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Teacher offering classes that push your talents outside the box of traditional education

I love education. I enjoy learning and teaching. I feel that education is a two way street that requires participation on both sides (Teacher and Student). When I'm teaching, I learn things as well. I'm willing to teach anyone how to draw, how to write, or how to create.

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Doctoral student with 14 years experience is giving Art lessons in Buffalo NY

I use various painting mediums but mostlt avrylic and water colors. I provide a strong foundation in drawing. Classes would be for 60 to 90 minutes. I teach primary and secondary school age student but also high school and adults.

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Drawing & Illustration student with 3 years of college experience excited to help other art students!

In the past when I have been asked to show somebody how to execute a certain technique, I always go ahead and demonstrate visually, and explain my process or way of thinking as I am doing this.

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Professional Illustrator/Fine Artist with 22 years experience in traditional and graphic art creation.

My teaching method is principle based. Starting with fundamental art skills to build on for beginners. Then step by step I teach students to add more understanding for each level throughout each step. For intermediate and advance artists, I apply methods for maturing skills into focus and vision for more clarity in art.

Santa Clarita
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Illustration graduate from the in the Los Angeles area with a focus in Entertainment.

I can be hyper involved when I need to be, but I believe its important to step back and guide through mistakes. I've learned through experience that its important to know when to step back, for a more productive lesson.

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Professional NY based Illustrator with over 10 years experience in digital painting, caricature, cartoon and traditional art. I speak fluent English, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

I will teach you the fundamentals of Drawing such as figure drawing and Anatomy. In addition to that you can learn how to do caricatures and cartoons.

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Professional Illustrator and Designer with over 25 years experience as an Illustrator and College level Teacher, working from Columbia, South Carolina

My teaching approach is, philosophically, a practical one. I understand the value of intense instruction, but, believe that without being a good listener, I am only a reciter of methods.

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Classically trained offering visual art strategies for dynamic results in Dallas.

My set of instructions is designed to eliminate intimidation, and to show how easy it is to take on new roles. The process of construction relates to understanding that dynamics comes from knowing how to complete small steps with the good faith of a big final result. A single letter is simple to learn and when added up makes up the alphabet and turns into words. Art is very similar in this way.

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Freelance Illustrator happy to share any tips and tricks I have learned

It will be like a constant critique and drawing session. A time to bounce ideas around and improve any skills you want to work on. My preferred mediums are graphite and Ink, and I have worked with everything else as well.

New York
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Party caricature artist with 4 years experience gives caricature drawing lessons in New York City

I first discuss with the student what they want to get out of the lessons. Each student is different, but my focus is on specific techniques, such as how to get a likeness, what features to look for in a subject, and different ways to draw those features.

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Illustrator/Digital Imaging, 45 combined years experience, from Austin area, online lessons.

Subject areas, from drawing to painting and digital imaging include basics through advanced. Color theory, hues and their relative values, and psychology of color covered in most subjects. Planned lessons, examples, exercises, downloadable tutorial notes. No obligation syllabus viewing prior to course acceptance.

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DIGITAL ARTIST Illustration graduate with enthusiasm for cartooning, character/costume design and concept art. 4+ years commission experience in Columbus, OH.

My main demographic for students would be middle school - high school, and college underclassmen. My method usually involves showing demos (Video/Online Screensharing), providing artistic research and resources for the student, and making test assignments and critiquing and providing notes on their work. I'm encouraging and friendly, but definitely push a student to challenge themselves.

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Master artist with twenty years experince, and ten years teaching high school and Advance Placement drawing 2D and design 2D.

I am a graduate of The University of Texas @Austin in Visual Arts Studies, Biology and Education. I am a certified Professional Visual Arts teacher and artist. I have taught private lessons in music and art. I have assisted choir at middle school level, taught 9 to 12 grade art, drawing, painting, sculpture, design , clay, and photography. I taught AP 2D Draw and AP 2D Design.

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Illustrator specializing in drawing people of multiple styles and have over 20 years experience.

My method is very hands on and employs the use of guides such as .pdf's. We focus on what you want while progressing toward your goal and having fun doing it. Lessons start off based on your current experience or talent level and will progress from there.

Round Lake
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Learn to draw with pencil and paper. Core concepts for any of your creative ideas! A Master of Arts degree at your service!

I approach everything by explaining the fundamental components of an illustration. Creating the primitive formatting, concepts, and technical characteristics that proceed into the final details. Explaining every step using your own research methods to create anything you want.

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Professional Artist providing drawing and painting lessons in Cincinnati tristate area with 18 years experience in home or on location.

Received Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with 18 years of experience working with children in schools and libraries, providing literacy and art programs through character development, drawing, painting and other mediums. My professional background is in children's books, editorial, and greeting card illustration. I also design and paint public and residential murals.

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Self taught creative young cartoon creator willing to teach all in Butte MT

Self taught starting at the age of eight and gaining experience since. Loving the practice & expanding said talent with every creation. Transferring from the imagination to a sheet of paper to create imagery both enjoyable & undoubtedly potential filled.

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Art Teacher with 15 years of experience offering art lessons at home in NY

My teaching method is planning lessons step by step using brainstorming as a thinking strategy to help students generate creative ideas and what they want to learn. Also my method related to the art therapy - the essence of which helps to unleash creativity of an individual.

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Practicing artist gives art lessons, drawing painting, art theory, art history, will open art to your eyes

I have a bachelor's in fine art from Rhode Island School of Design, in 1995. Have continued to study and produce work since graduation. My methodology is one where I'm not afraid to do and show. My skill and knowledge are my assets.

Kings County
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Professional artist who can help you reach your desired goals in art

Having a structured background in both fine art and Russian language and culture, I am able to offer instruction in both subjects in a format that can accommodate the specific demands of the student's individual style and approach to learning.

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Art Instructor with Art Degree teaching art for beginners of all ages.

I am a former high school art teacher. I wish to teach mostly drawing lessons in graphite. I can also paint with oils, acrylics, and watercolors. My instruction methods are step-by-step based upon how I approach each project.

Long Beach
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Passionate Illustrator with 9 years experience for Fun and Educational Art Classes

Since art also communicates stories and thoughts in a nonverbal form, she focuses on the opportunity for kids to display their thoughts, in turn build new neurological pathways for problem solving, express their feelings openly and enjoy the process of creation.

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Start-up freelance illustrator here to help you find your own unique style and make art easy

I like to teach in person or over skype. Hands on is the best way to learn, especially with art. I want to share everything I know with others to build their confidence and get them started on the right artistic path. I can teach basic entry level students or students with intermediate skills. I work with pencil, ink, and digital media. Art takes patience and persistence.

São Judas (São Paulo)
(13 reviews)
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Traditional Illustrator Artist teaches Manga Drawing, Watercolor in Practice in SP and ABC

My teaching method adapts to the level of the student that is, regardless if it is basic or advanced and we continue with classes separated by themes and we persist in the subjects that the student presents more difficulty. Use the student's hobbies to teach, making him comfortable and lively with development, always passing lessons for the day.

(8 reviews)
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Technician in audiovisual graphics and student of Fine Arts gives classes of plastic arts (illustration, drawing and painting) and graphic arts (Adobe Suite applied to the creation of motion graphics,

My teaching method is based mainly on the understanding of what is being worked on, yes I like to be organized and to carry a structure in order to fulfill the stated objective but always customizing it to the user.

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Award winning artist shares invaluable fundamental skills to pursue any art discipline.

I believe drawing underpins all art disciplines. I believe everyone can learn to draw. I believe art can play a crucial role in well-being. My teaching method is inclusive of all age groups and all personalities with a focus in developing each students individual style. Perfect for high school students wanting to develop skills to support their HSC outcomes.

North Parramatta
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Fulltime Working Illustrator and Animator giving Relevant Art and Animation Tutorials to Students and Hobbyists

My teaching method is very practical and hands-on with a lot of emphasis on smart, thoughtful, and structured practice. During most of the classes that I teach, I do. Which means that I do a lot of demonstrations and paint overs for the students showing them exactly step by step what needs to be done to complete the work.

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"Caricature with Attitude" Serious Tuition in the Art of Drawing Funny Faces

I pride myself on delivering highly entertaining and informative tuition. I am methodical in my preparation and spend a great deal of time devising a sylabus. My approach is very hands on, I discuss caricature theory, spending time demonstrating producing a live caricature of someone in the group, before letting the students loose on an unsuspecting subject.

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French Erasmus student at the Academy of Beaux-Arts in the city of Liège

I haven't a specific basic approach, it will depend mainly on what you want or need. The idea will be to build a method according to your expectations. I am patient and consider that the field of arts is accessible to all those who are be interested.

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Artist loves teaching children how to draw their favourite cartoon characters located in Oshawa!

I developed course plans and implemented interesting and interactive material to increase children’s understanding and skills in a broad range of art fundamentals. Set and communicated ground rules for the classroom based on respect and personal responsibility.

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