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Chicagoan great at teaching beginners of all ages how to play chess!

I'm really laid back when I teach chess. It's fun and requires a lot of strategies and I want you to win your very first game so I will ask questions when we are playing a game.

1st lesson offered free !

Chess Coach with 12+ years experience; developed several regional champions u18 and actively play/teach

I teach anyone of any age very effectively. I mainly teach kids under 18 and have produced chess champions for those who are serious competitors, and have greatly improved the knowledge and playing level of those who play more for fun. I have also taught adults, one of whom even claimed I was a better chess coach than Grandmaster Larry Evans since my teaching was very clear and instructive.

St. Louis
1st lesson offered free !

Chess Player Playing Chess Online For 15 Years Offers Free Online Lessons

My teaching philosophy is that active learning is the best process to integrate chess knowledge. I can analyze your games and ask you questions that you need to answer in for active learning to take place. I can give lessons to any beginner to intermediate player.

Villa Park
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Chess Instructor to grade school students in northeastern DuPage Country beginners and intermediate level

I am a retired insurance claims adjuster who graduated from Elmhurst College. I enjoy teaching chess to enthusiastic young students at the beginning or intermediate level. I employ lesson plans and puzzles to educate and enthrall the students. Playing chess games are a major part of our time together. Either I or another student can play chess with your young student.

Buena Park
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Deporte que practico como hobby en los ratos libres en casa o trabajo

Estudié : Ingeniería Eléctrica Profesorado secundario en tecnologías de la información y la comunicación Programador en Visual Basic Mi educación primaria y secundaria y universitaria y terciaria ha sido en Chile y Argentina Tengo formación en pedagogía y didáctica para entregar correctamente los contenidos a mis alumnos

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced chess coach looking to give online lessons to those interested in learning

My teaching method is student focused. I aim to help my students achieve their goals whatever they may be. I do not seek to impose my own learning styles or preferences. I instead encourage the learning style best suited for the individual student.

The Colony
1st lesson offered free !

Great Tutor - Economics, Math, and Certified Chess Coach, The Colony, TX

For academic subjects, I try to focus on specific problems and questions the student may have, with loads of real-life examples to show how the concept works. In Chess, I work with the student to find out what skills they already have and how to build on that knowledge. I have a well-defined curriculum and work with the student to build on their current skill level.

1st lesson offered free !

Chess player with 13 years of experience wanting to share the joy of the game.

The best way to learn anything new in my opinion is hands on. We will do a lot of hands on. This is a game of strategy that also requires you to think on your feet.

1st lesson offered free !

The Rookie that is driven by Ambition and Determination that is Unique

I learned by playing constantly, and whenever I had the chance. Ever since I started playing, there is not a day when I don't sit down to practice my chess. I believe that practice can only take a person so far, but the ambition and passion one has for something can help them advance to the next level.

1st lesson offered free !

Chess lessons for tournament style play! If you are looking for the best way to begin your tournament career this is it!

Begin with basic chess concepts moving into more complex theory's. Learn about the psychology of competition. Understand profilactic moves. Utilize a combination of technology as well as first hand experience. Chess has been around a long time and there's no shortage of experts ready to give their opinions. Your only dilemma is finding ateacher thats right for you.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional chess player and coach. WIM title (Woman International Master). USCF 2149. Highest FIDE 2044. Offer online lessons for all chess lovers from beginners to 1700+ FIDE and/or 1900+ USCF.

I look forward to bringing all the benefits and joys of chess to you! ***For chess lovers of all age, from beginners to rating 1700+: -Goals: general chess skills improvement, consolidate and advance chess knowledge, prepare for tournaments (includes age group). -Methods: +I will discuss your chess style, strengths, weakness, after playing with you and analyzing your games.

Mountain Pine
1st lesson offered free !

I will teach you the basics of chess and the strategies that go with it.

My teaching method is thorough and interactive. I separate the basics into separate, easy-to-follow lessons. There is a foundation that needs to be established before anyone figures out their own play style.

El Paso
1st lesson offered free !

Chess Player with 16 years of teaching experience. Currently has 2036 FIDE ELO, and over 2300 on internet (Chess.com and Lichess.org)

I use Skype and a chess website, and normaly I like to see the student playing on the web and then I do real time critics to correct playing mistakes.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Gaming Instructor: Chess, Poker, Scrabble and other board and card games, Euro games in particular.

I have a PhD in math from UC Berkeley, a Master's degree in physics from the University of Chicago, and a Bachelor's degree in physics from the University of Michigan. In addition, I have take several courses in programming and have learned basic Web development.

Las Vegas
1st lesson offered free !

Chess coach with 15 years of experience offering online Lessons for Kids and adults

Iam teaching through remote desktop software like zoom and Skype.I give homework to my students and ask them to play games regularly.I teach using the syllabus of Russian chess school. My lessons are result oriented and very practical.

1st lesson offered free !

Chess master for hire , learn to chesstise anyone ,learn the beginning ,middle and end game.

my teaching method can be the aggressive player, or the kind of relaxed player thats not to direct. My style is more unorthadox. i play this way because most people i know they play with certain openings. me i just like to stay 4 or 5 steps ahead my opponent.

1st lesson offered free !

Online chess lessons: fast and simple way to learn chess via Skype

I had created training program which is used by some chess clubs in my country. Probably it means the program is good, because it is widely accepted. There is no secret, all aspects of the chess game are included into these program: opening, middle game, endgame, tactics, strategy etc. Of course, I use that program to work with my students.

1st lesson offered free !

Chess Coach available for private and group lessons ( peak ELO rating 2076) in PA

I am very passionate about teaching chess and go at the pace of the learner with lots of example and practice sessions that involve a good mix of theory and practice.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced tournament player in lincoln, ne with over five years experience teaching chess to all ages. Includes theory, tactics and tournament strategies.

Class B Chess player (top 15% of rated players in the country) Can start from scratch or tighten up weaknesses in your game. Lessons in opening theory, tactics, endgame theory. Strategies for success in tournaments outside of gameplay. In chess, like most other activities, it's really important to develop good habits and purpose in every move.

Los Angeles
1st lesson offered free !

Hello! I am an dynamic chess instructor and coach with 12 years of teaching experience. I have been the director an after school chess program with 30 schools and directed dozens of chess tournaments

I teach students according to their level, from beginner to advanced. I first develop a solid foundation of chess principles, then advance the student into mid game play and end game strategies. Opening theory covered for advanced students.

1st lesson offered free !

Play like a Pro! Want to learn chess? Or improve your skills to beat that pesky Uncle, I will help you become a great Chess player.

Want to Conquor more Kings than Alexander the Great?! Let’s have fun! Chess is a game of strategy, witts and valor! My classes are fun, competitive and will make you fall in love with the game. I teach Beginner to Intermediate Chess starting with the basics and moving to more adavance tequniques and strategies. I am available in person or via Web Cam.

1st lesson offered free !

You, too can become a Grand Master! Or, at least, have a lot of fun!

My father taught me to play chess when I wad a child. I can teach you, no matter how old you are! The rules are easy, the strategies, complex.

Charles a.
1st lesson offered free !

USCF Level IV National Chess Coach. I am one of only eleven people in the U.S to earn this title from the United States Chess Federation.

Rapid Comprehension Thru Effective Teaching (RCTET) is the method I have invented. Having the ability to remember how chess occurred to me I have invented a new way to learn the game. This is especially important for today's 21st century students. The old method of teaching chess has lost multitudes of students who found learning to play the game way too cumbersome.

Fort Smith
1st lesson offered free !

Beginner Chess Instruction to students of all ages in Fort Smith, Arkansas

My ongoing status in chess is as an intermediate level player. I study extensively on Chess.com and the USCF chess sites. My chess library is fairly large, and increasing slowly. Currently my studies include beginner openings, chess tactics and board skills.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced chess instructor/teacher. Ex chess champion of seven chess tournaments. President of Chess Clubs in various cities, and states.

I am fiercely dedicated to my students and I am honored to report that the majority of them participate in tournaments, online play and grow to be able to study independently. I provide the highest quality chess lessons/instructions based on unique individualities of every student, and fundamental knowledge of professional chess playing.

La Plata
1st lesson offered free !

Wanna be the best and knock out all the rest I'm the teacher for you

I'm a guy who loves games and chess and love to share what I know

1st lesson offered free !

Expert-rated chess coach with multiple years of experience teaching beginners and intermediate players. I work very well with kids.

I am flexible about what we can do during the lessons. This can range from solving tactical puzzles, studying openings and middlegames, going over games, and much more. I like to keep the lessons fun and engaging for the student, and I assign homework problems to help students retain what they have learned during the lessons.

Cedar Lake
1st lesson offered free !

Chess Professor here to teach you the strength and strategies needed to be a good chess player

To work with and listen to the student to identify their strengths and weaknesses. We then make plans on what our focus will be for each week, and continuously practice together to identify learning strategies that best suit the student.

New Orleans
1st lesson offered free !

Hello everyone. I have the title of International Master and I would like to share my skills. I have many chess achievements and experience in the work of a coach

In the work of chess coach I focus on individual approach to the student. Thanks to a common analysis i can see errors in the game. Then we try to eliminate them.

1st lesson offered free !

Recent graduate offering chess lessons in Chicago where you will learn various tactics to trick and beat your opponents.

The subjects I tutor in are considered to be dry and boring to most people, especially the younger individuals. So I make sure to present my teachings in an entertaining manner. With chess, there are various ways to make it appeasing to viewers. That's why it's classified as a sport to most chess players.

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Perfect! Tejas is a great teacher. His class is well-organized with learning points and chess scenarios. He's well prepared and the class has a good structure, moving from one topic to the next. He's also responsive with my questions and is just a friendly...

Wendy, student
6 months ago
(6 reviews)

Perfect! Tejas has been coaching my son Krishna since Feb 2018. We have had a good experience till date and the classes are conducted punctually and professionally. The feedback system developed by him of sending the parents a monthly report of what progress...

Krishna, student
11 months ago
(6 reviews)

Perfect! My son has had a few classes with Tejas until now. We have found Tejas to be very good in promptness of reply, teaching structure and punctuality. A key factor is the fact that he gives regular homework which ensures that there is some chess study...

Elitza, student
1 year ago
(6 reviews)

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Chess is an intellectual game where the objective is to checkmate the opponent's king by placing him under threat of capture that he cannot escape. The game has come a long way from 6th Century India where it was first played to being part of the curriculum in some schools. It is also played internationally in world championships for men and women and world junior championships for children. There is also the Chess Olympiad which is international and there are also the Blitz and Rapid World Championships, Correspondence Chess World Championship and the World Computer Chess Championship among other international chess competitions. If your dream is to compete in chess, and win, you need to do all you can to brush up your skills. The best way to do so is with private lessons where you will get one-on-one attention. The impediment might be with finding private chess teachers in your area. SuperPROF, a US-based website, removes this hurdle with a listing of 100,000 selected teachers offering private lesson in 250 subjects all around the US. You can find a tutor to give you private chess lessons in your locality as well as other areas you may be interested in. You can find a juggling teacher, a first aid teacher, a tutor offering bridge lessons and other hobbies teachers. Get you tutor and sharpen those skills.