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Adjunct Biology Lab Instructor ready to tutor science, biology and more using my MA Biology degree

Currently working toward a Masters in Biology while teaching part time at the Technical College of the Lowcountry. I teach Anatomy, Physiology, Biotechnology, and Basic Bio 101 Lab courses. I believe a good learning environment involves pictures, hands on experiences, and fun.

Bowling Green
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Science/ Biology- tutor, Bowling Green Ohio : success is within your reach

I teach HS science, currently Biology, and am very excited to work with students helping them to prepare AND to move to the next level of understanding. I believe science is so amazing and should by taught that was as well. I graduated from BGSU and have also worked in Engineering on Cad/Cam as well as been and Administrator at Owens.

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BioTech Tutor Teaching Biology With Some Technology Added in the Mix. Cells.

Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology BS at University of Hawaii Manoa Cum Laude. Teach with individual learning in mind. Accommodate learning times and subjects. Flexible schedule. Active learning and participation in lessons. Students have fun while learning. Learning for future use or passing a class, tutor experience is positive.

College Park
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Experienced biology/Chemistry specialist gives lessons to all levels in College Park, MD area

I am a biological scientist who give lessons to high schools and lab technicians. My teaching methodology is lecture based as well as tutorial instruction (Personalized tutorial), whereby an individual student is helped to strengthen what he/she doesn't understand. I also include study assignment method, which I believe help a student to keep studying for more understanding.

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Recent college grad offering tutoring help in RI - specialties: biology, math, and coding (Python and R)

I have a lot of knowledge of biology, math and coding and would be ready to help someone who wants additional guidance in one or more of these areas. I would mostly focus on going over material the person finds confusing and help them work through it. For the subject of coding, if they are a beginner I would first explain the concepts and then move onto practice examples.

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A passionate biomedical engineer graduate teaching varieties of Biology in DFW, TX

I have two different aspects in my teaching. First of all, I like to see your method of learning. After the trial class, I try to design classes and/or tutoring tailored to your method. Secondly, as mentioned in my profile, I want to know why you want to study biology.

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Hi, I am a PhD research scholar in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at UNMC, Omaha, NE. My previous degrees include: Master of Biotechnology from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, India; B.S.

Hi, PhD research scholar at UNMC by profession. Passionate to teach and share my expertise in the field. I understand the workload on students and how difficult it gets for them to master in some complex subjects like molecular biology, genetics, biotechnology, immunology, cell biology, human physiology, and structural biology.

Sioux Falls
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Former middle / high school teacher now working in scientific research tutoring Biology located in Sioux Falls

I have a Bachelor of Science in Biology (cum laude) and worked as a teacher for 5 years. I can give instruction to 6th through 12th-grade level students. My methods include but are not limited to Power points, videos, labs, activities, and prefer to find ways to engage students with the content they are learning.

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Ph.D. in biology with 10 years of experience tutoring and teaching can help students of all levels with their biology classes

I have doctorate in biology and have taught a number or college courses in the biological sciences, including general biology for majors and non-majors, genetics, conservation biology and environmental science. As a private tutor I can provide individual assessment of students strength and weaknesses and tailor lessons to student specific needs.

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Researcher in Cancer biology gives Cell biology, Molecular biology, Physiology and Biotechnology lessons to all school & collage levels

I am a full-time researcher at a Children's research hospital in Memphis, USA and I love teaching biology to children at mid/high school and also at college level. I teach these subjects using real life/practical problems. I would like to spend my evenings and weekends to teach children/adults who are struggling to understand the concepts in Cell biology/Molecular biology/Physiology.

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Certified teacher gives science lessons to middle school students in Winston Salem and surrounding areas.

I have a BS in Biology from the University of Richmond and earned my teaching license after graduating. I enjoy using technology in my lessons and have used iPads and even students' personal devices as tool to bring science material to life. I believe in making personal connections to students and the material they learn to make the learning process as laid back and fun as possible.

Colorado Springs
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Biology made easy. Post Graduate in Biotechnology with around 4 years of experience in R& D ready to give lessons in Biology to the middle school students.

I am a post-graduate in Biotechnology and willing to give lessons to Middle school and High school level students. My lesson structure is designed to help make even the difficult concepts easy but at the same time challenging the students to think out of the box. It will surely increase the curiosity of the students.

San Ramon
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Microbiology lecturer offering Biology lessons in San Ramon (California) with 8 years experience

- I base my classes on a structured learning approach with my students by starting with basics and then deep-diving into each topic of Biology/Microbiology - I like to take practical examples and experiences to concretely explain the theoretical concepts and to deal with core fundamentals of my subjects - I also believe in evaluating learning with the help of assessment techniques that include...

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Microbiology Professor with 20+ years experience both in academia and the biotech industry offering to tutor in microbiology and introductory biology in the Houston, TX area

After initial assessment of the desires of the student, I would formulate a plan to address the particular subject areas he/she wants to work on. My approach is to probe with questions and determine the student's knowledge base, and to work from there; I am a proponent of concept mapping, or mind mapping to make the student an active part of the learning process.

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College biology professor with over 12 years of online and face to face teaching.

Giving instruction on concepts and then allowing students to put the material in their own words. I strongly believe that hands on practice with homework, problems, and quizzes are the key to successful and long term understanding of any course subject.

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PhD Genetics Scientist with lab experience and 7 years teaching/tutoring Biology, Chemistry, Math, and Test Prep

I give lessons to science and math students from middle school through university level. I believe that application of concepts through examples and practice questions is the best way to achieve a solid grasp of complex topics.

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18 Year Old Scientist Teaching Molecular and Synthetic Biology In Central VT

For the hands on student interested in taking biology further. Best for independent learners and home school students. But I will also help students enrolled in other classes while exposing them to more of the hands on and experimental aspects involved. We will dive into the origins of biological life, how life is coded, and move into learning about recombinant DNA, synthetic biology, and GMOs.

Oak Park
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Biology tutoring by a recent PHD graduate in biology and neuroscience major

-I give lessons to a variety of students, anywhere from middle school to college.

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UC Davis Biochemistry alumni teaches all things science to high school students

Graduated from Buckingham charter magnet high school in 2008. Went to Solano Community College for two years and earned A.S. degrees in biology and chemistry. Transfered and graduated from UCD in 2012 with a degree in biochemistry and molecular biology.

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Neuroscience student offers biology lessons to middle school and high school students in seacoast, NH

I am finishing up my B.S. in Neuroscience from the University of New Hampshire. I am offering biology lessons to middle school and high school students.

Des Moines
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College student in biotechnology gives biology and math lessons to all levels.

Proficient in most biology subjects. Can provide detailed answers that are easy to understand. My lessons will allow the student to gain a greater depth of knowledge and provide tips for study techniques in order to be successful in the subject.

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Proficient tutor available for Baltimore and Surrounding areas for Biology and Chemistry

I have strong passion and commitment for science and would like to get engaged for teaching and develop qualified students to meet the challenge of new era.

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PhD in molecular and cellular biology offering online tutoring of microbiology, molecular biology, and biotechnology.

I will work with the student to develop a lesson plan based on their expectations from me. The student will send me their curriculum and deadlines and specify what they need help with (homework, lab reports, quizzes, exams...etc.) and I will use that to develop the lesson plan.

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Biotechnology expert offers online tutoring for high school, college and graduate students

Biotechnology and related subjects are based on experimental scientific research. I use in-depth discussion of concrete examples of biological phenomena or experimental methodologies to explain general concepts. I teach students to critically read and analyze original research texts. I teach basic and advanced skills of scientific presentation and scientific writing.

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Texas Tech Master's graduate in biotechnology with 4 years of teaching and research experience.

I am a proponent of the Feynman method of learning. That is I want my students to learn through teaching. I prefer to ask them questions and have students work through misunderstandings rather than lecturing to them about the subject. If a student can explain to me simply a topc, then I have achieved my goal as a teacher.

Thousand Oaks
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PhD in Molecular Biology with 10 years of experience offers science lessons online

Hello, my name is Pablo and I like to adapt the classes to the needs of the student, prioritizing the improvement in the comprehension and acquisition of independence by the student over the mere memorization. I like that the student reaches his objectives but also that he experiences an improvement in basic aspects useful for studying such as reasoning, organization, etc.

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Medical student at Baylor College of Medicine teaching biology and MCAT prep.

I can give lessons to college and high school students. I am a very visual person and will use diagrams. I also love coming up with mnemonics to help students remember things. I love using practice problems because practice makes perfect.

San Jose
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MS Bioengineering Candidate Interested In Tutoring Biology/Genetics/Biochemistry/Bioetchnology/Cell Biology/Molecular Biology. Experienced Teaching Assistant. Preferred locations- San Jose, Santa Clar

MS Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering, Santa Clara University, CA MSc. Molecular Biology and Human Genetics, School of Life Sciences, Manipal, India BSc.

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Learn to understand Biology through interactive approach! Don't just memorize! Located in Hockessin, Delaware.

Previous UD Biology and Botany instructor with PhD and Biotechnology experience! I value teaching methods and approaches that help students understand the living world such as concept mapping, diagramming, primary literature exploration, modeling, etc.

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4.0 GPA Undergrad studying cellular/molecular biology now offering tutoring for all biological science classes

I like to assess my students individual needs in order to develop strong study habits based on individual strength and weaknesses in the given course. I always send an outline before the session of topics I will be covering so the student can mentally prepare their own questions on the material, I find this method maximizes time and efficiency of sessions.

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Perfect! With all of my heart, I recommend Dr. Lorenzo. I was confused with my seminar paper and he helped me a lot with it. He gave me simple and clear explanation for all the points and made it easy to understand. He's very smart, qualify and...

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