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Language isn't a subject but a lifestyle, think like a Chinese! Come to Chinese Tutor in NYC

Target clients: No age limits Lesson level: Beginner to Conversational level/Fluent. (simplified form, Mandarin) Teaching Method: - I must know your personal goals and worries before teaching (if any) - List of vocabularies will be provided (mostly relevant to the grammars) words exceeds the level of 6th grade will not be taught. - No homework will be given because I don't force people to learn.

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PhD student studying language acquisition & native Chinese speaker with 1 year of teaching experience

Generally speaking, I prefer to use an interactive approach and a task-based approach; However, I also believe there's no one approach that is better and more suitable for everybody, as our brains are all different from each other. Therefore, the tutoring approaches I selected for each student are also based on each individual's age, personality, preference, and learning goals, etc.

Temple City
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Chinese student from UCLA gives Mandarin lessons to beginners in Los Angeles

I'm a Chinese student from UCLA looking for a private mandarin tutor job. I can give lessons to Chinese beginners, especially kids. I have the Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language Certificate. I'm very patient and outgoing. Additionally, I grown up in Chinese and came to America in 2012, as a native speaker, I can provide the most accurate pronunciation.

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Patient, Friendly, Native Mandarin Speaker with a master in Chemical Engineerin g

Education Background: Master Degree in Chemical Engineering, Bachelor in Chemistry Science I consider myself as a friendly, patient person who is always willing to help people.

San Diego
Shan shan
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Want to learn something new of Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese

Feel free to learn, feel free to ask questions. Traditional Chinese and Simplify Chinese aren't that hard for learning. Give it a try and you will go to love it. Besides, I would like students to learn new things without any pressure.

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Former Chinese language [professor and international consultant in chinese state of Cameroon, central Africa

Elvis Martial Nzepah, (concealed information) freelance Chinese language translator ,professor,international consultant in Chinese culture work. had worked for the state of Cameroon and Qin chengxiang international trade in that capacity.Belief in the easy chinese language concept; that which given my background in the language design lesson in that light.

Los Angeles
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Native Chinese speaker gives lessons to all levels in Los Angeles CA

I'm a native Chinese (Mandarin) speaker from Taiwan. I came to the U.S. when I was 16. I lived in Seattle for two years and transferred to UCLA in 2014. I am very flexible with my lessons. Since different students have different aspects that they want to strengthen, I usually adjust to what students are looking for.

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Patient Empathetic Teacher With Experience In Cross Cultural Communication. Come Join Me!

I graduated from Augustana College, which is located in Rock Island, Illinois, USA in 2012 with a degree in English, Philosophy, and the Classics. These fields of study and the small intimate nature of my school have informed the way that I teach. I have found that mixing vocabulary and grammar memorization with critical thinking exercises are the best way for student to learn a new language.

Fort Wayne
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Experienced business professional with advanced degrees gives Mandarin Chinese and business lessons in Fort Wayne Indiana.

Fluent speaker of English and Mandarin Chinese with advanced degrees seeking to tutor young and adult learners interested in learning Chinese and business subjects. Lessons are designed on the basis of learner needs and characteristics, and given in a structured and semi-structured format.

Royal Oak
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Young experienced Spanish, French, ESL & Chinese tutor in Metro Detroit

I'm a multi lingual engineer who has lived in several countries including France, Germany, Taiwan, Honduras and now the US.

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Mandarin Chinese Tutor with 2 decades of experience living and working in China

My teaching methods vary from using the Yale and/or Oxford oral and written practice textbooks on Mandarin Chinese. I am also well-versed with the Taiwan-produced publications. However given my years of practical experience living and working and speaking in China, I try to emphasize the conversational and common situational language in the context of conversations.

Rochester Hills
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Chinese Tutor in Troy, Michigan area to all ages, native speaker, with 7 years of experience living in the US

My teaching methodology is based on the situation of each student. By understanding what they need, what their learning patterns are and what their knowledge level is, I will try to come up a way that help him enjoy the subject while learning it and learn it efficiently.

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Recently moved from Singapore, offering Mandarin lessons in Denver to all ages.

It is very important to assess the child before implementing a certain learning style with him/her. Thus, my technique will vary based on whether the child is more of a visual, verbal, auditory, kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, or logical learner.

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A Chinese college student gives Chinese lesson to primary school and middle school levels in Oakland, US

Hi, dear students! My name is Katherine. I was born in China. I have studied Chinese for sixteen years in China. Even though I'm not a professional teacher yet, I will try my best to teach you. I promise that it will be an easy and learning lesson for you.

New York
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A Chinese graduate college student teach you how to speak perfect Chinese

Hi, my name is Jian. I came from China and I have been lived in American for 6 years. I graduated from Michigan State Universtiy, and now I am in graduate school in NYU. I will teach how to start to speak Chinese properly and what's the trend of Chinese. Also, I love fitness, photography, movies.

(1 review)
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Are you struggling with your accent? you are in the right place

I WAS also an accent learner who was struggling with american accent. But After a couple of months studying that accent, I found a new 'LIFE'. I can say if you want to learn and improve your american accent, I can give you very effective training method and you will be surprised about how quickly you have improved and sound more native.

1st lesson offered free !

A Real Chinese Teacher who just came to Austin Texas from Shanghai China!

Personalized teaching for each individual student which can meet all different requirements. Let's get know each other and then I will see how can I help you the best. Language is for communicating. All human start their native language by listening and repeating, not reading and writing. Therefore I believe practicing speaking and listening first is the real way to study a language.

Los Angeles
1st lesson offered free !

Bachelor Degree in Law and Chinese language with 12 years experience

Hi, my name is Leidy. I am native Spanish speaker and fluent Chinese language.

Los Angeles
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It isn't hard to learn Mandarin.. Join me and we will do it the fun way!

I try to engage my students as much as possible with fun pictures and videos. I also prefer one-on-one coaching so that you can get individual attention. I will adjust the materials to help you learn better according to your speed and we will have a fun time together.

1st lesson offered free !

Mandarin Chinese in an amazing and intricate language let me show you the way

My teaching method is to always set my students up for success and I make sure to always make sure that my students has a solid foundation before building on. I think that learning language needs to be fun and interactive so I always have fun conversational approach.

1st lesson offered free !

My Chinese teaching experience began while I was a graduate student at Ole Miss. In 2008, I returned to Taiwan due to employment at Overseas Chinese University (OCU), where I taught Mandarin Chinese t

Like most teachers, my teaching philosophy is affected by my teaching and learning experiences, as well as my research. I am aware of my students’ different needs and adapt my teaching style in order to better accommodate them. Based on my learning experience, I believe the most important aspect of learning is developing one’s critical thinking ability.

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Studying Chinese together, trust me. I am patient to teach children online

I am a college student in Kansas. I come from China. I love Chinese and English. I will teach children Chinese by using Chinese materials. I love children. The best character for me to teach is patient. I will try my best.

1st lesson offered free !

Once, a lost Japanese princess is found in her voice through teaching

- Completed the associate degree of English Literature - Highly sufficient in Mandarin, as a native language (Poetry Level) - Initiative, Intriguer, and creative communicator to inspire - A loveable personality to enjoy with the kids - Love to create fun environment with kids through learning - Highly educational

Delray Beach
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Would you like to learn chinese, come with me at different levels, offering good method to improve rapidly

Born and raised in china, major in English for 5 years when in college and university , used to be an english tutor for 12 years in china, part of them are students in Chinese painting and art university with my English training, experienced in polishing and improving scores for students, offering practical and easy- learn method to help learn chinese rapidly

1st lesson offered free !

8th grader that graduated Chinese school as the youngest and also skipped 2 grades

I am in 8th grade and am partaking in two Regents classes. A lot of people I have come into contact with say I have a lot of patience. If the person I am helping does not understand what I am trying to get them to understand, I may take an alternative path to teach them. Or I would say the answer and see if they understand, if not, I would go back and explain everything over again.

West Lafayette
Imogen ma
1st lesson offered free !

Having a crush on that Chinese girl but don't know what to say ? Wanna learn some Chinese and show off in front of your friends at your go to Chinese restaurant ? Hit me up :)

My name is Imogen and I'm senior in collge. I'm a native Chinese and English speaker since I grew up in the US but come from a Chinese family. I have taught Chinese to highschool exchange student and my friends in college. Most of my students are able to start a simple conversation in Chinese and navigate bathroom, restaurants and everyday life scenarios.

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Master Language teacher can make Learning Mandarin so much fun, in Phoenix Metro area

- Native speaker of Mandarin and Shanghainese - Awesome written and oral skills in Chinese.

Queens County
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Chinese teacher with 30 years of experience gives chinese lessons in corona.

I am Zhao Ming,fair,justice,amiable and easy to approach. I can give Chinese lectures to elementary and middle school students using problem-based teaching method to arouse students interest and thinking.I encourage students to express their viewpoints in class.

1st lesson offered free !

Chinese language tutoring from an highly-educated, experienced, and native bilingual English/Chinese speaker.

Highly-educated, experienced, and native bilingual English/Chinese speaker offers the following: ---Chinese language classes from the beginner's level to advanced, with standard Beijing accent; ---The Pinyin system and speaking; ---The characters and writing; ---The idioms; ---The calligraphy and the brush; ---Chinese literature and cultural classes for the intermediate...

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Experienced Chinese teacher give Chinese class and ESL class

I have got a Bachelor's degree of Art in teaching. I have been teaching Chinese students English as a second language for 20 years. And I also have several years of experience in teaching Chinese to American kids too. I am quite logical and always use the most understandable way to teach.

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Perfect! Very professional and patient and passionate about teaching Chinese

Kris, student
1 year ago
(1 review)

Perfect! We still did not do the class. I am with a very tight schedule right now. But I will contact him back. Thanks. Ainda não tivemos nossa aula. Estou com o horário apertado neste momento. Mas retornarei a contatá-lo quando houver tempo. Obrigada.

Liz, student
1 year ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Oi Fernanda, obrigada pelo carinho. Muita mudança de repente. Passei para um novo doutorado e não vou ter tempo para muita coisa senão arranjar documentos e livros para estudar os temas específicos do doutorado. Quando sobrar tempo, retorno a te...

Liz, student
2 years ago
Wan lin fernanda
(12 reviews)

Be supported by the best tutors in your chinese lessons

The language with the highest number of native speakers today is Chinese. Originating from a truly wondrous country with a fascinating history and a wall over 13,000 miles in length. Learning Chinese seems to be a difficult task and a tedious one at that. However, with the help of private Chinese teachers it can become rather amusing. Whatever issues a student might have, private Chinese lessons can solve. Teachers are very patient and willing to help the student learn the language by introducing them to Chinese culture as well. They will adapt themselves to students' capabilities and guide them on their way to mastering the language. Should a student develop interest in other foreign languages, they can also look for Hebrew or Dutch lessons, to name a few. Spanish teachers would be glad to help them with Spanish and native Latvian speakers are available as Latvian tutors. Hebrew lessons are also at your disposal with a private Hebrew tutor.