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South San Francisco
(2 reviews)
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Skilled guitarist/recording artist ready to get you started, or take you to the next level ...

My teaching philosophy is simple: Pay attention to the student...Attend to what they want to learn...Prepare lessons that definitely challenge them, but are tailored the THEIR needs...Make it clear that you have an interest in their happiness and enjoyment, not just your employment.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Multi-genre guitarist with over 10 years of teaching, performing, and collegiate experience.

I ensure that every student receives a fundamental foundation pertaining to the subject. While learning the basics, I advise that the student organizes their lessons and materials in a way that displays progress over time. With the proper knowledge, we can treat the heart of a subject with refinement in order to grasp its purpose and reason---whether its music or math.

Los Angeles
Lester (峻晧)
(2 reviews)
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Guitar tutor and music producer with 3 years of experience giving acoustic guitar lessons at home in LA to all ages.

My characteristics as a guitar tutor is a professional experience sharer with passion, patience, and organized teaching structure. In individual class, I will firstly design personalized course based on the students' levels and goals. In group class, I will use group dynamics to promote the learning effects based also on the students' levels and goals.

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Berklee scholar and alumnus with more than 10 years teaching experiences gives guitar and music theory lessons for all ages and levels in Boston area.

I graduated Berklee College of Music (summa cum laude) - guitar performance. During my studies at Berklee every semester I earned placement at Dean's List and 10 March 2016 I also received John LaPorta Award for outstanding achievement in my major.

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Lucid Guitar Lessons for Beginners: Accoustic, Electric or Classical: Music of All Styles

Just like my profile photo indicates, my name is Scott and I am a degreed guitar performer, composer and a singer/songwriter who's played various styles and types of guitars for 25+ years. I offer private guitar lessons to beginners and some intermediate level players between grades 2-8. Lessons are customized to meet the needs of each student.

Round Rock
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The easiest guitar lessons are here! Come and join the fun with Christian Thornton!

My name is Christian Thornton! I am 18 years old, I have graduated high school(4.

(1 review)
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Professional Guitar, Bass, and Ukulele Instructor located at Tilghman's Academy of Music

I believe music should be fun and educational. I joke around to keep the mood light when the music gets difficult. Music is my passion and I enjoy having the privilege to share my years of knowledge in theory and performance with others.

Jersey City
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Classical/Beginning Acoustic Guitar Teacher -11 years experience- Manhattan, Jersey City, and Hoboken

I teach music reading and can teach all ages and skill levels. I primarily use method books but also use outside materials for enhanced learning. I have a Master's in Guitar Performance from the Cleveland Institute of Music and can teach guitar to children, all levels of classical guitar, and beginning acoustic guitar.

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Guitar player with 10+ years of independent experience offering lessons in Frederick, MD

I have only taught guitar to mentally disabled adults in my teaching history so I try to lay out the basics of the instrument in simple, easy-to-understand terms. I would begin by teaching my students simple chords and how to read guitar tabs. After each lesson, I would give them a simple scale, riff or lick (possibly a full song) to learn that includes the techniques that we covered in-lesson.

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Private Guitar Lessons with Jim Cruz, Experienced Pro Instructor in McDonough, GA

As an experienced guitar instructor, I endeavor to make guitar lessons fun, practical and productive!!! Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, advanced, a musically frustrated novice or even a professional level musician needing to deepen their musical knowledge, I can help you! I teach on both electric and acoustic guitar.

Los Angeles
1st lesson offered free !

Learn to really play and understand music from an experienced LA guitarist.

Lessons are structured with a balance of theory, technique exercises, ear training, improvising, and learning songs, with a strong leaning on the student's preferred musical style. If a student should like to focus on any one of those areas in particular, I'm happy to accommodate! Both private and group lessons are available.

West Palm Beach
(2 reviews)
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Over 25 plus years teaching and professional musician who tours on occasions

Practicing is the key and theory knowing how to read music is the key To learn

Los Angeles
1st lesson offered free !

LA's top guitar & music teacher with 24 years experience teaching all levels, styles and ages

Part of why it is fun to learn guitar with a private instructor, is that you can learn whatever you want to learn at any given time.

1st lesson offered free !

Guitar lessons and tutoring from award winning guitarist and composer Gulli Bjornsson - Yale Graduate (M.Mus, M.M.A.)

Since 2014, I have worked as a private guitar teacher, providing guitar lessons to students of all ages and abilities.

1st lesson offered free !

Need help with music theory and/or reading sheet music? I'm your girl :)

I approach each topic by seeing how much they know and using that to build a way that I feel would help them obtain the material the best. If we're starting from scratch that's perfect too because they won't know any "wrong" material making it somewhat easier to teach.

1st lesson offered free !

Concert guitarist with master's degree gives guitar lessons in Chattanooga, TN for all ages

Through my experiences teaching music, I have encountered many different methods of pedagogy. I have tried many of these to aid in my musical instruction and from them I have derived principles that I use in my teaching today. My own method involves three ultimate goals that I want my students to achieve from their instruction.

El Monte
1st lesson offered free !

10+ years experienced guitarist offering inhome lessons in LA county district to all ages

My role as a teacher is to supply my students with the right skill set to pursue their own creativity. With music, there is no set solution to any given problem. That is why I enjoy being very flexible with my students. Any piece of repertoire can be played and interpreted in a variety of ways. I strive for originality and encourage my students to do the same with any piece of music they play.

1st lesson offered free !

Music graduate with 20+ years experience gives guitar lessons in all genres to all ages and skill levels!

I offer group and private lessons in all genres to all skill levels. I have curated my curriculum with a multi-faceted approach, which includes technical prowess, performance, music theory, and music history. The main focus of my lessons is to instill the idea that my students are musicians first and foremost. Being a "guitarist" is secondary.

1st lesson offered free !

THE ART OF RECORDING From silence and a blank page to a commercially viable release.

I have been very fortunate to have enjoyed a successful career in music, performing, recording and producing. As I expanded my interests beyond being a recording artist (Platinum Award) into production, non profit fund raisers and musical theatre, I realized that projects that gave back to the community, in whatever way, were the most satisfying experiences.

Beverly Hills
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Professional guitarist and recording artist - graduated from the conservatory of paris - teaches guitar lessons, vocal training, songwriting, beatmaking and sound engineering for all ages and levels.

Disciplines taught : I can teach acoustic, electric or classical guitar and all the techniques to master the instrument and the music theory : Scale, chords, tabs, arpeggios, intervals, modes, harmony, arrangement, score reading. I can also teach songwriting, film scoring, beat making and sound engineering : Certified Pro Tools, Logic Pro X.

1st lesson offered free !

Guitar player of over 20 years, would love to teach others in the Twin Cities.

I think a simplified approach is most important when starting to learn any instrument. Then as you learn more, you can have fun, and create as you go. I like to start with picking/strumming techniques, then moving to learning the notes and chords.

West Haven
1st lesson offered free !

Musical strumming with ease. Play guitar catchy songs with ease day one.

Students will begin each session learning to tune the guitar with a battery operated tuner. The lesson will continue with single note applications easing the finger strength. Both harmony and melody will be taught using notes and later chord structure.

1st lesson offered free !

Music is a language. We speak Guitar|Learn Rhythm Lead and Bass| Rocksmith Club | Rockville MD

1| My method is a fun, energy-packed and safe environment where kids are encouraged to love God, music, their band members, and their electric guitar or bass. My desire is to partner with Church, Schools, parents to teach kids (6 and up) basic music skills using technology, rock, blues and worship, and this to serve as foundation for their musical growth and performances in their lives.

1st lesson offered free !

Guitar instructor with over 20 years experience offering lessons in contemporary and classical styles.

I tailor my lessons to the interests of the individual student. I encourage sight reading, but do not require it to get started and often find a mix of traditional notation and tabs tends to get better results and keeps students interested.

1st lesson offered free !

Guitarist offering in-person or online lessons. Free beginner lessons available on my website (Limited Time Offer).

I base my lessons on the students need to play cleanly, accurately and proficiently. developing a strong right and left-hand technique where both hands are harmonious with one another is crucial to effective guitar playing. Timing is also extremely important because if you don't have good timing, you basically don't have a song.

1st lesson offered free !

Highly qualified, creative, and effective musician, marketer, promoter, and mentor Olympia Washigton

I am a passionate, highly qualified, creative, and effective musician. I have an informal empathetic teaching style and I focus on strengths, not weaknesses. I provide guitar lessons to all ages and all levels in the metro Olympia Washington area.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced Music Teacher Available For Private Lessons All Ages And Levels of Expertise

I've given lessons to people of all different age groups and levels of expertise. I analyze a students ability and then discuss the benefits of theory and practice. Over time I teach the importance of pitch, rhythm, tempo, articulation, dynamics and reading. I teach at different paces for different students. I'm very adaptable and I've learned a lot about teaching through my experience.

1st lesson offered free !

Musician holding the degree Master of Arts in Music: Vocals, guitar, and more in the North San Francisco Bay Area.

I am a vocalist, guitarist, composer, and music historian who loves to work with new material. I am looking for all types of students, and am happy to work with topics in which the student is interested. I am also comfortable providing suggestions for music and language projects, which typically incorporate history and vocal music into an eclectic approach to the guitar.

Grand Prairie
1st lesson offered free !

Degreed professional guitarist with 20+years experience gives online courses in Guitar(Electric,Acoustic,Classical),Music Theory,and Production.Fluent in pop, rock,country,worship,RnB and some Jazz s

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Classical Guitar from Dallas Baptist University,an Associate of Applied Sciences in Sound Recording Technology from Cedar Valley College,and a Master's Degree in Christian Education from SWBTS.I have a thorough background in music performance and production, and education.

1st lesson offered free !

Are you ready to finally understand music theory once and for all? Looking to enhance your understanding of audio theory, and modern production recording techiques? Do you want to learn the same metho

I am an dedicated guitarist, composer, producer and bandleader from Monson, MA. Graduating with high honors from Berklee School of Music with a degree in both Performance and Music Production and Engineering, I have developed a passion for teaching and sharing the musical knowledge that I have been so fortunate to have acquired.

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