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Las Vegas
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Physics/Chemistry/Calculus Tutor, Masters, 20+ years of experience, Las Vegas, online availability .

At the beginning of every new academic year, I establish the necessary classroom climate, one of mutual respect, safety and stimulating, which encourages students to actively participate. To this end, I am sensitive to individual differences and make sure that students understand their expectations and goals and the steps they need to take to meet those objectives.

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PhD in Chemistry offering college level organic chemistry or electrochemistry lessons in greater Boston area

Usually I approach each topic by 3 steps: first, listen to student concerns. I believe the key is to get to know their fundamental knowledge, course learning progress and feelings toward the course. Chemistry is a subject with multiple sections where strong interaction connects them together.

Los Angeles
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A neuroscience student with two years tutoring experience in Organic Chemistry one and two.

My teaching style depends on the notes of a person. I go off the notes and help the student understand everything as I go. After covering each concept, I test them by giving them a few problems. I make sure they understand each topic before moving on to the next one.

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General chemistry tutor with Ph.D. in chemistry and 2 years tutoring experience in Beaverton/Hillsboro area

I strive to be a resource to help students work through problems at their own pace and find the right guidance to get to those "light bulb" moments. I look to my own experience both as a student and as a teacher to present concepts and problem solving approaches in a way that makes sense.

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Chemical engineer with master of engineering willing to help anybody interested in chemistry

Chemistry curriculum as a base and lots of excercising to master understanding.

South Holland
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I am a third year undergrad student willing to donate my time/knowledge into helping others achieve their goals.

I approach each topic by seeing what the student already knows then expanding on that. As a tutor I kind of like to allow the student to lead so I can understand exactly where the student needs help at and so that im able to redirect them when I notice, instead of giving them the answers.

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Undergraduate Teaching Assistant in General Chemistry offering chemistry help in Pittsburgh, PA

I am give lessons to college and high school level students in the area of general chemistry. My lessons are focused around conceptual and application based problems, with an emphasis on practicing the material until fully understood. I like giving my students a lot of practice so they can figure out how to apply concepts through first hand experience.

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Pre medicine neuroscience student offering chemistry, other sciences, and math lessons in Indiana.

I base my lesson on what the class or each individual needs. I make sure to really dig deeper into the topics and help my students truly understand the concepts. I understand that not everyone can retain information the same as others, so I like to incorporate many different techniques to my teaching.

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I have taught college level chemistry and worked as a lab technician for many years. I tutor math and chemistry in Lakeville, MN.

I focus on tutoring math for students age 8 to 12 and chemistry for high school students. I travel to the student's home and meet with the student with a parent present in the home. I connect with the student's teachers (as needed) to ensure that I am covering the subject matter that coincides with the school coursework.

San Diego
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Computer Scientist with 11 years of experience gives math, physics or chemistry lessons in San Diego area

I base my classes on lots of visual graphics,maps, notes and examples from real life to make it more interesting and comprehensive. I also try to engage my students and develop their critical thinking skills.

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Part time tutor- fourth year medical student with Chemistry degree, years of tutoring experience

I first discovered I have an ability to teach in college when I became a middle school tutor for one year. I then began tutoring professionally in college, focusing on freshman level chemistry as well as biology and organic chemistry. I teach in a relaxed, no pressure environment. I am currently a doctor in training but I consider myself to be a professional student and expert test taker.

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A Peer Tutor with 2 years teaching experience in group study and and a Tutor-Counselor with High school and Pre college students

My teaching method include visualization, probing and socratic method, cooperative learning as well inquiry based interaction and kinematics and teaching aids

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Recent B.A. graduate in computational chemistry giving tutoring for gen chem, orgo, inorganic, and biochem.

In 1 on 1 sessions, I will make the student work on several problems until they become stuck. From there I intervene to work through their thought process and gently guide them towards the next step of the solution. For group classes, I take the same approach except I will have a brief lecture before we begin working on any problems, so that everyone is on the same page.

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Former chemistry teacher and current senior scientist with patience for all learning levels.

I encourage active learning with discussion and prompt feedback. Inquiry based learning for higher level learning and direct instruction for learning basic concepts. Students learn content, skills and information through engagement and practice. Students demonstrate knowledge through formative assessment.

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Recent Harvard graduate living in Franklin, MA with a passion for teaching math and science.

I approach teaching with a desire to understand where a student is coming from- to understand their current mental models- and to build from there. I do not believe in the "banking" structure of education in which I am the only person talking. I believe education is a collaborative experience.

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Science educator with 11 years teaching experience tutoring sciences in Tucson, Arizona.

I am available to tutor in general science, biology, anatomy and physiology, chemistry and environmental science at levels from 6th grade up to college.

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State certified Science Teacher (4 Years classroom experience) offering English, Math, Science, and test-prep tutoring. Akron, Ohio.

Teaching methodology is adapted personally to each student and their individual needs. We will use video examples, detailed and/or simplified explanations, visuals, and scenarios to learn. We will find what you need in order to learn and tailor your learning experience specifically to your needs.

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PhD Biochemist with Teaching Credential in Bozeman, MT Loves to teach available now

I base my methods on relevance and making concepts and relationships relatable. For instance, I characterize elements with personalities that correspond to their properties. This give students a picture of the characters of these elements, so they can better predict and understand their behaviors.

Blue Ridge
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Astrophysicist with advanced studies in chemistry & math, helping students really understand math & science subjects

My teaching methodology is driven by comprehensibility and applicability. To comprehend a subject or some part of a subject, the student must first be able to relate to it. He or she should see examples of how it works, and then to see for themselves that it does work and can be used.

Baton Rouge
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Electrical Engineer, Graduated in Highest Honor from Georgia Institute of Technology, More than 10 years experience in Tutoring and Teaching Assistance in College. Willing to go extra miles to help my

I believe in covering the basics before working on complicating questions. Because every complicated question is a built using the some basic principles. a student with a good understanding in basic concepts will be able to accomplish and solve complicated questions without anyones help.

Palo Alto
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Physical chemistry PhD providing chemistry, math and physics lessons in or near Palo Alto, California

I usually first determine the study style of each student, and what they need to understand in the subject. I explain in a way that is easy to grasp and let the student practice to make sure that they really understand.

Elk Grove
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UC Irvine physics graduate, experienced in teaching math and physics K-12, based in Elk Grove.

Science is not just about teaching, but understanding concepts through daily phenomena. I offer examples to engage my students to think critically through connection and making senses of their worlds. I would like to guide, but not teach, nor provide the correct answers.

Oregon City
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A passionate chemistry teacher in Portland Oregon. Very experienced in college level tutoring

I have a master of science degree in chemistry and almost obtained a doctor of philosophy in organic chemistry. I employ both lectures and group base learning in teaching. I give syllabus that will be covered through the teaching period and give assignments to prep students up.

Temple City
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University student with 4 years tutoring experience offering math (all levels), biology, and chemistry lessons online.

My method of teaching is simple. I help students find their own ways to solve problems by first explaining the key concepts and watching them repeat similar and more complex questions. As a student teacher in high school, I was able to develop various teaching methods for students of all abilities. I also gained knowledge of how to approach Common Core Math questions.

Los Angeles
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Private and personal math tutor gives one on one support to kids

My teaching method is very direct and concrete. I make sure the job is completed during the session and all homework is completed by the end of the lesson. I want to make sure that my student has learned something at the end of the lesson and that we reviewed concepts toward the following lessons.

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Electrical Engineer with over 30 years of teaching experience in science, Math, engineering and business classes in the Folsom/EDH area

I teach in a practical way, focused towards the students interests and career goals. I wish to impart my joy of learning to my students so they remain curious and want to learn for the rest of their lives.

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Math tutor-currently UT senior w B.S. Applied Mathematics, 4+ years experience tutoring- lives in Austin, TX

My teaching method is through online Skype with notes, interactive visualization displays, constructive encouragement. I base my classes on participation, quizzes, and homework.

El Paso
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Tutoring services for Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Spanish subjects at El Paso, Tx

In my last year of college I had to take Biology 101 as a requisite for my Genetics degree, I found this unnecessary since I had already taken upper biology courses. My roommate needed to take this course as well, so I ended up taking the lecture and workshop with her and two other friends.

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Perfect! Professional and knowledgeable about the subject :) Thanks Adi!

Joan, student
1 year ago
(1 review)

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The entire world is made up of individual elements. From gases and liquids to solids, there are dozens of elements that are either pure in form or, when combined together, make specific chemical reactions. The study of chemistry is really the study of life down to its smallest form. Breaking down life to individual elements can prove tricky though. Chemistry does also require the understanding of certain mathematical formulas, broken down in sometimes confusing chemical forms. For a student who is struggling to grasp this sort of information, it is necessary to utilize the assistance of private teachers who can produce tailor create chemistry private lessons. These individual lesson plans are designed to help a student in what they are struggling with and reinforce what they already know.

Chemistry private teachers are available for most forms of chemistry, ranging from organic chemistry to medicine private lessons. Even the organic chemistry private teachers are available. No matter what course title a student is struggling with or what sort of information a child requires help with, the tutors and private teachers are available to help every step of the way so the child can improve their grades and their overall understanding.