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College student in forensic psychology. Studied Mathmatics and criminal justice to earn a general associate degree at Youngstown State University. Offering tutoring in Spanish,Law,Mathematics,and Engl

I am "Del" I am a college student furthering my college career to obtain more degrees. I give lessons to all students ranging from pre-k to senior level high school. My method is personalized to each students need. I aim to make learning fun and more emorable. To ensure each pupil will be granted the best service I will mold my teaching to his or her required help level.

Mint Hill
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Successful criminal defense and civil trial attorney will be your private professor

As an experienced trial attorney and former adjunct college professor, I am enthusiastic about introducing the Law to students who are considering a legal career; assisting students already in law school; and those attorneys who recently graduated! Depending upon individual needs, I will be covering the "basics" including the Rules of Criminal and Civil Procedure and Evidence.

La Vernia
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Law Made Easy and interesting to understand and comprehend for every individual

Retired former state prosecutor specializing in criminal & civil cases, private practice litigator and former lecturer/instructor at University of San Diego and for various agencies including Dept. of Defense, US Navy, US Air Force, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, and USEPA.

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I will teach you the Law and you will inherit a legal mind

I am not in the classroom to lecture. Teaching is about creating excitement with interaction and asking stimulating questions and challenging students to think. You cannot "dumb down" the law, but you can use practical examples of legal applications to help students grasp the concepts.

Lake Mary
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Florida Attorney with 12 years experience in Business, civil and commercial law.

I prefer active discussions of real world issues that I have been involved in during my career as well as learning how to read and interpret case law and statutes. There will also be current events discussions and their application to the subject matter.

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Let me tutor you on the law, both in theory and application.

Sociology & Psychology Purdue University. Doctorate of Jurisprudence, Indiana University School of Law. Honorary Masters in Comparative Law, University of Guadalajara, Mexico. Courses & tutoring in English and Spanish. Document review, bar review, contract analysis and discussion, miscellaneous lessons, comparative analysis.

League City
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Five - O Law (Civil and Crimial )in Black and White ,Your thist for Knowledge will be queched in Cafe Five 0

Welcome to my page. Once you enter Café Five O, you will be treated as an Advanced student with the upmost respect. All students are capable of learning . It is my job as an educator to create a comfortable learning environment even if it is online. I can tutor you in crimina and civil law enforcement weather it be High school or College.

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Lawyer teaches how to write well and teaches law for your everyday life and curriculum

I have been practicing law for 32 years. If you want or need to learn how to write anything well I can help you. It is not rocket science. I start with a basic thought or idea, create a sentence and then build a paragraph. Before you know it you have many paragraphs, well organized and clearly written. You can do it. Let me show you how.

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Recovering lawyer passionate about improving people's circumstances is available to teach civil law and business law, licensed in California.

I've been licensed to practice law for seventeen years, and was in full time practice for ten years. I have been working part-time, including having been a college professor. I enjoy in person and online instruction, and am passionate about improving people's circumstances.

Owings Mills
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I can provide instruction in a wide variety of legal areas, including the categories noted in this listing.

I have been a practicing attorney for almost a quarter century and enjoy an AV rating. I have given lectures on numerous topics to laypeople and other professionals as well. Oftentimes, these sessions have qualified for continuing legal education credits.

Baton Rouge
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Successful lawyer with 37 years experience tutors law students and undergraduate business law students in your home or my office.

I am a civil lawyer with 37 years experience in litigation and transactional work. I have taught law at both LSU and Southern Universities and have received educational instruction to further my abilities as a teacher. I am patient and have my students' best interests at heart always.

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I have a Diploma in Contract Law.I have just gotten but being a born teacher,MUST PASS THIS KNOWLEDGE ON.

I teach the basics.Intent,consent,breach of contract to name a few.I use real life examples to illustrate my point.I use a chapter review and the end of each section.

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Law school and bar exam studying should be fun! But is usually isn't...

I have a JD from Pepperdine School of Law and a Political Science Bachelor's degree. Law school requires specific critical and analytical reasoning skills rather than just rote memorization and regurgitation of information.

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Legal writing coach and law generalist. ABA approved JD with Mediation and Paralegal certification.

I take a student-focused approach to learning. I am skilled at breaking down complex information into readily memorable parts. Incorporate study skills to assist the student both with creating quality topic outlines as well as providing a basis for solid research and writing skills.

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Civil Litigation and Criminal Rights, Knowing what to Expect from your Attorney

I am a certified paralegal. I completed my undergraduate work at Ohio University and then went onto Capital University and obtained my American Bar Association and Ohio Bar Association paralegal certification.

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Attorney with 20 years of experience gives legal tutoring in Quincy, IL

I hold a Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia. I practiced law for 20 years in Missouri and Iowa in all areas of the law except Bankruptcy. I have experience with the judicial system, the administrative law system and negotiation of agreements.

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Law Professor

Mr. Litman has been a member of the Pennsylvania Bar since 1989, the District of Columbia Bar since 1983, the Maryland Bar since 1985, the Virginia State Bar since 1985, and the New Jersey Bar since 2007.

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I am an attorney and can tutor in preparation for LSAT, bar exams, etc

I am an attorney who has been practicing law for the past 21 years. I have expertise in the areas of family law, business law, general civil litigation, personal injury, and contract law. I also have an undergraduate degree in math and an MBA in Finance. I can tutor in any of the above referenced academic areas.

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You can Represent Yourself in Law

I have provided Paralegal support to Law Firms, and Pro Se (Individuals standing for themselves) since 2004. I do NOT practice law or offer legal advice, I provide research of issues, locate information as it pertains to the Case. It helps reduce costs to the overall legal process. I truly care about people and the Legal access for ALL, Equally.

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Retired Attorney to work in legal field with 39 years of practice of a general practice

I have worked for 39 years in Louisville, KY in a solo practice, thus I have an overall experience in the field. My concentration was in Family Law and Federal Bankruptcy but performed in many other general area. I an familiar with the Judicial system and how it work and have the experience of being involved in most area.

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Attorney Versed in Both Civil & Criminal Law Available for Tutoring in Atlanta

I am a practicing lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia available to tutor students, whether in college, graduate school or law school in all aspects of civil & criminal law.

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Attorney/Judge 25 years in Private Practice Tutor for Civil & Criminal Law

I have a Juris Doctorate Degree from Jones School of Law, Falkner University/ Alabama Undergraduate Degree/ Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice/ Troy University.

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Attorney with Law Enforcement experience gives business law lessons to high school and college students in America online.

I am a licensed attorney in Illinois. I teach college and high school students law related material with a focus on business law related issues. I believe in an interactive learning environmentin which material is openly discussed to make sure comprehension and learning takes place.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Business and Civil Law Tutor-Mentor

I am an experienced attorney and professor and have taught at the undergrad, graduate and law school levels. Within the arena of Business Law I have specialized in entrepreneurship, small business organization and finance, employee ownership and CSR.

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Administrative law judge with thirty years experience in the field of government and law.

My teaching method depends on my student. We can be as formal or informal as student needs. I follow basic steps to ensure coverage of area.

Sinking Spring
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Laying Down The Law in Berks County....Developing Scholars in the Study of Legal Theory. I teach through questions and answers; role playing etc.

I have earned an Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies from Northampton Community College. I have 2 years of experience working in various aspects of the law. I have worked in an Intellectual Property Firm; one that works with Construction and Business Law; and another that deals with Legal Aid.

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Practicing attorney and former Magistrate in Sarasota gives lessons in the law.

I have been an attorney for over twenty-five years and I am admitted in New York State and Florida. I have given tutoring lessons to law students, a paralegal and I am actively seeking students that need help studying for the bar exam. I recommend various handbooks and manuals to read on research and writing to my students.

Diamond City
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Legally speaking

Bachelor's degree in criminal justice 2016 Achieved from Argosy University online classes. Deans list 3.

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Civil law is one of the subjects covered by law school students. Getting good academic credits in civil law depends on being able to remember specific laws. Law students will need to understand and be able to remember the law code which is a systematically laid out body of interrelated articles. These are arranged according to subject matter in a pre-specified order. This may make it difficult to keep up in a civil law course. Help is available in the form of private teachers offering civil law lessons. Private lessons where you get one-on-one attention from experienced civil law teachers is a sure way to boost your grades. If you need help with other subjects, you might consider getting private labor law lessons and working with international law teachers and business law tutors. You could also work with a public law tutor. The challenge may be in finding private tutors in these subjects in your area. SuperPROF has gone ahead and done the job for you with a listing of 100,000 qualified teachers all around the US offering private tuition in 250 subjects including law subjects. You only need to go to the SuperPROF website, indicate the subjects you want private lessons for and you will be matched with selected teacher in your area. Start working with them and ace your law course.