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Reading Specialist with more than 10 years of experience offering sessions in Nashville, Tennessee and Surrounding areas

I as an educator know that student engagement is the key to learning retention and having a great overall classroom experience. With changing times, education requires adaptation and evolution. Students are not as easily captivated as before by simple colorful animations in textbooks and monotonous songs to correlate with learned concepts.

West Covina
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Got an essay due soon? Need help? I am here to help at an affordable price!

I approach every assignment with the instructor's rubric in mind, making sure the student attains a full understanding of the requirements and work with them to create an above-average product. I am patient, thorough, and committed. I have experience tutoring between the ages of 4 and 35. I am able to travel to student's home, meet with them in a public space, and tutor online.

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English student offers tutoring for English and writing courses in Salem, OR

I offer lessons primarily to high school and college students enrolled in writing and literature classes, but I am also happy to help students compose and edit written work in other areas if it does not require that I have expert knowledge on the subject.

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Recent Manga Cum Laude College Graduate With Honors In English Looking To Tutor English

I am to work with students closely in order to provide them with knowledge that will be useful to them throughout their lives. My focus is on giving students needed skills, as well as improving their critical thinking skills so they can help themselves in the future.

Fort Morgan
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English adjunct professor tutors in literature, writing, poetry, test prep from Fort Morgan, CO.

My method is to improve skills by focusing on areas of greatest weakness. In writing, I use individual conferencing. In reading, I teach fluent efficiency. In poetry, I use the workshop method. In test preparation, practice tests help the most.

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Bowdoin literature graduate offering essay writing and English tutoring in Chicago for all ages, including AP, SAT, ACT tutoring

My teaching methodology is dependent on the needs of the student - be it an essay on Jane Eyre or an upcoming SAT - but I strive to give my students specific, easy-to-remember rules that help motivate them to write, eliminate the fear of writing, and unlock their creative potential in the essay format.

Laguna Niguel
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Recent Philosophy/Comparative Lit Grad offering writing lessons using unique interdisciplinary curriculum

Using my own interdisciplinary discussion-focused curriculum, and texts such as Aristotle’s Poetics, students and I discuss word connotation, etymology and French/Latin/Greek roots, grammar, and conceptual structure in order to expand their understanding of language and writing. Students will take away a new confidence in their writing and expanded expertise.

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College Student in Athens offering tutoring in English for middle and high school S

I am currently a second year English student at the University of Georgia. I offer tutoring in essay writing, reading comprehension, and critical thinking skills for middle school and high school students. I am available via Skype, or in person for families in the Athens-Clarke County Area.

Grand Prairie
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Literature Tutor with Literary and Visual Analysis experience, a Master's Degree and Tutoring Experience

Since I have my master's degree I prefer to teach higher level students like AP high school, dual credit students, early college high school, or college-level students. I prepare lectures based on readings, reading assignments, short quizzes on the reading assignments, and I prefer to have short discussions at the beginning and end of class about the current and future reading assignments.

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Journalist, Author and Screenwriter available to teach creative writing for various disciplines

Most of my experience teaching others is on a one on one basis with me critiquing a student's writing and showing him or her, by personal example, the skills and rules required for good writing for a variety of end uses.

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Elementary Ed student offers tutoring in Language Arts and Math in Pensacola area

I am an Elementary Education major at the University of West Florida who anticipates graduation in 2018. I tutor in all aspects of Language Arts including Reading, Literature and Phonics and basic Elementary Math. Two one hour lessons given per week.

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Writer with specialties in poetry and mythology teaches all aspects of English and Literature

I am a writer and editor currently working towards my bachelor's degree in English at the University of Colorado Denver. I have over 5 years of experience tutoring and editing the work of both high school and college students at the undergraduate and graduate levels in such subjects as English, writing, mythology, literature, and other liberal arts-related courses.

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English teacher with college degree in English Literature (Bilingual, Native English Speaker)

What do you need? Tell me what you are looking for and we will work towards a solution together. My method is based on what you need and helping you understand how to tackle the problem, rather than do your work for you.

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Brown Uni Alumna giving online/home lessons in English and Art in NYC

I like to tailor lessons to each student's need. Keeping things fun, I evaluate the students 'strengths and weaknesses, and get to know more about their interests in order to pull out the exciting bits of texts and art history.

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Communications student offering English and Spanish Both for literature, Essay and creative writing

For exam Prep (FCE or TOEFL) I usually divide the class by categories: Listening, grammar, reading and oral depending on the amount of hours paid for and the results of the first evaluation class I usually do. For academic support I tend to review what the student has already learned or provide tools that will be needed to complete the task in hand.

Las Vegas
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An English Composition and Literature teaching professional who is involved in all phases of educational services, curriculum development, reporting, and analysis from Las Vegas.

Teaching—especially in the humanities—should always strive to move beyond the simple expression of facts or even the training of certain skills (other than such skills like critically analyzing a text).

Los Angeles
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Literature student with experience with high schoolers offering English and Spanish tutoring

I am a passionate college student planning to pursue a career in education. I have experience tutoring high school students, and I am able to tutor students in regular coursework and essay-writing in addition to studying for AP Tests.

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PhD with 30 years experience teaching/mentoring humanities and social sciences, all levels

My teaching method is based on patient attention to individual needs. I offer support and mentoring. Course instruction includes creative assignments, emphasizing interaction among students and with me. I do not rely on strict lecturing nor on grading without extensive feedback to students.

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English teacher with 25 years teaching experience will work with Houston students.

My method is to bring literature to life and applicable to each student's life. I help students find their voices to enable them to express their thoughts and reactions to the world around them, as well as to articulate their responses, thoughts, and views so as to persuade, explain, and define themselves.

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College writing instructor published in various genres with a Literary English M.A.

Feedback is essential for improvement, regardless of a student's age or education level, especially for writing and speaking. I assign different types of rhetorical modes or essays designed to increase both critical thinking and communication skills. As an author of both academic and non-academic work, I understand the appropriate requirements for each.

Saint Joseph
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English Education student in Saint Joseph Missouri offering innovative instruction in Academic English. Provides specialized and engaging instruction in reading and writing.

My teaching method is student centered. The more talking you're doing (asking and answering questions) the more you are learning! I start my lessons with a pre-assessment followed by a quick review. Then we learn how to use new tools and frameworks to create stronger reading and writing skills. I will offer as much modeling as you need.

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Psychology student offering essay writing lessons with 3 years of academic research experience.

Typically, I give lessons to undergraduate college students (mostly Freshmen and Sophomores), but I have occasionally helped High School students and graduate students with writing assignments. Regardless of student age or education level, however, my teaching method always involves brainstorming and asking critical questions.

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Ph.D. in religious studies with strong interest in English and classical litrature

I teach college-level courses using a seminar-discussion method which balances my lectures with class discussion and individual and group learning. I prefer to teach from notes and respond to student questions as part of the education experience. I like to involve students in hands-on and thinking projects to stimulate original ideas and questions.

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Enthusiastic, gifted literature and English teacher giving online lessons from middle school through college level

I have been a teacher across middle school to college level for over 7 years. I have a Master's Degree in English Language and Literature and a great knowledge of standards and college readiness.

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Book loving lawyer who is offering literature lessons in Philadelphia to all ages

My teaching method is fun. Reading is fundamental and books are magic! I want everyone to enjoy reading and to find a connection in the books that are being assigned.

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English Student/Creative Writer in Honolulu with over 2.5 years of tutoring experience in writing.

I strive to help students improve their writing without changing their voice. I help students find which tactics work best for them so they can use them in the future. I often use reader-based feedback, which involves telling the writer what you see, how it affected you, what you wanted more of, what you were confused about, etc.

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Biomedical student offering basic math, science, and English lessons. 7-years experience working with children from 2-18 years old, 3-years tutoring, 5-years working with special needs.

I am most comfortable tutoring elementary school subjects and children (K-6), but have experience working with middle and high school students as well. I like to take time when teaching subjects and give extra "homework" to practice with or make extensions based on school-related assignments.

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College Student in North County San Diego offering tutoring in History, Literature and general English

History is often difficult for students to grasp because it usually understood by students as a pack of random facts that need to be memorized. History is best taught in contextualized form, where the student understands everything that happened, and how each person or event affected the others. History can be a memorable story.

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PhD Student, published scholar, 5 years of teaching: counseling, psychology, writing, research.

My teaching method is very learner-centered and includes experiential and arts-based learning. I believe that learning should be fun and accessible and not boring. I want to make the learning relevant by making it meaningful to each student.

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Use and Misuse of Patent Law and Patents in the Pharma Industry

I am aware that professors require quality work and I aspire to provide a custom essay that is unique and detailed. Thorough research is paramount for all of my essays, as I have realized that this is the most important aspect of an essay. Additionally, the essays that I present to my clients are free of grammatical errors and are correctly formatted.

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