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Sugar Land
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Best Life Skills with a Great Life Coach Thank You Judge Ruiz

I use the Socratic Method. My approach is to lead students to learn to think by a process of elimination of obviously incorrect choices. Through this process of choice and elimination, I train students to quickly improve their decision skills.

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Experienced English teacher Texas Certified Educator/ grades 6-12 great teacher

I am Damisha Gilstrap. I am a Texas certified Educator with six years of teaching experience. I have a BA/English Secondary Education, a MS/ Education Literature & Language. I have taught for six years and am a very patient individual. I will go above and beyond to make sure my students meet their learning goals.

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Love playing cards and have experience To teach you what I know

I base my classes on a lots of practices and communication with other students. I give Some home work and no test.

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Gaming Instructor: Chess, Poker, Scrabble and other board and card games, Euro games in particular.

I have a PhD in math from UC Berkeley, a Master's degree in physics from the University of Chicago, and a Bachelor's degree in physics from the University of Michigan. In addition, I have take several courses in programming and have learned basic Web development.

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Experienced card player teaches others how to play all types of fun card games

I have been playing cards since I was about 9 years old. My family is really big on cards so I learned how to play very early on.

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Tutoring of new levels, where student surpasses that from whom was educated and abkve average knowledge is given or shown and exemplified

Highschool Graduate 2010 overachieved and rarely surpassed. ROTC military preparation classes. I'm also a natural gamer, whether it be video or card games onto more educational sports and organized physically based & sorted ball or objective games and activities.

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English International Professional Player, won tournaments in ACBL, UK, Japan, Mainland Europe - lessons available online or to play in tournaments

For more experienced players looking to improve, we could play together on BBO or in a face to face tournament and then go through the hands afterwords looking for interesting points. For newer players I could give more structured lessons.

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Beginners Bridge for those people wanting to learn this wonderful card game

I use a textbook which follows ACOL, the most popular of all of the Bridge methods of bidding. We usually play whist first which gives a flavour of the playing of the game and then move onto learning the basics of how to evaluate a hand, both in terms of strength of high cards and also of length and strength of suits in the hand.

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Teaches you the best card games simply and make you a master in it

By using simple tricks and techniques and understanding others game play and strategy teach you the beat card games for you.

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When we study a lot we also need to relax our brain for that we need to play a little game.

My teaching method is i go with the basics first then i give test and take test frequently to check the progress ...

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I can teach you build a 10, stomach and bullshit. You will be the ultimate master or these games after I'm done with you.

I basically break down the components of the games and then explain them over and over until the person understands.

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Former student offering a high level of tutoring in History and English.

I approach my lessons enthusiastically, gripping those involved. Read from a book, review and interactive studies.

Maraimalai Nagar
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Play the best of rummy with my easy way of play and intelligence

I teach based on hands on experience by allowing you to play before me and teach you all the tactics

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Learn advanced card magic tricks and mentalism effects with my take on classic effects

Step by step explanation and handling of trick along with experts tips and practise with different slides and props ,

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1st lesson offered free !

Card player with great experience, I know all card and casino games

Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker Poker

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I am playing Poker since last 5 years. Always have a good grasp of it and would like to share my understanding and knowledge of the game to groom you in the best possible way.

The method would be very very much in depth detail about the different hands. More importantly on the hands which you will be holding and what decision to take after that. A step by step procedure on what to think, what all possibilities or chance you might be having, and finally how to act or how much to act. A whole lot of hand by hands will be discussed and how to go about it.

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Your last game will be start in any time so lets play

Ur try my free class and check my skills I tech very well try it I believe in my self

1st lesson offered free !

Card game students helping you with it from Essex. Play loads of card games since I was little.

I base my class on a specific topic or game each lesson and see what level people are playing at.

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Semi-professional player offers poker courses face-to-face or via webcam. How win in poker.

Player having lived poker for several years, I interfer today between studies, poker, and chess games. My courses are mainly for beginner tournament or cash game players, up to players initiated for tournament players and learn how to win poker in the long term. My winnings are around 30,000euros in tournaments and 10,000 in cash games.

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Black jack teaching. cards are one of the most intresting things anyone can do

firstly u should know how to hold ur cards. it starts from there and there are so many calculations all over. i wil make them very easy to u in no matter of time.

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Better to improve your skills otherwise you are wasted in your life

I will teach you by very easy method of any game .

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