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I have also studied psychology which has helped to broaden not only my understanding of students but also to be eclectic. I am proud to have a Russian school from my idol, Slava Rostropovich, but I am aware of other approaches depending on the goals and needs of each student.

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Violist with 7 years of experience gives strings (violin, viola, cello) lessons and music theory

Born and raised in South Korea, I began my musical education with violin at age five and then with viola at ten. I went to Yewon Arts Middle School and Seoul Arts High School with viola. I won the Music Journal Competition and held my winner recital in Seoul, South Korea at age sixteen.

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Touring singer/songwriter from Portland, Oregon offers guitar lessons, songwriting and career coaching

Whether your goal is to master an instrument or become a great songwriter, it's mostly about immersing yourself in the music you love, and lots of woodshedding. However, occasional coaching sessions to keep you going in the right directions can be extremely useful. That's what I offer.

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Cello Lessons for Beginners and General Introduction to Music Reading. All Ages Welcome! (Missoula, MT & Surrounding)

I have been playing the cello for 17 years and originally intended to study in college until I found my true passion, which lies in medicine.

Cape May
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Cello teacher with a unique approach to classical technique and improvisation in Cape May Court House, New Jersey

I have a unique approach to cello technique. I have studied both in NYC and Philadelphia. I love working with motivated students at any level of playing. I am living in Cape May Court House for now and would be available for a lesson if you are interested. We could schedule a lesson in the evening. I charge 50 for an hour.

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College Student teaching from home. I do beginner to intermediate level tutoring.

My classes are usually based around the skill level of the player, and usually works with books such as the Suzuki cello books, Dotzhauer's etude work, and Klengel's scale book. I also encourage students to learn the music that they hear everyday on the cello to boost their motivation to play the instrument.

Glens Falls
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Cellist, Singer and Composer in New York Looking for students locally and internationally

My teaching technique draws largely from the work of Jerzy Grotowski, where we focus on freeing muscles of the body and breathing exercises before we play or sing. I believe that if we can free the body we can then, and only then reach the maximum potential as a player or singer.

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Cello teacher in Bozeman, Montana with 10 years experience, studied psychology and music in undergrad

I teach from a correct technique perspective and emphasis correct form as a primary building block. Music theory is a big part of my curriculum as well and studying music history is also encouraged.

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Orchestral, chamber, and soloist with 11+ years of experience to create a world of proud musicians

My teaching methods are based on Kodaly theory that music should be enjoyable. I want all my students to become the best musician they can be. Everyone learns different, so I strive to teach with multiple methods to best suit the student.

Fort Worth
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Instruments taught: guitar, bass, cello subjects taught: music composition, music theory, production

I teach all levels and all styles. lessons will be 30-45 minutes weekly, i will to the best of my abilities make sure you grow as a musician. come to me if you are seeking to boost your expression.

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Advanced high school cellist offering inexpensive lessons to beginner and intermediate students

I would like a chance to meet with students and see what their individual needs are before formulating a plan to allow them to improve. I encourage students to join a group, such as an orchestra or band, that will allow them to develop their skills as a musician and with other people.

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15 years experience as a music teacher. Private and group piano and cello lessons.

•I gave children postive reinforcement. •Planned curriculum, organized activities, communicated with parents and stuff. •regarding children's growth and development. •Music and thinking skills. •music and language.

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Classically trained cellist working toward her cello performance degree at Utah Valley University. More than 4 years of experience teaching + over 8 years of experience playing professionally!

I use the Suzuki approach, although I find the method when taken literally has many flaws that inhibit students learning and early musical growth. Because of that, I integrate many pedagogical methods into my teaching and coaching to allow students a more well-rounded knowledge of the instrument. (Although our lessons will springboard off of the popular Suzuki method books.

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Violist, violinist, and pianist with over 12 years of experience. Located in Huntsville AL.

My method of teaching revolves around my student's goals for themselves. I can teach classical but other genres as well.

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Cello player with 2 years of experience and can give lessons over the phone

My teaching method is to work at a pace that allows the student to work at a pace suitable for them but it still be affective

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A cellist with 6+ years of experience that can give the proper education for beginner players, and I can travel to homes in Orlando!

I teach based on what the skill level of the student is, and I go from mastering scales to concertos and and some musical theory

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Learn music with a Suzuki- and conservatory-trained musician with a decade of teaching experience!

My teaching is custom-fit to each student! Every student is different, so my approach is to assess what an particular learner needs, determine the way in which the student will best absorb new musical information, and proceed from there.

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Senor Undergraduate Student Teaches Cello and Music Theory: Elementary to College Level

I am a student as much as I am a teacher. I strive to ensure that my students will have a rewarding musical hobby, or an excellent lead into the professional music world. I always start by measuring ability and provide real classical pieces to improve technique and individual style.

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Future music educator. Cellist for about 5 years and senior in high school

I base my teaching in whatever the student needs the most, but usually it will be the Suzuki method for cello

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I am a String Specialist in Phoenix, AZ with a degree in Music Education.

I teach ages from 7 to 70. I have taught private lessons in my home studio since 2002. I often have a student request a song they would like to learn and I will notate it free of charge for them. That way they are playing music that they have selected. Students will practice more if they like the music they are playing.

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University Violist with 8 years of experience in group and solo performance. Lessons in Henderson Area

Able to teach up to 12th grade. I will focus on the foundations of playing the instrument, based on student's current ability, before applying it to music that the student may have in class. Must have an instrument already. Based on background of the student, I will build a repertoire to help strengthen any weak spots, such as bow alignment or dynamics.

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Helping young people discover the music within them. With a Master of Music in Piano Pedagogy and 10 years experience in cello, I teach both Suzuki and traditional methods in piano and cello in the M

I have a Master of Music degree from The University of Tennessee in Piano Pedagogy (the art of teaching). I am also a cellist and play in several orchestras. I choose materials for each student based on their musical background and desires. I use various method books including Faber and Faber, Alfred, and Suzuki.

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High School concert cellist student with advanced skills, 1st chair, making 'All Region' with 5 years of progressive experience gives cello lessons and music theory at home.

Hello, I am 16 years old and I live in Plano. I am a concert cellist student with advanced skills, 1st chair. I have made 'All Regions' and have aspirations for Julliard. I provide lessons to 1st and 2nd year Cello children students who are in elementary or middle school who are beginners and love playing the cello.

Union City
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Affordable and Accessible Music Lessons including the Violin, Viola, Cello, Music Theory

Classically trained violist/violinist - studied under Jeff Fox, Tonya Ford, Diane Berger, Donna Cain Oklahoma City University Principal Violist 2002-2004, including for the China Tour of 2004 Performed with Oklahoma City University Symphony Orchestra, Oklahoma City University Opera and Music Theater, University of Central Oklahoma Symphony Orchestra

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Musician with 25 years of experience teaching either music theory and\or cello, guitar, and voice online\in PA

I am a musician and composer from Honduras, I started learning music since I was 7 years old and I started teaching music when I was 18 years old. I came to America to get my undergraduate degree and have continued working in the music industry ever since, arranging and performing songs and music not only in my educational institution but also several local orchestras and around the world.

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Singer and Cellist in Annapolis: Can offer private lessons in voice, cello, theory, music history, reading and ear training

I am first and foremost a teacher of theory. A lesson in music theory may come from study in a textbook, or it may come from performance. Consequently, in private performance lessons, I embrace theory-informed interpretations of music, and I encourage students to foster their own interpretations as such.

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This title will be unique. We will make sure that it isn't used by another teacher.

This is the first thing that students will read about your lessons. Remember to be attentive to your spelling and style of your texts to make them more attractive and friendly! Your name, contact details, logo or URLs cannot appear in your texts.

Cedar Rapids
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8 Year Violin Player and High School Graduate gives Violin Lesson in Cedar Rapids Iowa

Bring your own music or learn from my collection of pieces. I can help a variety of students, from children just learning music, to adults interested in learning or relearning violin, or any school-aged student (up to high school) who needs additional help with their orchestral pieces.

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Private cello lessons with a concert artist, winner of International competition, and Russian-trained teacher

In my teaching, I focus on developing strong technical foundation, which is crucial to develop at a very early stage for a future success, and nurturing students’ creativity and natural musical talents.

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23 years playing cello from classical to jazz. Teaching all levels in the Boston area. Graduated in Music Educationa and from Berklee College of Music all levels.

Bachelors of Music in Music Education. Diploma in Performance (Berklee College of Music) - Summa Cum Laude Master of music in Contemporary Performance (Global Jazz Concentration) - Summa Cum Laude I have been teaching for about 10 years, internationally offering workshop, clinics and individual lessons.

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Few instruments are as beautiful or as powerful as the cello. One of the four main instruments in the string family, the cello is much larger than the violin and produces a tenor sound. It can be used as a solo musical instrument, in chamber music ensembles, in string orchestras and even in rock bands. This makes it the perfect instrument for all types of personalities. Through customized private cello lessons from SuperPROF, you too can join the ranks of Yo-Yo Ma, Beatrice Harrison and Pablo Casals, the proclaimed 'godfather' of the modern cello. SuperPROF offers private cello lessons from highly qualified teachers for students of all skill levels. Cello teachers design lessons individually to match the skill level and pace of learning for students. SuperPROF offers private lessons in over 250 subject areas, including a wide range of instruments and music lessons. Alongside cello lessons, SuperPROF offers wind instruments lessons, music theory teachers and much more. Find your piano tutor or ukulele teacher today!