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PhD Chemistry tutor in Detroit with more than 8 years of teaching experience

I am an expert in general chemistry and I am well experienced in teaching general chemistry from high school to MCAT level. I teach chemistry through golden principles so that students do not have to memorize. Chemistry is a logical subject that does not involve memorization.

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I have a Ph.D. degree in Cell and Molecular biology, currently involved in research on breast cancer...I am motivated and enjoy making people interested and better in materials they do not like or not

I have a Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular biology. I have done my PhD project at Purdue University. I am currently a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. I have done private tutoring before and helped a lot of people to succeed in their tests and classes. I am very patient and understanding.

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A Ph.D chemist available to tutor general and organic chemistry for all levels

My style is using the pencil and paper strategy, where students get to really write and practice what they read and see. Doing problems and a lot of it is essential for success in chemistry. I focus heavily on understanding the basic principals of chemistry and practicing problems.

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Former Pre-pharmacy student with excellent science and math skills. Experience with children.

My teaching methodology varies based on how a student learns best. I am adaptable based on the needs of my clients.

River Rouge
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Degreed Chemist with 30 years industrial chemical background in Detroit BS chemistry and MBA

BS Chemistry Wayne State University MBA in Business and Quality Control 27 years industrial chemical plant operations background hands on teaching of chemistry and math, Can explain the most complex homework and give you the start and edge you need to compete.

Lathrup Village
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Recent college graduate with 3 years of all subjects/ grades of tutoring

I teach all of lessons by relating material to the real world so the students can grasp concepts easily. I also show different methods for learning material based on if a student is a visual or hands on learner.

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Tutor: Gen Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics, Dearborn MI and surrounding area, 30 Yrs Teaching exp. with a BS, MS and EdS.

I and very passionate about teaching, especially the science classes that were challenging for me to learn when I was in school. I am constantly thinking on my feet as to how to connect the subject matter to the real world and my students lives.

Lincoln Park
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Downriver area, Metro Detroit, Downriver area Experienced Maths, Algebra, Chemistry, Science Teacher

PhD in Chemistry M.S in Science B.E. in Engineering Highly educated teacher and highly motivated to teach. Love to teach maths science and chemistry to elementary and middle and high school levels Have been at scientist level job in industry for years, looking to teach now.

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Education is the life, science is fun! Be positive and smile

My name is Mariam bodagh, I have been in united states for almost five years I graduated from Catholic school in Lebanon. I'm a person who like science, because I feel it's kind of fun! I graduated from high school diploma with GPA 4.0. When I moved to united states I finished my associated degree in biological science with GPA 3.9.

Brownstown Charter Township
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Biology major and psychology minor with an extensive amount tutoring experiences in science and mathematics.

I base my teaching methods on the student's style of learning. Some are visual learners, some are auditory learners, it just all depends on the individual. Personally, I love using diagrams and pictures! It really helps commit the information to memory.

Bloomfield Hills
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Student-friendly tutor with over 3 years experience in offering Math and Chemistry in Birmingham.

I’m an enthusiastic science tutor with a passion for teaching students Math and Chemistry basically. I offer a flexible lesson structure that foots on conceptual comprehension method to crack up problems, find apt formulas and solutions to arrive at the answer. I draw on the power of visuals (use of whiteboard), to make problems easier.

West Bloomfield Township
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Biomedical Engineering/Pre-Medical student offering math and chemistry lessons in Michigan with 5 years of experience

I have taught several students over the years. I have taught students from Year 1 all the way up to 2nd year university students. I usually work through the textbook and assign the toughest problems from each chapter. That way, students can face the tough problems during tutoring and ace them while taking the final exam.

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No More Math (+ - / *) Nightmare! - Greater Detroit Area

-10x - 19 = 19 - 8x 1/2 + 3/4 + 2/3 - 1/4 = ? Do these look scary to you? Do you always stay away from these because every time you look at them your mind goes ----------? If so, I can help.

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Mathematics teacher with a Bachelor of Science, taught and tutored College Algebra Courses; currently teaching Geometry and Precalculus.

Everyone is able to learn mathematics. My style for tutoring would be to explain the concept and big ideas enough so that the students are able to learn by discover and practice. I try to answer as many questions with questions to help the student learn, not just get the correct answer.

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Phi Theta Kappa Student with an extremely strong math background. I can teach everything before calculus, except trigonometry.

I tutor based on the need of my students, giving them the time to understand and process a subject before moving on. This is something that not many schools do, and some people need this help, and I'm here to give it.

Superior Charter Township
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I, Chase, am a sophomore at Eastern Michigan University who majors in biochemistry. I can help any high school students or middle school students. I can help with homework and test preparation. I can also help explain content in a new and different way than the teachers.

White Lake charter Township
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MS in Chemistry graduate available for tutoring chemistry/science at all levels near Waterford, MI

Recent Master's of Science in Chemistry graduate, with teaching experience at the college level. High school curriculum was and IB program, but can also tutor for AP courses. Available to tutor for chemistry or biology, as well as math or other courses as needed. Content of lessons can be determined by the student, flexible with the material and teaching style.

Whitmore Lake
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Mom and Former Teacher offers homework help (math & science!) for grades 5-12

I will be happy to work one on one with your student to help them understand tough concepts and gain skills in challenging academic areas. I am very patient and kind, with a good sense of humor, and I believe all kids can learn with encouragement, time, and personal attention.

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Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, pre-calculus, Calculus and Physics Tutor in the Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan Area.

My educational background is a Bachelor's of Science in Chemistry with a Doctoral degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. I have over 10 years in research and over five years of tutoring from the levels of elementary to graduate students. I am capable of teaching in the areas of Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Algebra through Calculus and Physics.

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