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Chemistry teacher with PhD and 15 years experience - tutors online high school - university

My teaching philosophy is: leave no student behind! I will not abandon a student who has an incomplete or vague understanding of a topic or subject matter. In my humble opinion, that is tantamount to academic larceny and breach of trust.

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BS in biochemistry with over 10 years experience teaching Natural/Physical sciences, math, work in Sacramento area.

Typically, I conduct an assessment of the students abilities with the subject matter in question, and/ or determine if student understands what they are solving for then provide a step-by-step method to solve the problem or question by using examples.

Santa Clara
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Professor in chemistry with more than 8 years experience in chemistry teaching

The concepts of my teaching philosophy have been acquired from my own professional training and teaching experiences, and from those that have influenced me. In my opinion, the first goal in teaching chemistry is to have a solid curriculum and provide the students with the framework of knowledge.

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Engineering Student offering Math, Science, and SAT Prep Lessons in Connecticut (or online) with experience in many AP, honors, and college courses!

I tend to give lessons to K-12 students! I mainly specialize in math & science, but I have experience with advanced levels in almost any type of class. I teach any level of math, from elementary school to Calculus II (or Calculus BC).

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I have a Ph.D, and I teach Chemistry and Biology at College Level, Biochemistry and A & P

I work very hard to overcome any intimidation in difficult subjects like Chemistry, and Science in general. Students report that I make it seem easy! I use Socratic method to make sure the student understands the material so they can get good grades.

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Physics Chemistry and Math tutor with 3 years of Teaching Assistant experience in University of Miami

I am a recent graduate from University of Miami. I generally teach freshman chemistry in the university. However, I am able to tutor calculus and all high-school math, physics, and chemistry courses, as well as freshman chemistry and physics. At school, I have to teach by the manual. But I do introduce my own understanding in order to help my student succeed.

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Approachable chemistry (and Math) tutor with 4 years of experience with high school and college students

I believe in breaking down bigger concepts into concise and understandable fundamentals. I like to simplify to create a strong foundation, and then build on those concepts to solve more difficult problems. Each student has a unique learning style, and so I like to adapt to what works best for them.

Monroe Township
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Senior Biochemistry Major with Tutoring and Research Experience Accepting Students in Williamstown, NJ

I have almost completed my BS in biochemistry. When tutoring I start off my sessions by answering any questions my tutee has. If there are no questions I will use the textbook or will create practice problems and questions myself to make sure my tutee has a full understanding of the content.

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Analytical Chemist in Wilmington, NC with experience teaching high school Chemistry and Algebra

I'm tutoring on the side to my other job because I miss teaching. I can give lessons to elementary through early college level, but I specialize in middle and high school classes. In my tutoring sessions, I like to help the student understand the concepts instead of memorizing answers.

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Electrical Engineering Junior that wants to teach anyone who hates math how to learn it simply.

I approach each topic by breaking it down piece by piece and explaining it in a way that everyone will understand. I am a fan of repetition and variety when it comes to working out math problems and I have patience which is something not many math teachers have, hence discouraging students.

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Vanderbilt University senior offering math, science, and Spanish lessons in Nashville, TN

I would like to give lessons to elementary-middle school aged children. I teach based on an assessment of the child's problem areas and starting with my students' most pressing questions. I like to give my students a chance to answer questions first, try their strengths, and let me explain and offer clarity when they do not understand the subject material.

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Chemistry tutor with 5+ years teaching experience looking to help HS/College students near Bethlehem, PA or online.

Having a passion in chemistry and mathematics, I like to begin every teaching session with ‘the big picture’ of how the learning objective relates to the real world. I firmly believe it’s very important to not only understand WHAT you’re learning but WHY you’re learning it.

Myrtle Beach
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Food Scientist offering chemistry and math lessons in Myrtle Beach with experience tutoring

When tutoring a student, I prefer to know in advance what topic(s) I will be covering in each session. That way, I can be sure I am fully prepared. A typical session will consist of a concept review and a practice session, where the student will complete practice questions to ensure that they fully understand the concepts.

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Have been tutoring kids I since I was a kid #math tutor

My name is Jessica and I am originally from the Central Valley. I tutor K-10th-grade Math English Science and Spanish. I am very approachable and adaptable to different learning styles. I also make the material as engaging as possible.

Simi Valley
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UCLA graduate tutoring in Math, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry around Simi Valley and the San Fernando Valley

I specialize in teaching advanced placement math and science for high school students, core sciences at the undergraduate level, SAT and ACT math, and testing for graduate schools in the health field (DAT, OAT, PCAT, MCAT). I cater my lessons to specifically match the needs of each student with a focus on test taking strategies and bringing the student's interest into the subject.

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Chemical Engineer with speciality in math with 3 years of teaching/tutoring experience.

The basis of my teaching method is to hammer down all the fundamentals. I like to come up with problems that help frame the topic in a different manner to ensure students can think about these issues differently. I like to encourage out of the box thinking to solving problems and how to break down every problem into simple steps based on the desired outcome.

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Dual Degree Chemist With 4 Years Experience In The Field And A Mathematics Background

My approach is to state the facts and let the interpretation commence in the learners mind. Coming up with an answer is much more rewarding alone than being handed the solution. I like to feed the student clues rather than giving the answer and working backwards to get to the solution.

San Diego
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Biochemistry major offering one-on-one maths and chemistry lessons in San Diego online

My approach is to break down a large topic into individual concepts. Analogies and simplifications are great methods of helping students understand the thought process behind these concepts so they can properly comprehend it. But above all else brevity in terms of content to make it easier on students.

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Biomedical Engineering Student Offering Lessons in Advanced Sciences and Math (Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Calculus, Algebra, and Trigonometry)

My teaching methodology correlates with that that is offered at premium research institutions. I offer various techniques and real-world applications for various topics. I understand that many topics are difficult to grasp, so I take creative spins at offering a renown knowledge.

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A Phd student with 4 year experience as Chemistry assitant lecturer in a private university in my home country.

My teaching methodology are descriptive. Each topic are approach with illustrations and examples with assessment at the end of the lesson.

White Oak
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Chemical Engineer with 35 years experience that is very familiar with math, physics and chemistry. Let's roll!

I like to develop a friendship with my students -- to determine what there strengths and weaknesses are. I will then use those strengths to attack the weakness. I use a combination of lecture type of instruction but then also use personal "hands-on" type of instruction.

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Physical Therapy Sophomore in college, very comfortable teaching STEM courses in Boston

I am a sophomore in college that is studying exercise science and physical therapy. My teaching method is usually going over the course material and then incorporating testing and active recall to ensure the most success and brain power. I make sure that the students understand it before moving onto the next subject.

Lake Arrowhead
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Medical school graduate with 8 years of experience tutoring mathematics and science

On an individual basis, I attempt to create lessons around the learning styles of my students. I have my students complete an online assessment that will reveal their individual learning style and I create lessons that support this. In a group setting, I attempt to create lessons that will reiterate topics in different learning styles.

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Biochemistry undergrad offering maths, bio, chem, and English tutor sessions in Morris, MN and areas around Otsego, MN with years of tutoring experiences.

My teacher method is based on understanding the student's needs. Everyone is different when it comes to understanding a material. Therefore, I don't approach a topic how I would want it taught to me. Rather, I tend to play to the student's strength. In order to do so, I try to understand everyone's distinctive way of studying and use it as my tool to reach that student.

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Elementary/Middle School Math Teacher offering math, spanish, and science lessons in Virginia with 10 years of tutoring experience

I use the inquiry method to help students be engaged in learning. I use concrete examples to make understanding easier. Also I use different online tools to make learning more fun. I have tutored students from kindergarten to senior year in high school. I've worked with every subject, but I prefer math and science, since they are related.

Ann Arbor
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PhD student in Pharmaceutical Sciences at U of M who loves math and science!

As a tutor, I approach concepts and problems in different ways. When teaching concepts, I like to make analogies or create graphs to help the student understand better. When working through problems, I find it effective to write all knowns down so that the student can approach the problem with logic and develop a general strategy for problem-solving.

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Am a dynamic chemistry (practical and theory) tutor with five years field experience.

My name is uncle Nnene Collins, I have taught chemistry subject to class students, WAEC & NECO candidates as well as served as basic science teacher in Adult Garden, Onitsha. I have always made use of the teaching structure on ground in line with the school/government approval. My method of is always dependent on the school structure, so I am very much dynamic in teaching.

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Recent biochemistry graduate eager to bring expertise,innovation, and inspiration to you

Using practical examples is the best way to learn biochemistry. Explaining the topic is one thing, but reinforcing the topic is what bests gets the technique through. I can give lessons at all levels (high school or college).

Newport Beach
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Ivy League-educated adjunct professor with chemical engineering degrees (B.S. and M.S.) in coastal OC area

Why, what, and how? I provide my students with the context for the concept to be studied. Then, I explain the concept and how to approach it. I want my students to learn the process of problem solving. I work with students to understand which part of the process is giving them difficulties, and with patience, I motivate students to keep moving forward.

San Antonio
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An accomplished chemist with over 20 years of experience teaching general and organic chemistry

My goals as a teacher are to guide and motivate my students to be the best chemists they can be, capable of competing with their peers from any institution in the world.

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Perfect! Professional and knowledgeable about the subject :) Thanks Adi!

Joan, student
10 months ago
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The entire world is made up of individual elements. From gases and liquids to solids, there are dozens of elements that are either pure in form or, when combined together, make specific chemical reactions. The study of chemistry is really the study of life down to its smallest form. Breaking down life to individual elements can prove tricky though. Chemistry does also require the understanding of certain mathematical formulas, broken down in sometimes confusing chemical forms. For a student who is struggling to grasp this sort of information, it is necessary to utilize the assistance of private teachers who can produce tailor create chemistry private lessons. These individual lesson plans are designed to help a student in what they are struggling with and reinforce what they already know.

Chemistry private teachers are available for most forms of chemistry, ranging from organic chemistry to medicine private lessons. Even the organic chemistry private teachers are available. No matter what course title a student is struggling with or what sort of information a child requires help with, the tutors and private teachers are available to help every step of the way so the child can improve their grades and their overall understanding.