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I love cooking new dishes in my free time, and I am a software engineer by profession

I love experimenting with my dishes and I love to bring out a different change in each dish which I cook.

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Cook with your heart and the food will just turned out fine

I used to be a chef and I love teaching others the importance of tasty food

Paris 4e
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Healthy vegetable, raw or cooked cuisine with a highly qualified chef with 20 years of experience!

A native of Quebec, Chantale has always been keen to the protection of the environment and ethical practices in the field of agriculture. It has also always prioritized global health. Finally, when she is not teaching, she is cooking. A mother of two, she also designed and operated a few raw and vegan restaurants in Quebec and British Columbia in Canada.

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Embark for Morocco! Traditional Moroccan cooking classes for children and adults. See you!

If you want to, discover, learn or improve your skills in moroccan cooking, I'm waiting for you to share with you the best of our recipes. I offer you passionate courses, and recipes according to your tastes and your level. Alone, or in a group, my classes will be for you, a real moment of sharing.

Maringá (Paraná)
Hugo leonardo
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Come and tutoring International cuisine with Chef Professor Hugo Castro, who was living in the USA

Graduated in Course of Technology in the University Center Gastronomy Unicesumar (2008). Specializing in Gastronomic and Hotel Management (SENAC / MG).

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Culinary Student with Fine Dining Restaurant Experience gives Cooking Classes in Montreal

I believe in focusing on fundamentals, but beyond that I'm pretty flexible. If you have specific dishes you want to learn, we can go from there. In a typical class, we'd go through a recipe or two (depending on how much time we have). I'll explain why the recipe works, and we'll make it together - with a focus on proper knife skills and technique.

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Very good cook gives Basque woman during Spanish cuisine at the same Biarritz city center home

I learned from my grandmother and my mother to cook food food for a healthy and balanced way, all Spanish tipical dishes and the best Basque tapas at happy to show you how to prepare them very easily, come and learn with me

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Cooking is not tough if you learn from me. Tasty food in the most easy way. I am a speacialist in traditional, baking, healty and simple cooking

I have done my masters in bangalore. I always find people saying cooking is tough. For all those people out there i promise to make it in a fun way and in a easy way. With less ingredients i will teach you how to make a tasty food.

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HOLA AMIGOS - Venezuelans Brothers to give Paris during Latin cuisine to high at any level

-------------EN Aten-te Aute means on venezuelan Pemon language, which home to go? For my brother and I, our home is where our food is. It doesn't matter in which part of the planet we are. We are a family team from Venezuela that propose to discover and share our culture and our experience around the world.

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French cooking online course

Experienced French teacher gives French cooking class. Learning the language and culture of French gastronomy. The course is intended for foreigners wishing to know more about French culture and gastronomy, but also people who want to know more about traditional dishes. Classes take place live and online via Skype. During class, the use of a digital tablet may suffice.

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Self Taught Baking and Cooking Teacher Has Never Poisoned Anyone (So Far)

As a student, cheap cooking, cooking healthy with limited ingredients and stress eating are three things I've become particularly good at. I would prefer to teach people to cook/bake via practical instruction, letting students teach themselves while only overseeing in case something sets on fire.

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Qualified Chef Lecturer with michelin star experience teaches you to cook or develop and hone your skills around Kent

An accomplished Chef Lecturer with a wealth of experience in many different styles of cooking. The lessons can be tailored to your knowledge and skills so anything from beginner to advanced. Lessons can be both practical or theoretical. An active learning approach to cooking learn by doing under guidance.

South Shields
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Cookery (baking, Asian and healthy) and maths and English for special needs children and adults

I teach maths and English for speciial needs students in primary age and adults who needs maths and English. Also I teach Asian cookery for adults and and for school children who wish to learn baking. I will be explaining the work and will be doing examples during the lesson and proved home work, I will do s recap before every lesson. Cookery lesson I explain or if needed I do demonstrate.

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I am an engineering student with a fierce passion for cooking .

Cooking is a life skill , because food is something that we'll have 7 days a week, 365 days a year. I taught myself how to cook from the very basics by experimenting and helping out my mother while she cooked . It is that easy.

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Creative Paleo Kitchen, Nutrition, lifestyle and wellbeing classes (Paleo/Ketogenic/Macrobiotic/Raw/Vegan + Fermenting for immune system gut health)

Ever since I can remember I have always been totally obsessed and fascinated with food and cooking since I was born and have a background in sports science and nutrition.

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Organic Life - I teach how to live with nature and self-sufficient.

The trend towards self-sufficiency is the result of a throw-away society. I use simple examples to show how to eat healthy and live in harmony with nature. Let me convince myself of my creativity and my expertise in this field.

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Learn excellent culinary skills and make everyone's mouth water every time. Induce the tastes on one's tongue to linger forever.

I'm an international student at the University of Glasgow from India and cooking is my second love which I want to spread here. Especially the Indian cuisines which the whole world cherishes will be my main subject of teaching. The lessons will be easy and less time consuming respective to the dishes.

Greater London
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Learn Cooking Perfection with a Personal Chef, It is easy and Fast

A creative and professional Chef with a passion for food - producing dishes of a high standard. Flexible and self-motivated - working well unsupervised or as part of a team to meet targets and deadlines consistently. I am keen to continue to use my skills and abilities within a challenging environment.

Chef mark charles
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Become a TV cook ( learn the secrets to get on TV )

With just a few tricks and the right contacts and introductions you can get called to guest slot on a cooking show or to give advice as a professional advisor in the background. Create new recipes that will be used by other chefs on the shows or to promote yourself as an expert in your own field.

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Self-taught cook with a passion for creating, sharing and eating in the Warwickshire area.

I have always been interested in cooking, even from a young age when I used to beg to help my amazing chef Dad make lamb burgers! I have discovered that cooking doesn't need to be a chore, doesn't need to be unhealthy and can be an absolute hoot! I have a real passion for creating new recipes, finding new ingredients to interchange and sharing meals with friends.

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College Lecturer offers catering lessons to people in Pembrokeshire South west Wales

Im a chef with over 10 years experience currently teaching at college level to City & Guilds standards. I have a modern approach to catering and culinary arts and frequently use molecular gastronomy in my lessons.

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Melts In Your Mouth, Not In Your Hands-Indian dishes cooking lessons now at your doorsteps

Everybody can eat but everybody can not cook so your here'm to teach you how to cook the best Indian dishes of choice. name the dish and i will teach how to cook in the way you like it. feel free to contact me.

Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza
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Chef, general director and entrepreneur in Puebla. Gastronomy, administration, English, business, cooking, SMEs

Director Suklaa events, travel & consulting; business consultant for SMEs, hotel, entrepreneurs, company consultor, meetings. Specialties: business communications, Inglés, meetings, MICE, operations, logistics, sales coordination, vendors, inventory, costs, marketing, public relations, operating manuals, closing contracts.

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Learn cooking and overcome your hunger without adding extra calories to your tummy

I would like to teach my students online by uploading videos so that they can refer my videos in future

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An expert cook provides private lesson on cooking your favorite dishes and teach secrets that can easily make your dish delicious..

If you have passion of cooking, or you want to learn some special recipes for your husband or children, you have knocked the right person. I provide private classes at your place and at my place too, depends on proper arrangement . If you want to try call me at any time.

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Home Baker & Chocolatier, give baking & chocolate making workshops, based in Colaba, Mumbai-India

-Certified in Bakery Course with IHM with 2.5 years of teaching experience. -Interior Designer turned Baker & Chocolatier who believes that baking is an art which involves science. -Anyone can take up classes who are interested in baking & chocolate making. -knowledge of Basic skills & techniques -Easy recipes with written modules. -Doubt clearing sessions. -Fun learning sessions.

Greater London
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Help teach Our Nation, Kids to cook KURDISH FOODS in North London

My name is Gurbet and I was born in Turkey. I have always loved cooking with my mum. I learnt new skills and made food always from scratch. Making food for our household has made me realise that not everyone has the same taste but what I can teach you is to cook traditional food the way my mum makes it and this skill will allow you to cook special foods for your family and friends.

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Traditional Asian cooking given to anyone who would like to explore Asian cuisine.

I've been cooking since I was 15. If you want to explore the world of traditional Chinese food, this is the right course for you. From delicacies of formal dinners to quick daily meals, what you can learn is a savoury experience and a knowledge of Chinese culture.

Greater London
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Learn Authentic Indian cooking focussed on regional foods. Travel around India through your food.

I have a degree in culinary science. I have worked in several 5 star hotels. I love to cook and I like sharing my knowledge. I focus on regional foods of India. I teach online - I give you a choice of 3 menus to choose from, I then send you details of the dishes, list of ingredients, recipes and live cooking demonstrations online. You can try those dishes at your pace.

Lane End
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Advanced home cook available to give traditional cooking and baking lessons, Buckinghamshire

Educated to degree level in Food Science and Technology, an advanced home cook with over 10 years experience is available to give traditional cooking and baking lessons. With a hands on approach and step by step instructions, all lessons delivered personally and tailored to the individual needs of students.

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If there is one skill someone should learn how to master it is cooking. While this doesn't mean someone needs to become a professional chief working in Paris or New York, being able to properly cook can help improve food at home and make life just that much more enjoyable. With the help of cooking teachers, individuals can receive personalized, specific cooking lessons that focus on improving the way someone cooks at home. This way, from preparing a delicious desert to mouthwatering main course, there is a way so increase the flavor and overall desire of the food. There is no shortage to what someone can learn with cooking as even the great chiefs of the world can learn a thing or two. Now is the time for someone to start their own cooking experience. There are other options and classes available than just cooking lessons. Interior design teachers or a framing teacher can instruct on specific art forms while potery lessons and even a magic lesson can help stimulate the mind.