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Latin teacher offering to tutor Latin to all levels and English in Greensboro

I use a range of sensory mnemonics to improve your speed at Latin grammar. You will have tools based on your approach to studying. I create and adapt readings to help you build understanding. From following along with the book - to writing your own, I will help you get to the level of Latin you want.

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Part-time teacher will assist with all Language Arts, Cultural Arts, Reading, Comprehension, All levels. Pasadena MD.

My teaching method is to first determine where the student is with their learning and what type of learning style would best suit the student. The next challenge is to bring the content alive, break the lesson down and collaboratively teach using multiple strategies.

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Fantastic English Language Arts teacher offering tutoring in literature -experience 22 years

My teaching experience has afforded me the opportunity to teach students who learn in all kinds of ways such classifications are auditory , visual , tactile , and kinesthetic learners.

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Most friendly and experienced online tutor for English, Mathematics, Social and Life Science

Being an engineer, I believe there are multiple solutions to the same problem. I will first try to understand what the students know and need to learn rather than implementing my thoughts and style of solving the problem on them. My class is more of interaction than a one-way teaching.

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Do you need help with your Classical Studies? I provide instruction in Ancient Greek, Classics, and Religion.

I believe in the experience of learning. Ancient Greek takes a much different approach than essay writing. Ancient Greek takes a great deal of continuous practice. However, in writing, you need to learn reading comprehension in order to become an effective writer. I would proof all your writing, give you advice on how to formulate your ideas in a constructive way that is academic in nature.

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Any subject I can tutor such as History class to, science, ACT exam or SAT exam, English literature

My teaching method is hands on with practical and applicable use of media, audio, books, magazine, periodicals and other resources available to enhance the learning effective means even use of library and the internet and border perspective in terms of practicality.

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Life long student of the Humanities. Over 5 years experience in tutoring.

My approach is to make learning personal so to add meaning. Each student is taken as an individual and the tutoring session is geared towards his or her particular skill set. I know not everyone enjoys the humanities or reading but hope to spark some interest.

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Get an A with Dr. J! 30 years experience teaching English and Social Studies.

My teaching methodology is primarily Socratic, in that I ask questions that build progressively based on what students already know and get them to apply their knowledge to new material.This helps improve their ability to think for themselves when analyzing texts. I also use practice tests and writings. I will go over assignments with students to help them with homework.

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Certified English teacher offering help with writing assignments, reading strategies, and taking tests

At the core of pedagogy is a belief that all students can achieve success. From grades 6-12 I am certified to help make it happen! With me, students see grammar in context (not isolated in worksheets), find books they will love to read and challenge themselves to grow as writers. My teaching philosophy extends from Freire to Gallagher and Kittle with years of my own experience sprinkled in.

El Paso
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Tutoring for the past five years of all elementary grade levels. I love to teach!

I'm a soon-to-be-teacher who loves to help students grow as they learn. I'm just a big kid with a big heart! I have been tutoring for the past five years and I fell in love with the idea of wanting to help our future generations (doctors, engineers, scientists, etc). My teaching techniques is very student orientated as I primary focus on their strengths and weaknesses.

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My name is Caleb hall and I really enjoy helping other students who have trouble with some subjects

My teaching style is I try to be fun have some games prepared use apps like Quizlet and Kahoot I think it's necessary for students to enjoy what there learning especially something like classical literature very interesting and can be very fun

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A Fun and an Awesome Way of Learning with Asma in Atlanta

My teaching methodology is the different way of learning. I have different and fun approaches that I would like to implement on the kids in my classroom. Making the kids involved in the activities and helping the grow with each other is very important to me.

Myrtle Beach
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Fluent Latin tutor with 4 years experience located in Myrtle Beach, SC

I am looking to teach total beginners- those who have never had experience with the language before! Together, we can use whatever learning path you feel is best for you- visual, auditory, or kinetic- for an individualized learning experience. At your own pace, we will delve into this beautiful language and translate some great pieces of Roman literature.

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English tutor offering literature and writing lessons in Detroit with 2 years of professional experience.

I approach each topic by breaking down the overall ideas before going into detail.

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College Instructor with 16 years of experience in Philosophy and Humanities, io

I instruct in a dialogue manner for effectiveness in synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Forest Grove
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Native English speaker offers tutoring to anyone working to master English.

I like one on one or small group settings. I use a lot of dialog involving everyday subjects, as well as music.

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Online Latin Lessons from a PhD Grad Student with University Teaching Experience

For beginners interested in learning the Latin Language I stress a combination of grammar/vocab exercises and basic translation. There are no short cuts to learning Latin grammar and memorizing vocabulary, but there are techniques that make it more enjoyable and hasten the learning process.

Los Angeles
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English teacher extraordinaire with 27 years of academic experience including: online language teaching, English-Junior high, Honors English 9, 10, 11,12, AP English Language, British Lit, French Lit

It depends on the situation. If a student is a beginner or is struggling, of course I would scaffold and make sure the student has all of information necessary not only to move forward, but to move upward! The more advanced a student is the faster we can move and the deeper we can to into a subject, but if there is one thing i have - a HUGE abundance of it's PATIENCE.

Rancho Palos Verdes
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Italian PhD Student offering Latin and Ancient Greek Lessons in Los Angeles

My tutoring approach is based both on the level of preparation of the student and his/her particular needs. I make sure that the student has the necessary time to apprehend new concepts and memorize the necessary vocabulary and grammatical structures.

Palm Coast
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Doctoral Student Offering Ancient Greek History, Creative and Essay Writing, and Literatures

I base my pedagogy on the Quality Teaching methodology. Unless otherwise directed: Assess, build action plan together with proximal goals, and reminders, timeframe compliance structures, and move through the process again (iteration) as scaffolding knowledge for the next subject or continue building knowledge through the steps concerning the same subject parts.

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History and Classical Studies student offering Latin and Ancient Greek lessons in North Carolina

I am willing to teach anyone either of Latin or Ancient Greek. I know how difficult they can be so any lesson with me has no judgement. I know the struggle of learning a new language so there is no reason for any student to feel embarrassed when making a mistake. That is how everyone learns.

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Widely Published Professor (Emory Ph.D.) with 30 Years' Experience Teaches English and Related Subjects In Greenville and Columbia Metro Areas

The needs and abilities of my students shape and guide my approach to teaching. With over 30 years' experience as a teacher, professor, and academic, I am able to assess my students quickly, evaluate their progress accurately, and assist them in meeting their goals in a warm, friendly, and supportive atmosphere.

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Latin Graduate Student with 10 years of experience, currently living in Boston

My teaching method is based on repetition, as Latin language requires this. As a tutor, I meet the student where they are, and form the structure of the lessons around that. My lessons are fun, engaging, and help foster learning.

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Greek educator and archaiologist with many years experience in language teaching and education consulting

I explore my student's educational needs first and then I plan my lessons according to what could be more motivating

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I tutor with my professional powerpoint lecture series in Humanities, History, Art History, and Cultural Studies

All my Humanities (history and cultural studies) courses are presented via powerpoint (which include audio) lectures. I send the lectures weekly, along with outlines and a review quiz on each presentation. Students can choose the courses they want, each course having about 8 to 10 (audio) powerpoints which on a specific theme or following a specific timeline.

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Professor of Classics with almost 30 years experience teaching Greek, Latin, and classical culture courses, as well as editing scholarly articles and student papers.

My language classes at all levels, from beginner to advanced, stress student participation in reading, translating, and writing ancient Greek and Latin. I encourage students to study together, and work together in class, as well as individually. Students in my courses feel that they are part of a community that thrives together.

(7 reviews)

Online Tuition in Latin, Ancient Greek and Classics / Classical Studies from Classics PhD graduate with 10+ years teaching experience.

My name is Déborah, I have an Msc and a PhD in Classics from Edinburgh University. I started tutoring while I was working on my PhD, and never stopped! I can prepare students for all Scottish and English exams, up to the BA. I also have experience helping students work on their Post-Graduate dissertation.

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Oxford and Yale Graduate: Oxbridge applications advice, and Humanities, Latin, Ancient Greek, Classics and English tutoring in London

My teaching methodology focusses on sculpting the approach to a student's personal learning style and strengths, and creates pride in personal progress. Lessons are structured around student-led learning and fun, interactive engagement with the topic. Working with students with learning disabilities has taught me to shape a learning environment to suit the particular needs of every single student.

(2 reviews)
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Experienced London based qualified teacher offering proof reading services for higher education in classics

I have an organic approach to teaching, depending on the subject and the student. While it is important to guide a student and help them to perform to the best of their ability it is just as essential to pay close attention to the student's needs.

(4 reviews)
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Masters student at the University of Edinburgh providing lessons and help in essay-writing and on classical history and archaeology.

I strive to cater to my students' needs, recognising that everyone learns differently. To that end, I have employed numerous methodologies in the past, working equally with visual and auditory aids.

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