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Engineering PhD student offering algebra and calculus lessons in Tallahassee, Fl with 5 years experience

As a recent college graduate I understand the difficulties that come with such learning environment, such lack of interaction and course objective deadlines I aim to teach high school and college level minds who need help outside of the classroom to understand concepts in an easier environment.

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Graduate student in biochemistry gives math, chemistry, physics lessons to all ages

Studied with Honors in biochemistry at Portland State University. A strong understanding of mathematics, good communication skills, and hands-on experience in the lab are my strongest qualities. My methodology as a tutor is to get the student passionate about the subject, and to see the excitement and possibilities that chemistry provides translates to the student.

New York
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Passionate, charismatic, working biomedical engineer with a strong excitement for math, science, and general education in the greater New York City area.

The technical details of my educational approach will vary because I believe the most important aspects of effective learning is engagement on a personal level. I excel at connecting with students and understanding what he or she may need.

West Hartford
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Affordable and Experienced Math Tutoring in Hartford Area by an Engineering Student

I believe all students are individual and everyone learns in their own unique way. Some learn best in auditory manner, others through actions or visual media. So, I try to use multiple methods of teaching, i.e. using lecture, discussion, cooperative learning, reports, and others. And I also ask students to give me feedback on the approaches we’ve taken as a class.

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Chemistry, Biology and Physics Teacher, Ph.D., 20 years experience, High school and College

Lecturer in Chemistry and Biochemistry • Responsible for planning syllabus content and delivery the course through effective lesson planning. • Gathers information and prepares best study materials for the students. • Coordinates with teaching faculties in completing the course content in a timely manner.

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Chemical Engineer in Omaha, Nebraska looking to help students with a wide variety of STEM Subjects

I am a Chemical Engineer who graduated from the University of Illinois. I have tutored college level courses in Calculus II and III as well as Chemistry. My industry experience is heavy in statistics and statistical control models and optical physics.

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Chemical Engineer, enjoy sharing academic knowledge, especially STEM. Physics, chemistry, and math are my favorites, and I would also love to help anyone interested in studying ChemEng in college to p

I think for science and math the best way is to first review the theory behind a type of problem. Once that is understood I think seeing a problem solved and being walked through it is best. Then trying it on your own with guidance, and then trying sets on your own.

Jose carlos
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Retired chemical engineer gives math, physics and chemical lessons to adult, high and middle schools in Fort Lauderdale

I am graduated in chemical engineering in Polytechnics School Of Sao Paulo University (Brazil), and specialized P.E.T. plastic bottle. I think can help you in our school problems. My English is not so good , but I speech Portuguese, Spanish, French and I love teach and help.

New Brunswick
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Chemical engineering PhD student offering math, physics, and chemistry tutoring in central NJ

I have provided lessons in the aforementioned subjects to high school and undergraduate students. Moreover, I have extensive experience in 1-on-1 tutoring environments, so each student will have an individualized approach that best caters to his/her needs. I find that students work best when they come prepared with questions about the material that they have learned.

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Seasoned Chemical Engineer offering to Teach Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Chemical Engineering

I convey the subject matter in a detailed and methodical manner with the student being fully engaged with me. I make certain the student fully comprehends the difficult subject matter. If I determine the student do not fully comprehend the subject matter fully I will recover the subject matter until the student fully comprehends the subject matter.

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Chemical engineer gives chemistry, math and physics lessons to middle school and high school levels in Pocatello

I have a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering from MIT and BS in Chemical Engineering from Stanford University. I have been actively working as a process chemical engineer in industry.

Rapid City
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Experienced Chemistry tutor making chemistry fun and easy to all of you.

I am a University level instructor and have 10 years of experience teaching chemistry to all levels including gradute students . I love teaching and making students life easy by modifying the complex chemistry concepts into simple and obvious examples. which students can digest with fun and interest.I can call my approach very casual and empathetic.

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Experienced, relatable chemical engineer in Summerville available to teach mathematics and science to all levels in a simple, logical, fun way.

I have a degree in chemical engineering with certifications in lean, six sigma, project management, and supply chain optimization. I am an organized, structured person who excels at breaking down complex problems into simple, sequenced, tasks. This helps me understand, explain, and resolve common stumbling blocks.

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Professional chemist gives tutoring to students of all ages in all areas of Chemistry.

I tutor students of all ages in all areas of Chemistry. I received my bachelor's of science degree in Chemistry. I have two years towards my Master's degree, with a concentration in Organic Chemistry. Most importantly, I make learning Chemistry fun and rewarding.

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Recent Chemical Engineering Graduate. It's all still fresh on my mind. Math, Science, Engineering, etc.

My teaching methodology is to focus on one particular subject at a time and become an expert at that subject. At that point, it is easy to teach at a basic level for even the most difficult of subjects.

University City
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Graduate Chemical Engineering Student at WashU tutoring in all things Chemisty and Math in St. Louis

The best piece of advice that I have heard from a professor is, "I can teach you, but I can't learn for you". This is the key to being a good educator. Understanding the material well enough to explain it, but also giving the student a chance to be challenged by the material.

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Chemical Engineering graduate offering maths and engineering lessons in Morgantown WV with 1 year experience

I am a chemical engineering graduate who just moved to Morgantown with my wife and 6 month old daughter. I am looking to help tutor students in chemical engineering classes as well as math, science or any other subjects you need help in.

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Engineer to Tutor middle and high school Math and Science, Apex NC

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from the Datholic University of America, worked over 20 years in defense industry, former public school volunteer tutor in advanced mathematics. Also worked as self employed engineering consultant. Like working with students in science and math.

Avon Lake
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Experienced College & High School teacher, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics. Avon Lake, Ohio

B.S Chemical Engineering with 40 years engineering experience. Registered Professional Engineer (Ohio), 12 years college teaching experience (Mathematics, Engineering), 2.5 years High School teaching experience (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) Experienced one-on-one tutor (physics, chemistry, math). Master's degree and coursework toward Ph.D.

Rock Springs
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Chemical Engineer with 20 yrs experience gives math lessons to middle school land high school levels in Rock Springs, WY

I have a Chemical Engineering degree from the university of Wyoming. I find utilizing a tutor sometimes is the only way. I offer another perspective, a different way of describing how you get the answer. In the end it is your education and must be your effort that moves you ahead. I am here to only help in your understanding of the material.

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Chemical Engineer available for tutoring science subjects, (math, chemistry, chemical engineering and general science)

I hold a B.S. Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Washington, and have extensive industrial chemical manufacturing experience in the Pulp and Paper industry in USA and Brazil. I also hold an A.A. degree in Environmental Horticulture from Bellevue Community College and have a strong background in plant growth and development optimizing nutrient levels and chemicals.

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Chemical Engineer with MBA available for chemistry, math or business cost accounting

I listen to the student to determine where they are at, and try to fill in any gaps in their understanding. I prefer to work through example problems to ensure the lesson is retained.

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Chemical Engineering college graduate giving math and science lessons to middle school through college students

I graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Sciences in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Biomolecular Engineering. I provide lessons for many disciplines of mathematics and science including algebra, geometry, calculus, trigonometry, chemistry, biology and physics.

West Columbia
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3rd Year Chemistry Graduate Student tutors college and high school chemistry, physics, and math in the Columbia, SC area

I am a third year graduate student at USC pursuing my PhD in physical chemistry. I am currently a graduate teaching assistant for Instrumental Analysis courses at USC. I have been tutoring chemistry, math and physics to high school and college students for the last 4 years. My teaching style emphasizes a generic problem solving technique that can be applied to a wide range of problems.

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Chemical Engineering graduate tutoring STEM subjects for middle school through college in North Dallas area

I am a chemical engineer who graduated from San Jose State University in 2016. I am a capable tutor for STEM subjects for middle school through college students. I will assist by explaining any material that is proving difficult, and then will follow it with practice problems to reinforce the students understanding.

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Chemistry, chemical engineering tutor available in Litchfield, IL area, BS, MS, PhD

I can give lessons in any area of chemistry or chemical engineering at any level, grade school through graduate school. I have BS in chemical engineering from Rutgers University, MS in chemical engineering from Polytechnic Institute of New York and PhD in materials science and engineering from Penn State.

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Inorganic/Organic Chemistry, catalysis synthesis, physics, surface science, mathematics and chemical reaction engineering

?Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (Petrochemical Engineering), Master of Science in Chemical Engineering (Modeling and Simulation), PhD in chemical engineering (catalysis and reaction engineering), I have a lot of experience in many courses teaching and lab operation assistant, courses such as fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, chemical process separation and others

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Recent graduate looking to tutor the fundamentals of Chemical Engineering in Pittsburgh

Hello, all! I recently graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering. I also have a Bachelor and Honor's degree from the University of South Carolina, graduating cum laude. My goal is to explore and solidify my students' understanding of the fundamentals of chemical engineering.

El Paso
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Mathematics and Sciences Tutoring @ El Paso Texas by MIT Graduate

MIT Graduate in Chemical Engineering and Finance - Tutoring for all levels that would like to excel in math and sciences - Working Chemical engineer looking to tutor individuals - Open instruction willing to tutor online or potential one on one based on need

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"Retired" Chemical Engineer looking to help tutor you in all things Chemistry and Engineering.

Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA, ABET-approved university. I graduated in May 2000, with a B.S. Chemical Engineering and earned the Dean’s Award for Distinguished Service and Scholarship.

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