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1st lesson offered free !

Learn how to cook south indians and north Indians dishes...indias best taste ..

My teaching method is very simple and understandable.. I ask with students for their opinion of cooking .

1st lesson offered free !

Food is not just a fuel for your body but a form of art

I believe in uniqueness. So what's more important is to enkindle the love for food and cooking in a student rather than making them follow your recipe by heart.

1st lesson offered free !

Cooking for all and eat well, southend on sea to be healthy

My teaching methods are based on experience of my own cooking styles including food safety, which is very important, cleanliness must be excellent at all times, so I teach that too, also health and safety in the kitchen is also a must

1st lesson offered free !

Hotel management graduate who loves cooking, carving, and loves to teach others

I believe in simple method of teaching with the example so that the students get easily understand. Use easy vocabs, simple practicals can be done during the class time.Ask questions during the class time and after the class so that there should not be any confusion.

1st lesson offered free !

A hotel management graduate,with teaching experience and now a food start up.

To teach both theoretically and practically, therotically. The group should be no bigger than 10 students so that they can understand what is taught well.

1st lesson offered free !

Aspiring chef with cooking experience of 7 years,started cooking at the age of 12

My teaching methods are practical,I base my lessons on daily used ingredients. Each lesson has a different approach, depending on the learner.

Cape Town
1st lesson offered free !

Come cook with me I promise it will be lit. Cape Town

My teaching method is to make cooking fun and enjoyable...

1st lesson offered free !

Welcome my cooking class so pls come with join us thanku s

Different different type activites new new logic & interesting student my methodology day by day other activites

1st lesson offered free !

Best cooking class for beginners who can't make food at their own

My cooking method is so easy n attractive, and so much things you will learn,n techniques too..

1st lesson offered free !

Creative habit and interest join the classes and share this classes programe

My teaching method is very interesting and very simple to inhance Ur skills and join and do more interesting thinks

1st lesson offered free !

I'm interested in cooking My name is Parmjeet I lives in bti

My teaching methods is Punjabi I'm interested in Punjabi subject i love in Punjabi Punjabi is my favorite subject in

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Art of loving to cook with a smile to the stomach in

I start my day in the morning and teach thrm wats on the curriculum and be with them al wys

1st lesson offered free !

My name rima I m school teacher I love to teach children

My teaching method is base in my class Which topic I teach them and they understand normally and easily b

1st lesson offered free !

My Class my rule..Have fun by your own dishes.Best of Luck.Tasty tasty

My teaching method is so cool and will have a lots of fun..Make Tasty.Eat tasty ans and stay Healthy.Lets .

1st lesson offered free !

Want to learn simple vegetarian cooking? you are at the right place.

When ever people complain me about cooking many dishes at a time, I say cooking is easy, but hate cleaning, one can cook for 100 people, one should show little interest in cooking then you can lean it without any problems.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Cooking lessons being offered for leisure creativity ,don't miss out on anything

My teaching method would be audio and video scripts, to help the student understand more on a creative mind set.

1st lesson offered free !

Students who are studding hotel management and want to become a chef

I am giving lecture by showing power point presentation, Giving notes, Doing question answer session. Also providing practical classes if students can arrange the place. Showing video for practical classes. Also taking examination after completing each chapters.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn grate Indian cooking, for all who love India authentic food staying far .

My lessons are base on online practical and written material stating brife knowledge of Indian cuisine, spices, flover and taste.

1st lesson offered free !

Students in high school business studies and insurance and social studies in karnal

My teaching method is to understand the students knowledge and capabilities and what they want to learn and how

1st lesson offered free !
New Milton
Lola pinky
1st lesson offered free !

Whoever to come to my cooking tutor is always welcome please and thankyou.

My teaching methods are taking down notes then doing practice when they have learnt the important methods eg.

1st lesson offered free !

Hey I am ur cooking teacher feel free to ask anything special in Hyderabadi dishes......

I can explain u in both Hindi and English and somewhat about Telugu also and I will teach u in easy and easy method

1st lesson offered free !
Mira Bhayandar
1st lesson offered free !

Cook for love ....cook for health...for ur loved people.....vegitarian food claass teaching

My teaching method is depending upon my student......easy method that they understand easily what i am trying to say or cook...

1st lesson offered free !

Teaching cooking, achieved A* at GCSE catering and worked in a kitchen- just want to help!

My lessons would be perfect for those who are just starting out with cooking and don't have to have any experience. We'll go through how to make real meals and food, giving you advice on the healthy choices you can make. Also, we'll learn some of the food health and safety.

1st lesson offered free !

Cook with joy serve with love and win the hearts of your loved one

My teaching is very understandable to everyone..

Sai pavan
1st lesson offered free !

Working professional and foodie . Loves cooking and tries wide range of varieties

Trying out varieties and customising food accordingly. Cooking Healthy food with taste is what I approach .

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If there is one skill someone should learn how to master it is cooking. While this doesn't mean someone needs to become a professional chief working in Paris or New York, being able to properly cook can help improve food at home and make life just that much more enjoyable. With the help of cooking teachers, individuals can receive personalized, specific cooking lessons that focus on improving the way someone cooks at home. This way, from preparing a delicious desert to mouthwatering main course, there is a way so increase the flavor and overall desire of the food. There is no shortage to what someone can learn with cooking as even the great chiefs of the world can learn a thing or two. Now is the time for someone to start their own cooking experience. There are other options and classes available than just cooking lessons. Interior design teachers or a framing teacher can instruct on specific art forms while potery lessons and even a magic lesson can help stimulate the mind.