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Santa Teresa
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Biology Tutoring available. Texas and IB Biology HL and SL. All levels

Graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Secondary Education. I also have a minor in Biology. I have taught science for 10 years and have certifications in Gifted & Talented, Special Education, and experience with many different groups of students.

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Science and Math made easy. Long experience as a global educator . I believe that Math and Science are the backbone of education for a good career

A global educator . Long experience in giving solid base in Math and Science . I have a degree in Administartion, and political science. I am also highly qualified to teach Biology Chemistry and earth science for all students at different levels.

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Science teacher with 7 years experience gives Biology lessons to middle school and high school students in the South Texas region

I have a bachelor's degree in life science with a minor in health. I'm a biology teacher with over 7 years of teaching at various local high school. I pride myself in making complex things easier to understand by using examples from real world, language that is easily relatable, and pictures, video, and analogies everyone can relate to.

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Chemistry, Biology, Algebra PhD in Chemistry from Vanderbilt. Lavonia GA

STEM expert with 12 years experience in the educational publishing.I have a PhD in Chemistry. I specialize in general and organic chemistry. I have a minor in Physics and an extensive background in biology. I have tutored Algebra and biology at the college level.

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Biology professor now accepting private high school and college students in Orlando

Biology professor with two Master's degrees and some doctoral credits looking for students for one on one tutoring. Meetings are generally for 1 1/2 hours at a mutually convenient time and location.

Owens Cross Roads
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Hello! My name is Evan Fryberger, Biology Is Tough Let Me Help You

I graduated High School and am currently working on my Law Degree at UAB. I'm am very proficient in Biology, Vocabulary, Astro Physics, Anatomy, health sciences, Law, Business, Psychology. I'm looking forward to helping you with one of these subjects.

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College student studying nursing gives Anatomy, Biology Chemistry and Physics lessons to 5th-12th graders.

I am a nursing student at Worcester State university. I graduated Algonquin Reginal high school with a 3.7 GPA. I love sciences which is why I choose to pursue Nursing. School never came easy to me but with a lot of studying, I was able to do well in my classes.I believe anyone can do well regardless of the subject.

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I tutor in science subjects such as maths,algebra, biology and anatomy an . i am college student.

i was a medical student for the past 2 years and now a computer engineering student. I tutor in maths and science subjects. i volunteering in helping my class mates and students both in high school and college. i use my maximum potential to help/solve problems and assist and home works.

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Teacher of a variety of sciences and veterinary medicine for all ages

I am a soon to be teacher of elementary education. I have also taught a variety of course at the Vet tech Institute. I have learned a variety of different techniques to help students learn in the way they feel comfortable.

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Biology graduate gives college level lessons to biology, organic chemistry, ecology, anatomy, and geology students in Bangor.

Being a University of Maine graduate with a biology degree, I am able to sit down with a college student and explain to them study techniques that best fits that individual. I graduated summa cum laude, and I know how to pass difficult exams. I would be going over broad topics and key terms at first. Then, I would get down to setting up important study tools.

Boca Raton
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Zuzu's Tutoring services: Certified teacher wishing to start tutoring, I am available

Education :I have a Masters degree in Organic chemistry, Bachelors in chemistry. I have completed a Masters degree in Education (Reading/Curriculum and Instruction) I have taught Science for Broward county public schools as a certified teacher.

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Creative teacher with a love for science located in Washington, CT abd will travel to you!

I would like to give lessons to students in elementary school through high school. For the upper grades my focus would be on science although I am willing to help in other areas if I can.

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Biology and Environmental Science Tutor- Masters Degree Holder and great academic background

I believe in tailoring my lessons to individual or group needs. When you are teaching their is no one lesson fits all. I like to understand my students needs and then develop and plan lessons accordingly to meet their needs and attain maximum satisfaction.

Swartz Creek
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Microbiologist with college-level, as well as K-12, teaching experience.

I try to include as many relevant, practical examples as possible in my teaching. In the past I have organized my classrooms so that topics are explored utilizing many different learning methods and encouraged student feedback to improve overall mastery of subject matter.

Sioux Falls
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PhD scientist with 2 years of secondary science teaching experience offering biology and chemistry tutoring in Sioux Falls, SD

My graduate studies focused on the function of organisms from the molecule to whole animals. In addition to coursework, I performed laboratory research resulting in several peer-reviewed research publications and a completed dissertation in neurodevelopmental physiology. Although research has been of great interest to me, mentoring students was my favorite part about working in the lab.

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Environmental Science and Sociology university student providing online tutoring for various subjects

There is potential in every student I work with, no matter what they are struggling with. Every topic can be simplified in order to make things clear and easy to work with. I believe each student should have the option of being tutored from the comfort of their home, therefore online tutoring is my way to go.

1st lesson offered free !

Elementary-high school tutor that is an honor roll student willing to work with all ages

I base my teaching method on the principle that every kid is different and everyone learns a different way. The first thing I like to do is understand how the child learns and that is the way I help the child learn a majority of the time, as well as introducing new ways so that the child may flourish.

San Francisco
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Educator, Physiotherapist and a Clinical Researcher with 5 years of teaching experience in science and biology subjects to students of all levels

I live in San Francisco near San Francisco State University. I will be mostly taking classes at my home. - Teach all science subjects from Grade 1-8 - Teach Biology and AP Biology Grade 9-12 - Teach Molecular Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology to college students.

1st lesson offered free !

Undergraduate student offering science and wellness lessons in New York with 7 years of experience.

I am an undergraduate student who has been tutoring since freshman year of high school. In high school, my mathematics teacher selected me to be a peer tutor, and eventually referred students K-12 to me. In college, the biology faculty has chosen me to tutor my peers in introductory molecular biology concepts, and I also tutor mathematics at the local middle school.

1st lesson offered free !

Neuroscience student offering biology lessons in Concord, MA in person or via webcam

I approach teaching by first identifying areas of weakness within the subject matter and finding ways to relate the subject to a student's interests. I use metaphors, diagrams, and try to break complicated ideas down to the basics before building them back up.

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Graduate Assistant with a bachelor of arts degree in Pre-Medical Biology and a Masters degree in Physiology. I have ~2 years of teaching experience at a collegiate level, specializing in biology, gene

My approach to teaching those with a desire to learn topics such as biology, chemistry, genetics, and related subjects is the following: 1. Assess current knowledge of the student 2. Pinpoint areas that student excels in 3. Provide avenues for success, specific for the student, in his/her area of interest. Specifically, I find that most individuals are visual learners.

1st lesson offered free !

Biology student at the University of Portland that is passionate about Medicine and lives in Bend, Oregon.

I approach each new topic with a similar topic that the student may already know. This allows the student to understand new pieces of material by relating them to something the student has a better understanding of. I have a lot of patience and genuinely want students to learn from my assistance.

North Lauderdale
(3 reviews)
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Experienced and Passionate Tutor, over 20 years teaching science overseas and in the United States.

I have experience in both face to face and online teaching using blackboard and GoToMeeting. I use so much interaction in my classes. Short questions and answers. I draw and use diagrams for students to understand the different ideas and topics in science.

1st lesson offered free !

Biologist with PhD and several years of teaching experience near Worcester, MA

My teaching method focuses on making learning an interactive experience as opposed to being strictly didactic. I approach this by asking questions to gauge the experience and knowledge of the individual student and take strides to lead the student to discovering the answer.

San Antonio
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A post- graduate in Human Genetics having in-depth knowledge of Human anatomy, physiology and the ways human body functions.

The way i teach is that i make a seemingly boring long complex texts to interesting short simple understandable texts . I am excellent at note making and prior to tutoring a student i study firsthand and understand the topic myself so that i can help the student better.

1st lesson offered free !

Hello, my name is Avo I’m a sophomore in college majoring in Biology and love to help students with questions and homework's or any assignments

Me teaching method is I make the lessons seem funner with activities. I don’t like pressuring anyone. Teaching and learning is suppose to be fun. I would approach students with fun activities. Logical strategies. Make them understand with visuals...

1st lesson offered free !

Certified High School Science Teacher and University preceptor at your service in Morgantown

I am a former high school science teacher with experience teaching Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Terminology, and Biology 1010. I have a BS in Kinesiology and am currently completing my Masters in Public Health. I am very adaptive to students learning needs. I strive for learning, not memorizing. I will teach you the material, as well as, how to actively study.

1st lesson offered free !

Biology Tutor with B.A. in Biology, Skills in Math and Writing Too

I recently graduated with a B.A in Biology at Lewis & Clark College. I am a great reader, writer, and love math and science. I would be happy to help students with any or all of the above subjects and with college preparation.

Little River
1st lesson offered free !

Biology can be interesting . Learn more and u will know, Little River,bachelor in biology

I have bachelor degree in biology, and I had courses of biochemistry. I’m teaching all school grades and preparing for university. Lesson consist of questions from last lesson if any,new information , tests, discussing new topics.

1st lesson offered free !

Science expert with a combination ofmedical and doctoral education, teaches biology subjects

PHD in biology (cell biology and human physiology) Bachelor in medicine and surgery Human anatomy, pathology Microbiology Willing to mentor high school and college students, also those preparing for medical school I believe in mastering the basics and use of images

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Perfect! Daphne, was an excellent tutor . Every lesson was well put together. I learned a lot from her and I would absolutely use her again .I highly recommend her.

Brittney , student
5 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Thank you Tara. She is more encouraged since spending time with you.

Deborah, student
7 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! With all of my heart, I recommend Dr. Lorenzo. I was confused with my seminar paper and he helped me a lot with it. He gave me simple and clear explanation for all the points and made it easy to understand. He's very smart, qualify and...

Shouq, student
8 months ago
(1 review)

Be accompanied by the best teachers for your biology lessons

Biology is really the understanding of life. All living things on the planet fall under the topic of biology. From the smallest one-celled animal to humans, everything is on the planet and interacts with one another. It often is part of a course package that connects with chemistry and physics. The understanding of all three of these courses can give a student a nice comprehension on how the universe works, how it breaks down to the smallest level and even how everything works. Of course, not all students are able to easily understand the subject. Due to this, it is necessary for a student to use the help of private teachers. These biology private teachers can work with each student in order to create private lessons for the student. These lesson plans are tailor made for the student, as not all students learn the same, nor are all students on the same page with their understanding. However, with the help of the physics private teachers and the private lesson plans, they can quickly catch up and surpass the rest of their class. From chemistry private lessons to just filling in what a student is struggling with the biology private lessons, each and every private lesson is specifically create for the student.