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Teacher offering classes that push your talents outside the box of traditional education

I love education. I enjoy learning and teaching. I feel that education is a two way street that requires participation on both sides (Teacher and Student). When I'm teaching, I learn things as well. I'm willing to teach anyone how to draw, how to write, or how to create.

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5 years of experiences in Chinese teaching to all ages in Middletown, NY

My teaching methodology is based on interactions with students. I guide students to understand the Chinese culture, learn skills and enjoy language study. I will teach those who have passed elementary Chinese( e.g. able to write 100 Chinese characters) to improve their Chinese or enduring understanding of Chinese culture.

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Calligrapher for past 3 years and have taught numerous classes to high school students

My teaching method is first having students look at different types of calligraphy pieces and fonts then picking a basic pre-gothic font then working towards that. They will learn to illuminate their works and discern what type of illumination works best for their piece. My focus is primarily medieval Roman Catholic illuminations but other areas will be focused on as well.

Shelby charter Township
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Artsy Instagramer helps you with your creativity, you can be your own picasso.

My teaching method is really personalised because i want to understand very well all of the art tecnics and individual process about my students, so but i have 6 moduls that i used for the base to teach the basic about creative process.

Saint Paul
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Architecture student offering drawing, calligraphy, and Spanish lessons based in Eagan, MN

I am currently studying architecture at Iowa State University. I give lessons to anyone who wants to better their handwriting or drawing skills. Even though I am not a native speaker of Spanish, language learning comes to me easily. I like to meet people one-on-one, because this gives me a good understanding of the individual. I can then see what their strengths and weaknesses are.

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• Mandala Drawings lover and teacher • Instagram influencer (sistexts & chaylinchanaga) • Venezuelan living in the US

I like to teach people based on how they are personally and their own way of learning, I don't like to have a specific way of teaching because everyone is different.

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10 years of experience gives calligraphy lessons to all who are interested"

Tell us more about yourself ️ What's your background? (40 mots minimum) 0/40 E.g. I am an engineer / dancer / student... I have been giving private lessons since... I have a degree in... What's your teaching methodology? (40 mots minimum) 0/40 E.g. My teaching method is ... I base my classes on ... I approach each topic by ...

San Jose
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Tattoo Artist teaching fundamentals to advanced Drawing as well as painting classes

In arts teaching has to be very open to flexibility and adaptability. I believe in giving a common goal and letting students flourish their own creativity.

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Master Artist teaching: Drawing I, Drawing II, Oil Painting, Watercolor, Calligraphy, and Cartooning,

I have taught interdisciplinary and multi-culturally at the University level at the University of Montemorelos, Mexico, Indiana University, where I taught Design and Southern University where I taught Drawing I, Drawing II, and the entire Art Education program. I teach using a hands on and down to earth approach and make things fun.

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Itty Bitty Art Company- Private Art Lessons for the young and Inspired

I have been painting for five years professionally and have taken art classes since a young child. I am currently attending Academy of Art University to get my bachelors in Art Education and plan on also getting a degree in Art Therapy. My plans are to teach anyone and everyone who is inspired to become an artist, because anyone can do anything the put their heart and soul into.

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Collegiate art major helps beginning students of all ages hone in their artistic abilities

I am a senior art education major (with minors in literature and philosophy) with experience giving private art lessons to beginner and intermediate students. Students generally start with a basic overview of abilities and discussion of what they wish their end goal to be. We then move into the basic techniques for a specific medium.

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Drawing, Painting, Comics, Design, Calligraphy, UpState-Ny, Bachelors-Fine Arts, MFA in progress progress

Hello! I am an Adirondack Artist. I give lessons to all ages. I teach drawing and hope to teach other classes. I have my Bachelor's in Fine Arts but am not tied to a university so I do not provide official diplomas but I can help teach you how to master the art of drawing! Each week I will provide the necessary info to complete the weekly drawing assignment.

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Spanish Tutor in the Kasilof area, including Kenai and Soldotna. ESL as well

I graduated in 1997 majoring in humanities and they I graduated as an English as a second language teacher. My goal is for you to understand, speak, read and write Spanish.

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Hi! My nickname is arty-farty. I have taught FUN art for almost 40 years, so, maybe my nickname should be art-forty. AND I mean "FUN" art. That's why I'm also called "happy Pattie." I would love for y

I have mainly given art instruction to middle schoolers. Since I retired from that, I have been instructing art to pre-K through 5th graders. My lessons for instruction are demonstrated through the use of art history (not too much), techniques, use of media (materials) exploration, self-expression, and hands-on activities.

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Art student with 10 years of experience giving art lessons in NY to all ages

My teaching methods are to give demonstrations to the class, and offer a more visual learning experience. I also include personal experiences and advice to my students they would benefit from. I give lessons to anyone from a beginners level to intermediate levels.

(4 reviews)

Professor of drawing, painting, decoration gives lessons near Paris, Enghien (départements 93, 95, 75)

A graduate of a BTS in Textile Arts and Impression obtained in 1993 at the ENSAAMA -Paris, I am for more than 20 years artist painter, textile designer, painter in decor and I also give drawing and painting courses. I like to be able to pass on my knowledge to a single student as well as to a group.

Senhora da Hora
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Watercolor artist and fine-art illustrator teaches beginners in Porto (Senhora da Hora).

My teaching method is very simple and practical, the student has the freedom to put all the necessary questions to be able to accomplish its objective in the area of ​​drawing and watercolor. Sometimes if necessary I take classes outdoors to develop the sense of observation.

New Delhi
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Drawing, calligraphy, fine art classes for toddlers to 12th graders by Niftian

I base my class on the interest and prior knowledge of the individual. I do not limit my class to a single zone of teaching and delve into all the areas that connect heart with art. Art has no definition, in the same manner I cannot define the teaching techniques and methods that I use.

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Art and Design tutor specialising in 2D and 3D freehand and computer graphic design

Whether working with groups or individuals I like to explore the potential of each student. This may include team or individual projects with emphasis on the needs of each student whether they have some experience or complete beginners.

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A young textile design practitioner (currently student) teaching art and design lessons.

My teaching method is mostly practical. First, I give a short historic and technical brief about the form of art. This helps the student get introduced to the subject. Then, a demonstration helps them understand the process. There sure are some tricks to achieve a certain result and ways to fix the mistakes. At the end, you will have a skill and a beautiful work of art to take back.

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Student of Architecture and Urbanism willing to give classes drawing and representation of object. (I've studied architecture and urban planning long before I started college)

Hi, i'm Alisson, I study Architecture and Urbanism, and I want to develop the creative capacity of the student, and if the student intends to enter into an activity that uses illustrative design, he or she can already take the right measures so that he does not make mistakes in future.

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if you are passionate , join me... best place for artists , you tubers , bloggers

As an artist we should always start from the story that we wish to develop and then apply that to get the best of it. learn the basics and apply regularly and practice that will help you to bacome a pro.

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Graphic Design lecturer with twelve years of college teaching experience from Level 1 to HND.

Lessons are tailored to meet your individual requirements. Whether it's coming into your office to help you find your way around a new Mac, to working through a required work task. Initial screening hand out to find out your ability and individual requirements so I can build a lesson to suit.

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UOW Computer Science student gives chinese calligraphy lessons for high school student and UOW student in Wollongong

The students who have interets in chinese culture and can enjoy the calligraphy learning process are my main focus and I am glad to teach all students if they like my lessons. The structure of my lesson is divided into three parts. 1. Checking homework. 2. Introducing some useful method to improve the knowledge and practices 3. Assigning homework.

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Art Therapist and 15 years experienced Art Teacher to run art workshops

My Teaching methodology is Inquiry based where I encourage my students to explore their desires, passions and interests when creating and expressing themselves through art. There is no need for Art experience as my classes are intuitive and non judgemental.

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My idea of Heaven is to wake up, had a good breakfast and spend the rest of the day "Drawing".

As an art teacher working with students, some of my classroom time was spent in trying to teach drawing skills in the hope that by improving the children's graphic skills they would be able to draw more freely and fluently.

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Visual Arts in the South Niagara Area - Chris Summerhayes Professional Artist

I like teaching small groups of students. Lots of doing and not so much listening. I will take what you have to learn and make it in to what you want to learn and do. I will give directed teaching with specific examples and then lots of support to see the way though to success.

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Previously art student, with vast knwledge in all fine arts techniques (acrylic, watercolour, graphite, oils..etc) Because life is all about improvement, I'd absolutely love to share my knowledge with

Students will be introduced to one of the basic elements of art color, pagination and perspective through analysis of famous artworks, analyzing types of lines will help students to understand how artists use line to recreate movement and mood, or shape, technique, textures. All this are the base of a good artist and by understanding this things you have the key to success.

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Perfect! I've been tutoring with Kaiwen over 15 weeks for Chinese Calligraphy and I'm confident in recommending him if you want to learn this subject from a professional. He's been practicing calligraphy since very young age and has good artistic taste. He...

Grace, student
3 weeks ago
(2 reviews)

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Calligraphie is an ancient visual form of art that is about writing letters in a particular way. Ancient calligraphie was done with a broad tip instrument, a brush or dip pen dipped in dark ink. This form of art is still done today but very differently. It is mostly computerized with the decorative writing being used to pen invitations to festive occasions such as weddings. However, some specialist companies such as those specializing in designing cards for events do it by hand. Perhaps calligraphie intrigues you and you would like to learn it and make a business out of creating cards for events. What might faze you is finding someone who can teach you how to do it. SuperPROF knows several people in your area who can teach you. SuperPROF is a US-based website that connects students to selected, qualified teachers offering private lessons. The teachers cover a collective total of 250 subjects. You can use SuperPROF to find calligraphie teachers offering private calligraphie lessons and lessons in other arts. You can also find a painting tutor, drawing and photography teachers and tutors offering leather craft lessons. Get onto SuperPROF and learn to do calligraphy that Shakespeare would have been proud of.