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College student in biology provides biology lessons to elementary, middle school, and high school levels in Boise, ID

I am currently a sophomore at Boise State University studying Human Biology. I have a 3.8 GPA and currently remain on the Dean's list. I am willing to give lessons to anyone in elementary school, middle school, high school, and first year college students. As a tutor, I will be very patient and understanding with my students.

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Biology Geek and Former Teacher Ready and Willing To Help You Succeed!

I attended the University of Tampa in Florida where I double majored in biology and marine science and minored in chemistry and environmental science (BS degree 2000). I also completed my Texas state teacher certification coursework and and have 7 years teaching experience. I have a Master's in Divinity as well.

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Home education and co-op teacher with 20 years of experience offers tutoring in biology, algebra, and other subjects.

I love to teach in one-on-one situations! I like to determine a student's current level in a subject and create a path we can travel on together to help them arrive at a mastery of that subject. I like to make my classes fun wherever possible; I use whatever methods--diagrams, videos, or websites--most click with a student's learning style.

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Junior biology major offering every type of biology tutoring in Greenwood, SC

Each lesson for the tutoring method will vary depending on the core issue areas brought to me by the student, prepared in advanced for any challenge you have. My teaching methods are very hands on, examples are my to-go method for teaching as this is an in-depth explanation along with practical practice.

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Hello, my name is Austin. I can tutor most disciplines of Biology, some Chemistry, along with basic Math and English skills. I am currently a Master's student studying Ecology and Conservation Biology

Graduated from St. Paul's high school in Covington, LA in 2010. Went to LSU for my first two and a half years of college. I then went to nursing school for a year and a half before transferring to UNO to finish my Biology degree. I am now a Master's student studying Ecology and Conservation Biology.

Myrtle Beach
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Biology Teacher will give lessons to Middle School, High School, or College, in the Coastal South Carolina Area, Myrtle Beach

I have a Bachelors of Science in Biology from Penn State Behrend and a Masters of Education from Western Governors University. I additionally have 97 credits towards a Geology Degree at Mercyhurst University. I teach with enthusiasm and hands on learning to create interest on the student end.

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Retired teacher to give lessons in the field of biology for all levels

I have a teaching degree and a lifetime teaching certificate from the state of West Virginia. I graduated from Glenville State College with a teaching degree in health, physical education and biology. I expanded my degree with a masters from Marshal University with a concentration in mathematics through algebra 1. I have teaching experience of 38 years in the public schools of WV.

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Youth and Adult Educator with 17 years of teaching biology, geography, and environmental sciences

I teach via the Socratic method. When a student approaches me with a question, I take the time to ask questions to direct them towards the answer on their own, so that they can learn the process to find the answers and not just "know" the answers.

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18 Year Old Scientist Teaching Molecular and Synthetic Biology In Central VT

For the hands on student interested in taking biology further. Best for independent learners and home school students. But I will also help students enrolled in other classes while exposing them to more of the hands on and experimental aspects involved. We will dive into the origins of biological life, how life is coded, and move into learning about recombinant DNA, synthetic biology, and GMOs.

DeFuniak Springs
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The lessons of Bio, Anatomy, in DeFuniak and surrounding areas taught by a biologist

My name is Bre. I have a B.S. in Biology and I am willing to tutor any age. I am a person who likes to get to know the client's study method. I am a visual/ hands on learner personally. As a teacher I listen and want you as a student to learn and enjoy it.

San Antonio
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Doctor with excellent communication skills and experience teaches basic science for premed and highschool students

I have a medical degree, and many years of clinical experience. I have a diploma in tropical medicine and Masters in Public health. As a doctor I used to teach biology to high school and all premedical subjects to nurses. Now I teach family medicine to doctors enrolled in distance education during their contact programs.

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Biology professor with 20 years experience ready to help all ages of students learn biology, anatomy, physiology, ecology, evolution, cell biology.

My lesson plans are flexible depending on what the student is interested in learning. Once I know the student’s needs, I will prepare specific lesson plans with a title, expected time for completion, objectives, methodology, content, review, and assessment.

Sugar Land
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Fun Learning teaches you Science in Houston with 7 years of experience

One thing that I have learned from my 7 years of teaching experience is; Student would love to study if it is easy for them. I want to make science and language learning a fun time for my students. For that I make them so involved and make them do everything practically and go through again and again that they become pro.

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Personally fascinated with Science. 90+ college credits in environmental sciences, botany, forestry, and biology. Lets learn!

My teaching method is learn, practice, reteach. I have found that the best way for me to be confident in what I have learned is to reteach it back to someone. Doing so allows us to not only know the information, but we can also focus on simplifying how we explain and understand things.

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Biomedical sciences student offering as a tutor, biology and science related subjects in Danville. 24/7 experience as a tutor at home and 2 years experience professionally!

My teaching method is based on the student method of learning. While teaching a students, I give them examples from daily life which makes their understanding level of the topic much better. I teach students with their capacity of understanding not with my capacity of knowledge.

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Informal and formal teaching experience, middle school to graduate school education specialist.

I have taught in a physical classroom, a museum, an outdoor environmental school, and GED classes. My preference is to teach using brain-based learning strategies, debate and critical thinking. I specialize in using learning strategies based on research for the whole learner.

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Passionate, Pure Love for the Human Body; Unconditional Love for the Earth!

I really enjoy making my lessons comprehensible and exciting; engaging and intriguing. Something to be enthusiastic about, no test anxiety here!! I love comparing things to the real world. What really matters is being able to relate to something real time so it sticks to the noggin.

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Graduate student with degree in Microbiology here to talk all about cells!

I like to approach difficult concepts by breaking them down into smaller, easier to understand chunks. Drawing diagrams and creating methods of memorization such as memory palaces and acronyms are also helpful. PowerPoint presentations and other forms of displaying information can also contribute to memorization.

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I can help with all sciences(biology,chemistry,microbiology,a&p immunology, biochemistry, ascp certification) 5 year medical technologist with a b.s in biology.

My teaching methods are very direct and straight to the point, so you can be successful in the knowledge of the subject. I also like to have fun in my lessons, so there will be constant interaction so it can help you remember the notes. You will also learn different memorization methods.

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Microbiologist with a Master's in Monmouth wants to tutor you in biology

I hold a Master's in Biology and have over 3 years working as an Industrial Microbiologist for large companies. I have my Bachelor's in Biology from the University of Southern Mississippi, my Master's in Biology from the University of Mississippi, and I attended Northern Arizona for 3 years for my PhD in ecology that I did not finish at the time.

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Science Tutor for all levels and all areas. Plants, microbes, biology galore!

I have a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Horticulture from Montana State University. I am looking to continue my education with a masters in Plant Pathology in the next couple years. My strengths are in Science, Biology and Physiology, but am also proficient at reading and writing.

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Learn to understand Biology through interactive approach! Don't just memorize! Located in Hockessin, Delaware.

Previous UD Biology and Botany instructor with PhD and Biotechnology experience! I value teaching methods and approaches that help students understand the living world such as concept mapping, diagramming, primary literature exploration, modeling, etc.

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College graduate with a BS in Biology, looking to help students out in the D.C. Area

I graduated from Birmingham-Southern (2016) in Biology with minors in chemistry and history. I took a wide variety of classes, ranging from field botany, physiology, environmental ecology, and advanced cell. I am focused on the mechanisms behind evolution and cellular function, and aim to have students feel comfortable in explaining their functions to me.

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Biology student with human research experience offering lessons/tutoring in College/Univ Prep, Zoology, Botany, and more. I am located in Orlando, Florida, and would be more than happy to provide tuto

My teaching method is one which keeps a structured presentation of information and works on the basis of repetition for enhanced memorization of topics, and I also believe in providing most of the information ahead of time for it to be easier for students to keep up and add notes within the information already given, making studying easier and more streamlined.

Grand Junction
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Biologist with a specialty in aquatics offering lessons in the Grand Junction, CO area

My teaching methods are based on the individual to maximize learning potential. Students will learn and master the necessary skills for all science based classes. All students that are searching for a better understanding in biology can rely on me for guidance for; learning concepts, excel, word, power point, and other skills necessary to the degree.

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Recent college graduate looking to tutor in middle or high school sciences.

My teaching method is by demonstrating and collaboration. I believe every student can succeed even when a little extra help is necessary. One student's way of learning may not be the same as another, and my approach reflects that fact.

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New Jersey High School Biology Teacher with 18 Years Experience Teaching All Levels

I pride myself on using multiple teaching strategies to help students understand a concept. I teach towards the student's strengths (auditory, visual, etc.) and plan my lesson based on what will work best for that individual. I have experience working with students that have IEPs and have learned how to meet the needs of each type of learner.

Lake Stevens
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I am a student offering lessons in biology, animal sciences, world history, English, French, and visual art/music up through highschool/college level! :) I am an enthusiastic young adult very excited

I try to approach teaching in a fun, inventive way, and always adapt my teaching methods to accommodate each individual's learning style.

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High Quality Biology Tutoring- Get the Best Grades You Can Today and Master Science!

Bachelor's Degree in Biology. Specializes in biochemistry, pharmacology, cell biology, botany and genetics. I currently work in pharmacy and would like to help you effectively learn any topic in the life sciences. I like to use metaphors to simplify complicated scientific concepts and will be patient under any circumstances.

1st lesson offered free !

Dynamic Biology Tutor w/ Master's of Science - Molecular to Ecosystem Knowledge

As a tutor, I have a strong tendency to use visuals to help students better grasp concepts. I believe in mastering the basics and not moving forward until the necessary groundwork is understood. I have an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science and a Master's of Science in Biology. I am constantly trying to learn new subjects on my own and I am passionate about sharing my knowledge.

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