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Physics PhD/Math BS and Programming: C/C++/Java console applications or GUI with GTK+

Learning programming languages requires primarily programming. Programming is a subset of problem solving. Programming requires knowledge of the programming language, logic, math (often), and creative problem solving. Concepts are explained clearly if there is a need. Otherwise, practice is the focus. Active learning is best in any subject.

Heber City
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Completed Bachelors in Computer Science with experience as a teacher’s aid in computer science classes

I base my teaching off of the individual student and class he/she needs help with. I have experience teach people with learning disabilities and understand things need to be specialized for the individual and adapt to meet those needs.

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Software engineer and teacher offering computer programming lessons in Palm Beach County

I normally provide slides for particular topics and try to explain the topics. While going over the slides, I work with the students to do sample code that helps them better understand the slides. I encourage questions. My philosophy is that the only stupid question is the one you don't ask.

New Orleans
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Expert computer scientist with 10 years of experience offering lessons remotely or in person in New Orleans

While I primary teach to adults at the undergraduate college level, I also provide lessons for high school students curious about computer science and programming who want to get their hands wet learn more about whether it's a career they might want to pursue.

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Software Developer with 5 years experience in Application Development. Worked at Google as a Contract Developer. Graduate student at Arizona State University.

I base my classes from foundation to advanced level of Programming. With examples of code so that the student can realize the power of coding. Interactive sessions making sure of the student's feedback. As a tutor, I have this vision to perform my duty as an instructor and inculcate the knowledge of programming to the users.

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Computer guy, IT specialist and Apple Fanatic who loves to share what he knows, and learn in the process.

While I've developed both loose and firm/goal-based curricula, my tutoring and teaching approach encourages my students to take the conversation down the paths they need to gain the knowledge they need. I find that, that way, others learn things they wouldn't have thought to ask, and I tend to learn in the process as well.

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Computer Engineer at NASA with 4 years of experience in C/C++ and other programming languages

My teaching method is two parts: teach the fundamental knowledge needed, and then build projects that allow us to apply that knowledge so we have a great understanding of the material. I want students to understand that this type of teaching may be slightly more challenging at first, but it forces us to grow as programmers, and have a better understanding than most.

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Great way to learn programming languages C, C++, JAVA and Data Structures.

I am a graduate student and an instructor in Computer Science. As a student, the best way to learn is in a friendly environment. Learning through examples helps you remember well. We can go through different levels of couching based on your knowledge and requirement.

Pacific Grove
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Want to be a Coder or learn how to build apps or a site?

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry University of California at Los Angeles - Westwood, CA Biomedical Engineering University of Southern California - Los Angeles, CA . Net/C# Certificate University of California Irvine - Irvine, CA My primary focus was biochemistry and I have been able to combine this with many years as a programmer to provide me with so many incredible opportunities.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

I'm an experienced software engineer who can teach you popular computer programming languages to get the job you want.

My approach to teaching is very pragmatic. I stress learning by doing, making mistakes and fixing them (which is fundamental to software development) and debugging. We take small steps and analyze our code to make sure that you understand it. I use the most popular open source tools (read free) so that you can dive right in and get up to speed quickly.

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Making technology work through communicating with languages. Available in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area. Most recently working in Client Engineering development using different programming languages.

The methodology is adaptable and flexible to the audience. An informative assessment is discussed to gauge individual or group needs and form curriculum. Discussions in different fashions are used to carry out and engage each person in the learning experience.

Shelby charter Township
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Master's Degreed computer professional with 30+ years experience offering down-to-earth tutoring to all ages

I tailor all of my teaching to the individual needs of the audience. I can teach from the top down in a lecture format, or listen to your needs and provide ad-hoc lessons.

West Terre Haute
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Information Technology student that wishes to share knowledge in the field of Computer Technology

The method for teaching would depend on the subject that you wish to learn. I would go over the basics of each subject and slowly develop your skills into a more practical application. Potential Lessons: Basic Computing and getting experience with Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

1st lesson offered free !

Computer programmer with more than 20 years of experience in IT field. More than 12 years being associate professor.

Based on standard academic courseware being conducted following live examples and step by step practices handled for each topic by the help of student.

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CS student with 3 years laboratory research offering programming and writing lessons in Monterey

I believe everybody will succeed and find joy in what they do given the right conditions to make it happen. The key lies in having awareness and positive intent as the driving force behind ones actions. That's the philosophy I use in my teaching and in life. Once the emotional and rational voices align, the beauty of learning blossoms.

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University of Michigan Bachelors Graduate with 6 years of versatile programming experience. Experiences include projects in web development, cybersecurity, machine learning and analysis of algorithms.

I base my classes very similarly to how I was taught programming. Practice, practice and more practice makes perfection. I will give basic lessons and provide several examples but the real learning will come in the practice problems I will assign. My teach methodology revolved around your involvement to the tasks I will assign and your constant practice of programming.

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I have 19 years of tutoring in several schools l solve these problems that student encounter.

My teaching method is online classes.i will do your work within the given deadline with no plagiarism at all. High-quality work guaranteed I can help you in this essay! and all academics. I am expert in computer science and academics. I can solve all problems that student encounter in their academics. I will do your work within the given deadline with no plagiarism at all.

Schuylkill Haven
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Tutoring experience for 6 years now. With in different fields of teaching.

I am trying to help students who doesn't understand or know programming, computer gaming, or other fields. I would see where the student is struggling and try to focus on that area until the student has it down. My mythology is to see what the student likes and try to change some of the questions around so they can understand the question.

1st lesson offered free !

Tutor in Computer Science and Math Tampa area GT College HK USA

Evaluate each student and follow a well-defined lesson Plan if possible and a good textbook, find solutions and know each student as my own child, I also study and always looking at the newest teaching methods, this is very important

San Diego
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So you want to learn computer languages? You came to the best!!!

I like to use PowerPoint presentation to explain the subjects I am teaching. I spend a lot of time putting those presentations together which reinforces my knowledge of the subjects. I also give a lot of analogies and examples to my students to help them understand. I also like to create hands-on labs and have my students spend a lot of time on those labs.

Los Alamitos
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UK Qualified professional trainer in the field of Networking and programmings field

1)online learning method. 2)can give lecture by using slides 3)can deliver notes 4)The teacher’s primary role is to coach and facilitate student learning and overall comprehension of material, and to measure student learning through both formal and informal forms of assessment, like group projects, student portfolios, and class participation.

(1 review)
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Learn how to code in the go programming language and land a job at google straight out of high school.

My intention is to show people the easiest way to go about learning how to code. I started out trying to learn how to code the hard way and without any sort of real guidance.

Shingle Springs
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Retired Webmaster Programmer with 30+ years experience teaching online from Shingle Springs, California

When I worked in aerospace, I often had to teach my clients how to solve the problems WITH us and to factor them into the solution we were building together. As I am new to teaching online, I will apply that same thinking to the student. I will listen to what the student needs and craft a course to help them reach their goal with custom lessons molded to their particular need.

1st lesson offered free !

AWS Certified System Engineer with 5+ years of experience in Java programming.

My teaching method is interactive. I base my topics on basic required concepts of coding and the approach to each topic will be understanding the knowledge base of you then began teaching information in full detail. My approach has helped many realize programming can be fun.

Baton Rouge
Freddy sorel
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IT professional with over 10 years of experience in IT offering Computer math french classes

My teaching methods is combining both training and hands on experience allowing the student to understand the background of the subject as much as the concept and practice with hands on technology as the best way to understand IT is to play with the technology. I also practice online learning to allow them to be open to the new trend and develop their self learning skills.

San Leandro
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Learn C++ and Computer Programming to enable the ability to manipulate the World

I am giving lessons to students who seek to open the door to the modern world of technology. I give examples and visualize images to understand the flow of code and algorithm. I would like to help more people understand and know about the beauty and power of technology that they can do via programming.

1st lesson offered free !

I believe the knowledge we accumulate as researchers and practitioners is only valuable if shared with others.

My approach to teaching is to incorporate both a solid theoretical foundation, with hands-on experience in leading students into thinking about the problem before engaging in their solution. The proper teaching of Software Engineering cannot be limited to the presentation of techniques and notations.

San Francisco
1st lesson offered free !

Tech professional with over ten years experience offering web & mobile dev lessons in San Francisco.

I prefer hands teaching but am also available to teach online. I have taught at the college level in the SF Bay Area for about ten years to students ranging from 14 years old to 80. I am very easy going and try to customize my lessons to the student.

1st lesson offered free !

Programmed for NASA Glenn Research Center. I give lessons near akron, ohio

I use games and hands-on activities to help teach coding. I have activities for all levels of learning. I teach beginners from those unaware of coding to those who want to start their own coding project. I teach HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, PHP, and R.

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Perfect! Matthew has been a very helpful tutor for me in CSE 142. Matthew is very patient, insightful, and fun to work with. He easily adjusted to my learning style to teach me how to understand concepts better than if I attended lecture alone (personally, I...

Van, student
1 year ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! I recommend Matthew to other aspired Programmers. I've learned key concepts in Computer Science, & am gaining insights everytime we meetup. He responds to my questions & emails. And even is giving a letter of recommendation for me. Great find.

Brando, student
2 years ago
(2 reviews)

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