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Winter Garden
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Computer Programming expert with over 30 years of software engineering experience and over 25 years of part-time teaching experience at Rochester Institute of technology seeking to empower minds wanti

I am a Software Engineer who loves to design and code software applications that solve real world problems. I have also been an adjunct professor who has taught 1000's of students over 25 years both in a classroom and on line. My greatest joy in teaching and mentoring students is knowing that I have given them skills that they can use on the job.

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Software developer with 10 years of experience inside Unity and Unreal Engine 4.

I teach by example and love to answer questions. Give me a problem or ask a questions and we can dive right into what it takes to help you understand what is going on. Currently my efforts are for beginners/those aspiring to become programmers in game development.

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Computer programmer with more than 20 years of experience in IT field. More than 12 years being associate professor.

Based on standard academic courseware being conducted following live examples and step by step practices handled for each topic by the help of student.

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.Net & C# software developer with 5 year of experience offering class

· Effectively able to plan classroom lectures and prepare learning assessments in advance · Ability to conduct interactive learning sessions and manage the class properly · Ability to solve student doubts and queries · Ability to understand and deliver student needs aptly · Skilled in conducting fun, engaging and interactive lessons

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Computer Expert will travel to you. Delaware Valley. I believe every student can be successful.

I teach high school and college students. I use course book materials. And also on-line web sites. I will also provide the best learning content depending on the language to be learned. My goal is for students to discover the joy of learning new and useful things. I am convinced that every student can be successful.

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I am a software engineer with more than 15 years of experience offering programming languages lessons in San Diego

I think the best and biggest achievement throughout my working life is to have completed to, the satisfaction of my clients, all the projects that I have been commissioned. My clients have been very happy with the final product, be it an application, a website, a dashboard, or a class that they received.

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Computer Science Web Application Analysis Programmer and Mentor with 6 years experience

My teaching methodology is to have the student understand the subject/topic with both explanations and problem-solving skills and lesson plans are to start from basic and then stepwise increasing the expertise level on the lesson topics and revising the issues learned frequently

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Oracle Corp. software engineer offering CS fundamentals, C# development, or iOS development lessons

I've taught high school students computer science fundamentals through Microsoft's TEALS program, but I'm comfortable tutoring anyone willing to learn. During a session, I will introduce new material and address any blockers the student may have with it. Then, I let the student put their new knowledge to practice (e.g. pseudo-code implementation, building quick module and running, etc.).

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C# .net Developer over 12 years of real-time experience and tutoring experience

I will help the students to learn the language from basics and advanced in an practical environment with sophisticated examples and pocs

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CodingTutor#2019 Experience in working and mentoring of fresher in coding world. To code as life.

Step by step knowledge transfer from basic to advanced of SDLC. Teaching to test error handling and checking the coding standards.

Las Vegas
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Microsoft Certified Trainer offering software / coding classes online , virtual and in person.

I offer classes at all levels : -Basic to Advanced -Group or Individual -Corporate or Private -Virtual or Classroom Features : -Flexible Schedule -Cost effective Training -Personalized Training Plan

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Technical Sr. Project Manager with 14 years of experience in computer science field.

My teaching method is based on real problems using the best practices up to date as well as standards defined by the industry.

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B.Sc Information System Engineering gives lessons in different programming languages, platforms and technologies. Lessons for new programmers of all types, college students, high school students, or

B.Sc Information System Engineering at the Jordan Valley College, Israel. 2009 - 2013 I am a programmer with a wide knowledge in different programming languages, platforms, and technologies. My programming knowledge includes: C, C#, Java, OOP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, XML, XAML and others subjects.

Coral Springs
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Computer Programming Specialist - If You Want an Experience, Passionate, Extraordinaire Professional, I am Your Man.

Taught online (Blackboard) and traditional computer science courses to undergraduate college students. Instructed computer programming and development to students and gave knowledge on the basic debugging, as well as applications deployment. Developed new subjects and programs in conjunction to the Computer Science course, geared to enhance the learning experience.

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I am an advanced Computer programming trainer in Java, C++ and C

I have a Bachelor degress on Computer science from University of Central Oklahoma and a Masters degree in computer science from Bowie State University. I and a Microsoft Certified Professional and possess very other computer related certifications. I am a good programming Tutor.

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Online computer science tutor- basic computer science,programming, c+ +, asp.net,QA, testing

I am a software engineer with engineering degree and 3 years of industry experience. I am ready to teach the basics of computer, computer programming , C, C++ ,ASP.net and QA methodologies. I am based in Seattle and prefer to take the classes online.

San Francisco
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Over 20 years professional experience developing web & mobile apps and ten teaching

I like hands on mentoring using real world examples. I can teach in person or online via Skype, TeamViewer, etc. I am also available for phone consultation. I like to mentor individuals and small groups. Regular classes and sessions can arranged at package rate.

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Computer Programmer with senior level experience that teaches in Eastvale California that teaches all ages

Hi! I'm Kyle, I like to program. My main languages are C++/C# I use C++ for Windows API Programming and Windows Core System Development.

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Software Engineer with 20+ years of experience working in with Hollywood's top media companies.

I believe the simulation is the way to learn. I provide my students with the knowledge and the tools to get them up and coding fast. I encourage students to explore and make mistakes as that's the only way to become a great developer.

San Francisco
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Tech professional with over ten years experience offering web & mobile dev lessons in San Francisco.

I prefer hands teaching but am also available to teach online. I have taught at the college level in the SF Bay Area for about ten years to students ranging from 14 years old to 80. I am very easy going and try to customize my lessons to the student.

Deerfield Beach
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A Software Engineer with 6 years experience that loves to make websites, apps, and games

I prefer the Montessori way of doing things, in that you best learn about a subject from a fun project that a student comes up with.

West Chester Township
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Computer Science sophomore having learned for 4 years offering classes in C# and Java

My classes revolve around step by step coding demos along with some powerpoints to help explain more complicated coding ideas. Any questions will be answered immediately and help will be given whenever wanted. Help with personal projects will also be included.

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Recent College Graduate and Software Engineer with 2 years of professional experience offering lessons in Computer Science in the Greater Seattle Area.

I would characterize my teaching methodology as very interactive. Rather than just throwing out content about a specific concept, I would rather sit down and work through problems with you to gauge your understanding of the concept. Typically, I would assign some sort of "homework" where I ask the student to do some prior research and initial investigation prior to the lesson.

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Experienced Software Engineer and Programming Tutor Located In Florida - Here to Help Remotely

I am a software engineer with a B.S. in Computer Information Systems. Programming is very theoretical. I teach using analogies, drawings, and by giving more down to earth explanations of how programming data structures work.

Los Angeles
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IT professional and veteran offering lessons in computer programming in Los Angeles...

The structure of my lessons are completely driven by the student... My style of teaching imparts a balance of theory, principles and real world applications on every topic to my student... I can easily adapt and work with any type of student having varying degrees of knowledge to a novice to someone who just wants to enjoy taking a new subject in their career...

(10 reviews)

Professor Flash, AS3, Access, PHP, MySQL, Dreamweaver, VBA, C, C #, .NET, C ++, Java, Pascal in Paris and suburbs

Solution 1: You survived until then. Persevere, there is no reason to change that. Solution 2: Buy the encyclopaedia for Dummies. Remember aspirin without her it could get worse. Solution 3: Call me. A few hours may be enough to make you win many more. PHP, MySQL, VBA (Access, Excel), C, C ++, Flash, AS3 You lack knowledge? Solution 1: You survived until then.

(14 reviews)

Computer science engineer provides programming courses : C / C ++ OBJ-C C # Java Python

Whether you want to introduce yourself to programming or you need help for your computer sciense class i can provide courses at every level. I always put the concepts studied in perspective with real life examples. I try to teach the student how to become autonomous.

(5 reviews)
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A programmer with 8 years of experience offers online education in C #, Java and general programming topics

I teach C# and Java concepts, as well as universal, language-agnostic programming concepts such as application design. I work with each student individually to provide the teaching style that's best suited for them, whether that's simply walking through the problems informally, giving presentations, or using a very hands-on exercise approach.

(1 review)
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Programming courses (Java, c #, php, html, css) with a student in the last year of computer science

Studying computer science, I attach particular importance to the popularization of the sometimes complicated concepts of programming while trying to draw parallels with everyday life. I will be able to adapt myself to the student in order to make the best of himself.

Javier matias
(7 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Experience programmer, I offer courses in Java, C #, JavaScript, HTML and Angular

My teaching method is very practical, I prefer to give a basic theoretical concept and then reinforce it with many practical exercises. I also help so that they can finish with homework, of any level.

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Perfect! Daniel is an amazing tutor and dives deep into details. He makes sure that I understand every step beforehand and his explanations are clear and accurate. Daniel helped me to understand some JavaScript concepts which I struggled with and I already...

Olia, student
2 months ago
(1 review)

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