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Chemical Engineering grad offering chemistry and/or mathematics lessons in the Philadelphia area

I enjoy teaching different levels of engineering and scientific courses to students currently enrolled in an engineering program. I structure my lessons around the individual to see where they struggle and create clear steps to follow so that they may overcome the more challenging topics.

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Senior chemical engineering major at UMass Amherst. From Pembroke, MA, looking to help students struggling with math, chemistry and/or Spanish.

My teaching method is allowing the student to think and figure out problems themselves by giving them the guidance and tools to do so. What I have learned throughout my time in college is that it is imperative that students think about problems themselves, so they are able to solve them in exams, while also building problem solving skills.

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Undergraduate Chemical Engineering student with tutoring experience in various areas in math and chemistry.

Whether I am teaching one on one or in a group, I like to work one on one with my students to find their fundamental error in understanding. I try to teach from a students perspective, stressing not only understanding, but strategies for test taking as well.

West Hartford
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Affordable and Experienced Math Tutoring in Hartford Area by an Engineering Student

I believe all students are individual and everyone learns in their own unique way. Some learn best in auditory manner, others through actions or visual media. So, I try to use multiple methods of teaching, i.e. using lecture, discussion, cooperative learning, reports, and others. And I also ask students to give me feedback on the approaches we’ve taken as a class.

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Multiple Degrees in Engineering and Business with 15+ years Teaching Business Transformation/Improvement Methods to Adults in Industry

My teaching method is experiential. I take lessons from the book and adjust them to something students can relate to, either through a learning game or metaphorical imagery. "Aaron is detail oriented and is one of the best teachers / mentors I have ever had. He is able to find solutions due to his ability to listen and ask the right questions.

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Chemical Engineering senior offering Chemistry, Math, and Chemical Engineering lessons in Pittsburgh

I am a STEM tutor, and I focus mostly on Chemistry, Algebra, Calculus, and Geometry. Most of my tutoring experience is with high school students, but I have done work with college, and middle school students. I do my best to teach towards the needs of each student I work with.

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USC Chemical Engineering Grad Chemistry Tutor for Greater Ripon Area 4yrs experience

Practice tests. Practice tests. Practice tests. Half of the battle is knowing your enemy and using your time wisely on top of the material. I'm a very confident test taker and will show you multiple ways to solve problems and highlight the most efficient methods. Even if you lack material, I have years of saved practice exams from my undergrad to review.

Salt Lake City
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Senior Chemical Engineering student offering lessons to students of all ages at home in Salt Lake City, UT.

I understand how hard classes can be, because I am a student too. My goal as a tutor is to help you understand the material and teach you multiple ways of approaching problems. I want to help you raise your grades, and teach you problem solving techniques that will help you with future problems.

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Chemical Engineer in Omaha, Nebraska looking to help students with a wide variety of STEM Subjects

I am a Chemical Engineer who graduated from the University of Illinois. I have tutored college level courses in Calculus II and III as well as Chemistry. My industry experience is heavy in statistics and statistical control models and optical physics.

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Graduate with M.S in Chemical Engineering with 3 years of tutoring experience, offering math, chemistry and physics academic support.

My teaching method can be described as interactive and student-focused. Every student has their strengths and skills they want to improve on. My lesson plans are customized to each student's learning style and aim to advance their understanding of the material. Generally, students would begin solving the problem on their own and I would give guidance/hints when they're stuck.

Saint Paul
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Chemistry professor at Central University of Venezuela with a Msc. in Environmental Engineering

My teaching method is based on what the student needs, focused on weaknesses and looking for giving tools and machanism to understand and solve problems in an easy way. My classes are for people who are going to go to college, are already in college or university.

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Published and Certified Chemistry, Physics, Math, and Writing tutor in Norman, OK

My teaching method is for you to understand the fundamental concepts so that you will be prepared to tackle any problem that you face. If you are taught the important concepts in a way that is easy to understand, you can conquer any test question.

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Chemist student offering chemistry and other science lessons online for any age

I can help (and have experience helping) students from middle school all the way to adults going back to school. I tend to teach using easy to understand explanations. Whenever possible I use hands-on (or show videos of hands-on) labs to explain complex concepts.

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Chemical Engineer, enjoy sharing academic knowledge, especially STEM. Physics, chemistry, and math are my favorites, and I would also love to help anyone interested in studying ChemEng in college to p

I think for science and math the best way is to first review the theory behind a type of problem. Once that is understood I think seeing a problem solved and being walked through it is best. Then trying it on your own with guidance, and then trying sets on your own.

Floral Park
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Chemical Engineering graduate with MBA degree offering up to college math and science lessons with 8 years of experience

I adapt my teaching method based on the abilities of my student, and focus on helping students create a strong foundation upon which to proceed in the area of study. I always give a thorough lesson on each topic, and usually write notes for my student to refer back to as I teach.

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Chemical Engineer with 5 Years Industry Experience Offering Math/College Prep Tutoring in Urbana, IL

I am a highly visual learner so my methodology tends to reflect that. I am a huge proponent of breaking problems down into small parts, writing them all out, and going through how each part fits together.

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Chemical Engineer with speciality in math with 3 years of teaching/tutoring experience.

The basis of my teaching method is to hammer down all the fundamentals. I like to come up with problems that help frame the topic in a different manner to ensure students can think about these issues differently. I like to encourage out of the box thinking to solving problems and how to break down every problem into simple steps based on the desired outcome.

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Former Scientist, who worked for close to 15 years in the Biotech/Pharma Industry.

I approach each student and each topic in a way that makes the student feel very comfortable and excited!

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Chemistry and biology teachers with many years of practical and theoretical experience

First is to asses level where the student is in. From that point slowly introduce new material. After introducing with the new material student has the time to get familiar with the new material by doing some exercises. Then feedback by asking student a few questions.

New Hope
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Experienced Chemical Engineer offering maths, physics and engineering lessons in Minneapolis MN area

The first thing I do is to find out the level of the students understanding of the basics of the subject. Then I break the lesson down to his or her level and build it up from basic principles. Once you get the basic principles you don't get to memorize any it. That is when you see how fascinating and interesting the subject really is.

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Chemistry Masters graduate with 2 years experience tutoring organic chemistry in Amherst MA

My goal is to give tools the students need to learn not force feed information; -In organic chemistry this means mechanistic teaching, not memorization. -I work with the student, and am flexible to accommodate lesson plans to their schedule. -Typically will need an outline of the course from the student and what their goals are for the course.

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Experienced MIT trained professional chemical engineer offering STEM lessons in Edmonds, WA

ESI made extensive use of the Northeastern University Cooperative Program to staff short term research programs. Over a span of 15 years, more than fifty Northeastern students obtained industrial research experience at ESI where they learned how to plan, execute and document research programs that could last from 3 to 6 months.

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Chemical engineering student with teaching assistant experience in NY, offering STEM lessons.

Because I am a student myself, I take an insider approach. I know where my entering students are coming from, and I attempt to teach my students with the same techniques that I find work for myself and my peers.

Jose carlos
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Retired chemical engineer gives math, physics and chemical lessons to adult, high and middle schools in Fort Lauderdale

I am graduated in chemical engineering in Polytechnics School Of Sao Paulo University (Brazil), and specialized P.E.T. plastic bottle. I think can help you in our school problems. My English is not so good , but I speech Portuguese, Spanish, French and I love teach and help.

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NYU Senior Engineering Student offering Chemistry and Physics lessons for high school students

I first get a feel for what the student knows in the subject. As we cover material, I ask them to repeat everything back to me, that way they continuously recall information and develop as strong foundation in the topic.

Mountain View
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Stanford Ph.D. with over 6 years of teaching experience in Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Microbiology

My teaching method is to figure out an individual's strengths, weaknesses, and goals to find the way they will learn the best. I think learning should be fun and engaging, encouraging curiosity and problem-solving. I work mainly with high school and undergraduate students.

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Honors Chemical Engineering Graduate offering math, physics, and chemistry lessons all levels with extensive college tutoring experience

I am an avid believer in active learning. While being a tutor for many college courses, I found that students learned the most when they participated more. I do not give answers to questions, rather I will walk with a student through a problem by asking probing questions that slowly guides the answer.

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Let's make organic chemistry simpler than you may imagine. I have a PhD in organic chemistry with vast teaching and practical experience in organic synthesis.

How to teach so that the student can remember. Asking questions all the time is the only way that helps the student to understand. If you understand it you know how to teach it. We switch the table after you receive it. I mean you retrieve the knowledge by teaching it back. Then it is in your long-term memory.

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Recent chemical engineering graduate from Syracuse University, 5 years of academic chemistry experience.

I can work with students to help them study topics that are relevant to them. I can explain theories that may be difficult to grasp, show students how to perform calculations, provide practice examples and give them some of my best practices as a student (what worked for me when studying and test taking).

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Chemical engineer gives chemistry, math and physics lessons to middle school and high school levels in Pocatello

I have a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering from MIT and BS in Chemical Engineering from Stanford University. I have been actively working as a process chemical engineer in industry.

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Perfect! The lesson I took with Hamid is one of the best lessons. His way of teaching make the subject staright froward. Flexible , alwyas willing to help studnet. If you want the solution, he is the best here.

Maissa, student
7 months ago

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