a problem on their own. If they find success we move on, and if not we move back to the "I do" phase. Patience and practice go a long way in teaching.

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Post-Graduate(masters in biomedical sciences)/pre-med student offering biology and physics tutoring to all ages.

My teaching method is breaking down the material and teaching it in a relatable aspect. In terms of tutoring pace, I go according to my students pace and provide a judgement free zone. The majority of students I have tutored have been high school students preparing for their SAT exam.

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"A doctorate to make masters online - Join and become masters: "

My teaching method will be the plan based and examples with daily life situations. My methodology will be object-based learning and I am ready to give lessons to all sections of biology students. I believe you will enjoy it and cherish the best moment of your life.

Fort Lauderdale
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Secondary science teacher with over 10 years of experience to do online tutoring.

I use a lot of data to drive my instruction. I excel in scaffolding and differentiating my instruction to meet the needs of all of my students. I am comfortable providing lessons for student in the 7-12 grades.

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Pre-Med student assisting in all things SCIENCE! Taking my MCAT in the Spring

I base my lectures on what you are going to be learning in class or by the syllabus, it only makes sense that every area teaches differently so for me to be able to help, I need the material. I definitely enjoy breaking down the information so that it makes sense, and is really cool to learn.

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An experienced teacher for 14 years. Science is awesome! I can teach you from my home in Virginia.

I can teach almost every grade level. I am more on hands-on activities for Science. I approach every student based on their learning styles. I am patient and determined to teach because that is my passion. And we can both learn from each other.

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BS Biomedical Science graduate with 4 years tutoring experience at college level!

I'll always let you teach first! Tell me what you know, and we can fill in the blanks together. I like to gauge the student's grasp on the material before I start tutoring.

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Science Major student who adores biology and it's fascinations, willing to spread the knowledge with promising students around Cape Girardeau!

Enthusiasm and patience are a top need when it comes to the teaching community. Being able to understand a student's previous knowledge is also necessary. To be able to gather what kind of learner the student is , be it physical, verbal, aural, and/or visual is extremely crucial.

West Fargo
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Genetics professional with experience as a tutor and TA in all realms of biology

I approach each topic with excitement (because science is fun!) and engage students with real-life examples and problems to connect complex concepts to our everyday life. I hope to create a welcoming learning environment in which students feel comfortable participating and asking questions.

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Cell biology scientist with PhD degree teaches cell biology, molecular biology, biotechnology.

I prefere to teach at first by understanding how and why student don't understand something. I like to encourage students to ask any question and step by step eliminate their gap in knowledge. And on top of it, I like biology as my true passion.

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I have had no teaching experience. I have completed some college.

I am not currently giving lessons to any students. My characteristics is always showing my pleasure while tutoring while always smiling. I am always kind to most people. If I get angry, I will never bring at any of my students.

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Recent Medical Doctor Graduate, an expert in all Pre-Med classes. Making getting into medical school easy!

I like to get to know my students first to ascertain which modality of teaching suites them best. Also, not every subject can be taught the same way and be learned as effectively. I take this all into consideration when deciding my approach for a specific student.

New Britain
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Certified high school Biology teacher with four plus years of experience in CT.

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology. I am certified to teach grades seven through twelve Biology. I have a wide variety of techniques and methods of instruction that I incorporate while I teach. I strive to focus on teaching methods that specifically help the individual succeed and reach his/her academic goals.

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Experienced and passionate instructor (biology/human anatomy & physiology) wants to help you master your classes!

I hope to communicate my love of learning (and my fascination with the complexity of living systems) to my students. I work diligently towards helping my students understand difficult concepts, enabling and inspiring them to master course materials and concepts, using a variety of learning modalities that are tailored to individual learning styles.

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Environmental Science and Biology B.S. graduate seeking to tutor students in biological concepts!

I believe that learning is best done at a conceptual level. Within the field of biology, there are certain facts and terms to memorize, but more so there are complex concepts and theories that must be understood. I strive to help students make connections within their current topic of study that they can then apply to other lessons.

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University Earth Science student offering science tutoring in Connecticut and online!

My teaching method is based on both kinesthetic and visual learning. I believe it is important for a student to both see a a skill being performed, and to perform the skill themselves in an environment that is comfortable enough for trial and error as a method of learning.

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Madison, future biology major... if I can understand it, so can you!

I like feedback and input from those I’m teaching on what works best for them. My number one goal is being interactive, relating concepts to real life, not only speaking but showing what I’m speaking about and stimulating thought-provoking conversations that deepen ones understanding of the subject.

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4.0 GPA Neuroscience major offering tutoring in biology, chemistry and academic writing!

I alter my teaching methodology based upon the student's needs. For instance, if the student learns best via auditory teaching means, that will be my primary mode of instruction.

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I am a graduate of Stanford University with a BA in Human Biology. I was premed at Stanford and love tutoring!

I cater my teaching style to the student, and will work with a student to tailor my lessons to their style of learning. When tutoring biology I like to use analogies to make the material easier to remember.

Fort Myers
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College student tutor offering introductory biology and chemistry in Fort Myers to all ages

I tutor all ages/education, but work more effectively with college students. I base my classes on what you're trying to achieve. By setting goals, we're able to see our progress clearly. It's more important to understand the material versus memorizing it.

San Diego
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UCSB graduate that loves to Biology and all of the sciences! Looking to tutor while applying to medical school!

When starting a new topic I always like to get a feel for how much the student already knows so we can get to the subjects that are tougher.

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Helping you learn multiple topics with creativity, passion, and fun in a unique way!

I make sure my students enjoy what they learn by providing a comfortable environment for them in which they can be themselves. I aim for students to love what they learn in order to make learning fun and eventually become a passion of theirs.

Township of Taylorsville
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I am a Physical Therapist practicing for 30+ years and now am interested in teaching towards the end of my career. Please consider me for a teaching position!

I enjoy teaching students to problem solve =, not just for the subject being studied , but for any situation life may bring to them. I prefer and interactive method where students are free to ask questions and have discussions to allow better understanding.

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Biological Science Graduate with 7 years experience offering Biology lessons in MA

My teaching method is through visual learning. Drawing systems out is the best way to learn anatomy and physiology, as well as cell biology. These methods work for both high school and college students as it aligns with the coursework.

Rancho Palos Verdes
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UCLA Graduate with Experience and Passion for Teaching Biology and the Life Sciences

I am passionate about teaching and am motivated to empower students to reach their full potential. My teaching philosophy is to give students the tools and knowledge to work through problems and develop a deep understanding for concepts. Thus, I designed worksheets that challenged students to think critically about course material.

1st lesson offered free !

I am a full-time Horticulture student in my 3rd year of College. I enjoy everything plants as well as many other interesting subjects. I am currently working as a Floral Designer and hope to someday o

I try to approach every subject as fun and interesting. I want my students to be as interested in the subject as much as I am. I hope to make the subjects as easy to understand while also going into depth about the topics.

Ocean Springs
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Wildlife ecologist with a Master's degree giving biology, math, and chemistry lessons

My teaching methodology varies from student to student, but is largely based on doing hands on exercises with students in person. This may be done by helping with existing homework exercises as assigned in formal classes, or developing extra practice and study aids.

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Molecular Biology and Biochemistry graduate/TA able to tutor a variety of science topics at the high school/college level. Child of 2 teachers.

I like to walk through the content and stop frequently to check in with the student and allow them to ask questions. The student will determine the pace of the lesson. I will ask questions myself to make sure the student is following. If a review of the content is not necessary, I will allow the student to attempt practice problems and use me as a resource to answer their questions.

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Retired teacher offering tutoring in most of the sciences with 38 years of experience.

I base my teaching strategies the needs and strengths of the student. I try to access where the student learning has stopped, so I will know where to began. Before starting any training, I will administer a test to determine what the student has accomplished.

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Tutor offering Biology lessons to students in and around Toledo, Ohio. Credentials include a bachelors degree and masters degree in Biology.

My approach is to have a structured, but fun and interactive teaching environment. I strive to engage students and help them see the practical application of what is being taught. I know that not all students learn the same way or at the same rate, so I work to incorporate different teaching strategies to help the student succeed.

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Perfect! Daphne, was an excellent tutor . Every lesson was well put together. I learned a lot from her and I would absolutely use her again .I highly recommend her.

Brittney , student
1 year ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Thank you Tara. She is more encouraged since spending time with you.

Deborah, student
1 year ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! With all of my heart, I recommend Dr. Lorenzo. I was confused with my seminar paper and he helped me a lot with it. He gave me simple and clear explanation for all the points and made it easy to understand. He's very smart, qualify and...

Shouq, student
1 year ago
(1 review)

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Biology is really the understanding of life. All living things on the planet fall under the topic of biology. From the smallest one-celled animal to humans, everything is on the planet and interacts with one another. It often is part of a course package that connects with chemistry and physics. The understanding of all three of these courses can give a student a nice comprehension on how the universe works, how it breaks down to the smallest level and even how everything works. Of course, not all students are able to easily understand the subject. Due to this, it is necessary for a student to use the help of private teachers. These biology private teachers can work with each student in order to create private lessons for the student. These lesson plans are tailor made for the student, as not all students learn the same, nor are all students on the same page with their understanding. However, with the help of the physics private teachers and the private lesson plans, they can quickly catch up and surpass the rest of their class. From chemistry private lessons to just filling in what a student is struggling with the biology private lessons, each and every private lesson is specifically create for the student.