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5 years of experiences in Chinese teaching to all ages in Middletown, NY

My teaching methodology is based on interactions with students. I guide students to understand the Chinese culture, learn skills and enjoy language study. I will teach those who have passed elementary Chinese( e.g. able to write 100 Chinese characters) to improve their Chinese or enduring understanding of Chinese culture.

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Self-taught Artist experience in drawing, pencil, Chinese watercolor painting in NYC

I believe everyone has potential to draw and express their creativity. I would like to help your skill and start to draw with confidence. It will be more interesting to start drawing Animal, eg. Cat or Horse until they feel comfortable to draw their style.

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Master Artist teaching: Drawing I, Drawing II, Oil Painting, Watercolor, Calligraphy, and Cartooning,

I have taught interdisciplinary and multi-culturally at the University level at the University of Montemorelos, Mexico, Indiana University, where I taught Design and Southern University where I taught Drawing I, Drawing II, and the entire Art Education program. I teach using a hands on and down to earth approach and make things fun.

Long Beach
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Passionate Illustrator with 9 years experience for Fun and Educational Art Classes

Since art also communicates stories and thoughts in a nonverbal form, she focuses on the opportunity for kids to display their thoughts, in turn build new neurological pathways for problem solving, express their feelings openly and enjoy the process of creation.

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MFA qualified teacher gives art lessons to adult/ children/ enthusiast in Melbourne

My teaching methods can be varied by the group of students: for adults, I tend to introduce more of the background knowledge with their interest or field; for the child, I'd like to guide them follow their nature, to observe/discover the shape/color and connection of the nature and environment we live in, by this I will give some art knowledge points depends on the teaching situation.

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Fine art researcher with 10 years experience in Fashion gives online tuition.

My teaching method is be very engaging with the students. As I am fine art researcher myself, I constantly develop series of illustrations as mnemonics to help students absorbing new knowledge. I find visual images an efficient method to cultivate student's interest to the subject/language and expand their creativity and imagination.

Para Hills
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Uni Adelaide Master Desinger gives painting lessons to anyone who interesting in painting in Aelaide.

I will ask what is the most thing the students interesting to draw. and will give them a guid to open the new angle for the art work. The structure will be the question, and discussion. research for good samples, and explanation painting method. Giving the drawing step by step examples then let tudent practice. and last is review for improvments and recomandation for futher training might needs.

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UOW Computer Science student gives chinese calligraphy lessons for high school student and UOW student in Wollongong

The students who have interets in chinese culture and can enjoy the calligraphy learning process are my main focus and I am glad to teach all students if they like my lessons. The structure of my lesson is divided into three parts. 1. Checking homework. 2. Introducing some useful method to improve the knowledge and practices 3. Assigning homework.

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Visual Art teacher across all genres I can improve your drawing, painting and printing skills

My teaching method is constructive that builds on your skills. Your drawing will improve drastically within 5 to 8 weeks. I model all techniques which allows you to be able to see how to use your brushes to achieve a desired technique.

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Medical student with 10 years of experience in Chinese calligraphy giving lessons in Leeds

Hi there! I am Kevin. I had 8 years of lessons in Chinese calligraphy and obtained Grade 9 in National Examination. I am passionate to share the traditional Chinese arts and have been delivering Chinese calligraphy lessons for 3 years. I am currently a year 1 medical student in University of Leeds. I am able to teach basic writing styles: regular script as well as semi-cursive scripts.

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Licensed in Digital Animation and specializing in Painting teaches painting and illustration classes

The student chooses a project he wants to develop, be it to consolidate the basis, draw a picture or create a painting, learn through the execution and my orientation. Classes start with quick warm-up exercises that then become more detailed and demanding. And another part to work on personal project. I will give stylistic and historical framing of styles if warranted.

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International Business student gives Math, Languages(English, Mandarin, Cantonese), and Calligraphy lessons to students in Melbourne.

-FOR STUDENT: BEFORE you meet up with me, please send me the material that you're learning within the week, AND the homework or questions you got for the subjects you need help with.

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Chinese teacher with 12 experience and passion, I offer language and cultural course

With 12 years of passionate experience in the education and teaching sector, I have developed strong operational skills. The success of my students is my permanent goal. My diversified experience as a university professor and in private structures allows me to cope with all teaching situations. My keen sense of pedagogy helps to advance students according to their learning style.

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Chinese student has learned Chinese calligraphy for more than 15 years, and Currently teaching Chinese calligraphy in London.

I am good at Chinese calligraphy with a variety of fonts, and I have developed the learning methods according to the students' different ages and degrees, focusing more on helping students develop the interest in Chinese calligraphy. I will mainly introduce the relevant theory, teach some basic methods of practice, and help students improve the skill.

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French / English speaking student in master design (bachelor degree in visual art) gives classes in drawing, Chinese calligraphy, photography, video editing and portfolio preparation.

My classes are tailored to your needs. I do not only teach the technique in my classes, I also bring references to art and design. The course structure can be chill for the common sense of a technic or simply for your hobby.

Greater London
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A Chinese student study at UAL, giving 3D Design sketching , free hand drawing and Chinese traditional drawing lessons to people who are interested!

I have worked hard in university and design clubs. I am currently doing 3D design course at University of the Arts London and I achieve the SIA design grade. I have a great experiences in teaching 3D engineering design and sketch. Moreover I am very keen to teach traditional Chinese painting and pencil drawing. I am happy to have a conversation with my teaching method.

1st lesson offered free !

Water colour painting lessons from an Architecture graduate / art enthusiast ! I started painting since 8

Allow student to be comfortable to express themselves through painting. No painting is ever a bad one because each painting reflects the painter's innermost voice.

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Elegant Chinese Calligraphy class with Amy, I went to art school in Taiwan so been practice for 6 years. 國楷書, 想 練習 春聯 也 可以 找 我 喔

Elegant Chinese Calligraphy class with Amy, I went to art school in Taiwan so been practice for 6 years. Calligraphy Workshop Chinese calligraphy does not get more accessible than this! Chinese calligraphy is about. You will also get some hands-on experience handling the brush-pen.

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Collage drawing illustration artistic painting etc for everyone from internationally famous artist

I am an artist with around 27 years of creative experience. My classes are aimed at all at any level or age who like the arts. I adapt to the needs of each student. My delivery is 100%, showing all my knowledge.

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Professionally trained Chinese calligraphy student give lessons for both brush and pen in London

A Chinese student studying in London. Having been trained professionally for 12 years, I have achieved professional Level 8 in brush writing calligraphy in China, and am capable of teaching regular, semi-cursive and cursive script, for both brush and pen writings.

Saint Lucia
Sher yi
1st lesson offered free !

International student who learn Chinese calligraphy since 7 years old give lessons to everyone!

I would like to introduce you to the idea of calligraphy and do a demonstration. After having you set up your work spaces, you can just follow along my brush strokes. I will teach you steps- by-steps. We can have fun watching Chinese Calligraphy related videos or visiting Chinese Calligraphy exhibitions if there are some.

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Perfect! I've been tutoring with Kaiwen over 15 weeks for Chinese Calligraphy and I'm confident in recommending him if you want to learn this subject from a professional. He's been practicing calligraphy since very young age and has good artistic taste. He...

Grace, student
3 months ago

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