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Physics PhD/Math BS and Programming: C/C++/Java console applications or GUI with GTK+

Learning programming languages requires primarily programming. Programming is a subset of problem solving. Programming requires knowledge of the programming language, logic, math (often), and creative problem solving. Concepts are explained clearly if there is a need. Otherwise, practice is the focus. Active learning is best in any subject.

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Video Game Design for Kids and Teens. I have been teaching for almost 10 years.

2011-2012 American Intercontinental University Atlanta, GA Maters in Education 2005-2007 Art Institute of Atlanta Atlanta, GA Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media Arts and Animation 2003-2005 Columbus State University Columbus, GA Associate of Applied Science in Computer Science I specialize in teaching technology courses for kids and teens

Berwyn Heights
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Computer Science student looking to spread my knowledge in College Park MD

I will work with the student to gauge what will work best for them and create a plan to help them achieve their goals. I prefer to teach via examples and exercises. I am open to teaching anyone from 6th grade to university students.

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Programmer with Bachelor's degree in game development, 3 years of tutoring experience and 10 years of personal and professional programming experience offering Programming and Game Development lessons

I take a very hands on approach to teaching programming skills. I believe the best way to learn is by doing projects. I also focus on the best practices so you can learn to write effective and scalable code from the start. I like to help my students find the fun in what they are learning because fun makes learning much easier.

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Recent Computer Science graduate offering programming, mathematics, and other assorted lessons in Boston.

I tend to work best with high-school and early college level students. My teaching style is highly individualized depending on the student. My first step is usually to figure how the student best learns information, and what motivates them to learn. Then, it's just a matter of tailoring my more enthusiastic style to best fit their needs.

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Former Networking Instructor for ITT and current Electronic Technician providing computer, math, and various Pre-K to High School level tutoring.

I am a former Networking Instructor at ITT Technical Institute and a current Electronics Technician. I have an A.S. in Computer and Electronic Engineering and a B.S. in Information Systems Security. I have a unique gift of analyzing my students which guides me to the appropriate style of teaching each individual accordingly.

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Recent College Graduate and Software Engineer with 2 years of professional experience offering lessons in Computer Science in the Greater Seattle Area.

I would characterize my teaching methodology as very interactive. Rather than just throwing out content about a specific concept, I would rather sit down and work through problems with you to gauge your understanding of the concept. Typically, I would assign some sort of "homework" where I ask the student to do some prior research and initial investigation prior to the lesson.

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Seasoned College Professor With Extraordinary Computer Skills to Help Serious College Level Students in Need of Computer Related Material Help

There is, has been, and will always be a certain group of people whom inspiration visits. It’s made up of all those who’ve consciously chosen their calling and do their job with love and imagination. Their work becomes one continuous adventure if they manage to keep discovering new challenges in it.

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NW Houston Technology Prof for College Students and Professionals available when you are ready

I give lessons to college students, professionals, and adults seeking further knowledge in any area of technology. I teach people to fish instead of giving them fish. I am a professor X of sorts helping others unlock their full potential. I will be open to your questions and will not waste your time.

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Software Developer with 10 years of experiences gives information technology lessons in Milwaukee area

I believe Computer Science is best learned through understanding and experience. Therefore I base my teaching methodology on Learning By Doing. I like to break down concepts down into easily understandable chunks that my students can comprehend and practice. I also make sure that my students are confident in their understanding and so that they can quickly and efficiently implement their knowledge.

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Computer Programming Tutor - Undergraduate Student Studying Computer Science and Engineering at UCLA

I am a second year undergraduate, and I am able to tutor for computer programming courses for the high school and introductory undergraduate level. I structure my lessons by going over the core concepts first, and then going over a few examples to solidify the concepts, as well as answering whatever questions students may have.

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Software engineer with 7 years experience offering Computer Science help in Python and Java.

I believe Computer Science is best learned through understanding and experience. I like to break down Computer Science concepts down into easily digestible chunks that my students can comprehend. I like to ensure that my students are confident in their understanding and can what implement what they learn rather than simply memorizing.

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Computer Expert teaching computer basics, and how to utilize database's for small business in Louisiana.

Each session needs to be customized to the individual. Everyone comes in with a different level of experience and it's important that you review this, and come up with a learning plan that is tailored to give optimal information to your students.

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Computer science student with 3 years experience offering lessons in C and C++ basics

I like to teach with a hands on approach. Personally, I like to see examples rather than just reading from a textbook. That's why I don't just give out answers, but will work with you to make sure you have a firm understanding of the subject.

College Station
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Programming graduate in College Station with 15 years experience offering computer science lessons

I teach complex, abstract topics simply. I break down complicated subjects into discreet, understandable parts. I focus on plan and design, I identify and find solutions to problems, I teach creative and understandable code writing, and I demonstrate programming directly from written, verbal or graphical descriptions.

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Need Help in Basic Programming or Algebra Contact Me and i will Help

I Hold Three AAS Degrees. One In Computer Programming and Systems Design, Another in Business Administration And Information Technology, and another One in Individual Studies, I am Currently Pursuing my BAS in Computer Programming .

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Industry Proven Software Engineer. C# / Game Development / HTML / CSS. Will Train you to be an Industry Leading Developer

My classes are remote, but I am always accessable with Skype / Discord always available to my students. There is a private Discord channel that we will set up and will allow you to collaberate with other students, and communicate with me directly.

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Software Engineer with three years of experience and Master's degree holder in Computer Science

I focus on teaching the student one topic at a time and having him to do some exercises using that knowledge. I have taught undergrad students before.

New Smyrna Beach
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Computer and Information science tutor with over a year experience! Can easily teach almost any concept!

My teaching method is by getting to know the student and what hobbies that they have! By getting to know the person one on one I can effectively teach the student the concepts of programming and get a better grasp of it

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Certified C++ Programmer with 3 years of experience, able to teach anywhere in/around Hayward

It is my belief that education should be both stimulating and entertaining. In this way, students are better able to retain additional knowledge, and think of creative problem solving skills when dealing with difficult programs. An example of this, is teaching a student how to create a small version of their favorite games, like Pokémon.

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Lessons in Java or C for helping you gather the basics of computer science given you by a student at the University of Wisconsin Lacrosse studying Computer Science, Software Engineering, and Mathemati

I like to teach based off of experience of struggles student often have with the topic. Taking it slow when things are hard and fast where the student is comfortable.

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Engineering professor offering Math, Computer science in Peoria with 30 years of experience

My teaching methodology focuses on understanding the mathematical concepts. First I explain the subject, then I show a couple of practical applications to demonstrate the value of the math concept. This is important, the student needs to understand that math is not an abstract subject with no practical application.

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FIT undergrad Computer Science student with more than three years on multiple programming languages willing to tutor programming in Melbourne FL

I have no experiences on formal teaching, but I learned about how to teach from articles and peer helping experiences. I wish I can tutor anyone who is interested in beginner level programming, just for knowing how to program, and learning a different programming language. I am willing to teach beginner level programming on C, Python, Swift, Javascript, C++, and Java.

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Java Programmer can unwrap the secret of IT for your understanding and usage.

I approach each topic with very good understanding of a practical end-result in my student's mind while introducing them to the topic from fundamentals all the way up. I relate abstract sections with practical real-world examples around us for understanding.

San Jose
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Software developer with 36 years' experience, masters degree in statistics, located in san jose, ca. ready to teach computer programming using python.


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Expert Math and Computer Tutor with 10 years of Experience in Plano/Allen/Frisco/McKinney

I completed my Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from The University of Engineering and Technology. Upon graduating, I was offered a position at my alma mater to teach undergraduate courses. It was teaching these courses that I developed a deep passion to tutor young minds and help them navigate all areas of Math and Computer Science.

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Great way to learn programming languages C, C++, JAVA and Data Structures.

I am a graduate student and an instructor in Computer Science. As a student, the best way to learn is in a friendly environment. Learning through examples helps you remember well. We can go through different levels of couching based on your knowledge and requirement.

Pacific Grove
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Want to be a Coder or learn how to build apps or a site?

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry University of California at Los Angeles - Westwood, CA Biomedical Engineering University of Southern California - Los Angeles, CA . Net/C# Certificate University of California Irvine - Irvine, CA My primary focus was biochemistry and I have been able to combine this with many years as a programmer to provide me with so many incredible opportunities.

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Computer Science Tutor with over 20 years of Industry Experience -- Apple, Yahoo, Amazon, Yelp,...

I will customize my teaching style to each student or class. I love to make learning fun, and at the same time challenging, engaging and educational. I like to work with projects and lessons which produce working software with real world relevance.

Maple Valley
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Experienced Software Engineer (worked in 2 of the big 5s - FAANG) dedicated to teach the love of coding / algorithms to students

My teaching methodology is very practical. I don't regurgitate what are in the classic textbooks. What I do I give students off line you tube videos and slides which they can read off line and come to the classes knowing the background. In the classes, I go over the concepts focusing on the practical aspect of the subject.

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Perfect! Matthew has been a very helpful tutor for me in CSE 142. Matthew is very patient, insightful, and fun to work with. He easily adjusted to my learning style to teach me how to understand concepts better than if I attended lecture alone (personally, I...

Van, student
1 year ago

Perfect! I recommend Matthew to other aspired Programmers. I've learned key concepts in Computer Science, & am gaining insights everytime we meetup. He responds to my questions & emails. And even is giving a letter of recommendation for me. Great find.

Brando, student
1 year ago

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Computer programming lessons have become so important especially with the ever growing reliance on computer based communication devices. Almost everyone today keeps a computer based communication device or basic communication with friends and associates. That trend has made it very important for most people to acquire databases lessons because it easily offers employment opportunities. Most companies today have websites just as there are lots of functions that are managed on computer based applications. Web development tutors as well as telecommunications tutors play an important role in impacting the lives of many who learn the subject and go on to become useful developers in society. Looking at other professions such as computer-aided music teachers, computer programing teachers among many others, it is easy to note that almost everything is computerized. Whether you need a website or an online store, web development tutor can always help you out. You can easily find one computer programming teachers at SuperPROF.us without having to look for an actual school in your neighborhood to get necessary lessons.