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UOW engineering student gives Chinese lessons to high school and Uni students or someone who interested in Chinese in Wollongong (nearby as well)

I am a student in University of Wollongong and studying the Master of Engineering. I would like to teach students who are like Chinese culture and interested in learning Chinese. My teaching method is making friends with my students and accompanying with him/her by using Chinese and teach them what's the meaning of what i said before.

1st lesson offered free !

Unimelb student gives Chinese learning (focus on Mandarin) to scholars in Melbourne

I am a undergraduate student in the university of Melbourne. I am a Chinese and prefer to writing the essay and communicating with others. These lesson can help you to study the Chinese from foundation step and help you to speak the Mandarin fluently.

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Native Mandarin speaker with teaching experience offering Chinese tutoring for any level students in Edinburgh

I'm a passionate Chinese speaker and learner, waiting for someone to share my love for language study and explore the beauty of Chinese with me! I'm not only a tutor, but also a friend, and a mysterious oriental legend teller, or whatever you can imagine.

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Business Undergraduate Student with experience studying in the UK gives Chinese/Mandarin lessons Online

"People who are able to speak more than 2 languages are proven to be smarter." That's right, you are on the right track to stand out.

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College student in MA Education with 4years of experience gives Chinese lessons

College student in Master degree of Education at Durham University and has sufficient experience of teaching Chinese in a interactive and interesting way and my students aged 4 to 50 come from all over the world. I ' d like to add more practical examples and useful words and sentences into my teaching materials instead of focusing on reciting characters or grammar.

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Native speaker (doing a PhD in England) gives Chinese and Cantonese lessons to people in Leeds and Manchester, or via Skype at home

I'm a PhD student in England, from the Southern China. I want to teach students and adults Chinese Mandarin or Cantonese at spare time. I have both English and Chinese teaching experience, as I was a part time English teacher in China, and I taught my English friends Chinese last year. I can teach daily Chinese or business Chinese.

Greater London
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A Beijing student studying at KCL majoring in education management. Helpful and friendly. Standard mandarin

I am a Chinese girl who live in Beijing for more than 20 years. Mandarin is my first language. Currently, I am doing my master degree in king’s College London, and my major is education management. Teaching is my dreaming work, and I am always willing to talk with people from different ages and background. I am helpful with your Chinese speaking as well as reading and writing.

Greater London
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International postgraduate students gives Chinese lessons to all levels learners in London

I am an international student from China and I study in UCL now. Chinese is my native language and I have already got the Certificate of Mandarin proficiency test grade, my score is A level, which is the highest level for general person. Besides, I have had teaching skills and teaching training during my undergraduate and postgraduate.

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Friendly patient and strict and very responsible about what should be done

usually I care about people's emotion and I have the disability in working but I am quite positive I am willing to support anyone towards success.

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Native Chinese presenting "Culture,History and Business of Chinese " in Manchester

Over 30 years experience in business and familiar with customs, culture and interests all over country; Whether you want to learn dialect, mandarin, character, calligraphy or business writing, could be tailored accordingly; My lesson focus on speaking, as it is fundamental. Of course, learn character, idiom and poetry are welcome if you interested in.

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Graduate of a LEA license - learn Chinese or English in a playful way adapted to your needs!

大家 好! Hi everyone! Do you need someone to help you feel comfortable in English, Chinese or French? The school method does not suit you? Or, on the contrary, do you need academic support? Do not panic, I'm here to help! I propose to define together your needs, your level and your objectives in the language, as well as your interests, which will enable me to set up effective courses.

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

Learning Chinese is easy with me, as a translator, I know how you feel about it and I know how to help you overcome it.

It is going to be fun, efficient and logical. Students find learning a language difficult just because they can't relate the logic of Chinese and English. With me, I know how to help you with that and trust me, Chinese is easy.

1st lesson offered free !

I hold MFL teaching qualification and BA (hons) in Graphic Design Degree

\I am Shu-Chen, have been teach Mandarin for many years in London and private candidate home. I teach GCSE,A level and adult learner who required for work. The best student that I have achieved Grade 8 in IB Mandarin exam and entry Oxford University this year. I am very happy for him and my self of this great achievement. I hope to help many of my student to reach this high aim.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced and Qualified Mandarin Chinese Teacher based in Bristol providing tailored classes.

I am from Suzhou, China. I have a bachelors degree in English. I have qualified in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. I tailor my classes to each students requirements and style of learning. I push my students to study to reach their goal.

Paris 16e
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Offering Tutor course to help you keep practise English

i am only offer tutor course for learning english which means i can help you practice what you have learned already . This tutor course only fit in the people who on intermedia level and want to practise more .

Khai syuen
1st lesson offered free !

Native Chinese speaker who is proficient in English providing online Mandarin tutoring

I can teach Mandarin to students of all levels. Lessons are catered to your needs and can range from writing (strokes and punctuation), listening (common phrases or depending on your need), speaking (basics, conversational or formal) and reading (depending on your goals). I am willing to provide additional help if you are learning from an online app.

1st lesson offered free !

Chinese teacher in Leicester gives Mandarin lessons to all who are interested in Mandarin and Chinese culture in UK

I am a passionate and patient Mandarin teacher. I enjoy interaction with my students and I do hope I could help you, anyone interested in Chinese language and culture, to reach my language goals. I would adapt my lessons according to your level, interests and learning needs.

1st lesson offered free !

Trainer in Chinese and English tutoring Chinese

Graduate of the Master in the School of Engineering CESI Rouen. I wanted to branch out with an MBA in International Business School in Rouen (NEOMA). Intervener in MSc Supply Chain Business School in Rouen (NEOMA) 2014 I teach the integration of logistics operations in the system information.

North Melbourne
1st lesson offered free !

Uni Melbourne Master student gives Chinese lessons to all people that want to learn Chinese

My teaching method may be more focus on practice. If you want to learn a language, you need to speak more and use them frequently. So I will spend most of time in communication and also will show them some Chinese movie in order to improve their listening skills.

1st lesson offered free !

Communication and management student who speak French and English teach Mandarin in Ottawa

I based my classes on how native Chinese children learn Mandarin. I also include games in my lessons. I want my student to have fun learning the new language. Mandarin is not complicated in terms of grammar, I am more focused on the vocabulary, speaking and listening part. I know the memorizing part is not the funniest part, but I will make it as easy as possible for you.

Saint Lucia
1st lesson offered free !

UQ Student with 12 years experience gives Chinese (Madarin) lessons to students in Brisbane

My teaching methods vary depending on the level of the student. For example, for students that are new to Chinese, I would take them through the foundations of the language, learning basic concepts and conversational aspects and tone, then expanding vocabulary and onto Chinese writing.

1st lesson offered free !

Postgraduate students offering Mandarin lessons in Essex. Native speaker. Certificate of Mandarin

I used to teach the undergraduates who want to be further educated in an English-speaking country. Therefore, I need to help them to be familiar with western culture and pass the exam such as IELTS or TOEFL.

1st lesson offered free !

Deakin international student give intersiting lessons to people who want to learn Chinese and Culture in Melbourne

My teaching method is to combine language with daily life using. I will give the example of every detail and give enough practice to ensure you can understand and make use of every Chinese I've told. In this way, I believed that student would have a solid background of Chinese.

1st lesson offered free !

Freelancer that write film criticism and history gives Chinese lessons for students in Toronto.

If you do not have a foundation about Chinese, I will start teaching from pinyin. If you have a foundation about Chinese, I will begin to confirm your pronunciation first. Then, I will use powerpoint and video to teach Chinese. Meanwhile, If you have any requests about Chinese ability or Chinese culture, I can will adjust my teaching content to help you.

Worcester Park
Ka kei
1st lesson offered free !

Experienced friendly Chinese tutor offering Mandarin and Cantonese classes (weekday/ weekend/ summer holiday/ regular/ intensive)

I will adjust the class depending on how the student absorbs and understands the materials. I like to use playing cards and games for the young learners while encouraging the mature learners to make daily conversation with me in Chinese. I have both recommended textbooks and my own tailor made teaching materials and exercises at hands.

1st lesson offered free !

Native chinese speaker gives lesson for everyone who are interested in chinese

I do not have a particular teaching method. I believe that every student is individuals, therefore, I need to work with my student and find out what is the best way to teach them. Also, I can use all types of textbook student provides.

1st lesson offered free !

Native Chinese speaker/ANU Applied Linguistics student with teaching experience give Chinese lessons

I will focus on the Chinese speaking part. I will help you with your expression and Chinese pronunciation. In each class, there will be a lot of opportunities for you to express yourself. I will cover basic topics such as daily conversations. More complicated topics will also be discussed.

1st lesson offered free !

Chinese lecturer offering Mandarin speaking/writing lessons in Leeds LS18 at your home.

I am a Chinese native speaker and I have Education degree in China. I was a Lecture in sports science and public health and I have quite a few years teaching experience. I moved here at 2008 and I am teaching assistant in GCSE mandarin class and our class has been very successful. My parents both teachers in China and teaching is my favorite thing.

1st lesson offered free !

Mandarin native speaker offering oral and written expression and calligraphy practice in Birmingham

I am a native mandarin speaker studying MA Education in University of Birmingham. I can give oral and written lessons/one-to-one practice for all levels. I will adopt an individualized, fun, relaxing and interactive way to design and deliver the lesson.

1st lesson offered free !

A Chinese cool girl in Liverpool uni teaching you authentic Mandarin / Chinese

Hey guys! I'm Erika, currently a second year student in University of Liverpool. Struggling in Chinese? Don't worry! I would like to teach you the basic Chinese starts from the pronunciation to the most common words and sentences. I can practice with your speaking as well and help you remember those difficult characteristics.

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Perfect! Very professional and patient and passionate about teaching Chinese

Kris, student
1 year ago
(1 review)

Perfect! We still did not do the class. I am with a very tight schedule right now. But I will contact him back. Thanks. Ainda não tivemos nossa aula. Estou com o horário apertado neste momento. Mas retornarei a contatá-lo quando houver tempo. Obrigada.

Liz, student
1 year ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Oi Fernanda, obrigada pelo carinho. Muita mudança de repente. Passei para um novo doutorado e não vou ter tempo para muita coisa senão arranjar documentos e livros para estudar os temas específicos do doutorado. Quando sobrar tempo, retorno a te...

Liz, student
1 year ago
Wan lin fernanda
(12 reviews)

Be accompanied by the best teachers for your chinese lessons

The language with the highest number of native speakers today is Chinese. Originating from a truly wondrous country with a fascinating history and a wall over 13,000 miles in length. Learning Chinese seems to be a difficult task and a tedious one at that. However, with the help of private Chinese teachers it can become rather amusing. Whatever issues a student might have, private Chinese lessons can solve. Teachers are very patient and willing to help the student learn the language by introducing them to Chinese culture as well. They will adapt themselves to students' capabilities and guide them on their way to mastering the language. Should a student develop interest in other foreign languages, they can also look for Hebrew or Dutch lessons, to name a few. Spanish teachers would be glad to help them with Spanish and native Latvian speakers are available as Latvian tutors. Hebrew lessons are also at your disposal with a private Hebrew tutor.