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IT Professional with over 20 years experience, ready to assist in your learning in Chicago

I am a self taught professional, so I believe the best method of learning is hands on. Not just picking up a book, but actually getting your hands on systems and software to use. I like to show and have others follow along and do what it is I am doing.

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Computer Fundamentals from Shreveport LA from a veteran IT Support Specialist with Fortune 500 experience.

1. History and Names of Computer gurus. Hardware and Software fundamentals. 2.  Brainstorming  Problem Solving Method  Computer assisted learning(CAI)  Programmed learning 3. BRAINSTORMING:  Brainstorming is a group creativity technique that was designed to generate a large number of ideas for the solution of a problem.

Las Vegas
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Licensed K-Adult instructor in Las Vegas with a passion for teaching and learning. I am very student-centered and flexible with my approach to teaching!

I have a Hands approach to learning with an emphasis on real-world, vocational application. Hands on learning with an emphasis on real-world, vocational application. All people learn differently and I belief it is most important to work at a pace that is both challenging, yet enjoyable and most importantly; accomplishes the learners goals.

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Masters student offering computer networking(L2 and L3 concepts) classes in Wichita, KS

I am strong in foundations of computer networking. I teach classes for all levels of students who are interested in networking field. My classes start with why do we have to learn about networking followed by L2 and L3 concepts. My lab sessions will be on Cisco packet tracer and GNS3.

Fort Lauderdale
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Computer Networking expert. Can teach and prepare students for computer industry certifications. Fifteen years experience.

I have tutored at Department of Defense bases and taught in Post Secondary classes Public education classes My teaching method is to teach content and them drill with practice certification questions. I have a vast library of content and practice questions. I prepare students for the CompTIA A+, Network+, Security + and Cisco CCNA certifications.

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Professional Summary: • Results oriented Information Technology Manager with 17 years of experience supporting various U.S. Armed Forces projects and missions; domestic and abroad locations.

My teaching method evolves around ensuring students maxim ize classroom time while emphasizing self study and completion of objective orientated tasks. Instant feedback with assignments and questions that need explanations. See contact information that is provided below.

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Professional IT Support Specialist offering help with a variety of computer, network and mobile device questions.

I can teach any age from students to seniors. My teaching method is to tailor the material to the individual student's specific requests. It is informal, with an emphasis on the student's questions and answers while going through the topic material.

Round Rock
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High Tech Expert of 20 years willing to teach classes or individuals about Networks, Security or Computers

'Hands on' teaching with discussions, lecturing, structured curriculum, visual and direct practice. A typical class would incorporate a lecture on a subject with visual references, graphics, and whiteboard work, followed by individual questions and workshop type aids or direct practice, depending on the subject and availability of resources.

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10+year IT Professional offering all levels of Computer classes, in plain English you can understand! (Ocala, FL Area)

I am a very patient teacher who always tries to avoid a "canned" approach. I like to listen to my students and customize what I teach based on what you really want to know and also you own personal experience / comfort level. I also have learned to translate geek-speak into plain-old-English so that you walk away confident that you truly understand what we went over.

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Network Engineer with 33 years of experience with 10 years of teaching experience in the classroom. Will teach on-site or online.

I base my classes on my personal experiences in the engineering industry. I bring the real world the the classroom. I like to believe that "Success is a Journey, not a Destination". I myself have been on a journey over the past 33 plus years. I like to consider myself as paying it forward to assist others in accomplishing their dreams.

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Retired AT&T employee offering expertise in Telecommunications, IT support and troubleshooting techniques.

I have a passion for teaching and passing my knowledge on to other people that can benefit from my many years as a technician for AT&T. I believe in a hands-on approach to teaching and making sure that every student has grasped the knowledge taught before moving forward.

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IT Guru with tons of experience in all things tech available in Waco, Texas!

My teaching method would be patience. I think patience is what the world needs more of, since we are in a go go society, and sometimes, so students dont get frustrated, you just need to be patient.

Grand Saline
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Seasoned Computer Guy offering basic computer and networking training in the Dallas, TX area. Military and civilian background.

My expected goal is to communication with each student based on the way they understand and learn. I try to show the big picture so that the student can "catch the vision", then breakdown and achieve this vision one step at a time.

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IT Specialist with many years of IT experience. Have taught IT to many students with successful outcomes.

My teaching method is solving the problem one step at a time. Each step has a reason and once each step is resolved, the overall understanding has an outstanding impact on the persons' knowledge. I give classes/information to anyone who is willing to take the time to learn the subject.

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Computer Geek willing to train others computer knowledge so world can have more computer geeks!

My teach method is simple (to me!) I will first assess what you know (or think you know) and then we will move forward from there. Now be prepared to go to library to get recommended book and read recommended chapters to do test. No worries test is not a bad word, its just a way for me to make sure you have a complete understand of materials covered.

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Career IT Professional 30+ years of experience offering Network and General IT lessons

Each lesson will cater to each specific student. There are no predefined plans. Working to learn material relevant to each students individual goal. Lessons will have a simple, discussion, review and test format.

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Information Technology professional gives IT and computers lessons and tutoring to all ages

I am a Masters Degree student in Information Technology giving lessons to all ages who are interested. I use practical, real-world examples to convey complex topics in a simple-to-understand manner.

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Experienced IT Specialist with over 15 years of PC and networking expertise

My preferred method of education is first by showing and explaining, then having my student/s show me and explain in their own words. If there is a misunderstanding or confusion, then I would find out what the issue is, educate the student, walk them through the steps again, then have them show me without assistance.

San Diego
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IT/ Business student offering lessons in computer technology like computer networks, PC building, office applications as well as multiple business subjects such as marketing, ethics, management and mo

My teaching style involves hands-on learning with plenty of visual aids. When learning about technology or business it's vital that students are allowed to ask plenty of questions and visually see what an instructor is lecturing on. I also like to include hands-on lab style teaching whenever I can. Overall my students will not be given a boring textbook style lecture.

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Cisco - Intro to networking netacad curriculum makes life really easy today!

My classes are based on work ethic, passion, and desire to become an IT specialist. We use hands on training and virtual machine based projects. My students are interested in becoming certified in a number of IT disciplines.

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IT Manager for a major CT university with 10 years experience in network, computer and data-center technologies

My teaching is catered to each individual student and their personal learning goals. There are distinct learning styles for each person and I attempt to ensure that I am addressing each student's individual learning style. My learning style is flexible to meet your needs.

1st lesson offered free !

Business owner offering IT lessons in Milwaukee with 10 years of experience.

My methods tend to lean on trail and error, allowing the student to attempt the task and helping correct them when they are stuck. Personally it's how I learn and I feel everyone should try a task. I am more than happy to lead you down the path allowing you develop troubleshooting skills.

Rancho Cordova
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Computer Science Professional Experience: Web Development, Machine Learning, Computer Networks and Programming Languages

Name: Shrreenithi Point of Contact Email: (concealed information) I will provide lecture materials in word document / PDF format and share in it google drive so both students and teacher can access the content to edit / view.

Palm Desert
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Are you looking for IT help from an experienced and patient IT Professional?

I enjoy helping others understand technology! I tell people not to worry about what you don't know, if you can follow some instruction and not be worried about asking questions, then there is nothing you cannot learn, understand, and implement in your day to day life.

Coolbaugh Township
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Basic-Intermediate PC/Networking use & maintenance. US Navy veteran with 35 years public and private IT experience in the Pocono Mountains of PA.

My teaching priority is answering questions, no 2 students are the same and require customized attention. You tell me what you want to know, I will do my best to make you proficient in the subject you choose.

1st lesson offered free !

Arkansas based Computer Science/Mathematics Tutor with 4 years experience (Programming, Robotics, Mathematics) - Kindergarten to College

I typically teach introductory programming and robotics. I have worked with multiple students with disabilities. Students guide their own learning, meaning that they start with the simplest information and based off of the student's interests I can begin to teach what they want to learn at a pace that works for them.

South Bend
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Network Engineer with extensive experience in Enterprise, Cloud, and Data center networks

I allow those that I mentor to drive the conversation. The importance of this is that it allows me to understand their thought process around a particular topic and to address areas that may not be accurate or flawed. I bring in practical experiences and situations I have been in to reinforce the lessons.

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Technical Support looking to teach people about computers and hardware. Located in west jordan

Listen to the students and find out what they want to learn and work with them hands on on projects as well as provide learning objectives to each student so they can learn more about that subject.

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IT Professional & University Professor with over 25 years of experience in networking and support.

Teachers are not only responsible for presenting information, but also being sure that that information has meaning and purpose. I believe that students should be challenged with the information that teachers provide. They should be able to think freely and question that information and understand why it is the way it is and if an alternative to the information is appropriate.

North Brunswick Township
1st lesson offered free !

Be a expert in computer Technology offering ( DOS / Hardware/ Outook /etc.. ) any area

My teaching method base on current technology and provide visual sample picture to make the student understood the topic.My teaching is not base on theory its base on actual situations to be used. This means once the student learn they can apply what they learn on the spot.

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