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Native speaker from China(Beijing) gives chinese lessons in southampton or online

Native speaker from China(Beijing), I speak standard Mandarin, no accent. I am a graduate student at the University of Southampton now. I have Chinese Putonghua certificate, which can teach native Chinese language in China. I have the experience of teaching foreigners Chinese oral in China.

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Chinese Language and Culture Expert for all kinds of Chinese using

I am fluent in Mandarin and different kinds of dialects. I could make the contents easy to comprehend and interesting by using flexible approaches. I acknowledge in many Chinese literature and culture, therefore you could expect fully explained each time whether you want to learn about a poem or an academic article etc.

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Chinese Mandarin Primary, Secondary and GCSE Level online tutoring in England. I am a university student at Worcester, part time Mandarin lessons are available.

Chinese Mandarin is my native language. I am a 20 year old university student studying Business at University of Worcester. I am willing to teach you with any everyday language and terminology. To have a good learning/teaching time together, I will prepare lessons and homework before having our session.

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Native Mandarin Speaker, have been in UK for 8 years for study

Daily Usage, Learning based on the scene (not only the words from the textbook but also from the real life). I don't have any teaching certificate in mandarin but I have got my Bachelor, Master and PhD (going to) degree from UK. I have received the education from both culture background (UK and China) and know the difference between them.

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Native Hong Kong Cantonese Tutor in UK gives Chinese Summer lessons to school pupils

I am an undergraduate Language student at University of Glasgow. I teach oral Cantonese and Chinese writing as it is my native language. I will first get to know the level of my students and provide corresponding exercise for training. I will adjust my training plan in accordance with the learning progress of the student. I am friendly, patient and reliable.

Newcastle upon Tyne
Xue qi
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Native Chinese speaker gives Chinese lessons to anyone interested in learning Chinese

For anyone who loves to learn a new language, Chinese, I am here to teach you about the basic level of this language. My lessons mainly would be based on conversations.

(3 reviews)

Graduated from National Taiwan University, I would give Chinese Mandarin courses for beginners and transmit my passion

Fascinated by the Chinese since 2001, I graduated from National Taiwan University in 2015. Today I would convey my passion and my knowledge in Mandarin Chinese to all those wishing to start in this absolutely fascinating language. I will give you the keys to quickly communicate and you also explain the meaning contained in each of the Chinese characters.

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Chinese judge lessons student mandarin in Melbourne (south eastern, eastern, city area)

My teaching method starts with words, and then forms a sentence that is closely related to life. I approach topic by everyday language, like how to cook and clean the house and gardening etc, to study and discuss things related to people's life and improve their interest in study.

North Adelaide
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Chinese teacher gives real knowledge and stander pronunciation of mandarin in Adelaide

The teaching methodology is suitable for individual and group class . For my teaching content it can be life common sentance and can be primary/high/college textbook. the method ,dictation and imitation exercise and revision.

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Zero-basis learning Mandarin and meanwhile know more about China with Helen in Melbourne

For different class, I will provide diverse methods. For the max teaching effect, less students better. Because with more learning about each student, I can give individualized feedback and suggestions for each person, which is responsible for them in my view. I will tell students the most appropriate and easiest way to remember the words and how to learn the basic rule.

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UNSW Chemical Engineering student provides great and smooth mathematics and mandarin tutoring.

I use creative teaching methods that i personally modify to ensure maximum efficiency and a smooth learning process for students. I make sure to provide lots of practice for students so that they understand the learning materials before moving on to the next.

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Who want to study chinese in brisbane!!! happy to know you! ha


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MA TESOL student from China offering Mandarin lesson in different levels in Bristol

I adopt different teaching methods in my practice depends on individuals and different situations. However, mostly I prefer to communicative teaching methods and task-based methods. My class is always relax, but informative. I always expect my students could learn something in my class.

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Melbourne Uni Computer Science master student give programming lessons to students near Parkville

I would love to teach by visualisation abstract concepts and giving examples which closely connected with daily life. I have great patience to repeat what is hard to understand or what is easily forgotten and would love to encourage student to keep moving.

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To learn Chinese easily with me in Angers city and arround Angers

The Eastern Culture attracts you? Want discovered one of the oldest languages ​​in the world? Let's go for a Chinese! We will decrypts Sinogramme secrets together. Angevine Chinese, intelligent, honest, understanding, pleasant and open mind, speak Mandarin properly, without any accent. I know the Chinese civilization deeply and widely.

1st lesson offered free !

University Subject: Chinese Language&Literature, Teacher‘s Certification, More than 3 years teaching experience, Mandarin Proficiency Test: Level II, Grade A. Live in Sasktoon.

My teaching methods are: 1. Making different lists of words and sentences 2. Use the words students know to explain the newer words 3. Compare similar words in context 4. Using new words in real life situation 5. Explain Chinese grammar 6. Reading Chinese stories 7. Teaching etymology of Chinese characters 8. Chinese characters stroke order 9.

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Learn traditional Chinese reading writing speaking listening with Taiwanese Student in Liverpool

I like to use current issues with games and practice. I will not focus on the grammar but how you can express yourself and have a real conversation in Mandarin. The curriculum can be adjusted based on your need. I also like to teach through games.

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Chinese-Australian tutor for students interested in basic Mandarin speaking practice and lessons

To learn a new language, my focus would be on building oral language. Chinese is also very difficult to write especially for younger kids who are still developing their fine motor skills. I would focus on everyday vocabulary and use roleplay as a means of engaging my students. ICT such as interactive online games and videos will also be used.

1st lesson offered free !

Real world, real talk, real life, good love, good good night ,

i am very patient to all types of students and encourage them to thinking more deeper , i also like to give them some assessments after the teaching programs .Additionally , review and preview also the core of my teaching process. From my perspective , i would like to teaching languages in a easily understandable way make sure them will grasp the basic distinction between some similar words .

1st lesson offered free !

Deakin teaching student with 5 years of experience in Hong Kong international schools and online courses to teach Mandarin

My teaching method is discussion based and student-centred. I like my students to share their experiences, ideas and attitudes towards different topics covered in the curriculum. I encouraged students to think and be involved in classroom activities and tried my best to make each class full of fun.

1st lesson offered free !

Chinese engineering student offering Chinese lessons( standard pronunciation ) in Sheffield and only online avaliable

My teaching will be suitable for starters or people who want to improve their oral speaking. I am good at chatting with people, so most of my teaching for grounded people will more tend to communication but not lecturing. However, for the starter, I will teach in a way that students learn Chinese in China and try to inspire them in a more interesting way.

1st lesson offered free !

Online teaching, native speaker, make friends, better to know the world. welcome to China

online teaching, you may chose the way my friend, please feel to email me, why it need so many words, i don't know what to write, first time to do such a thing, hope it can work, but who knows, it deserve to try.

Malvern East
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A kindergarten teacher from Hong Kong who speak can both cantonese and mandarin ;)

I like to build up relationship with the student first, let them know i am going to teach as a friend. After that, i will teach them through different way. For example: Learning by playing,Learning by mistakes and Learning by doing.

1st lesson offered free !

Friendly and hard-working English Literature and Chinese Mandarin student offering tutoring up to GCSE level.

When learning Chinese, three aspects of the language need to be mastered: grammar, tone and vocabulary. Depending on the student’s level, each lesson, new words, grammar points and sentence structures will be introduced through situational dialogue. For example, an exchange in a shop or greeting a friend.

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University academic professional teach Chinese and Biomedical science, reading comprehension, writing skill

I can to face to face or online teaching to individual and a group of students.

Mawson Lakes
Wing sze
1st lesson offered free !

Native Chinese teaching both cantonese and mandarin, our traditional culture included !

I am motivated and very passionate about promoting my language. I am quite strict as I will give homework each week. However, I welcome all questions and I believe that only by speaking with a native then can you master the language itself.

1st lesson offered free !

Fun Chinese tutor with experience offering chinese lessons at home in london!

My teaching method is for student to explore and learn from asking questions rather than giving students too much information. I like to make my classes fun and practical! i like to focus on the speaking skills of the students first and then slowly with practice go into deep understanding of texts.

Burleigh Heads
1st lesson offered free !

Griffith university Chinese student looking to tutor school children in Mandarin Chinese

My teaching method consists of a lot of practical learning, hearing them read back to be and watching them write the characters correctly. It also involves repetition to ensure that the words and phrases have been understood and fully learnt.

Cairns North
1st lesson offered free !

Native Chinese Teacher(Kids to Adult), Cairns, Melburn, Syney, or any city in Australia

04/2017~12/2018 Chinese Teacher ➢ Teaching Chinese in Glory Singapore International School (Bangkok, Thailand). 09/2018~present Chinese Teacher(Part-time) ➢ Teaching Chinese in Wells International School. 05/2016~04/2017 Chinese Teacher ➢ Taught Chinese language and culture-course in Hanyou Education Institute, the Chengdu branch of Hanbridge, China.

Svensson Heights
1st lesson offered free !

Native Chinese speaker teaching Mandarin while making more new friends who interest in or like Chinese culture. Looking forward to know you.

My teaching method is on line, subject to what result you want to achieve and your interests, to be practical and quick, or to be solid on basics from the very beginning, i can adjust my way and content of teaching.

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Perfect! Very professional and patient and passionate about teaching Chinese

Kris, student
1 year ago
(1 review)

Perfect! We still did not do the class. I am with a very tight schedule right now. But I will contact him back. Thanks. Ainda não tivemos nossa aula. Estou com o horário apertado neste momento. Mas retornarei a contatá-lo quando houver tempo. Obrigada.

Liz, student
1 year ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Oi Fernanda, obrigada pelo carinho. Muita mudança de repente. Passei para um novo doutorado e não vou ter tempo para muita coisa senão arranjar documentos e livros para estudar os temas específicos do doutorado. Quando sobrar tempo, retorno a te...

Liz, student
1 year ago
Wan lin fernanda
(12 reviews)

Be accompanied by the best teachers for your chinese lessons

The language with the highest number of native speakers today is Chinese. Originating from a truly wondrous country with a fascinating history and a wall over 13,000 miles in length. Learning Chinese seems to be a difficult task and a tedious one at that. However, with the help of private Chinese teachers it can become rather amusing. Whatever issues a student might have, private Chinese lessons can solve. Teachers are very patient and willing to help the student learn the language by introducing them to Chinese culture as well. They will adapt themselves to students' capabilities and guide them on their way to mastering the language. Should a student develop interest in other foreign languages, they can also look for Hebrew or Dutch lessons, to name a few. Spanish teachers would be glad to help them with Spanish and native Latvian speakers are available as Latvian tutors. Hebrew lessons are also at your disposal with a private Hebrew tutor.