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Diverse home cook of 7 years gives lessons in home in Temple

I go for the hands on approach to my work/teaching and can make things from very little and still turn out

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I love to cook low-sodium meals with a superb taste. I'm a cook with 18 year's experience gives lessons at home in Mobile, Ala.

I first focus on the task at hand. I would make sure all my ingredients are fresh never fozen. I also have everything cut and organized in a pacific order.

Cedar Rapids
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Passionate about cooking and willing to guide others to success via online

I feel like each individual needs taught their own way and I am very flexible so I work with others to find what works for them

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Hello my fellow foodies. Food and culinary arts have been a passion of mine for my entire life. I would love to help and teach others in this area.

My teaching method is to be extremely hands on and constant communication between student and teacher. I am a visual learner and I teach the same way.

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I have started cooking at the age of 13 and have been cooking yrs and truly enjoy cooking and sharing cooking with others

My teaching method is to insure every child understands all criteria and all instruction and gets there questions answered if they may have any

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I love to cook and bake.i have been baking and cooking for a few years.i started learning to bake when I was like 10 maybe and I also started learning to bake at that age too.

I am 19 year's old.i have taken a fcs class in middle school to learn to cook and bake .I also learned to cook and bake as a young lady.

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Young experienced baker offering recipes and cooking instructions for all baked goods

I do step by step instructions while giving you my recipes along with tips and tricks to make your baked good even more special

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The art of light and angles is a gift I have always cherished and enjoy sharing the art to others

I am a visual learner and use my teaching skills through visual learning.

1st lesson offered free !

I am a home cook. I have been cooking top notch meals since I was in the 8th grade. I have taken many culinary classes and would love to share what I know with you!

My teaching method is to be consistent and thorough. I want to ensure that the student understand me and also to include humor because I think you learn more when your enjoying what you’re doing.

Auburn Hills
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I have been cooking for over 15 years and have an abundance of knowledge when it come to basic and advanced techniques

Person to person when addressing problems amd things one doesn’t catch on too.

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Executive Chef with 15+ years experience in culinary arts. Classic french technique. Knowledgeable of all cooking fundamentals.

My teaching method is whatever you would like it to be. I work one on one with my students at a pace that is not discouraging to my students.

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Learn how to master your kitchen! Baking, Cooking, Preparations, and Vegan cuisine!

I've been giving cooking lessons for over 10 years. I aim to give people the lifelong love of working in the kitchen. The recipes are fairly simplistic. Mostly I want to help people become healthy eaters and share my knowledge and adoration of food.

1st lesson offered free !

Moms looking for super easy and cheap meals for the whole fam!

I like engage one on one with each student to make that all instruction is understood but also quite fun!

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Culinary Arts graduate offering lessons in Charlotte, 7+ years of industry experience, former executive chef offering lessons in Italian, vegetarian, Mediterranean cuisine and desserts

The true potential of cooking isn't in memorization of recipes, but a journey in finding one's personal cooking style; everyone has a different background of cooking knowledge from home cook to professional. I would like to help you reach your personal goals as well as show tangible signs of improvement in your overall abilities.

Grand Rapids
1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

A professional chef with a seven-year cooking experience gained at fine-dine and ethnic restaurants

My teaching methodology is based on few steps; - meet the person and its desires - explore the person possibilities - share suggestions - share recipes and teach about different cooking technologies

Los Angeles
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Renegade Chef to the Stars & Culinary Alchemist seeks to share his knowledge & experience

My methodology is to teach by example and to inspire all who aspire to learn to follow their Love & Passion. When we learn through Love, the result is Art. Through a hands-on approach, i specifically tailor each lesson to the individual, based on their needs, wishes & desires.

sandrine natacha
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French Chef in San Francisco offers French cooking classes in French and English

I am a French Chef with over twenty years of experience. I can meet my students in person or via Skype. I am very knowledgeable and make my lessons fun so you can learn a lot while having a good time.

Virginia Beach
Ellen rose
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Easy Delicious recipes for the New Adventurous Foodie in all of us. Home cooked meals to save your wallet

I am self taught and have been honing my skills for over 10 years. Some of the recipes are from family recipes and some are simply inspired from travel while putting my own twists and flavors.

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Tutoring offered for lower primary grades, specializing in English writing, English Literature, creative writing.

I use a vareity of teaching methods to match my style to what works with the student. I have excellent skills in identifying strong/weak areas and focus on strengths and how they can be globalized to other, weaker areas.

San Ramon
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My days have been filled with the joy of teaching, and it's an awesome give and take. In the kitchen though, there is only my imagination, creativity, bravery, artistry. It impacts only my husband w

I have been in the kitchen since I can remember. My grandpa baked traditional Danish deserts. My grandma make a macaroni and cheese casserole. My dad created well seasoned gourmet meals. My mom made breakfast for dinner. I was given a cook book and utensils as an odd Christmas present, but wow I still use that cookbook more often than any.

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Le Cordon Bleu Trained Graduate and Experienced Chef/Pastry Chef in Denver Colorado

I graduated from Scottsdale Culinary Institute, an accredited Le Cordon Bleu school. I worked at Tante Louise (a premier French Restaurant) for my apprenticeship after Culinary School. I learned a lot from some of Denver's best chef's. Before leaving Tante Louise to explore new culinary adventures I had become the Pastry Chef.

Ormond Beach
1st lesson offered free !

My name is Paul. Learn how to do Gourmet Cooking from a Pro!

My cooking lessons are adapted to the students' level of cooking aptitude and gives them the tools to fall even deeper in love with preparing food for others. Fundamentals and sound technique are the cornerstones of delicious food based for the home or professional kitchen.

Sarah nicole
1st lesson offered free !

Culinary School Graduate, can teach basics all the way through more advanced skills/dishes. 4+ years in the food industry!

I am a VERY hands on teacher, but have no problems with verbally explaining things. I will give you all of the one on one help you could need! During our lessons, I normally say to book 2-3 hours to get the most out of your lesson.

1st lesson offered free !

Do you want to learn how to cook traditional and legit Mexican food?

I can teach both in English and Spanish. You can even improve your Spanish while cooking! Or learn some words that will help you in your next trip to Mexico or the next time you order food in a restaurant! I have more than 27 years of experience cooking Mexican food.

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Let's have some fun decorating cakes and cupcakes a lot of fun and new ideas

I have been decorating cakes and cupcakes for over 10 years. I like to create fun designs. Cake decorating is fun and relaxing. I have taught classes at a couple stores and owned my own cupcake business.

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A certified 5-Star Cook with ten years of experience gives lessons to online..

Tobechi is a certified Cook in the preparation of American cuisine, Baking, Health cuisine and many more. She has worked with most 5-Star hotels and Restuarants around the globe. She provides lessons for all levels especially high and middle school students.

1st lesson offered free !

Cooking Classes Anything and Everything: Make a request and I will teach you how to make it

I have been cooking since I was 9 years old. I have enjoyed making recipes and sharing my knowledge with others for a very long time. I enjoy teaching others that want to learn. I am well versed in classic American cooking along with knowledge of Italian cooking as well (because it is my favorite). I also know many various Mexican recipes and Tex-Mex as well.

Truth or Consequences
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Learn Cooking from a Professional Organic Farm to Table Chef of 40 Years

Healthy cooking has been my passion for most of my life. Food as good medicine is part of a balanced sustainable exciting lifestyle as my way of being and my gift. Taught as farm to table, all levels, starts with the freshest most accessible foods is always best for health and flavor. Food prepared and shared with good intent boosts the quality of energy and vitality that sustains us.

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If there is one skill someone should learn how to master it is cooking. While this doesn't mean someone needs to become a professional chief working in Paris or New York, being able to properly cook can help improve food at home and make life just that much more enjoyable. With the help of cooking teachers, individuals can receive personalized, specific cooking lessons that focus on improving the way someone cooks at home. This way, from preparing a delicious desert to mouthwatering main course, there is a way so increase the flavor and overall desire of the food. There is no shortage to what someone can learn with cooking as even the great chiefs of the world can learn a thing or two. Now is the time for someone to start their own cooking experience. There are other options and classes available than just cooking lessons. Interior design teachers or a framing teacher can instruct on specific art forms while potery lessons and even a magic lesson can help stimulate the mind.