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Houston artist with 10 years of experience in illustration, painting, and drawing.

I approach each class differently depending on the skill level of the student. If a student is new to art, then I start off with the basic fundamentals of drawing. After they gain confidence in their basic skills, I then introduce color and paint. Eventually, I like to issue out projects where the students can freely explore techniques to create a unique art piece.

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Art student inspiring others to explore the world of art and enhance their creativity, with 5 years of experience in Miami

My teaching methodology is creativity, it is not about skill but the effort you put into developing your skill.

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Theatre designer offering drawing classes!Anything from life drawing to charcoal or mixed media.

Depending on your own needs and dreams I will create a unique teaching method. My main goal is to inspire you and help you find your own source of creativity. The first lesson is a good chance to discuss and experiment with different alternatives.

Para Hills
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Uni Adelaide Master Desinger gives painting lessons to anyone who interesting in painting in Aelaide.

I will ask what is the most thing the students interesting to draw. and will give them a guid to open the new angle for the art work. The structure will be the question, and discussion. research for good samples, and explanation painting method. Giving the drawing step by step examples then let tudent practice. and last is review for improvments and recomandation for futher training might needs.

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Independent Artist with 5+ years of experience gives Aesthetic Painting classes at your own home in Chennai

My Teaching will be based on the level of expertise the student has in that particular area, I used to teach by the method of learning by doing so that students learn and come up with bright ideas to delevop their own creative skills. I am interested in teaching the Students who are passionately curious about arts so that I can help them upgrade their skills in a easier way.

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Freelancer, visual artist wanting to help others exploring art and the creative process

My teaching method depends on the student. I adapt my lessons to suite the beginner's needs and desires.

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Student in art university.Giving tuition to secondary high school.Master in arts. Awarded for best artist of the year in highschool.

My teaching method is very easy. Any student can learn the drawing , but should have a passion to learn it.

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Art & design graduate offering great lessons to those who seek to learn drawing and painting ...from beginning to pro

Be with in belief of your calling or desire and I hold on to that Power within u beliveing is creating

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Architecture student offering support in charcoal drawing for anyone interested in learning

My teaching method is about how to look at an object or structure and use charcoal accordingly and the way it should be done

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