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151Athletics: Athlete Development & Personal training; Rockwall, Tx Workout Programs; Drills & Techniques; Wellness & Nutrition

Here at 151Athletics we provide some of the highest quality coaching and top of the line drills for prospective clients interested in a healthy lifestyle, athlete development, along with training and workout programs, 1-1 (individual instruction) for baseball, football, track, soccer, and basketball.

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Retired professional basketball player with 20 plus years of fitness training and basketball training for parents as well as youth.

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in America, with over 26 million Americans playing. A lot of young people want to get in the game as they watch professional players excel and with that desire their parents provide support every step of the way.

Stela mihaela
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Graduate of Master in Marketing who offers aerobics, aeroboxing, muscle toning, gymnastics and fitness in Romania with a 3 years experience.

I offer lessons based on fun. I want to be a fun way to work our muscles and lose weight. I usually offer group lessons, but there are situations when I offer lessons individually. That depends on the needs of every person who turns to my services.

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Your Favorite Fitness Strategist, coaching you to implement effective and efficient fitness strategies at home to lose weight, gain energy and feel great.

I am a Fitness Strategist who teaches students how to effectively implement a fitness program into their busy schedule without burnout and still having time to do the things they need to do from day to day. I coach how to shift your mindset from negative or confused to taking committed action on your goals. I use online modules to share my information that include downloadable PDFs and video.

East Dubuque
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Personal fitness coach with 15 years as a physical fitness leader and 10 years as a cardio / strength training coach

My teaching method is to take you to and through your limits to help you reach your fitness goals. Let me help you stay accountable to your workouts toward a better you.

Niagara Falls
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Effective Strength and Fitness Training for Performance and Weight Loss for Life!

Motivating and energetic Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor with 15 years experience of applied knowledge. Strong background in HIIT, Tabata, Bootcamps, Unconventional and Outdoor Training, Strength Training, Power Lifting. Passionate about helping others acquire a love of fitness training, proper nutrition and healthy living.

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Experienced ACE Certified Personal Trainer with Nutrition Advice living in Seattle, WA

I give lessons to anyone looking to improve their overall fitness. I start with you posture and balance working up to strength training. I develop a cardio program to enhance your overall fitness I, also, offer nutrition and cooking advice.

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NASM Certified Personal Trainer with extensive knowledge and experience training in Sacramento

I tend to follow the "Tell Show Do" principle.I explain every thing in simple language to the people I train.By following this approach they know from A to Z about what they are doing and will be doing in the sessions to come.

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I am an undergraduate at Indiana University studying Fitness Management and Personal Training with a tremendous passion for seeing others achieve their fitness goals!

I approach each individual on an individual basis and start by assessing their current fitness levels and their fitness goals. From there I collaborate with my clients and together we come up with realistic workouts with a realistic time frame in mind to reach their goals.

Beverly Hills
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Punctual, experienced, organized, and reliable Personal Trainer in Beverly Hills to all ages

It depends on my clients's goals, health-history, duration, time-dedication, experience, age, lifestyle, daily activities. Each individual one needs to be screened and questioned prior to start doing workouts.

West Palm Beach
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Fitness coach with kinesiology graduate degree and over 10 years experience offering health/fitness lessons

I give individualized workout plans that will center around your own fitness goals. I work with each person on an individualized basis. I will give you all my attention so you can reach your goal. If you are not happy with your goal, I will do all I can to make sure you reach your goal without you failing.

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I am 3 years experienced with this material and I am quite fit myself.

I use google drive, google drive team, conferences witch helps me chat and/or facetime.

Los Angeles
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5 years experience in Kinesiology field and knowledge in exercise programs and motivational behaviors.

I encourage a strong foundation and self discipline. I use knowledge from CPR/AED and other first aid trainings to create a safe and injury management. I have experience as a first responder to crisis situations. I have a high energy easy going attitude. I have a strong passion for health and fitness. I have strong background knowledge in healthy eating and nutrition.

Los Angeles
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French personal trainer spécialist EMS training (20 min = 4h normal training)

Personal trainer & fitness class since 2009 -EMS Training : loose weight / toning / burn fat / injurie / strong -full body training / and split routine -spécialist back injurie & core -streching & pilates & body balance -master instructor spinning -spécialist golf / football preparation

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Top athlete at INSEP state certified I propose to make you discover the sport like you've never seen soon adapted session and diversified according to the profile

I am senior boxer I Prepare currently qualifying for the Olympics. I also state certified with BPJEPS pugilistic activity and a CQP Gymnique maintenance activity and expression, I am also training BPJEPS AGFF. I set up a non-directive pedagogy to teach.

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Fitness and personal trainer from Berlin Steglitz. My training includes complex full body exercises with your own weight. My High Intensity Interval Training reduces fat burning to H

My focus is training with your own body weight! The training always runs in a circle, sometimes with time and sometimes with repetitions! I will choose the HIIT variant in training! HIIT High Intensity Interval Training means that we try to increase the heart rate, thus stimulating fat burning. I appreciate the training very much because you can achieve good results in a short time.

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Very enthusiastic and committed Fitness Coach teaching most genres of fitness to all ages and abilities

All teaching is created for your individual needs. I am warm and genuinely care for each of my students. I will work you hard but not make it hard work , exercise can be fun too. It is important for your health as well as your physique and is a great stress reliever.

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Experienced health and fitness and specialist. Currently in a high role within a health and wellbeing company, also a fully qualified tutor and assessor. Been in the industry for over 10 years!

As you can read from the above I hold huge experience in this sector. I tutor anyone studying in the range from P.E at GCSE level up to Level 3 Personal Training qualifications and anything in between. If you are unsure please feel free to enquire. Teaching methods range and are bespoke to the individual, the subject and the level they require.

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Bodybuilding, fitness instructor, personal trainer, Nutrition, diet, with 25 years experience, kick boxing instructor black belt dan 3

I'm teaching for any for purpose you have, losing fat, build muscle while losing fat, Gain Weight,give you all that you need, I am here to help you build body that dream. have knowledge about Nutrition and diet.

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Sport Coach graduated and experienced at your service for private or small group lessons. My goal: your results!

I want to offer my clients a service based on QUALITY and RESULTS. Safe movements and well executed will be the basis of lasting results. I always check your needs and your energy of the day. My varied skills allow you to have diversified and playful session content. I train regularly to offer you more tools, exercises and innovative methods.

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If you like or not practice sport, I am your coach,

My teaching metodology is based in the enjoy. I do exercise with a smile and I want the same for people. Obviusly I adapt my exercise at person without problem. In Spain I worked in a Gym or Outdoors. It is not necessary to bring equipment.

Dr ali
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PhD Dr and body transformation coach offering personal training sessions online, at your home, at a park or my local gym.

I use science and fun to get results for my clients. I am of the mindset that anyone can get results no matter their size, age, sex or fitness backround. I work with clients that have depression and don't want to go to the gym. For them i offer skype sessions in which i work with you and show you the moves and methods to use.

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A fit Engineer who teaches body building and fitness by example in Melbourne

I usually start by asking about their goal and ambition, then formulate a schedule and a routine based on that. Now, it is easier said than done, so my mission is to ignite the spark of dedication and try to appear as perfect as a role model as I can.

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Level 2 Gym Instructor offering lessons in personal training and sports coaching and development

My name is Samuel Smith. My email is (concealed information) please contact me there for further questions. I have low prices but a great understanding of sports and training. I am good at helping people understand the subject and the material within it.

Greater London
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NVQ Level 3 Personal Trainer Teaching basic to advanced techniques to get you where you want to be based in London, 10 years experience in professional swimming and 2 years in Personal Training

I give lessons to anyone who wants to learn from beginner to advanced. I tailor my learning to each individual and find the answer to every question, but make sure that it is understood before moving on to the next teaching. As there would be no point if it wasn't understood. Each response is tailored to each individual also, as everyone is at different levels of understanding.

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Fitness Coach from India on a streak to impart fitness education and TRAINING and NUTRITION

My teaching methods are based on pre screening and family history of obesity and a complete understanding of daily needs and hormonal structure of every client making it easy and a very interesting way to weight loss and overall fitness

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Personal trainer with 7 years experience. Qualified Sports Weightloss and Nutritionist provide lessons Online and in London

I teach either face to face or via online video call (Skype, WhatsApp, etc.) I get my clients to get results as soon as possible by using intermitting fasting, carbs cycling and learning about basic nutrition. I use a 16/8 method, which means I am available to help you and assist you for 16 hours.

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Aeipathi.blog we serve fitness and nutrition for a healthy life style

we help individual on the basis of their routine and how one can with cravings can do his best in fitness. we help with food techniques and along with fitness that helps to equalize both things together. soo its all about till.

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Health and fitness course for all age group- learn about dos and don'ts- train your body and mind

classes are around 45 mins- 1 hours. The classes consist of warm ups, cardio workouts , core workouts, yoga flow, stretching and relaxation. 5-10 mins are spent on understanding your end goal and tailoring good eating habits to achieve those goals.

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HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT THE BEST WAY by Dominic Boileau Fitness Coach with over 15 years of experience

My teachings focus on ''how to lose weight the proper way''. In my coaching sessions, you will learn how to create fitness programs for your clients that want to lose weight and also how to build and adjust a diet according to their training regiment.

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