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Physics PhD/Math BS and Programming: C/C++/Java console applications or GUI with GTK+

Learning programming languages requires primarily programming. Programming is a subset of problem solving. Programming requires knowledge of the programming language, logic, math (often), and creative problem solving. Concepts are explained clearly if there is a need. Otherwise, practice is the focus. Active learning is best in any subject.

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Computer programmer with five years of web development experience offering lessons in Madison WI

I coordinate my teaching style to the student's goals. I can help with everything from exam preparation to coding projects. It is never too early nor too late to learn how to code. Anyone and everyone can learn and it can be a great bolster to anyone's personal knowledge and abilities.

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Tutoring computer programming in Java or C with 3 years experience in Amazon

I give lessons to different levels. Based on the various goals, I will adjust my teaching method. If you are beginners, my focus is on how stuff works in high level and make it achievable. Interests are best teachers. If you have sufficient background, I will give deep and advanced topic and clear up your confusion.

South Pasadena
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Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Berkeley student doubling in Molecular and Cell Biology with 7+ years of tutoring/teaching experience in CS, Maths, biology, and chemistry.

My teaching methodology is to first get a grasp on what the student(s) is/are capable of and what they have learnt so far so I can accurately gauge at what level should I start. I also like to get to know my students so if they don't get something when it's abstract in the subject, I can associate it with things they're familiar with.

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High School junior computer science student in Georgia with 3 years experience

I approach each topic by asking what they know and what they want to know. Then I answer questions and base my upcoming lessons on what they know and what to know. I am very easy going and will answer all questions no matter what.

Pinellas Park
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Rockstar Developer Offers Insider Secrets to Easily Quickly Learn Any Programming Language

My degree is in Computer Engineering and have given lessons to experienced professionals as well as entry-level students. I use mostly discussion and demonstration with lectures to share critical knowledge and practical experiences. My lessons are humorous and very interactive.

Pacific Grove
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Want to be a Coder or learn how to build apps or a site?

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry University of California at Los Angeles - Westwood, CA Biomedical Engineering University of Southern California - Los Angeles, CA . Net/C# Certificate University of California Irvine - Irvine, CA My primary focus was biochemistry and I have been able to combine this with many years as a programmer to provide me with so many incredible opportunities.

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Junior planning to acquire a minor in computer science offering tutoring services in the city of Brownsville, TX

My teaching philosophy revolves around the student. It is my ultimate goal to help the student learn, not by memorization techniques which many are accustomed to, but by teaching the abstract concepts that really build the basis of computer science in general.

Silver Spring
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Learn computer programming and coding skills (python, Java, SQL, Scratch) from an experienced Computer Science tutor with over 12 years of training

I teach beginner to advanced level computer science topics in python, Java, SQL and Scratch to students of all ages and backgrounds. My teaching methodology will depend on your specific needs but I always strive to make my lessons clear, informative, and engaging with a strong focus on practical applications.

Santa Clara
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Computer Science graduate focused at AI and machine learning is giving lessons in programming and mathematics

I focus on each student individually and brush up the knowledge in areas that are needed most. Each lesson can be planned to uniquely accommodate for specific skill set and best prepare for set goals as examinations, material revision or general knowledge.

West Terre Haute
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Information Technology student that wishes to share knowledge in the field of Computer Technology

The method for teaching would depend on the subject that you wish to learn. I would go over the basics of each subject and slowly develop your skills into a more practical application. Potential Lessons: Basic Computing and getting experience with Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

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Computer programmer with more than 20 years of experience in IT field. More than 12 years being associate professor.

Based on standard academic courseware being conducted following live examples and step by step practices handled for each topic by the help of student.

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Self-Taught Web-Designer working with small businesses offering coding class in Pahala Hawaii

I teach using a hands on approach. Feedback between teacher and student is critical to find a mutually beneficial teaching style and game plan that will amplify the experience for both. Mastery of basic skills is critical, and working at a pace that allows you to understand and absorb the material is key.

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Computer Expert will travel to you. Delaware Valley. I believe every student can be successful.

I teach high school and college students. I use course book materials. And also on-line web sites. I will also provide the best learning content depending on the language to be learned. My goal is for students to discover the joy of learning new and useful things. I am convinced that every student can be successful.

Orland Park
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Full Stack Web Developer in Chicago with 3 years experience, Javascript nerd.

I approach each student individually and do my best to tailor my lessons accordingly. I believe in industry best practices and like my students to be prepared to work in the real world. Learning is collaborative and I give as much as I get.

San Diego
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So you want to learn computer languages? You came to the best!!!

I like to use PowerPoint presentation to explain the subjects I am teaching. I spend a lot of time putting those presentations together which reinforces my knowledge of the subjects. I also give a lot of analogies and examples to my students to help them understand. I also like to create hands-on labs and have my students spend a lot of time on those labs.

Los Alamitos
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UK Qualified professional trainer in the field of Networking and programmings field

1)online learning method. 2)can give lecture by using slides 3)can deliver notes 4)The teacher’s primary role is to coach and facilitate student learning and overall comprehension of material, and to measure student learning through both formal and informal forms of assessment, like group projects, student portfolios, and class participation.

Shingle Springs
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Retired Webmaster Programmer with 30+ years experience teaching online from Shingle Springs, California

When I worked in aerospace, I often had to teach my clients how to solve the problems WITH us and to factor them into the solution we were building together. As I am new to teaching online, I will apply that same thinking to the student. I will listen to what the student needs and craft a course to help them reach their goal with custom lessons molded to their particular need.

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AWS Certified System Engineer with 5+ years of experience in Java programming.

My teaching method is interactive. I base my topics on basic required concepts of coding and the approach to each topic will be understanding the knowledge base of you then began teaching information in full detail. My approach has helped many realize programming can be fun.

Baton Rouge
Freddy sorel
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IT professional with over 10 years of experience in IT offering Computer math french classes

My teaching methods is combining both training and hands on experience allowing the student to understand the background of the subject as much as the concept and practice with hands on technology as the best way to understand IT is to play with the technology. I also practice online learning to allow them to be open to the new trend and develop their self learning skills.

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Bachelors of Science Degree in CS and Actor & Model in the Pittsburgh area. Also former competitive dancer for 15 years

I am a very easy going person, you will never ask too many questions, and we will find a solution one way or another, as long as you understand the outcome!! I tutored when I was in Highschool and College, i'm looking forward to helping you in anyway I can.

San Diego
Ib igcse math tutor
1st lesson offered free !

Online IBDP Maths teacher in Hyderabad Chennai Bangalore Singapore Mumbai Pune London

IB IGCSE Math Tutor About Me I, Y.K.Reddy is all here with answer to every question imbibed with experience and ability of tutorship will leave no coin unturned to make you understand and apply the intricacies of the most valued subject –“math”.

San Antonio
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Computer Engineering Master's student in San Antonio with years of coding experience.

Currently working on my Master's at UTSA for computer engineering. I have taught labs for an undergraduate course regarding verilog coding and logic design. I always begin from the basics to ensure we both have an understanding of the topic. Once understood, the next step can be taken to ultimately solve the problem at hand.

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Web expert, experienced teacher, blogger, community builder give private lessons for JavaScript fundamentals, advanced, web frameworks (Angular, React) , best practices

My teaching methodology is dynamic, according to you. Homeworks are welcome. Msc and Bsc in computer science - specialty in Artificial Intelligence. Tech lead, senior software engineer, blogger - dormoshe.io Passionate about JavaScript, web, Angular and React. Love to explore, teach, try technologies, languages, frameworks and tools.

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Hello my name is lila and i enjoy helpping human been with thing's

anything you want to study if you need help with math reading home living and every thing else i can teach you a lot of history and also native american history and any types of art of anything so if you are insterested

Las Vegas
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Professional Software Developer available to teach computers, math, physics, history, english, etc.

For those students who have specific assignments to finish, I usually start by teaching a little of the concepts behind the assignments, then walking through the specifics of how to do the assignment step by step. For those students who just want to learn a topic free-form, I can usually come up with some sample projects to work through.

Crystal Lake
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ISE Software Engineering (Computer Science) Technology Tutor - specializing in C++, MFC, Windows

Specialties: Agile/Scrum, C, C++, C++/CLI, Design Patterns, MFC, OOADP, Options, Server 2003/2008, Performance Enhancements, Rational Rose, Code Collaborator, Perforce, Trading, MS-SQL, RPC, SIP, STL, VoIP, Configuration Management tools, and Multi-threaded Programming. My teaching approach is based my work experience.

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Computer Scientist for hire in Albuquerque, NM! Helping people learn Databases, Big Data, and of course most programming languages.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from University of New Mexico, Currently Ph.D student in Computer Science emphasis in Data Analytics. I like to teach students not only how to program, but also why we use the methods we use so students can apply the methods to other algorithm and solutions. Demonstration and explanation are the best ways to learn any computer language or method.

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I know how to teach the best way and i like money so let s do it

מקום מפגש אצל המורה אצל התלמיד ₪ תעריף בבית המורה: 100 ₪ לשעה אצל התלמיד: 120 ₪ לשעה הנחה עבור שיעור כפול הנחה עבור מספר שיעורים נושאי לימוד הוראה מתקנת / אסטרטגיות למידה הכנה לכיתה א / הכנה לכיתה א בחשבון חטיבת ביניי

New York
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Software developer in NYC offering Java programming fundamentals lessons online through Skype

I aim to get students proficient in the fundamentals of Java and ready to learn a framework like Spring within 6-8 weeks.

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Perfect! Abhijeet is very patient and kind when teaching. He is great at explaining the concepts and gets the work done! Strongly recommend for anyone who wants help learning to code.

Chris, student
1 month ago
(15 reviews)

Perfect! Matthew has been a very helpful tutor for me in CSE 142. Matthew is very patient, insightful, and fun to work with. He easily adjusted to my learning style to teach me how to understand concepts better than if I attended lecture alone (personally, I...

Van, student
2 years ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! I recommend Matthew to other aspired Programmers. I've learned key concepts in Computer Science, & am gaining insights everytime we meetup. He responds to my questions & emails. And even is giving a letter of recommendation for me. Great find.

Brando, student
2 years ago
(2 reviews)

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