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Hampton Bays
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I tutor in all Biology Subjects and Earth Science Master's in Biology.

My teaching method is to excite the student to learn the subject matter. I teach with hands on demonstrations and activities that engage the student to fully understanding a concept. I use review programs and testing.

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Physician Assistant student with a college tutoring background. Learn Anatomy, Chemistry, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Organic chemistry with me! I can coach future MEDICAL professionals to reach your goals

I provide a unique and fun method of tutoring that focuses on the student strengths.. learning to apply the good qualities to the students shortcomings and applying learning and memorization methods that work.

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Tutorials in Biological Science, Anatomy & Physiology, NREMT EMT Course and NREMT Paramedic Course

Mr. Nichols, “Kevin”, of Missouri City, is a board certified paramedic with over 17 years of experience in emergency medicine and trauma services. He is the acting Clinical Director of a local 911/EMS system, where he serves as clinical coordinator and most recently with Paramedical Services Limited where he serves as Chief Compliance Specialist.

Queens County
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Doctoral degree teacher with over 10y experience in Biology and Anatomy at New York

I have earned doctoral degree in a US ivy lead school and have years of experience in excellent science teaching. I have published numerous teaching publications and have gone through systematic training in teaching and advising students. I combine a variety of teaching methods during my class.

Baton Rouge
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Biology tutoring in Baton Rouge to high school and college level students

MD from LSUHSC New Orleans in 2015 BS in biology from SMU in 2011 Minors in chemistry and math in 2011 Focus on critical thinking skills and application to real world problems.

Elk Grove
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College student in biochemistry, chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry. High school chemistry and biology in Chicago and Sacramento

I am Physician Scientist. I have a PhD in pharmaceutical chemistry at University of California San Francisco. I went Chicago to work with Abbort Pharmaceutical for a year before before going to University of Illinois for an MD degree. I taught Pharmacology for 5 years at the school of Pharmacy.

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Having graduate degree and can give tutoring in most of the biology subjects for middle and high schoolers "

I have a masters degree in Zoology and I had done my thesis in Shrimp nutritional studies. After that I started working at a University as a Lab Manager, helping all the undergrad and graduate students in their lab work by troubleshooting their tasks.

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Biology- A/P, Cell Bio, I’m a M.D. with 15 years teaching experience

I’m a Medical Doctor (M.D.) with lots of experience to help with AP prep, school homework help, or just help breaking it down so it makes sense. I teach by breaking down the ideas so the big picture makes sense. Then and only then can you actually answer the questions.

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Biology graduate that can tutor in bioligy, anatomy and physiology, math, chemestry to all levels of education including college

Biology bachelors. Excellent instructor. Good personality. Tutors in all biology classes as well as most math's, anatomy and physiology, and chemistry. Able to adopt any teaching technique that is appropriate for each student whether they are visual, hands-on, or auditory learner.

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College student in biology gives lessons in genetics, biology, biochemistry and other biological related fields.

4.1 GPA in high school. Graduated in the top ten percent of my class. College student with a focus on biological science and have worked in cell culture and tissue labs.

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Secondary Level Chemistry and Biology Tutor ( retired HS Teacher in Auburn WA)

I have a BS in Microbiology (with a minor in Chemistry )from California State Polytechnic University in Pomona CA, and one year into my MS in Geology from MS State University.

Oklahoma City
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Recent Biology Graduate Offering Tutoring in Genetics, Zoology, Botany, and Cell Biology

I recently graduated from UCSC with a bachelor's degree in Ecology. I tutored while at school and was trained to use active learning techniques to help students who don't benefit from standard lectures.

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Graduate of Transylvania University with a Degree in Biology and a minor in Anthropology. Interested in assisting with math and science course work in Lexington, Kentucky.

2017 Graduate of Transylvania University with a degree in Biology and a minor in Anthropology. Able to give one on one, interactive guidance to students of all ages in Math, Science, and other subjects upon request.

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Biology, microbiology, anatomy & physiology, Hamilon & Butte area, current nursing student

A nursing student with a strong back round in biology and physiology. I was a human bio major for 3 years before deciding to go to nursing school. I have many good tricks for a&p, as well as the ability to simplify it to ones understanding. I am a very patient person and willing to work at a pace that is best for you.

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College graduate in biology/ biomedical sciences gives sciences lessons to middle and high school and college levels

BS in biology with a concentration of biomedical sciences. I give lessons to middle school, high school, and college levels. I can help through email, in person, or FaceTime/skype. I currently live in the Glendale area but can travel.

North Brunswick Township
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Passionate About Science? Use an Experienced High School Curiosity Coach in NJ for All Things Biology!

I have been a High School Biology teacher for 18 years and I love learning! I have a degree in Exercise Science and Physiology from Rutgers University and am working towards a Master degree in Instructional Systems Technology. The world is a AMAZING place.

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Need biology help? You have found the right place. I can help you succeed.

I am currently a senior at college studying biotechnology. I love teaching and helping people understand complex topics and questions. I have a lot of biology, chemistry and hands on lab experience. I would love to help students in any way they need. I can tutor for secondary education or college level.

North Little Rock
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Bachelors and Associates of Biology North Little Rock and Downtown area

Greetings my name is Dennette Everett. I am originally from Atlanta Georgia. I just received my bachelors degree in political Science minoring biology. I have also completed my associates in biology as well. During my high school years I was apart of the math and science program with my focus being biology. I am very friendly and outgoing.

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College Student in Biology giving lessons in Natural sciences and Chemistry to Middle and High School levels in Northfield

I am a college student who is going into their second year. I have the intent of studying biology and hopefully going into the field of microbiology and or immunology. I have completed my Associates Degree in general education during my junior and senior year of high school. I think learning should be a positive experience and would like to plan lessons that incorporate that idea.

Nithya mary
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Biology Tutor with a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology in Irving

I have a PhD in Cell and Molecular biology. I also have a Masters and Bachelors degree in Biotechnology. I have been a teaching assistant for the Introductory Biology Labs at University level. I have also taught undergraduates and High school students.

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Doctorate degree in pharmacy giving biology lessons (general biology, microbiology, anatomy & physiology) was biological studies student of the year when at Penn State campus in Dunmore. Covering the

The area of study will be from your textbook and notes from your professor. We will analyze the information and go over basic study habits to improve you learning. I adapt to the situation to enhance the learning of the individual.

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Biology Technician Session: learn growth accelerate the development of life science advance

The experience and guidance of Biology concepts learning motives, as projected to illustrate the fundamental and advance academic environment. The field is very board you must have a excellent grasp of chemistry and biology to maintain the superior status of achieving excellent grades, you will definitely learn.

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Biology made fun- long term memory will be a must for your future.

Biology made simple to understand threw visual and hands on technics. To be able to have Biology in your long term memory so there will be no way to discard what you've been taught. Using the "Where there's a will there's an A" In 30 minutes spands with breaks in between.

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Ph.D. Biomedical Anthropologist provides lessons for students in biology, anatomy and physiology and anthropology

I am currently teaching in a nursing program at a local community college. I use multi-modal techniques in my teaching. As a teacher, I believe in everyone's potential to be all they want to be and work hard to support learning in any age group.

Little Rock
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College Student Offering Biology Tutoring for High School Students in Little Rock/Benton

I am a college student finishing up my last classes before graduation from UALR with a bachelors in Biology and International Studies. My focus is plants, animals, and the environment but I have a solid background in all biology fields. I tutor High School students using what ever methods best fit their need. I have a flexible schedule and will be happy to work around your's.

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Third year Graduate Student in Physiology and Pharmacology with experience tutoring all ages (kindergarten through seniors in college) and many subjects (english, biology, chemistry, history, etc.) in

I have a bachelor of arts in psychology from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. Throughout my undergraduate education I conducted various research projects in the fields of social psychology and behavioral pharmacology. During college, I was a tutor hired by the university to help athletes in numerous subject areas.

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Experienced and knowledgeable Healthcare Professional offering flexible VIRTUAL Biology tutoring and homework help.

I have a degree in Occupational Therapy and Healthcare Administration. I have spent nearly two decades working in the healthcare field. I love science, and enjoy helping others understand the magnificent way the body works. I give lessons to individuals ranging from elementary to college. My lessons are built around the individual and what you are learning.

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Just here to help those in need of assistance by tutoring and alternative educational approachs or strategies and comprehensive understanding.

I finished Highschool in 2010 and acquired my Diploma from Joplin Highschool of Missouri with an average G.P.A. of 3.7 at Graduation including the completed goal of awardance by certified enrollment unto Honor Rolled Class 2010 for those who were exceededing and surpassing average student expectations obtaining more creditentials than minimally required of all educational diploma graduates.

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Experienced life science instructoris looking to help students clarify life science issues.

I am an experienced life science (biology, environmental systems, botany, entomology, zoology) teacher with experience at the college level. I have a master's degree in entomology and nematology from the University of Florida. I also have extensive experience in managing crop production systems in commercial agriculture.

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Chemistry, giving example of how to do it by givin the simplistic examplaination

I am a junior in high school and a full-time dual enrollment student at FIU. I have taken Chemistry, Biology, Chem 1 and 2 in College. I also plan to take Genetics this summer, while taking Organic Chemistry 1 and Biology 1 in fall of 2017.

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Perfect! Daphne, was an excellent tutor . Every lesson was well put together. I learned a lot from her and I would absolutely use her again .I highly recommend her.

Brittney , student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Thank you Tara. She is more encouraged since spending time with you.

Deborah, student
3 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! With all of my heart, I recommend Dr. Lorenzo. I was confused with my seminar paper and he helped me a lot with it. He gave me simple and clear explanation for all the points and made it easy to understand. He's very smart, qualify and...

Shouq, student
4 months ago
(1 review)

Be accompanied by the best teachers for your biology lessons

Biology is really the understanding of life. All living things on the planet fall under the topic of biology. From the smallest one-celled animal to humans, everything is on the planet and interacts with one another. It often is part of a course package that connects with chemistry and physics. The understanding of all three of these courses can give a student a nice comprehension on how the universe works, how it breaks down to the smallest level and even how everything works. Of course, not all students are able to easily understand the subject. Due to this, it is necessary for a student to use the help of private teachers. These biology private teachers can work with each student in order to create private lessons for the student. These lesson plans are tailor made for the student, as not all students learn the same, nor are all students on the same page with their understanding. However, with the help of the physics private teachers and the private lesson plans, they can quickly catch up and surpass the rest of their class. From chemistry private lessons to just filling in what a student is struggling with the biology private lessons, each and every private lesson is specifically create for the student.