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North Bethesda
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PhD Chemist Specialised in Inorganic and Material Chemistry offering lessons in the Rockville/Bethesda area

I can teach and help students from high school through to university/college level. I can tutor individuals or small groups. I can offer help with homework, assignments, lab reports and course revision. I am available in person or online. However, I do not have a space of my own to host lessons.

Notre Dame
Sai shradha reddy
1st lesson offered free !

Chemistry PhD student at University of Notre Dame giving online Chemistry and Science lessons at any level

I follow a specific mantra for studying as well as if I am explaining something to somebody. I make sure the student knows the basics of a topic before going to higher levels or applications involving that topic. I try to explain things by asking questions, such that the students reach to the answers by themselves.

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Educator with 15 + years of experience in Chemistry teaching offering Chemistry lessons in Maplewood. Minnesota.

My teaching methodology involves student centered approach. In my classes, students are active participants. I use active learning strategies in my teaching. I am flexible in my teaching style depending upon the class size , the age group of my students, the academic background of my students. I provide timely and personalized feedback to my students on their academic progress in my classes.

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Mathematics & hard sciences tutor available day or night study partners preferred!

I prefer to work teaching in groups or pairs, its important for each student to teach and test each other that way the stronger student gets stronger and the weaker student can see the point of view sometimes easier from a peer's view, also studying and testing in pairs make you both stronger for future endeavors.

Dr. shamim-ara
1st lesson offered free !

I am Mrs. Pervin, Doctorate in Chemistry, offering chemistry lessons including physical/organic/polymer/inorganic, and other chemistry related courses in Kannapolis, NC

Good course materials with sufficient problems/examples and case study are very effective. I feel that "seeing is believing" and so audio-visual aids like using power-point slides for lectures, providing handouts, showing video clips to emphasize important points and Websites are effective learning tools with proven impacts.

1st lesson offered free !

Recent Physics Graduate offering Physics, Chem, Math tutoring in person and online

In my experience the best teachers are those who those who believe any student can learn. Learning difficult science and math concepts is always possible for students who are willing and aided by enthusiastic, knowledgeable teachers.

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Chem/Biochem graduate offering to tutor various maths and sciences in New York City area

I am a college graduate, I have a bachelor of arts degree in Chemistry with a focus in Biochem. I give most lessons to high school students in science and math, however, I have and can tutor college students as well in the subjects noted, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology, Algebra, Calculus.

Silver Spring
1st lesson offered free !

Tutor with 20 years of experience in the DC area - math, physics, chemistry, and test prep.

My method is individualized - I try to figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are and why you are not understanding something, and then work with you until you get it. I believe that any student can learn, but the trick is finding the key.

Thousand Oaks
1st lesson offered free !

Medical School Applicant with 2 Degrees Makes Chemistry Simple for Anyone (Thousand Oaks/Westlake Village)

We will do whatever we need to help you reach your academic goals. We may review and reinforce material, look ahead to prepare in advance, or find new ways to think about foggy ideas.

San Francisco
1st lesson offered free !

I have over 7 years of teaching experience in mathematics, science, and engineering for the Technical College and University students. I have over 20 years of experience in the industry.

- First I need to find out what is the level of my students whom I am going to teach them any subject. I might need to start from principles if they are not aware of them. Also, it is important for me to know their degree and how good they are in the subject to plan an effective method that they understand the subject. -The techniques and methods of the instruction include the following steps: 1.

1st lesson offered free !

Chemical Engineering senior offering Chemistry, Math, and Chemical Engineering lessons in Pittsburgh

I am a STEM tutor, and I focus mostly on Chemistry, Algebra, Calculus, and Geometry. Most of my tutoring experience is with high school students, but I have done work with college, and middle school students. I do my best to teach towards the needs of each student I work with.

1st lesson offered free !

Medical School Applicant with 7 years of experience offering Biology, Chemistry, and Spanish lessons in Philadelphia

I work with students at all levels and teach based on their preferred methods of learning. I am patient, caring, and flexible with my teaching style. I have experience tutoring English, History, Spanish, and science courses including biology and chemistry.

Chula Vista
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Science communicator living in San Diego with 4 years experience tutoring Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry is difficult because it seems as though there are an endless amount of molecules and reactions. Knowing the core principles and concepts and building off of them is much more effective than memorizing an impossible amount of information. I like to address several common pitfalls in the beginning to form strong study skills that translate directly over to exam day.

1st lesson offered free !

Chemistry lessons in Twinsburg, Hudson and Aurora with doctorate degree in chemistry

My teaching strategy consists of three main important components. First, it is my firm belief that lesson planning is essential in order to implement lessons that clearly identify the lesson objective. Second, I believe that students should be actively engaged in the learning process. For this reason, I use problem sets comprehensively in all of my teaching.

1st lesson offered free !

Biochemistry PhD student who has experience teaching high school and being an online TA

I am very much so an audio/visual learner and understand that the needs of every child are different. I like to meet with the parents before tutoring starts to talk about their child's individual needs. I will also talk to the student about exactly what they think they need and how they best process information.

Santa Clara
1st lesson offered free !

I have experience teaching youth at Phys-Math school as well as undergraduates at University

My teaching philosophy: 1. Student has to understand fundamental of the subject they are leaning, pay more attention to understanding vs just memorizing subject. 2. Besides this it's desirable that student understand how what he's learning related to other subjects and what it means in the world around us.

1st lesson offered free !

Chemistry professor with 3 years of experience with high school students, teaches chemistry course work.

I will teach grade 9 to 12 students. My method will be 1 o 1 online. I will teach concept wise try to conceptual studies to help students understand clearly first. Focus each and every minor topics in courses . mention examples about surroundings to relate to subject.

Franklin Township
1st lesson offered free !

PhD chemist willing to travel to tutor various chemistry courses in public and private locations

My teaching methodology is one that puts more of an emphasis of understanding the underlying concepts rather that focusing on memorization. In chemistry, if one can grasp the concept (for example retrosynthetic analysis), then the need to memorize everything is minimized.

Delray Beach
(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Hi my name is Ivet and I’m a second year college student. I’m majoring in chemistry and math and science are my strongest subjects. In high I volunteered in a math class room and helped many students

My teaching methodology is a student- centered approach to learning while I think it is important for a teacher or tutor to give new information it is also important that the student interacts with the lesson and the material instead of just listening to a lecture

1st lesson offered free !

Get tutoring for your STEM classes from home! The hours are flexible

Will work on subject that student has difficulty in. With a specific chapter there will come practice problems and over time small quizzes will be created in order to test the student's comfort with the subject (quizzes created if needed for student). Will ensure student has full (or at most) understanding of material by the end of the lesson.

1st lesson offered free !

Pre-Medical student offering chemistry and organic lessons in the DFW/ Arlington area with 4 years of experience. I have experience tutoring other undergraduate and highschool students in a profession

I believe in a strong core foundation before focusing on many topics. By instilling this foundation, students can think on their feet more rather than relying on asking many questions (albeit asking questions are great, but too many will result in over dependence on the tutor). I also value mistakes highly, a student that makes a mistake once will not make it again if corrected properly.

1st lesson offered free !

Chemistry, physics & environmental science tutor in Southern Ohio with six years public school teaching experience with Accomplished ratings

My teaching method is inquiry based utilizing a variety of different presentation methods to meet the needs of all types of learners. I have taught high school level and was a teaching assistant in college. I have taught students at all ability levels from IEP to college preparatory with success.

1st lesson offered free !

Recent Astrophysics Graduate, offering all grades tutoring in math, physics and chemistry

I can tutor all ages up to the highschool level. Im very patient and welcoming with my students and understand that some people need different approaches to achieve results. After the first initial class, each subsequent class is tailored to the students up to date needs.

1st lesson offered free !

Chemistry Doctorate offering in home tutoring in Mesa area with 5 years experience

I am available to give lessons to any level chemistry students. I assess where the student needs are having the most trouble initially. I like to review the topic which was discussed the previous week to ensure the student is comfortable before moving onto the next topic the student is struggling.

1st lesson offered free !

Biochemistry recent graduate in Baltimore, Maryland offering chemistry and biology homework help

I prefer to tailor my exact methodology to the student. Everyone learns in different ways, so I try to find what is best for each person. So, that could mean using more visual explanations by drawing figures, or focusing more on spoken explanations, or finding some way to put the concept in a more physical form and manipulating it that way.

Dana Point
1st lesson offered free !

Experienced pharmaceutical scientist offering mentoring in chemistry to aspiring students in Orange county, CA

The goals of the student will define how we work toward them. I'll help students to define the goals and develop the learning strategy. Then, we will go through the coursework together, asking questions based on critical thinking and finding the answers in the literature or experiment.

1st lesson offered free !

Young and innovative high school educator willing to tutor in any science subject

When teaching a difficult subject I like to focus on the gradual release model, which is “I do, we do, you do”. I keep my content as actively engaging as possible by using teaching methods that stimulate auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners. Learning and teaching science is exciting, interesting, and inspiring, and through my enthusiasm I know my students feel these things.

1st lesson offered free !

Maths tutor with 12 years experience who can make maths easy. GeniusEagle.com

I provide video lectures to the students so that they could better understand the subjects. I try my best to find the best articles so that they could learn a lot and perform wonderfully in exams.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced high school science teacher with professional teaching certificate offering lessons in Grand Rapids.

I have a Masters in education from Grand Valley State University and hold my professional teaching certificate in the State of Michigan. I have taught Biology, Chemistry and Physical Science at the high school level. I believe in differentiating my lessons to meet the learning style and needs of my students.

Norton Shores
1st lesson offered free !

Recent biotechnology graduate offering math and science lessons in Grand Rapids area.

I like listening to my students and what they struggle with the most. Sometimes it is better to look at the bigger picture or bigger scope of concepts to thoroughly understand them. I am also a firm believer in practice.

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Perfect! Professional and knowledgeable about the subject :) Thanks Adi!

Joan, student
1 year ago
(1 review)

Be supported by the best tutors in your chemistry lessons

The entire world is made up of individual elements. From gases and liquids to solids, there are dozens of elements that are either pure in form or, when combined together, make specific chemical reactions. The study of chemistry is really the study of life down to its smallest form. Breaking down life to individual elements can prove tricky though. Chemistry does also require the understanding of certain mathematical formulas, broken down in sometimes confusing chemical forms. For a student who is struggling to grasp this sort of information, it is necessary to utilize the assistance of private teachers who can produce tailor create chemistry private lessons. These individual lesson plans are designed to help a student in what they are struggling with and reinforce what they already know.

Chemistry private teachers are available for most forms of chemistry, ranging from organic chemistry to medicine private lessons. Even the organic chemistry private teachers are available. No matter what course title a student is struggling with or what sort of information a child requires help with, the tutors and private teachers are available to help every step of the way so the child can improve their grades and their overall understanding.