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Music Major teaching lessons and tutoring for a low price- clarinet, music theory, and more

I can provide lessons on clarinet, music theory, ear training, music history, and more. I can teach a wide range of students from complete beginners from students looking for help with prepare for college auditions. I can also provide tutoring in music theory and ear training for and even help to specifically prepare for the AP Music Theory exam.

Culver City
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Professional Music Teacher Offers Fun and Effective Lessons in Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet and Piano

I truly love sharing the gift of music with my students! As a professional musician for over 20 years, I can help beginners all the way up to advanced students studying saxophone, flute, clarinet, piano, music theory, composition, arranging and improvisation. My focus is always to help my students build their skills and confidence, step-by-step.

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Professional Music Teacher Graduated from Berklee College of Music, Owns Tilghman's Academy of Music

My method is to study each student's learning strengths and weaknesses. There is not one method that works for every person. I adjust the method to match the student. I have written music books and workbooks for teaching different methods and seen much success over the years across the United States and in some other countries as well.

Seon hwan
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Singer with 6 years of experience in Collegiate and Professional choirs that compete and win in International Choral Competitions that also hold numerous collaborations with the city orchestra.

My teaching method is quite flexible depending on the abilities and skill sets of each student. I put emphasis in acquiring a desired set of skills must not tarnish one's love for music. Saying that, I expect my students to complete the assignments given and work hard to advance their understanding and abilities as musicians.

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Clarinetist and Arts Administrator with 12 years experience in music and the arts!

I primarily teach beginner level students, including adults who are returning to music or starting for the first time. I teach based on the needs of the student, and their specific style of learning. My teaching style emphasizes tailored and well-paced learning.

Oak Creek
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Clarinetist with a Bachelor of Music degree in the Milwaukee area. Will travel to you for lessons

I firmly believe that anyone can be a musician, and the benefits of music-making extend beyond technical skill. I take a multifaceted approach to learning an instrument while focusing on fundamentals, tone, musicality, and expression.

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Undergrad Music Education Major offering affordable private Clarinet Lessons, with after school availability

I base my lessons on The Four F's: Friendly, Firm, Fair, and Focused. As a Tutor, I will tailor to students specific needs for instruction and will challenge every student according to their level of skill. I strive to establish a clear understanding of music and produce great performance results.

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Professional saxophonist with 25 years experience instructing students of all ages, offers lessons on sax, flute, clarinet, piano, music theory, and arranging. Consider my company-BopShop Music Servic

Personal Statement on Music Education Warren Fordham Many things about the field of music education motivate me, because being a music teacher/band director is very important to me. There are numerous reasons why music education is close to my heart. For instance, I believe performers, composers, and songwriters should share their craft.

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College graduate that has played clarinet for 15 years. Experience in concert band & marching band

I approach each topic with the student's needs in mind because every student is different and learns differently. I teach the basics to younger students and speak with them on their weaknesses and strengths.

Federal Way
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Piano teacher over 25 years with Degree in Organ and Music Literature

I can give lessons from age 4 to 94. From beginning to early advanced in piano. Clarinet and bassoon to Intermediate levels. I use a variety of books and decide which to use depending on open interviews and goals.

Winter Park
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A multi instrumentalist with over 10 years of performance and teaching experience.

I start by analyzing the student to see where they are at in their musical journey. I also account for their personal interests and form a curriculum out of their desires as well. I always include music theory alongside the curriculum and, at the appropriate time, ear training as well.

Cleveland Heights
Mary kay
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Professional Flutist with 20 years orchestral and chamber experience. Piccolo , Alto Flute, recorder and penny whistle.

I teach flute, piccolo, alto flute, and ethnic flutes (recorder, penny whistle, etc.) and most importantly MUSIC! Learning skills on your instrument is crucial for success making the music of your choice. Once you have proficiency on the instrument, then we study the music and the elements that make it complete, ie. harmony, rhythmic complexities.

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Conservatory performance Clarinet Student giving clarinet lessons from beginners to advance students

I based my classes on individual needs. For beginners I start with the fundamentals of music theory (how to read music, scales, learning the concepts of playing) and then work on the basics of clarinet playing. For more advanced students, I allow them to work on pieces and help them improve on them and give them exercises and advice on how they can improve their playing.

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Performer, composer, arranger, and educator offers lessons in music to students of all ages

I am a vocalist, French horn player, clarinetist, composer, and arranger. I give lessons to students of all ages in these subjects. I will aim to help you grow by helping to improve your technique. You might have a great voice or incredible ability on your instrument/composer, but you may not know the techniques that will enable it to truly flourish.

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Clarinet player for 7 years. Very experienced in music reading. I love to teach and help people

I plan to teach the basics and more. I can teach the proper ways to hold and to play in tune and read music. I can teach middle school to high school students how to play the clarinet and to read music.

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Passionate Clarinetist with 13 years experience offering music lessons in Kent with experience in variety of music ensembles

My teaching method is perfection in the arts but also to envelope love for music. In my experience, I enjoy playing music with passion and accuracy. I believe students will enjoy music through mastery of skills and their ability to enjoy a piece's musical flow. All students are able to succeed through music in spite of any lacking of confidence.

New Orleans
Tall sam
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Learn how to play improv solos with a Jazz Musician in New Orleans

Fundamentals are important, but playing music should be fun from day one. We'll work on learning to play melodies and tunes with which the student is already familiar. I've found that once a new musician sees how simple some of their favorite songs can be, it's easy to dive into the music theory side and explain "why it works.

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Bass clarinet player teacher 9 years experience with honor band experience teaching in Tulsa, Ok

I have been where you have been I will be able to help with any audition music and will be able to help with solos and help you get over whatever kind of nerves you have.

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Jazz Saxophonist offering lessons with 8 years experience! Also can teach concert Clarinet/Oboe.

My methodology on teaching is being able to understand your strengths and weaknesses, removing bad habits and setting yourself up for success by creating a routine to help reinforce skills on a daily basis.

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Clarinetist with over 15 years of teaching experience gives lessons from home in Northeast Tacoma, WA.

My focus is the improvement of individual skills (scales, sight reading, ear training, musical expression, and knowledge of music structure).

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Woodwind professional offering private at your home or you travel to studio lessons

My teaching method includes individualized progress based on the students wants and needs, we work for goals required by their band programs and for personal growth with proficiency on their instrument

Oklahoma City
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1st lesson offered free !

Clarinetist for 7 years tutoring beginner clarinet players in Buford/Sugar Hill area

My teaching method is progression at the students pace, making sure they comprehend everything they need to know like fingerings, ampochure, and technique

1st lesson offered free !

College sophomore clarinet player with 8 years of experience. Looking to tutor middle schoolers to become the best musicians they can be!

My teaching method involves figuring out what is best for the student, weather that be singing, clapping, visualizing, or all of the above.

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Brain-Based Piano Method, a Mindful, Practical and Comprehensive System to learn Music

Hi, I am originally from Venezuela, where I grew up as a young member of the Venezuelan National System of Youth Orchestras (El Sistema). There I learned to play the clarinet and performed with various youth orchestras. I continued my musical studies while attending the highly competitive Central University of Venezuela (UCV) International Studies program.

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Woodwind Instructor from Dallas that Plays Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute that teaches how to play instruments to the highest levels and how to take care of their instruments via regular maintenance as

I am a Woodwind Specialist who teaches Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe and Bassoon. I can also teach vocal lessons and percussion and piano. I teach from my home studio or Webcam via Skype.

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Clarinet and piano lessons provided by Chapman University alum in music performance around Contra Costa County

My name is Cynthia Ley and I am a recent graduate of Chapman University. I majored in Music Performance for the Clarinet though I also am competitively trained for the piano. I can teach beginner students to high school students for private lessons which include technique work, theory studies, and learning repertoire based on each student's skill level.

St. Cloud
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Clarinetist with 7 years of experience offering private clarinet lessons to beginner and intermediate players

I give lessons to middle schoolers and high schoolers who are in the beginner or intermediate stages of clarinet playing. I start out by seeing where you're at skill-wise and then tailor the lesson so that you will get the most out of it.

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I teach flute, clarinet, and saxophone and all woodwind instruments! Lets make Music!!!!

: Delaware State University 2014-2015 • Honors Day Performance: April 16, 2015 • Senior Recital Performance: April 26, 2015 • Graduation: December 20, 2015 • Jobs For Life Graduate May 11, 2017 • Degree: Bachelor of Art in Music Performance Bands: Marching band, concert band, woodwind quintet, and jazz ensemble Previous Institution: The University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Los Angeles
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Learn the clarinet with an experienced teacher and acclaimed performer from Switzlerand!

Hello! My name is Yasmina, I moved to Los Angeles in August 2015 to pursue my clarinet studies at the University of Southern California Thornton School of Music with the world-renowned Prof. Yehuda Gilad. I am currently in the Artist Diploma program, which is one of the most demanding programs in the field of music in the United States.

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The clarinet is a musical instrument that in the family of woodwind instruments with a single-reed mouthpiece, a bell that flares out and a straight, cylindrical tube with a cylindrical bore. Perhaps you aspire to become a clarinetist who plays the instrument for different types of classical music like chamber music, concert bands, orchestras and solo repertoire. It is also played by marching bands, military bands and jazz musicians. The quality of tone that is heard from a clarinet will vary a lot depending on factors like the instrument, the mouthpiece on it, the reed, the music and yes, the musician. If you aspire to play the clarinet professionally or just have a passion for it, taking lessons can go a long way to perfecting how you play it. A hindrance you may encounter is finding clarinet teachers offering private clarinet lessons. SuperPROF gets this hurdle out of the way for you with a website that has a database of 100,000 tutors offering private lessons in 250 areas in every part of US. If you are interested in other instruments, you can be linked to piano teachers, a drum teacher, harp instructors and tutors offering accordion lessons. No matter which instrument or subject you are interested in, get onto SuperPROF and learn to play like a pro.