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New Braunfels
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Veteran educator with 25+ years of experience offers English as a Second Language Tutoring

I utilize direct teaching and facilitated learning in tandem to deliver proficiency-based instruction to my students, both secondary students and adults. My goal is to assist you in understanding that languages can only be learned, not taught. What is practiced outside of the tutoring session is just as important as the material that I will present to my students.

Los Angeles
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International Professional Will Help You Improve Your English Business Conversation and Communication

I would ask any student what they want to learn and listen carefully to their needs and desires -- then do my best to give them custom help tailored specifically to what they want and help them achieve those goals.

Los Angeles
(2 reviews)
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Professional writer with 10 years experience teaches writing, reading comprehension in Los Angeles

My teaching methods are determined by the students, in that I find younger students or those with weaker skills require a more structured classroom. Those students that are are college-aged, recent grads or early professionals tend to receive a more curated approach, one that seeks to administer to their experience, goals and weak points.

(2 reviews)
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I will help you create, write & edit compelling,English-language documents on virtually any topic.

I am the author/producer of 30+ non-fiction books and and also am a retired professor of International Management for the University of Texas at Dallas. I will help you improve your proficiency in written English using learning methods & tools that are directly relevant to your business and professional objectives.

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Learn English from a well- experienced ESL/Business English teacher face to face or online

My teaching method is PPP (Present/Practice/Produce). Presentation is where I present the language target, then followed by Practice. This is where I model the target language and guide the students in using it. The last stage is production stage. This is where the student uses the target language independently, and the last stage is giving feedback or corrections.

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Accent-free English & flawless writing for business or romance—decades experience! Fun 1-on-1 or small professional group hosted by discrete published author in Harvard Square.

I love helping professionals feel confident and happy expressing clear thoughts and emotions in writing, and without an accent. First, in a fun question & answer session, we identify your goals and priorities. That way, we swiftly shape the class to your specific needs.

Hobe Sound
(8 reviews)
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Brasileira with Masters Degree, living in United States gives English lessons online.

Hi, I'm Patty from Brazil. I did my graduation in Business Management in Brazil and I did study in Ireland, England, and China, now I'm living in U.S. I used to teach my students basic principles in second language acquisition, set up English speaking and special the listening. I'm more ESL teaching.

(3 reviews)
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Super-experienced tutor helps internationals overcome language hurdles (problems) in writing &/or speaking.

My methodology absolutely begins with the individual student--his/her specific history concerns, hopes, and goals. After speaking with the student (via Skype or in person) and discussing these issues and the student's schedule, and (generally) giving the student a test to assess his/her level, I create a general plan that the student changes, if needed, and then approves.

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Let's talk! Enjoyable lessons, excellent results. Call me. Let's begin planning your lessons.

I have been teaching in colleges, language centers and online since 2005. I design interesting, effective lessons for my students. We have fun learning. We can specialize in: - Listening (stories, news, job interviews, etc.) - Speaking (phones, small talk, business English, etc.) - Reading (news stories, job advertisements, etc.) - Writing (e-mail, job applications, Facebook, etc.

(2 reviews)
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Online English Teacher/Tutor/Educator I reside in the city of Johannesburg in South Africa

This would be extremely interactive and engaging. At the students pace however, still challenging the student to raise their level and abilities based on my analysis during each lesson.

(3 reviews)
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English teacher with more than 3 years experience teaching conversational and academic English to non-native and native speakers! I'm excited to meet you and start working to improve your English!

I do a great job at mediating lessons and ensuring the student has ample talk time to practice whatever we are studying. I will work with the student to set clear goals and provide an achievable, structured curriculum that we can work through together.

West University Place
(2 reviews)
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Dynamic ESL Instructor with 17 years of experience offering engaging and effective English lessons

My motto as an educator is, “If they’re not learning, you’re not teaching.” This idea is at the core of my teaching philosophy. I am most interested in the teaching and learning process and how the traditional limits of these pursuits can be challenged.

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A dedicated and experienced English Language teacher with TEFL / TESOL / TEYL /CTBE/ IELTS teaching Certificates

My teaching philosophy is patience, guidance, encouragement, and respect are the ways to achieve academic success. As an educator, my goal is to ensure that every student has a learning environment where they feel optimistic, enthusiastic and supported. Also, I believe in keeping each tutoring session professional and confidential with mutual respect and collaboration between tutor and the student.

Long Beach
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Writing Tutor for All Ages in Long Beach Area with Over Ten Years' Experience

I love to engage my students in the joy of writing by finding out what interests them, what some of there concerns are, and to start from there in expanding their writing skills. I believe that everyone can write, and write well. They just need a little encouragement and coaching.

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Native speaker available for test prep and business English tutoring. I have 15 years experience an MA and California teaching credential.

I base my lessons on each student's needs. I have audio lessons for listening practice, have created exercises for reading comprehension, and will design activities based on you! I have recently published books designed to teach reading and vocabulary.

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Energy Trader with a degree in Modern Languages. I am a native English speaker from London currently living in Mexico City with experience teaching English as a Foreign Language.

I am an energetic and fun teacher with experience teaching kids up to adults in the UK and Spain. My style is engaging and focuses on making students learn whilst having fun. Depending on the level of the student, I can cater more interactive or more learning- based exercises through a variety of methodologies including music and poetry.

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Excellent ESOL Tutor In Maryland-Delaware-Virginia Area; Lessons In Person Or Online & Tailored To Your Needs

I earned a 1981 Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish from Salisbury University in Salisbury, Maryland. This included a language immersion program at Universitat de Valencia in Spain. I also took a 3-month Oxford Seminar course at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, in 2008 entitled "Teaching English to Speakers of Other Second Language/Teaching English as a Foreign Language".

(2 reviews)
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TEFL certified English teacher to foreign students from all over the world! . Most of my learners are children from(China, Japan, Thailand) and also adults ,who's in need of specific business language

Materials: I prefer working with handcrafted and authentic materials ,ex : pictures or anything you can possibly touch, feel or see. ESA lesson plan : ¹Engaging stage: to get you thinking and talking in English, ex: guess who am I? game; brainstorm or music activities etc. ²Study stage : teaching the target language by using worksheets, scramble words, fill the gaps, etc.

(3 reviews)
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Teacher in San Diego, gives English lessons and tutoring online. All ages and levels welcome! I guarantee to improve your English, sign up today!

I take a student-centered approach, and I plan lessons to meet students' goals and needs accordingly. My classes are centered around student participation and engagement in order to facilitate conversation, thus, more practice speaking English.

Pacific Grove
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I have been teaching ESL for 20 years in a number of situations. Let me help you get where you want to go.

I base my teaching on what students want to achieve. When I first meet a student; I find their level, goals and trouble spots. I then develop individualized curriculum that helps them meet those goals. My overarching goal is for my students to speak English with confidence.

1st lesson offered free !

English teacher in California (TEFL certified). Online or in person, teenagers to adults.

I am a native English speaker (an American from California). I hold a bachelor's degree in Finance, as well as a TEFL certificate. I seek to teach adults (age 18+), from all levels (beginner to advanced). In addition, I also studied French and level of French is intermediate.

1st lesson offered free !

As a world traveler I have had many first hand opportunities to see the huge benefits of being bilingual. I speak, read and write English and Spanish fluently, and am TEFL-TESOL Certified to teach Eng

I enjoy teaching one-to-one lessons because it allows me to tailor the learning towards your specific goals and interests as a student. I look forward to the opportunity to empower your students learning goals with my energy and creativity. I am very friendly and outgoing and Look forward to working with you very soon.

New Britain
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Canadian E.S.L. teacher with master degree and teaching experience offering online tutoring.

Communicative language teaching is my teaching methodology. I believe that students should learn how to use English grammar in real life situations. First, the students should learn the basic grammar rules and then they should be given the opportunity to use the grammar. For example, if I wanted students to practice the past tense, I would ask the students about their weekend.

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Tuscaloosa, AL Area-Literature/Writing/Composition/Vocabulary /Paper Writing Tutor for ALL AGES! BA/MFA, TEACHING EXPERIENCE

I am a composition/literature/writing instructor at the University of Alabama and Shelton State Community College. I've been teaching for around 7 years. I've worked with students of many ages, backgrounds and writing abilities. I like to communicate one on one with my students to ensure they understand the subject.

Coral Gables
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The most patient and dedicated English/Spanish tutor you will find who will get you where you want.

12+years teaching from very young children to demanding executives, both face to face or using the internet via an online platform, Skype or Webex. I have taught English, Spanish, ISO 900 and International Conflict Resolution.

1st lesson offered free !

University English professor with 20 years of experience offers academic and business writing lessons online

I have 20 years of experience teaching freshman Composition, Advanced Composition, Advanced Professional Writing, Literary Theory, and African American literature courses at the university level. I have a Ph. D. in English from The University of Alberta.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional online ESL teacher for young kids, teenagers and business professionals seeking to improve their English linguistics

I love having a relaxed and comfortable learning atmosphere with my students in order for my students to be engaged and participate to the fullest in my classrooms. With students who are seeking knowledge of general English, my students and I will typically discuss topics range from any walk of life including sports, movies, pop cultures and general everyday topics.

Salt Lake City
1st lesson offered free !

Native English Speaker with Southern California Accent. You cannot get more American sounding than that!

Emphasis on figurative language, metaphoric language and popular idioms. Use diametric instructional methods, leading students to the correct understanding by guiding what they know already to the new piece of knowledge. Implement and utilize Blooms Taxonomy developing critical original thinking from the student.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Plano Engineer turned Certified ESL Teacher wants to help you improve your English for everyday life.

Each lesson will incorporate reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills all at once, relating to a theme that is important for them to know since you are immersed in American culture. Being able to have an understanding of the culture your children experience at school or to be able to participate in the culture at work keeps you motivated to learn.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

A graduated Linguistics student with ESL certificate in Paramus, NJ. Let's Learn!

I believe the best way to teach English is from the bottom up. That is, from student to teacher. The teacher is a guide. I base my teaching on how advanced the student is in the language and subject area. We will learn by reading, writing, and speaking. We will be able to arrange a meeting place since the learning environment is very important.

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Perfect! The kindest and sweetest professor I’ve ever met online! She is truly skilled in many fields and generous with suggestions! I really recommend her to everyone who wants to learn and improve!

Ginevra, student
1 year ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! María es una excelente profesora nativa. Se adapta perfectamente a las necesidades del alumnado y sabe guiar tus estudios para sacar el máximo rendimiento en muy poco tiempo. La recomiendo totalmente para todos los niveles de inglés y para todas...

Jonathan, student
2 years ago
(13 reviews)

Perfect! Bill is both a nice person and effective teacher. He is easy to talk with and focuses on forming a good relationship with the student. Based on students' needs, he creates new customized teaching methods on the fly and ensures the specific...

Xin, student
2 years ago

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