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Social Science Instructor with experience teaching at the University of Illinois at Chicago

I dismiss my students by saying "go make mistakes". I believe that students are taught to adhere to social norms thus causing them to suppress their voice. Making mistakes provides opportunities for self-exploration and growth. During my time as a teaching assistant and public speaking instructor, I have found that students are typically driven by grades.

Citrus Heights
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Published Historian (2 Masters degrees) provides online history help of all sorts

History comes alive in my lessons! I teach students from primary school up through college helping them to understand historical events, to fine tune their research, and to edit their papers or study for exams.

Fort Gibson
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Nationally certified counselor with a masters degree in mental health counseling in Oklahoma

I relate every topic back to accessible topics, making the information relatable and simple. If I have to spend an hour reverse engineering a subject, I will do it. I teach teens and young adults, varying from high school to undergraduate.

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Master degreed-level educated instructor teaching art history, film history, film criticism.

i'm offering lessons in art history or film history for students or adults who want to learn more about either subject. I will discuss in detail art history subjects such as the Dada movement, surrealism, and the Impressionists. Film critical history topics will include early America cinema, international cinema prior to WWII, and postmodern cinema. Offering homework help.

Kinross Charter Township
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Award-winning Writer of a Budding "Educational" Quiz Book Series Teaches the Fascinating Subject of Geography...

I most enjoy targeting my appreciation for the diverse subject of "geography" to those youngsters who are in the upper grades of "grade school," and those in "middle school." I am also open to interacting and teaching "geography" with adults who want to augment their knowledge on the subject.

Menlo Park
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PhD History, specialist on Catalonia and Spain's history and their relationships with Americas.

I teach with some lectures and video. Feedback with the student through text analysis, and academic material. I want that the students finish this course or seminar with a knowdlege about how understand our present and to know indetify history manipulated.

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History, Art History, Mythology, Cinema History and Current Events in Denton TX, currently in undergrad at UNT

I tend to focus on lecture style methodology with printed notes and word lists so that you can look for things on your own outside of tutoring. Most importantly I want you to come away from the lesson having learned something about the topic at hand and having found your own conclusions about any discussions.

New Roads
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History teacher gives lessons in general knowledge, social studies, psychology, and mythology to middle school and high school students.

I have my B.A. in history and I have taught many different age groups and I enjoy teaching more and more every year. I structure my lesson to ensure optimal learning. I believe that teachers have the power to not only impart knowledge but to also encourage students to love what they are learning.

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Making History easy and enjoyable. teaches from elementary to early college level. Philadelphia area

Teaches US and European History from 17th century to modern times. In addition will teach Film, and Political science. All Teachings from elementary to early college. My lessons are structured to ensure class is both easy to follow and interesting to engage and participate.

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College graduate with History BA offering history and anthropology lessons in Rochester, NY

My name is Shawn and I give lessons to middle school and high school students. I approach each topic by asking students how familiar they are with it and then find a way to make the topic more relatable to them.

Manhattan Beach
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University graduate that can tutor English,History, Social Studies and related subjects in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

My teaching style is catered to your needs. I can tutor up to college or adult level students. Whether you simply want to improve grades or improve your skills in a certain area, I'm here to help you achieve those goals.

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Passionate Manchester, NH historian offering lessons in subjects from colonial America to the Mexican Revolution

I give lessons to people of any age, though my experience is primarily with undergraduate college students. My methods are based in the "I Do, We Do, You Do" method. I aim to give students an initial impression of the subject material with a visual demonstration, then walk the students through the activity, and finally allow them to initiate the work on their own.

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Former Teacher of the Year who can tutor in any Social Science Subject Area

I base my classes on student centered learning. I believe that students need experiential exercises and real life application of materials. I have taught general education, honors, AP, and IB students/courses. Use videos, primary source documents, and writing in content area.

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Comm student in Westford tutoring all ages in iMovie, Photoshop, and theory

I would like to focus on wherever your interest lies, and work to develop it further! We will take each area piece by piece, drawing connections as we go. Theoretical or practical, the knowledge and skills you'll gain are current and important.

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AVID History Tutor with 3 years experience. Majoring in History with Teaching Credential in North County San Diego.

I am a college tutor for my local High-School's AVID program and as such, strive to see the success and prospect of each student I teach. My experience as a tutor has only increased my resolve to be a better teacher in History. I approach lessons in a casual, yet informative manner which allows my teaching to be simply understood and entertaining.

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Master Student in business with a life long love of history and mythology

I approach each topic and break it down into a way that is more simplified than memorizing dates and events. I like to make comparisons to relevant things to help students remember historical events and current events that are going on in the world.

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Future history major with 4 years of history tutoring i help people understand our past in the golden triangle area.

I base my class on 2 things one being what they will teach you in school and then what actually happened. I feel both are important because the the things on tests are going to be what they tell you, but i also feel that its important to have basic knowledge of what actually happened.

Chapel Hill
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Liberal Arts Professor will make you fall in love with art history

We will work with your needs and find the best way to address your concerns. I am dynamic, upbeat, and will find the best way to help you. You will gain confidence and skills you can apply to future work.

New Orleans
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Research analyst with a Master's degree in philosophy offering tutoring in research and writing. Start small, stay focused and you'll be surprised what you can accomplish!

My method is to help students overcome their obstacles and produce the best product possible. Students start small and build their confidence as they develop their skills. Take your time, stay focused and you'll be surprised what you can accomplish.

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Get an A with Dr. J! 30 years experience teaching history and English.

My teaching and tutoring methodology is Socratic. When I teach English, I focus on writing and analysis; when I teach history, I teach that what matters is what happened, why it happened, and what were the consequences of it happening. I try not to teach just content, but thinking as well. I have a good sense of humor and work well one-on-one.

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History Tutor with high scores on the AP Exam in Newark NJ

I am a college student studying to be an architect. My teaching style is interactive and I love making sure that students understand history.

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History, English and Journalism Professor For College Level and Adult Education Students

I have an M.A. in History and English. I have taught college-level History, Writing Composition, English, and Journalism for over 25 years. I have taught both "online" and "in-person." I bring also real world experience in Journalism to the table.

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Master's level in psychology with a specialty in cinema and digital communication

I take an interactive approach to teaching, providing a short presentation before taking questions.

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History expert with wealth of knowledge offering to share same with students of all ages in north central Indiana!

My teaching method is to go through various points in time, point out what the chief problems and challenges were in that period, the approaches taken to solve them, and how they relate to us today.

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PhD in Chicago with elite Ivy League experience offering history tutoring classes

I believe in the student-centered classroom, adapting my methods to the needs and interests of my audience, while directing their strengths into the skills they need to be successful in an elite university environment.

Baxter Springs
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History and Geography taught by a trivia and memory prodigy in Southeast Kansas

Graduated from high school early. Majored in history in college. Always a member of the gifted program. Captain of the quiz team in high school. An uncanny memory. Can impart tons of knowledge in many fun ways.

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College professor in Portland Oregon area. Understands medieval and renaissance literature along with mythology and science fiction.

Relaxed small group discussion and learn by doing. See it. Try it in s group setting and then work thru it yourself.

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Film scholar, with concentrations in history, academic and critical writing, offering online support

I treat each lesson differently, approaching any assignment uniquely and comprehensively. Whether it be an scholarly work, school essay, academic research paper, or presentation, I strive to engage according to the circumstances (i.e. format, due date, topic) as well as the tutee's individual strengths and interests.

Santa Fe
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Award Winning Writer and Feature Film Director in Santa Fe, New Mexico

My teaching style is drawn from my own educational background, which has been holistic in nature: I hold structural precision and intellectual curiosity as equally valuable. I prefer to develop individualized lesson plans based on each student's specific interest areas and questions.

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Learn History By Book, Video, or Discussion, With Focus on Modern Western History

I am almost finished with a Bachelor's Degree in history (and also film), with a focus on modern (1500-present), western (Europe, America) history from Rhode Island College.

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