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I recently graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering and have taken a core curriculum of 120 credits from a ABET accredited school. I achieved this while keeping a minimum GPA of 3.0

I approach each topic by going over the basics and understanding the problem at every detail. Engineering problems are very detail-oriented and can be a hassle when you are faced with homework's that have multiple problem sets. Eventually these small details will become second nature which will allow you to focus on bigger problems and more complex situations.

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A Skilled Tudor for Rent in Engineering, Math, Finance, Science, Technical Writing

Tudor' Education in: - AS in Bible and Geology - BS in Civil Engineering & - MS Level in Arctic Engineering ** Skilled in tax, finance, agriculture and veterinary; and Humble but promising in Hunting, Boating, Fishing, Ranching, Farming and Wilderness Survival to boot!

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Civil engineer, Love math and science! Rexburg, Idaho flexible hours and days

My teaching method is to teach by examples and subjects that build on top of each other. Also by students questions.

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Engineering Tutor - Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Environmental, Civic, Chemical, Biomedical, and Other Types of Engineering!

The company’s prime mover is to provide quality tutoring lessons for reasonable rates that each client may think worthy of another’s choice and, thus, refer us to another for similar services. § Modus Operand of WillTutor’s Virtual Office: (1) Online, (2) In-Person, and (3) Phone Students do not select individual tutors through my company WillTutor.

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Mathematics for High School and College and Solutions to Math Theories and Conjectures

A license Engineer with More than 30 years of Construction and Design Experience, has a very Good Mathematics background, and a Math Author. The first book is "Proof of Beal Conjecture", and a new Geometry called "Polygonometry" is being developed. Research on application to Math and Engineering is also in progress.

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Fresh graduate with Bachelor Degree in civil engineering,willing to teach any of the subjects you will need in your college

My teaching method is to make you come up with the most important ideas about the subject, make you understand it, to see how easy it will get

La Mirada
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Civil Engineering student offering lessons in any area of the engineering aspect.

My teaching method is by catering each lesson to each student based on their individualism. I believe that all students learn though various methods. My goal is to work with the student to a realistic goal to improve their studies.

Farmington Hills
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Engineering student offering technical and practical knowledge to teach lessons at hom

my teaching method is a well-defined procedure used to accomplish a specific activity. i base mainly set of principles, ideas about the nature of learning. i guides the learner to discover things for him self/her self.i can translate Telugu also .

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Honors Nuclear Engineering junior college student giving engineering lessons to all level students through online sessions or in the Orangeburg, SC area

I am a college student currently working towards a Bachelor's of Science degree in Nuclear Engineering. I have taken math classes up to Calculus II, a Physics course, an introductory engineering course, and a class on Nuclear Energy, and have gotten a 4.0 in these classes. I have also taken a class for Circuit Analysis (Electrical Engineering), and received a 3.

New York
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Construction management student at columbia whi thinks practically and can explain practically.

I like to explain everthing from basic assuming that thr student I teach has no knowledge of that subject. I am open to any questions and will explain it in different ways until you dont understand.

Garden City
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Former Civil Engineer, taught High School subjects: Physics, Physical Chemistry, Earth Science, Algebra,Triginometry

My lectures are followed up with examples. Including demonstrations. My students always conduct experiments giving them a hands on follow up reinforcing what they have been taught to see for themselves..

Mohammad nazmul
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Graduate student of Civil Engineer , expert in Fundamental physics and mathematics !

My teaching methodology in example based. First of all I introduce student s with a bit of theoretical knowledge then explain in details with a practical or mathematical example . Then I go back theory and explain in details .

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

I’m a civil engineering student at UH Manoa. What better way to learn than to teach others what you’ve already learned?

I believe that the best way to convey information that I already know to someone who is new to the information is to make sure that we are both on the same page. I believe in hands-on learning, and love when I’m asked questions. There is never a wrong question when you are learning something new.

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I can teach you how to become a perfect civil engineer !

I teach from root level to top level .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

Santa Fe
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Score higher grades. I am a Tutor with 12 years teaching/tutoring experience.

I like to teach the fundamentals through straightforward instruction, then lead the student to find his/her own solutions—the Socratic method!

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Junior Civil Engineer with internship experience and 3.7/4 GPA gives tutor sessions.

I base my classes on teaching the concepts and then going over the exercises and making sure that the student is able to do the exercise by himself before moving on.

Ciudad de México
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Classes of technical and architectural drawing. Traditional and CAD techniques. Teached by Professional Architect, CDMX.

Classes of technical and architectural drawing; traditional tools and CAD. Learn basic and advanced techniques for drawing engineering, mechanical and architectural objects as construction details. Both, traditional and CAD techniques can be used. Graphic representation in high quality. Depending on the technique required and the level of each student, the program will be structured.

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I'm passionate at teaching. My focus is always to start from basics and build up to the advanced level. I motivate students. Students always feel comfortable around me.

Teaching style: I like to build up from fundamentals right upto to the level of GATE exam or course levels that is being taught at IITs. I have motivated and inspired wide spectrum of students. I work around their individual potential. Students generally feel very comfortable learning and being around me. I'm sure you will definitely learn something good if you give me an opportunity to tutor you.

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Crash course for civil engineering students who want to clear their backlog, prepare for semester exams or just want to learn the subject.

Life is simple. Its just people who make it complicated. Similarly learning is fun all you need is a good mentor and some discipline and motivation which can be acquired through practice of things over time. Don't mug up formulas, I will let you know their true use.

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Classes for civil engineering subjects like structural engineering, building material, water supply, water water ,management, construction planning, strength of material, fluid mechanics, RCC , steel

Start from basic to reach the perigee covering detail concepts of each step till the expert level needed to appear for any top tier competitive examination. The concepts are coupled with even more conceptual numerical to cement the basic theory and application of the same.

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I can help you with Engineering coursework assignments/ projects in most engineering subjects.

I make sure I will help you complete assignments to a high standard and within deadlines. I will tailor my help to what you need and let me know specifically what exactly you require.

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Civil engineering and Electronics engineering online classes for all students, lets start

My teaching method is depends on students knowledge catching capacity. My opinion is to provide the basic concepts of any subject related topics to the students, through teaching techniques it is possible to deliver the sound knowledge to the students for their better future and career.

Heidelberg West
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Master in Engineering student at University of Melbourne and practicing civil and structural engineer offering lessons in civil engineering and drawing (AutoCad, Revit, SAP2000, ETABS, SAFE, SpaceGass

I am a keen tutor who tries to stimulate interest in the subject being taught without which I believe makes it much more difficult to grasp the content. If required I would focus only on the specific context but if a large content is required to be covered I would first cover basics which increases the ability to understand the more advanced content and ability to answer indirect questions.

1st lesson offered free !

We forget on being told, we remember on being taught and we learn by getting involved.

> My teaching methodology is mostly based on Chalk & Talk and other subject related videos to assist in understanding the subject in a better way.

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Maths and Engineering Private tutor for foundation and university level at Leeds

I have PhD in civil engineering\ structural engineering. I deliver one to one or group sessions depending on the student choice. The session structure depends on the original lectures of student with extra examples and HW. All the related concepts will be covered according to your level.

New Delhi
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Teaching and learning with IIT Delhi. Preparation for Gate and PhD inerviews

The process of learning. Students and teachers are in a process of learning and understanding the basic concepts of a problem. So my method focuses on attacking the basics.

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I m currently a student of final year civil engineering and good in SOM , SOIL MECHANICS, HIGHWAY, ENVIRONMENT, HYDROLOGY, OCF.

My teaching method will be divided into three steps. 1-Basic view of the topic i.e what is the need of studying that topic or why we r studying it?? 2- Basic Concepts. 3-Raising level from easy to difficult by solving numericals , derivations and analysing the theoretical part.

1st lesson offered free !

Senior structural designer ready to teach all civil subjects and softwares in Pune.

My teaching methodology is basically understanding the concept and a consistent practice of important scoring concepts. The base should be strong enough to understand the concept.

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