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College student w/ G.E.D. I excel in History/Social Studies and English/Literature, as well as Economics.

My teaching method works for anyone for anyone from elementary school to college. -I usually will ask if anyone has any question before reviewing the material that needs to be learned. -I'd then review with the students. -Finally, I'd ask what confused the students and try to clarify by having a meaningful conversation with the student or group of students.

La Quinta
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Geography Major with tutoring experience able to help with any Earth Science questions!

I have found that approaching studying techniques, different learning styles, and retention techniques is the MOST effective way to ensure success in tutoring, and it certainly shows in other subjects as well.

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Recent graduate of The Ohio State University with a Bachelor's degree in Communications. I am located in Columbus, Ohio and can tutor in Social Studies, Communications and other subjects.

My teaching method is to present students with information on a topic through notes and visuals to help drive home concepts and create understand of more difficult material. I also believe in being flexible with how I present material, and I can use recordings and videos to further help students who are more audio-visual learners.

Virginia Beach
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Experienced counselor and psychology instructor offering lessons in the Hampton Roads area.

My teaching and tutoring experience revolves around young adults and continuing students who wish to improve their lives by completing a college program. My teaching technique is student-focused and I make it my priority that every individual enjoys what they learn.

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History/Science tutor in colton/crestline with 4 years experience in the subjects, AA in history, almost finished with AS in Biology

I approach each topic as a story when it comes to history. I feel students are able to learn history better when they can know what order the events go in, which makes it easier to remember dates and important events. I believe students can benefit well from fun tutoring and being able to communicate with their tutor.

Los Angeles
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A Scientologist with comprehensive studies in communication and Ethics teaches related subjects

I will be able to explain and relay my knowledge in communication and Ethics to my students in order for them to be able to communicate with others on any subject and be prosperous in life. I will also be able to teach what ethics really is and when a person understands the concept , he or she will be able to survive much much better by becoming ethical.

Santa Ana
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Create and implement successful program for students understand impact of history and current events today.

The training I would implement allows me to provide the latest techniques to increase the morale and performance of student's in order to exceed standards. My methodology includes providing training materials, study guides, multi-practice exercises, tests, and examinations, in other words, combining lecturing with demonstration, discovery and research.

Fort Wright
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Special educator with 23 years of experience in helping students reach their greatest human potential through academic instruction using their preferred learning styles and interests.

My teaching methodology is very distinct. I first build a student learning profile and use the data I gathered to create unique and differentiated lessons specific to the group of learners assigned to me.

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Psychology Tutor looking to pass on knowledge of 10+yrs educational experience, online tutoring only.

Since this is a tutoring platform my methodology of teaching is primarily Q&A. Anyone requesting information on the subject of psychology I would strongly advise him/her to research any information obtained here as well as outside sources. I want the person(s) learning from this platform to create a reputable basis each time new information is gathered.

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Psychology student in Greeley offering general knowledge and communications lessons with two years experience.

I give lessons to students k-12, as well as early university. My methods follow a conversational type approach that is primarily student lead as I believe that is the best way to create deeper comprehension of material. As a tutor I will guide students through questions they have as well as posing new ones for them to answer so they can further their understanding.

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Communications Major with humanities/social sciences background for teen and college students in Seattle.

My approach to teaching is creating a tailored and personal approach to each student. I take into account all aspects of personality, learning style, and life circumstances. I aim to empower students to feel proud and own their knowledge confidently.

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Psychology Tutor Happy to Help with Anything Related! Let's do it! :)

My teaching methodology is to figure out the ways in which the student learns. For instance, I learn best by first understanding the process, or idea behind the concept. In my classes, I will be observant and adapt my teaching style to meet the needs of each and every student.

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Experienced After School Teacher with a Degree in Communication Studies in Bakersfield

In my workplace, I tutor and teach kids from our subjects under S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) while following PBIS guidelines (Positive Behavioral Intervention Systems) to ensure a safe, positive environment for students. These are the tactics in which I utilize in my teaching and tutoring methods.

North Strabane Township
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Cultural Critic with a Masters Degree in Rhetorical Theory offers tutoring in Philosophy, Sociology, and Cultural Studies.

When designing a course of study, I try to identify a contemporary issue relevant to the course. I select readings and construct lectures or guided discussions in ways that illuminate the relevance of the readings to the issue under consideration as well as the broader field of study in which the lessons are situated.

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“When I talk to other stroke survivors, I make sure they know that they have to take control of their rehabilitation, and that there are therapies and new devices out there that might help them. Next, I tell them to never give up working on themselves, because you never know what will develop in the future. I know firsthand that it takes time to heal.

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Plain language writer and editor with 25 years experience will teach you how to write materials that your intended audience will be able to read, understand, and act upon.

My teaching method is individualized based upon your field of work, the kind of document you want to create or revise, and the audience you want to reach with your document. Together we will determine who your audience is, what you want them to know, and how to write that information so that your readers understand what they need to know as quickly and easily as possible.

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Former Teacher of the Year who can tutor in any Social Science Subject Area

I base my classes on student centered learning. I believe that students need experiential exercises and real life application of materials. I have taught general education, honors, AP, and IB students/courses. Use videos, primary source documents, and writing in content area.

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Expert Geographic Information Scientist providing lessons and insight to the world of Geography and applications.

I tend to provide the materials, unless they're already provided and let the student digest the information. Then as a group or individually, I will go through the document noting any specific remarks or important pieces to the solution. Then once we read through, I let students come up with their own answers and we can discuss the different options and why those may or may not be correct.

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Comm student in Westford tutoring all ages in iMovie, Photoshop, and theory

I would like to focus on wherever your interest lies, and work to develop it further! We will take each area piece by piece, drawing connections as we go. Theoretical or practical, the knowledge and skills you'll gain are current and important.

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Communications Fanatic From Southern California With A Passion For Talking And Education

My teaching method is storytelling and relating to the student. Knowing where someone has come from and where they are going helps to build a firm foundation on which education can thrive. I think still being in college myself helps me to empathize with the struggles of the education system.

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I make history/civic/social studies come alive by showing how they impact what's going on today.

What are you studying? How does that relate to your life? Believe me, we'll find something that connects the two. Let's find ways to organize information in a way that works for you. I like working with middle and high school students because you're starting to become part of the wider world. You're questioning why you have to learn "boring" things.

Los Angeles
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Artist manager/Road manager with 7 years experience offering music business insight and education.

My teaching method is explaining my experiences and preparing students to enter the music business industry. I hope to create a platform where students are comfortable asking questions and I can prepare them for a career that is extremely difficult to gain legitimacy in.

1st lesson offered free !

Investigative Journalist, award-winning sports reporter & veteran editor available in NY area

My classes are aimed at aspiring journalists and those with a few years of experience. I'm passionate about teaching people how to find the real story and how to keep readers' attention. But you can't become a great reporter without first sharpening your writing skills. So I will teach you what words and phrases to use that breathe life into your articles.

Desert Hot Springs
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MA in Education student with a life-long passion for history and learning

Enthusiasm. Engagement. Challenge. Those are what I have always brought into conventional classrooms and into my life. Teaching (and tutoring) is about leading students to discovery, not just providing answers. Good questions and good feedback for students, and welcomed assessment from them.

Delray Beach
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Live in Boca Raton and have a Bachelors in criminal justice with experience in teaching history

I am a recent college graduate and would like to give lessons to those who are in second education. I am organized and the lessons will be teaching in accordance to the students.

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Communications educator with a range of experience and training for building social skills, executive functioning, ESL, public speaking, academics, and other communication driven skills.

I enjoy learning about and with students to meet their goals starting at their level. I believe in building strengths and curiosities, while ensuring learning is fun and geared toward individual student interests to meet short term and long term goals.

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Former Communications Professor teaching interpersonal communication and social skills classes in Binghamton

I have taught undergraduate classes in the areas of communication studies for both majors and non-majors. I taught introductory as well as advanced communication classes.

Hot Springs
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Master's Degree Teacher and Communications Specialist provides Online tutoring in use of language, writing composition, speech writing, social skills.

My tutoring method is Individualized Instruction according to the needs of the student or client. Delivery of instruction is designed for the student's abilities and learning style.

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Current graduate student at the University of Denver pursuing a MSW. Recent Florida State University graduate with a degree in psychology. Humanitarian and learning enthusiast.

My teaching method is dependent on my student's learning strengths. I prefer to talk to my client first, asses why they are unable to reach their academic goal, and then proceed to present a new teaching style to them which is best for their learning style.

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Recent college graduate offering psychology, Lit and Criminal justice lessons in Atlanta.

I firmly believe that teaching is a cooperative effort between the student and teacher. My goal is for my students to be able to apply what they learned through writing and or conversing. I will provide a short lecture on the material and then we will have a discussion.

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