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Singer | Vocal Coach from Latvia currently living in Virginia, America, provides online and face to face lessons for children and adults.

I teach how your voice works, what moves, hot to move it, how to do it in a healthy way and how to add color to your expression. It doesn't matter if you a singer, actor or any other kind of voice user.

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Music education and voice student offering voice and music theory lessons in Marana and Tucson, AZ

I give lessons to young and beginning students who want to develop their voices or theory knowledge. I specialize in signing for classical and musical theatre styles. I use a mix of physical movement, anatomy, and imagery to develop skills and technique through repertoire. Lessons are planned based on students' goals, interests, and progress.

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Award-winning singer with 10 years experience teaches you how to channel your inner song

I learn by doing, and as such I very much value taking the time to practice every single day. If you take lessons with me you can expect to be doing a LOT of work around developing what kind of singer you will be. My lessons will typically start with a few warm ups (Scales, arpeggios, diction, etc.

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Vocalist/ choral conductor/ pianist/ theory teacher with 20+ years of experience, now in Indianapolis

I have taught public school music (almost all areas: choral/band/keyboard/theory/theater) for grades K-12, and taught privately from ages 5-adult.

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Voice and Singing Lessons with Award-Winning Singer Online and In MA

Bülent Güneralp's teaching method is surprisingly simple, direct and effective. Developed over 25 years as an active singer and voice teacher, the Güneralp Vocal Method explains the whats, hows and whys of vocal technique in a manner easily understood and immediately put into practice. Mr.

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Voice Coach and Music Lessons for Middle School to High School Aged Students

My name is Rachael Tefft and I have spent the majority of my life studying music. I spent a year and a half at Alderson Broaddus University studying music and spent another year at Fairmont State University. I am a compassionate teacher who understands that practice is the key. "You are what you repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act but a habit.

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Improve your Singing / Speaking Voice, Master your Stage Performance with Professional Vocal Coach

It’s hard to objectively assess your sound when your instrument is part of your body. Think about the difference between how you think you sound and what you hear when you listen to a recording of your voice.

Los Angeles
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Professional singer for 20 years gives singing lessons from home in Los Angeles!

My teaching method is tailored to each student as everyone has their own unique style. My job is to help you find it and bring it out of you! We practice scales and then discover and hone your own vocal texture using some of your favorite songs.

La Habra
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Composer and Singer with 7 years of Music Experience and 4 years of Coaching tutoring any kind of music in Orange County and Long Beach

When I teach music, I want to teach more than just memorizing the order and timing of the notes. I want my students to understand the fundamentals of the fundamentals. I want them to know the math and physics behind the music, the patterns within the music, and the meaning and emotions behind their music.

New York
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At Keykey's Productions you are Star Power. Let's Relearn, Relive, Re-Love Learning!

Quest to Find your Voice. In Keykey's Productions session, we explore learning, through performing arts techniques/academic games, combined with the spirit of the student(s). This is the atmosphere we promote, to rediscover the answers that a novice to advance student can use.

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Proficient pianist skilled in teaching at the beginner-intermediate level for children 4-Adult. My main focus and area of expertise is teaching piano to students as young as four!

My teaching style starts in encouraging ways of introducing the building blocks in becoming a pianist. I like to focus on basic music theory, but also enjoy incorporating music games, interactive piano apps, and other supplemental materials into my students lessons.

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Experienced college music major gives beginner vocal and instrumental music lessons online and from home

I am a first year music major at Iowa State University. I am classically trained both vocally and instrumentally with six years of previous instruction. I believe that music can change someone's life, and I want to be able to reach out and help others achieve any goals they may have.

Virginia Beach
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A Devoted 18 year old Professional Singer gives fun Trained vocal lessons.

Because each student has their own uniqueness to their voice, my teaching methodology varies based on the individual. By listening and paying attention to each of my students different vocal abilities, we identify the key strengths and weaknesses of the voice, and go into catered techniques the singer can use. In my classes, we focus on Pronunciation, Vowels, Pitch, Tone and Quality.

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Private Voice and Piano teacher with 3 years of experience residing in Sanford, Florida

My teaching philosophy is teach to the whole musician and teach the student how to learn, I think it is important no matter the instrument that students gain skills in theory and musicianship as well as understand how to teach themselves in their practice at home.

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Operatic Soprano with 10 years performance experience offers vocal and stage coaching in person or online

I predominantly work with teenagers and young adults for auditions to schools, music programs, local and school productions. I use a hands-on approach, having the student work through their piece stopping and starting to find key dramatic elements and make personal and emotional connections.

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Nationally Ranked Choral Singer • Training under #1 competitive choral program in the world

I tailor my teaching technique to fit around the students individual natural strengths and smooth out their sound. There is no “one size fits all” when I comes to vocal training and I’d be cautious of anyone who tries to sell a preset “program”. It’s like the difference between doing an exercise video vs hiring a personal trainer- the voice is a muscle and every Body is different.

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Professional musician in the Tampa Bay area with experience teaching voice, piano and acting.

I am a young and passionate performer that is willing to help students of any level. I will help by taking your interests as a musician and help guide you to your best ability.

League City
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Musician who gives lessons on voice, music theory and early childhood music classes.

Hello! I am a voice graduate from Berklee College of Music. I have been a teacher for 4 years and am a enthusiastic and patient teacher. I have experience teaching students from the ages of 3 to 55.

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Vocal Coach with professional musical theater experience who worked in casting in NYC

My teaching methods are catered to the individual student and their musical interests. We will choose the material together. I am well versed in many vocal styles.

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Mesa-based, classically trained vocalist with 10 years of performing experience and 3 years of teaching experience.

I like to tailor my teaching methods to the student and their specific musical goals. I take time to ask each student about where they would like to go musically and what styles they would like to learn. I strive to give every student a foundation in music theory so that they can become independent musicians.

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Children and music are my passions in life. BA in Children's Music (05/19)

My goal as a teacher is to assess each student as a whole. A person's personality, temperament and energy levels and more will most assuredly play into their ability and willingness to learn. My goals as a teacher are to assess each student in my care as a holistic being.

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Achieve your musical goals through patience learning and being yourself with someone who understands the difficulties of finding someone who can relate to you.

I base my classes on the type of music and interests of my students. My level of success in helping others is being patient and understanding as well as supporting my students in there goals of interest in music. Music is also a positive way to release intense emotions and get exercise.

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Performer, composer, arranger, and educator offers lessons in music to students of all ages

I am a vocalist, French horn player, clarinetist, composer, and arranger. I give lessons to students of all ages in these subjects. I will aim to help you grow by helping to improve your technique. You might have a great voice or incredible ability on your instrument/composer, but you may not know the techniques that will enable it to truly flourish.

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Vocal coach, and empower with 20+ years experience teaches with a twist.

I am a British, International student in the USA, who has been singing since I could stand practically. I believe that with a voice your life can become more powerful, and learning how to make this happen must be fun filled.

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College student in multiple music classes gives piano and music theory lessons from home

Based on the eloquent training I have received throughout high school and college, I now have the means of bringing the blessing of music to those who may not have had an opportunity to experience its power and majesty earlier in life.

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Vocal Music Education graduate with over 20 years of experience in piano, voice, and music for all ages near the Florence, AL area.

Bachelor's in Vocal Music Education from Mississippi State University. Certified licenses in the states of Mississippi and Alabama. Attended numerous professional developments to keep learning about the voice, piano technique, and integrating technology in today's society for learning in a global atmosphere.

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Theatre, music, and ESL teacher in Buffalo with experience in Rochester and NYC!

I love to bring the fun into teaching! It's easier to learn when kids are enjoying themselves.

Elizabeth City
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2 years of experience as private guitar tutor; willing to teach all ages 3 different instruments!

My teaching method varies by the needs/learning style of the student. I believe that visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning must be balanced when learning a new instrument or singing, but can base lessons around the preferences of the student.

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Performer of 12 years for both dance and voice concerts along with comps, ready to share the world of the arts.

I approach each student differently as I like to accommodate each student with their best suite learning style and that is what I would do for them to succeed.

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Opera singer reaching out to people who want to share their gift.

I begin with very generalized lessons and exercises that touch on the basics. From here we will begin to add new exercises and vocalizes that will target you specific needs. This is the point we will begin to introduce musical repertoire. Finally, we continue to work and polish any technical defects until the voice can perform freely and expressively.

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Perfect! Bulent is an excellent teacher and a delightful person. He is very knowledgeable on music. He is patient and responsible. He shows lot of passion on music and teaching, I have learned so much from the first lesson. Definitely recommend him to the...

Laura, student
11 months ago
(8 reviews)

Perfect! Dianne is not only a wonderful person, but a wonderful teacher as well. Her lessons are extremely informative and fun! I haven't been a student of hers for very long, but I've already made so much progress. Highly recommend her! ❤️

Skylar, student
2 years ago
(1 review)

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Choral music is very popular especially because choirs compete during festivals as well as a regular form of entertainment in churches and social gatherings. It takes considerable practice with the help of choral singing teachers to perfect the art. Besides the singing lessons, there are always accompaniments in terms of instruments such as drums and harmonicas to make the tunes even better. To improve your skills or even to get new lessons from scratch, you need to get harmonica instructors, viola teachers, a drum tutor or even teachers who can offer trombone lessons, you should not look any further than SuperPROF.us because they have the best options for tutors as well as the flexibility when it comes to choosing when you can register for and take lessons. With an online platform, you have the liberty to choose what kind of teacher you need as well as the type of choral singing lessons you want to take and when.